Sri Lanka Muslim Family Genealogy

Muhandiram HO Lebbe of Nawalapitiya - Family #242

1. H. Omar Lebbe + Beebi Khan from Patan, North India

2 Abdul Latiff, OL + Sithy Nafeesa Muhammed Lebbe   (# 380)

3 Zackiya Abdul Latheef + Zakeen Wahid (Late)

4 Deeb Wahid + Nazly Abdul Ajeed (# 184)

5. Haafez Wahid + Rafeedha Mukthar (#19616290108259)

5 Kubra Wahid + Name not Known

4 Nafeesa Wahid + Abdul Ajeed Muhammad Hamza (d 2018)  (# 184)     

4 Rizaa Wahid + Hussein

4 Fazaal Wahid + Faariza Riyal

4 Nazli Wahid + Anver Thassim - Son of Mayor ARM Thassim of Galle

4 Shaama Wahid + + Anver Ahamed    (# 362)

4 Sheraz Wahid + Zeena Maujood (# 184)

3 Mohamed Farook Abdul Latheef (Late) + Shamsun

4  Sabreena Farook + Osmaan Saleem

3 Mohammed Jazeel Abdul Latheef (Late), d:Thu Mar 6 2003, Colombo, Sri Lanka  (Retired Station Master - CGR) + Qurrathul Ayn Faiza Salman (# 61, 108)      

4 Namarzi Jazeel + Faiza Mowjood

4 Pharisa Jazeel + Jezry Sheriffdeen

4 Husnie Jazeel + Rizana Alie (# 30), 60, 70)

4 Pharis Jazeel + Meroza Hussain Deane (# 30), 60, 70)

4 Nimry Jazeel Dr + Rifaya Dr Lt Col

3 Mohammed Halleem (Khalil) Abdul Latheef (Late), d:Aug 22 2006 + Faiza (Mazeena) Mohideen (d/o HHM Mohideen & Sithy Raleena)

4 Hassan Halleem (Canada) + Rifka

4 Aynfer Halleem + Rizvi Mansoor (# 30, 40, 61, 66, 108)

4 Rukshana Mansoor

5 Rishma Mansoor + Hisham Hassan (# 142, 215)

5 Rashika Mansoor

4  Bushra Halleem + Najeeb

4 Mizli Halleem + Hisham Mohideen (# 10, 16, 82)

3  Halleem Abdul Latheef (Late) + Imaam Azeez (Late) (OL Abdul Latif's Sisters Son)

 No Issue


2  2nd spouse of Abdul Latiff, OL + Sithy Rukaiya

3 Mohandiramlage gedara Mohammed Jeffrey (Habib Ismail) Abdul Latheef (Late) + Ameena El Dakkak (d/o Abdul Rahman El Dakka& Aisha El Dakkak)

4 (m.g) Mohammed Mumtaz Jeffrey + Fathima Jazura Ismail

4 (m.g) Nazik Jeffrey + Abdul Rahim Marikar Mohammed Jameel

4 (m.g) Reema Jeffrey + Mohammed Ahnus Azeez

4 (m.g) Randa Jeffrey + ARM Mubarak

3 Mohammed Alavi (Jiffry) Abdul Latheef (1935-1995) + Zulfica Marikar (1947) ( # 214)

4 Captain Akram Alavi (1968) + Shabaa Odayar (1977)

5 Adhnan Alavi (1996)

5 Amman Alavi (2001)

4 Rahneema Sheroza Alavi (1970) + Ismail Nabeel (1952) (# 358)

5 Sabeena Nabeel (1990) + Usri Usama

6 Isa Usman (2015)

6 Yunus Usman (2016

5 Mustak Nabeel (1991)

5 Afdel Nabeel (1995

4 Munira Dhaaniya Alavi (1971) + Rumaize Rahim (1965)

5 Amani Abdul Rahim (1996)

5 Armila Abdul Rahim (1998)

5 Akmal Abdul Rahim (2006

4 Mohammed Azli Alavi (1975)+ Nazli Marikkar (1979)

5 Althaf Alavi (1998) (twins)

5 Aqeel Alavi (1998)  (twins)  

5 Ajuwad Alavi (2008)

5 Aaminah Alavi (2009)

5 Aaysha Alavi (2012)

3 Mariam Abdul Latheef (Late) + Nalim (Late)

4 Shanaz Nalim

4 Zahara Nalim + Zarook Marikar

4 Azrah Nalim + Hilmy Sathar

4 Aslam Nalim + Fazna Naazeem

4 Shahireen Nalim + Imtiaz Hameed

3 Mohideen (Mahdi) Abdul Latheef (Late) + Ramziya

4 Shaheen Mohideen + Shameema

4 Shabri Mohideen + <name not known>

4 Shehaan Mohideen + <name not known>

4 Sherika Mohideen + Saleem


2  OL Abdul Cader + Name not known (Sister of SA Odayar)


2  Major Lebbe + Nadia from Syria


2  OL Burhan


2  OL Sheriff


2  Captain Izadeen Rugby Lion. Izadeen captaining Trinity cricket in 1937 as a Lion of 1935. decorated with the Ryde Gold medal in 1936

3 Brigadier Azad Izadeen


2  OL Kaijamma


2  Kadeeja Omar Lebbe + SA Odayar Senior Prefect, College cricket captain, was awarded the Lion, was captain of athletics, won colours, won colours in rugger, was Quarter-Master Sergeant in the Ceylon Cadet Battalion and was the winner of the Ryde Gold medal in 1929 for the Best All-Round boy

3  Uvais Odayar

4  Dilshard Odayar

4  Ickram Odayar

4  Reza Odayar

4   Zavavi Odayar

4  Shabaa Odayar (1977) + Captain Akram Alavi (1968) (# 195, 214 )

5 Adhnan Alavi (1996)

5 Amman Alavi (2001)

3  Kaleel Odayar

3  Fareeda Odayar

3  Mariam Odayar

3  Ayesha Odayar

3  Hajara Odayar

3  Fathima Odayar



ABDUL LATHEEF MOHAMED HALLEEM Loving husband of Faiza (Mazeena), beloved son of the late OLA Latheef and late Sithy Nafeesa, stepson of Sithy Rukaiya, son-in-law of late HHM Mohideen and Sithy Raleena and late Huzair, loving father of Hassan (Canada), Aynfer, Bushra and Mizli, father-in-law of Rifka (Canada), Rizvi (Riyadh), Najeeb (Hameedia's) and Hisham (Taj), much loved grandfather of Rushana, Rishma, Rasheeka, Haseeb, Huda, Namaz, Najma, Noor Maryam, Hamdaan and Omar, brother of Zackiya, late Jazeel, late Farook Haleema Jiffry, late Alavi, late Mariam and late Madhi. Janaza took place 47/2D Fredrica Road Wellawatte at Dehiwala Muslim Burial Grounds on August 22nd. SO July 27 2006


JAZEEL ­ ABDUL LATIFF MOHAMED JAZEEL   (Retired Station Master - CGR). Son of late Mr & Mrs OL Abdul Latiff of Nawalapitiya, beloved husband of Qurrathul Ainul Faiza, son-inlaw of late Mr & Mrs AHM Salman, loving father of Namarzi (Arab National Bank - Riyadh), Pharisa (Canada), Husnie (Dabbagh Group - Jeddah), Pharis (HNB / ex Habib Bank, Zurich), Nimrry (General Hospital Colombo), father-in-law of Faiza, Jezry Sheriffdeen (Canada), Rizana (Jeddah), Meroza, Rifaya (General Hospital Colombo), loving grandfather of Nadara, Farhath, Fahdil, Farah, Mishal, Nabeel, Mubeena, Saara, Hafiz, Hafsa, Ayub, Hasna and Amna, brother of Zackiya, late Farouque, Haleem, Haleema Jiffry, late Alavi, late Mariam & Mohideen, brother-in-law of Bahaudeen, Sithy Kadheeja, late Masoon, Noor Zulaiha, Feroze, Haroon, Saduk, Hamzi, Jameela, Sheriff, Rita, Mufthiya, late Wahid, Shamsun, Faiza, late Imam Azeez, Ameena, Zulfika, late Nalim & Ramziya. Janaza leaves residence   No.1E, Edward Place, off Sunandarama Road (adjoining Kalubowila Hospital), Kalubowila at 9.00 a.m. on the 7th of March 2003 to the Dehiwala Jummah Mosque Burial Ground. Obituary: Daily News Fri Mar 7 2003


ODAYAR - HADJIANI KADEEJA UMMA ODAYAR Daughter of Marhoom Muhandiram, Mr & Mrs H.O. Lebbe of Balantota Group Nawalapitiya, loving wife of Marhoom, Bethgewalauwwe S.A. Odayar of Welamboda, loving mother of M. Uvais Odayar, Kaleel Odayar, Hadjiani Mrs Fareeda, Hadjiani Mrs Mariam, Hadjiani Mrs Ayesha, Hadjiani Mrs Hajara, Hadjiani Mrs Fathima, loving mother-in-law of Mrs Farida Odayar (Nawayalatenna), Al Haj Shaaul Hameed, Marhoom Laffir, Al Haj Mohammed, Al Haj Zarook, Al Haj Faleel, loving grandmother and great grandmother to several grandchildren and great grandchildren. Janaza took place on November 22nd (Sunday) at Welamboda Muslim Burial Ground. Ayesha Valley, Bethgawalawwe, Welamboda. SO Dec 6 2009



The Odayar’s saga

The Island August 27, 2012, 8:50 pm 
by Sharm de Alwis


Cast in the heroic mould of those decreed by the gods to be imperial, the Odayars have had a sophisticated sense of survival.


The family’s association with Trinity spans a period over 100 years.


At first, there was SUL Odayar, who went for some mysterious reason as SUL Badurdeen. He joined Trinity in 1903, even before Rev AG Fraser who came to Trinity in 1904, found it of brick but left it in marble when he left Trinity in 1924. The correct name given to the Odayars in the ‘Sannasas’ is Rajakaruna Waidyathilake Gopala Mudiyanselage Behethge Walawwe Segu Aboobucker Odayar (Odayar means physician).

Badurdeen’s studentship at Trinity was confined only to four years, but when he left, he had been in the benchmark rugby encounter between Trinity and Kingswood which ended in a 6-6 draw. In cricket, Badurdeen was not only the vice-captain to MB Ekanayake, but as a left arm bowler, was the fastest in the school circuit. Trinity had only two fixtures in 1906 -against Royal and S. Thomas’. If the achievements of the first in the clan were not impressive by the standards set and kept by the progeny, he sired S. A. Odayar, who achieved lofty standards to be perpetuated over the years. It can be categorically stated that no family in the whole of our country has ever accomplished the prolific achievements of the Odayars.


SA Odayar was a Senior Prefect, College cricket captain, was awarded the Lion, was captain of athletics, won colours, won colours in rugger, was Quarter-Master Sergeant in the Ceylon Cadet Battalion and was the winner of the Ryde Gold medal in 1929 for the Best All-Round boy.


Adjudged the best schoolboy cricket captain in Ceylon, his front-liners were VSD Sathianathan, Eddie Buultjens, IMS Deen, T Madugalle, Sidney Ratwatte, SB de Saram, Blackham Wijewardena and the Burmese, John Duncan, who spread his talents to captain the rugger team for three years from 1929 to ‘31. He played in the Ceylon Combined Colleges’ team in 1930 Vs Maharajah Kumar’s team consisting of Hobbs, Sutcliffe, CK and CS Nayudu, Mustaq Ali, Palia and others.


Having won the Best Batsman’s prize in 1929, SA Odayar was content with the AHR Joseph Best Fielder’s prize in 1930, which was a repeat of the prize he won in 1928.


In Odayar’s year of captaincy, the Best Batsman’s prize and the Best Bowler’s prize were won by VSD Sathianathan and Eddie Buultjens, respectively.


Royal would have been the only school Trinity would have lost to in 1930, had not a spirit of vivacious high spiritedness made him give S. Thomas’, under Robert Senanayake, an extra 10 minutes to get a meager balance when the match had been drawn.


Like all the great cricketers of the period, SA Odayar was coached by the legendary John Halangoda, who had been in the team that the father played in 1906, and who continued to produce champions whenever he coached Wesley, STC and St. Anthony’s.


SAD improved on the gene pool of the family by marrying the girl whose six brothers were superlative sportsmen at Trinity. The wife herself had schooled at Hillwood, which was thought of by the founders to provide educated, accomplished and acclaimed wives for Trinitians. OLM Lebbe, OLZ Abdeen and OL Izadeen were were all conferred with the coveted Rugby Lion, with Izadeen captaining Trinity cricket in 1937 as a Lion of 1935.


While Abdeen and and Izadeen were decorated with the Ryde Gold medal in 1934 and ‘36 respectively, Lebbe and Abdeen were also Senior Prefects in 1926 and ‘34, respectively.


Not content with dazzling in two sports, SA Odayar and his would be Brother-in-Law, OLM Lebbe captained Trinity athletics in two year spells in 1929-30 and 26-27. Both of them were in the relay teams of two different years that established new Ceylon records.


It was with this backdrop in sports and fine achievements in academics that the Governor of Ceylon, Sir Andrew Caldecott said at the prize giving of 1938, just 24 hours of his assuming office, "Ceylon, I congratulate you on Trinity College, Kandy."


By virtue of the gene pool established by SA Odayar, M Uvais Odayar, the son had to be specially gifted in sports. Odi, as he was popularly known, was the first to be awarded the AHR Joseph Challenge Cup for All-Round Excellence in Sports. He won his cricket colours in 1955 when he was an agile youth to have been awarded the fielding prize. Odi captained in 1957 a team that burst at the seams with individual talent, but never could win against other than Kingswood. Those in Odi’s team were Nimal Maralande, Malsiri Kurukulasuriya, Seneca de Chickkera, Jayan Ratwatte, Raji de Sylva, Asoka Peiris, Sena de Sylva, Eric Roles, Ken de Joodt and Gerald Koelmeyer.


Born too early for limited Overs cricket, Odi scored 63 with 11 fours and one six against the visiting St. Peter’s College, Adelaide, bettering his father’s innings of 61 against the 1928 visit of the school.


Odi first played rugby in Mahinda Ratwatte’s team of 1955 and was the full-back in the crack team of 1956, skippered by David Frank. He missed the Combined Colleges’ team, because he had broken his collar-bone within five minutes of the start of the second Leg of the Bradby, but continued to play as replacements were not allowed in the period. However, he played in the Combined Colleges’ team the next year, when he played for Trinity under Ken de Joodt.


He continued his rugby by playing for Kandy Sports Club, when yet a schoolboy, and later for Dickoya when he went planting. He also played for Ceylon Barbarians and on that fine performance for All-Ceylon Vs Combined Oxford-Cambridge XV.


A multi-faceted sportsman, Odi was awarded colours in hockey, alongside RN de Alwis, SL Ekannayke and Rodney Frank.


Odi’s eldest son Dilshard was playing football in the Trinity junior school grounds, when another boy’s elbow struck his stomach, resulting in the removal of a kidney. As all members of the staff had been alerted, he was not allowed to play rugby or basketball, even though he attended practices. But when he played with great success for the Central Province basketball team, he was taken in to the Trinity team in which Clifford Johnson won the first ever basketball Lion.


Dilshard left Trinity when he was only 16, and couldn’t do what he wanted to. But he participated in several circuit races and was champion in the 125cc category.


Dilshard’s son Koen is into shooting and participated in the IMSSU Small bore Nationals to be the overall champion in Silhouette Rifle and also won first place in the Junior Men’s Silhouette Rifle and Junior Men’s Light Rifle events.


Dilshard’s daughter is with the brother in Stafford International and is also into IMSSU Small Bore Nationals in 2012 and won a bronze medal at the International Schools Athletic Championships for in the 1,500 meters U-17 category; won the school’s U-15 championships in 2008 (U-15), Under-17 in 2010 and U-19, in 2011. She also won the U-16 swimming championships in 2010 and Over-16 championships, in 2012. She is the schools captain in athletics (2011/12) and in tennis (2008/2010).


Odi’s second son Ickram has been the youngest to be awarded the Boxing Lion when he was only 15 years of age in 1981, 30 years after Rajah Lakshman Dias Sumanasekera in 1951 for his deft ring craft when he beat C. P. Jjayasuriya, in the final of the Stubbs Shield Meet.


Ickram was awarded his Rugby Lion in 1986 when he captained the Sri Lanka U-20 team. He was selected to play in the Rugby Asiad team captained by Priyantha Ekanayake and with others in the team comprising Graham Raux, Rohan Abeykoon, L. V. Ekanayake, Ajantha Samarakoon, Norman de Silva, Nizam Jamaldeen, Saman Kotelawela and Hemantha Yatawara.


He played rugby for Kandy Sports Club whilst yet a schoolboy at Trinity and later when he joined the plantations sector, he played for Dimbulla, Dickoya and KV, the last club which he captained before joining CR&FC for two years.


Ickram’s son Terzan left Trinity to join CIS, Kandy, wherein he was vice-captain of the rugby team.


Odi’s third son Reza won his Boxing Colours in 1984, with Mahen Kirinde and Rugby Colours in 1989. He missed out on the Rugby Lion due to a spot of indiscipline.


Reza’s son Avishka is at S. Thomas’ and played in the U-18 team. He trains with the CR&FC team, toured Bangkok with A Goal.


He is also into shooting, and in 2008, he was the fastest shooter, civilian and junior in 2008, champion (U-21) in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008. He was the IMSSU Small Bore - PV champion 2004 and Pee-Wee champion, 2005.


He represented the Sri Lanka U-21 team and was placed 4th best junior at the Australasia International Practical Shooting Confederation Championship. He won College Colours in 2008, 2009 and has Sri Lanka colours in Practical Pistol Shooting. The team won the silver medal in Darwin, Australia.


Reza’s daughter Anishra is 10-years-old and is at Stafford International. She too is into shooting - IMSSU Small Bore Nationals in 2011, first in U-10 Production Rifle, first in Match Rifle, first in Silhouette Rifle, third in Light Rifle. At the 2012 Nationals, she came third in U-10 Silhouette Rifle.


Anishra’s other sorting activities are athletics and rugby.


She is a medal winner at the Inter International Schools Athletic Championships U-10 in 2011; champion athlete in 2009 (U-9), 2010 (U-10) and 2011 (U-11).


Anishra plays A Goal rugger U-10 and played against the Dubai team and scored three tries. She was the only girl in the team.