Royal Primary School 1953 & Royal College '59 Group

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Royal Primary School Song


This is our School

Let Peace Dwell here;

Let the room be, full of contentment.

Let love abide here,

Love of life itself,

And love of all things good.


Let us Remember!


Let us Remember,

that as hands, build a house,

so many hearts make a school.


So many hearts make a school.


Royal College School Song

School Of Our Fathers

Thy spirit first to life awoke - In eighteen hundred and thirty five
Beneath the sway of Marsh and Boake - Thenceforth did Lanka's learning thrive

School where our fathers, Learnt the way before us
Learnt of Books and Learnt of Men
Through thee we'll do the same
True to our watchword "Disce Aut Discede"
We will learn of books and men and learn to play the game

Within thy shade our fathers trod - The path that leads to man's estate
They have repaid the debt they owed - They kept thy fame inviolate

And we their loyal sons now bear - The torch with hearts as sound as oak
Our lusty throats now raise a cheer - For Hartley, Harward, Marsh and Boake

(words and music by late Maj. H.L. Reed, Principal 1921-31)