Royal Primary School 1953 & Royal College '59 Group

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Royal Explosion - Creating a flash point to rally Royalistsfrom the youngest to the oldest, their families and well-wishers

THE BEAUTIFUL dream to demonstrate the faith in Royal power was evident when over 13,000 persons converged on to Rajakeeya Mawatha to participate in the Millennium March on 30 October 1999.

PARENT:  ‘My son is a scholar here and I came all the way from Hambantota. I was never a Royalist but when my son told me about the event I felt this would be unique. So I participated at a presentation for parents regarding the walk. When I heard of the excitement, I wanted to be part of it. So here I am at the march and I carry back home fond memories of this wonderful event’.

YOUNG OLD BOY: ‘This is my first visit to college ever since I left eight years ago.  I feel all charged up. It was wonderful. I wish there were more bands. Please make this an annual event.’

NON ROYALIST JOURNALIST: ‘Royalists have long forgotten to be daring, innovative and pioneering. What you guys showed the whole country was the true Royal spirit. The pioneering spirit of your forefathers is not  dead. You did  it in the most spectacular manner turning an ordinary school walk into a dazzling display of Royal power. An achievement the whole country was forced to take notice of. Hats of to the dreamers and those who had the will to make this happen.’

In a spectacular show of solidarity, the largest ever gathering of Royalists took to the streets of Colombo displaying  a great sense of bonhomie.

The record crowd, which at one point stretched the entire length of Duplication Road from Kollupitiya to Bullers Road/    Bambalapitiya junctions was a sea of Blue and Gold.

A great moment which every Royalist would be proud of, the march set a new standard for Royal. No one would be able to organize an average school walk for Royal in the future. They would invariably be expected to improve on the 13,000 in numbers and Rs. 4 million in profit from this years march.