Sri Lanka Moor Family Genealogy

Segu Pillai Marikar OF Weweldeniya - Family 31

Segu Pillai Marikar Madar Lebbe Marikar (1842-1902) of Weweldeniya – 2a

He was a Landed Proprietor who owned estates in Weweldeniya, Danovita and Warakapola (Pilanduwa, Madagama, Ganithapura and Thumbiliyadda).  He was blessed with six sons and a daughter namely Madar Lebbe Marikar Muhammed Ali (1872-1928), Madar Lebbe Marikar Muhammed Masthan, Madar Lebbe Marikar Abdul Gafoor, Amina Madar Lebbe Marikar (1882-1945), Madar Lebbe Marikar Muhammed Salih, Madar Lebbe Marikar Abdul Muthalib (1889-1956) and Madar Lebbe Marikar Muhammed Sameem.


Weweldeniya is a Village situated 31Miles (50km) North-East of Colombo along Colombo-Kandy Road in the present Mirigama Electorate in the Gampaha District.


Al Haj Muhammed Ali Abul Hassen JP (1902-1997) of Hassen Villa Weweldeniya - 3a4a

Muhammed Ali Muhammed Abul Hassen donated his land in Horagolla (Madagama) Warakapola to build Babul Hassen Central College in 1944.He also donated three shops each to Warakapola Grand Jumma Mosque, Warakapola Town Mosque and two shops to Ganithapura Jumma Mosque.  In addition to this in 1993 he donated four acres of land in Ganithapura, Warakapola to needy Muslims and this area is now known as Hassenpura. 


He was one of the founder members and president of the Muslim Ladies Arabic College of Kal-Eliya from the inception till his demise.  He was also one of the founder members of the Board of Trustees of the Moors’ Islamic Cultural Home.


As per his wishes, his daughter Mrs Hafeela Hassan Cassim (1931-2013) and son Mr Abdul Raheeman Hassen JP (1932-2002) donated the property of Dharul Hassenath Academy of Warakapola under a deed of Trust (Wagf) in 2001. 


His land was taken over by the Sri Lankan Government to put up the Warakapola Police Station.


The state, acknowledging his philanthropy and educational activity, honoured him with the title of Justice of the Peace for the whole Island in the 1950s. 


Mr  ML Abdul Raheem of Marikar Villa Pasyala – 3d4b

Muhammed Lebbe Abdul Raheem started an Institute (at the location where “Al-Madhrasathush-Shareefiyyah” stands today) in 1932 together with three others namely Muhmmed Ismail Muhammed Usman (1899 - 1957) of Warakapola (Paternal uncle of Dr Shareef Mihlar), Mr.  Usuf Lebbe Abdul Hameed of Warakapola and Mr Zubair of Dippitiya (at the corner of the land where Muhammed Ismail Muhammed Usman’s parental home is situated bordering the land owned by his wife Mrs.  Kadheeja Unus Lebbe Abdul Raheem) by the name of “Al Madhrasath-Ul-Raheemaniyyah” (Named after his colleague Muhammed Ismail Muhammed Usman’s Maternal Grandfather Abdul Rahuman Lebbe Mathicham of Dummaladeniya, Warakapola and him) at Pilanduwa Warakapola to educate the children in the area.  In 1944 this institute was shifted to the land donated at Madagama (Horagolla) Warakapola by Al Haj Muhammed Ali Abul Hassen JP (1902-1997) of Hassen Villa Weweldeniya and is presently known as Babul Hassan Central College. 


Dr Rifdhy Dheen (1942) of USA – 3a4b5d

He donated a plot of land along Colombo-Chillaw Road in Negombo to the Negombo Grand Mosque in Two Thousand and One (2001) to build a Masjid.  The Masjid has been named as Al Masjidhul Dheen and the road leading to the Masjidh has been named as Dheen Road. 


He was the first Muslim in Negombo to qualify as a Gynaecologist and Cardiologist.  He migrated to United Sates of America in Nineteen Seventy Three (1973) and practised as a Cardiologist.


Mr Abdul Raheem Salih Marikar (d 1979) of Pasyala – 3d4a5b

Abdul Raheem Muhammed Salih Marikar donated a quarter mile road access (50 Perches of his Land) to the Maligatenna Rajamaha Viharaya of Pasyala on Twenty Second April Nineteen Fifty Three (22-05-1953) as there was no proper access road to this temple.  (Reported by the Lankadeepa Pasyala correspondent on 30th April 1953 under the heading “Access Road to temple donated by a Muslim”).


Mr Abdul Raheem Rafeek JP (1927-1989) of Warakapola - 3d4b5b

Mr.  Macky Hassan JP (1932 – 1998) (He was one of his close friends since late 1950s as well as the Father-in-Law of his son Shams Mufees Rahmathullah Rafeek – Chartered Engineer) in referring to the late Abdul Raheem Muhammed Rafeek in his appreciation letter published in Lake House newspapers and Upali newspapers states as follows “The sudden shock and bereavement that followed plunged Warakapola into a state of mourning when the news spread of the passing away of A.  R.  M.  Rafeek JP a trusted leader and a prominent social worker of the area who succumbed to a severe heart attack on October 22nd this year while answering a telephone call.  People who came in contact with him remember two outstanding traits of his personality.  They remember him as a man of great resolution and strong conviction and also one who relentlessly worked to complete whatever he undertook.  He was a source of help and assistance to all those who sought his help.  Cast or creed, race or religion did not hamper him for he treated all alike.  He moved with the poor and rich, the week and the mighty with equal ease never fearing to call a spade a spade.  He played a leading role in improvements to the hospital, places of religious worship, schools, co-operatives in Warakapola and road to the Warakapola Grand Jummah Mosque.  He never hesitated to take bold decisions.  He was a landed proprietor and a mill owner, may be a successful politician too if he took to it, but power or fame or personal glory was not what he craved for.  He preferred to serve the people especially in the field of education.  He became a dedicated social worker through his own personality and perseverance, not because he was helped by others.  His name no doubt will be long remembered by the people of Warakapola as a dynamic, fearless and human leader for the cause of the poor and upliftment of the community.  The Janaza took place on Monday 23rd morning at the Warakapola Grand Jummah Mosque amidst a very large and representative gathering.  May Almighty Allah grant him Jennath-ul-Firdhous Aameen” .


Abdul Raheem Muhammed Rafeek had a close relationship with the United National Party leadership (The following had visited his house in Warakapola namely Honourable Prime Minister Dudley Senanayake, Honourable Prime Minister Ranasinghe Premadasa, Honourable Minister Dr.Nissanka Wijeyeratne - Cabinet Minister of Education, Higher Education & Justice and Honourable Minister Gamini Dissanayake – Cabinet Minister of Irrigation, Power and Highways to name a few) but he never used this relationship for any personal benefit but always used it for the development of Warakapola.  He was popularly known as “Rafeek Mahattaya” among the Sinhala speaking community and as “Rafeek Dora” among the Tamil speaking community in the area.  The state, acknowledging his philanthropy and educational activity, honoured him with the title of Justice of the Peace for the whole Island in 1983.


Mr Shamsudeen Razik of Warakapola – 3d4c5d

Muhammed Shamsudeen Muhammed Razik was a founder Member of the Horagolla Mosque which is now known as Masjid Al Hudha in Madagama (Horagolla) Warakapola.


Mr Ajward Cassim (1955-1995) of Belgrade - 3a4a5a6a

He Migrated to Yugoslavia and was appointed as the Honorary Counsel General of Sri Lanka for Yugoslavia and held this post until his death. 


Dr Shareef Mihlar JP (1946) of Warakapola - 3d4b5b6a

Muhammed Shareef Muhammed Mihlar was the founder President of the Horagolla Mosque which is now known as Masjid Al Hudha in Madagama (Horagolla) Warakapola.  In 1975 when he was putting up his house in Madagama (Horagolla) Warakapola he had the intention of building a mosque as there wasn’t a mosque in that area.  In order to accomplish his desire, with the generous contribution of the community a small plot of land was purchased in 1977 and the mosque was built in 1979. 


Together with his brother Mr M Shareef M Fareed (1953-2012), he donated the property of Al-Madhrasathus-Shareefiyyah of Warakapola to the Warakapola Grand Jumma Mosque in December 1999 (21st Ramadhan 1420). 


The state acknowledging his philanthropy, honoured him with the title of Justice of the Peace for the Judicial District of Kegalle in 1983.


Mr MA Caesar Reyan Hassan (1947-2015) of Sufiya Villa Banagala Estate Katugastota - 3d4b5b6b

He obtained the highest number of preferential votes for the Pathadumbara Electorate during the local government elections held in 1991 and thereby became the first Muslim to be the Vice Chairman of the Pathadumbara Pradeshiya Sabava. 


Major Farook Fikri (d 1997) of Negombo - 3d4c5e6a

Muhammed Farook Muhammed Fikiri was killed in Action in Nineteen Ninety Seven (1997).


Mr Anwar Ali Mufthy Muneer (1984) of Kandy - 3a4b5a6a7c

He represented Trinity College Kandy in both Cricket and Rugby Football and was awarded colors in 2003 for both Cricket and Rugby Football.  He was the Head Prefect of Trinity College Kandy and was awarded the Ryde Gold medal for the "best all-round student in Two Thousand and Three (2003). 



Please note

Details of adopted children are not included here since the lineage of the adopted child does not become established with the adoptive parents.  According to Surah al-Ahzab, verses 4 & 5 the child should not be attributed except to the natural parents, and not to those who have adopted him/her.



Dr                    -           Doctor. 

d.                     -           Died. 

JPUM               -           Justice of Peace and Unofficial Magistrate. 

JP                     -           Justice of the Peace. 

div                   -           Divorced



Updated – April 2018



1.  Segu Pillai Marikar + Name not known

2a.  Segu Pillai Marikar Madar Lebbe Marikar (1842-1902) + Name not known

3a.  Madar Lebbe Marikar Muhammed Ali (1872-1928) + Aisha Anasana Lebbe (1887-1966)  ( 32 )

4a.  Muhammed Ali Abul Hassen JP (1902-1997) + Shums Ruquiya Dheen (1905-1958) ( 195 , 214 )

5a.  Hafeela Hassen (1931-2013) + Sulaiman Lebbe Cassim Proctor JPUM (1923-1985) - Son of Sulaiman Lebbe Muhandiram (1893-1964) of Kurikotuwa Maddeketiya Korale

6a.  Ajward Cassim (1955-1995) + Ljiljana Miljanic (1955)            (Migrated to Yugoslavia in 1980s)

7a.  Faris Cassim (1986) + Sabrina Aebi

7a.  Anis Cassim (1993)

6b.  Ruzaik Cassim (1956) + Nizaya Sideeque (1965)

7a.  Arshard Cassim (1987)

7a.  Maryam Cassim (1990)

6c.  Iqbal Cassim (1960–2007) + Farhana Mohideen (1970)

7a.  Shamila Cassim (1995)

7a.  Naveed Cassim (1998)

6d.  Rukshana Cassim (1966) + Hilmy Ismail (1962)

7a.  Amani Ismail (1988) + Munaz Abdulla (1979)

8a.  Ayaan Abdulla (2013)

8b.  Baarik Abdulla (2017)

7b.  Amra Ismail (1992) + Azam Siraj (1985)

8a.  Aysha Siraj (2017)

6e.  Aisha Cassim (1970) + Tharik (1962)

7a.  Thanseem Tharik (1992)

7b.  Ameera Tharik (1996)

7c.  Thalal Tharik (1998)

5b.  Abdul Rahiman Hassen JP (1932-2002) + Fathima Mansoor (1939-2007)

6a.  Isthifa Hassen (1963) + Fathima Salih (236)

7a.  Mariam Hassen (1998)

7b.  Abdul Rahman Hassen

7c.  Sulaiman Hassen

7d.  Yusuf Hassen

6b.  Mansoor Hassen (1966) + Rehana

7a.  Imran Hassen (1996)

7b.  Sarah Hassen (1998)

6c.  Thariq Hassen (1969) + Nargees

7a.  Abdulla Hassen (1999)

7b.  Abdulmalik Hassen (2002)

7c.  Umar Hassen (2004)

7d.  Hayaa Hassen (2006)

6d.  Ummu Kulsum Hassan (1976) + Aftab Jameel Attorney-at-Law (209 )

7a.  Sadia Jameel (1999)

7b.  Abidh Jameel (2004)

7c.  Muhammed Jameel (2011)

4b.  Khadheeja Muhammed Ali (1917-2004) + Ibrahim Dheen (1899-1981) (195 , 214 )

5a.  Nalim Dheen (Died Young)

5b.  Nasuha Dheen (1937) + Abdul Hameed Mohin (1924) (195 , 214 )

6a.  Nasreena Mohin (1960) + Anver Ali Aliyar (1947)

7a.  Aysha Anver Ali (1980) + Mushthak Ahamed (1978)

8a.  Amana Ahamed (2005)

8b.  Aaminah Ahamed

8c.  Adhlan Ahamed (2016)

7b.  Anver Ali Rafis (1981) + Sumayha

8a.  Humaid Rafis (2016)

7c.  Anver Ali Mufthy Muneer (1984) + Riyaza

8a.  Raabiyah Muneer (2016)

6b.  Ishrak Mohin (1961) + Raziya Marikar (1969)

No Issue

6c.  Shibly Mohin (1964) + Ameena Shafi (1966)

7a.  Naveed Mohin (2004)

7b.  Amna Mohin (2005)

6d.  Lakeena Mohin (1969) + Nifu Hashim (1956)( div) (13, 195 , 214 )

7a.  Thameej Hashim (1995)

6d.  2nd Spouse of Lakeena Mohin + Tharik

7b.  Omar Tharik (2001)

6e.  Hafsa Mohin (1970) + Ifthikar (1964)

7a.  Ashik Ifthikar (1998)

7b.  Atheeb Ifthikar (2001)

7c.  Raida Ifthikar (2004)

5c.  Fahriya Dheen (1940) + Fahmy Sameem (1937)

6a.  Sahanas Sameem (1970) + Irshard Maruzook (1964)

7a.  Azam Irshard Maruzook (1994)

7b.  Ramzani Irshard Maruzook (1998)

7c.  Saheed Irshard Maruzook (2000)

6b.  Benazir Sameem Dr (1972) + Rifham Naleem (214)

7a.  Aasim Naleem (2001)

7b.  Saadiya Naleem (2007)

7c.  Aadhil Naleem (2009)

6c.  Farahath Sameem (1976) + Wafi

7a.  Zahara Wafi (2003)

7b.  Zimam Wafi (2007

5d.  Rifdhy Dheen Dr (1942) + Zulfa Hussain (1952) (189) (Migrated to USA in 1973)

6a.  Rishan Dheen ( 1972-1994) (Died Young)        

6b.  Sajeed Dheen (1973-1979) (Died Young)

6c.  Hafees Dheen (1976) + Hashna Cader (189)

7a.  Nameer Dheen (2005)

7b.  Naeema Dheen (2008)

7c.  Naeerah Dheen (2009)

6d.  Thariq Dheen (1982) + Hunaina Ashraf (1991)

7a.  Aijaz Dheen (2014)

7b.  Sahil Dheen (2016)

5e.  Rabiyathus Zacky Dheen (1944) + Thahir Marzuk (1941-1986) - Grandson of M.  K.  Abdul Hameed Madige Muhandiram of Kurunegala

6a.  Shakeela Marzuk (1970) + Rauff Lafireen (1960) - Grandson of Muhandiram M.  K.  Mahmood Lebbe alias Thalama of Ibbagamuwa.  (1910-1981)

7a.  Shahima Lafireen (1991)

7b.  Laaiq Lafireen

6b.  Dilshard Marzuk (1972) + Ziyard Hassan (1960)          - Grandson of Mohammed Salie Muhandiram Madige Aarachchi of Kotiyakumbura.

7a.  Arshard Hassan (1995)

7b.  Khalid Hassan (1999)

7c.  Naveed Hassan (2004)

6c.  Akthab Marzuk (1977-1978) (Died Young)

6d.  Hasmath Marzuk (1980) + Irshad Izzadeen (1971)

7a.  Aamira Irshad (2005)

7b.  Ammar Irshad (2007)

5f.  Rafi Dheen (1946) + Ashroffa Ameen (1955) - Granddaughter of Mohammed Salie Muhandiram Madige Aarachchi of Kotiyakumbura

6a.  Rafiya Dheen (1979) + Rushdi Farook Dr

7a.  Ruzni Farook (2004)

7b.  Razeen Farook (2009)

6b.  Rashard Dheen (1982) + Zanha Ziyabdeen (1984) ( 214 )

7a.  Zuha Dheen (2010)
7b.  Ramla Dheen (2012)

4c.  Maryam Muhammed Ali + Thowfeek

5a.  Haneema Thowfeek + Fuardeen Hassim (1943)

6a.Naleefa Hassim (1972) + Shahul Hameed Malik (1969)

7a.  Manaal Malik (2012)

6b.  Athif Hassim (1973) + Shinaz Mujahid (1980)

7a.  Sara Athif (2009)

7b.  Hana Athif (2012)

6c.  Kareema Hassim (1975) + Aslam Cader (1971)

7a.  Aaqil Aslam (2007)

7b.  Aaqib Aslam (2010)

6d.  Adhil Hassim (1976) + Ashra Shiraz (1981)

7a.  Adheeb Adhil (2015)

7b.  Aamina Adhil ( 2016)

5b.  Fahmy Thowfeek (1946-2017) + Zaina Abdul Rahman (1956) (195 , 214)

6a.  Farasi Fahmy (1978).  + Shabnam

7a.  Aalima Fahmy

7b.  Umaina Fahmy

7c.  Rukaiya Fahmy

7d.  Umair Fahmy

6b.  Shahim Fahmy (1981) + Sabra

7a.  Hudha Fahmy

7b.  Nuha Fahmy

6c.  Atheeka Fahmy (1985)

5c.  Zareena Thowfeek + Muhameed Rajudeen

6a.  Ayesha Rajudeen (1976) + Malik

7a.  Bilal Malik

7b.  Kadeeja Malik

6b.  Ameena Rajudeen + Irfan

7a.  Zahra Irfan

7b.  Yusuf Irfan

7c.  Yunus Irfan

6c.  Saleema Rajudeen + Safeer

7a.  Umar Safeer

7b.  Mariyam Safeer

7c.  Aamir Safeer

6d.Sajida Rajudeen + Muhammed

7a.  Fathima Muhammed

 7b.  Isa Muhammed

 7c.  Thalha Muhammed

5d.Safeena Thowfeek + Muhammed Iqbal

6a.  Safra Iqbal (1988) + Siraj

6b.  Arshad Iqbal (1992) + Naushara Naushard

5e.  Fasil Thowfeek + Sithy Zakiya Jamaldeen

No Issue

5f.  Mareena Thowfeek (1959)


5g.  Shafeeka Thowfeek(1961 ) + Rizvy Hussain

No Issue

3b.  Madar Lebbe Marikar Muhammed Masthan + Name not known

3c.  Madar Lebbe Marikar Abdul Gafoor + Name not known

4a.  Abdul Gafoor Samsudeen + Name not known

5a.  Samsudeen Nawas + Name not known

3d.  Amina Madar Lebbe Marikar (1882-1945) + Cassim Lebbe Unus Lebbe

4a.  Mumina Unus Lebbe (1901-1922) + Musthafa

No Issue

4b.  Kadheeja Unus Lebbe (1904 – 1964) + Muhammed Lebbe Abdul Raheem

5a, Abdul Raheem Salih Marikar (d 1979) + Sithy Rawla Yakoob Lebbe (32)

6a.  Hameeda Marikar + Jalaldeen (195)

7a.  Rifkath Jamaldeen + Akram Mashood

7b.  Murshid Jamaldeen + Name not known

7c.  Mushthak Jamaldeen + Name not known

7d.  Razanath Jamaldeen + Name not known

7e.  Rifdhath Jamaldeen + Name not known

6b.  Hadhi Marikar + Wajeeha Mubarak (137)

7a.  Dilshan Marikar + Rihana

7b.  Hanan Marikar + Farwin

7c.  Shifani Marikar + Fauzan Mohideen

7d.  Nimri Marikar

7e.  Yumna Marikar

7f.  Fathima Marikar

6c.  Hassan Marikar

(Died Young)

6d.  Fahriya Marikar + Salman Faris (137)

7a.  Ulfa Faris + Name not known

7b.  Ashiq Faris + Name not known

6e.  Imthiyas Marikar (1958) + Name not Known

6f.  Mumthaz Marikar + Farook

7a.  Farhan Farook

7b.  Fariha Farook

6g.  Mufees Marikar + Name not Known

6h.  Akram Marikar + Begum Abdul Majeed (div)

7a.  Name not known

7b.  Name not known

6h.  2nd Spouse of Akram Marikar + Nasrin Mubarak (137)

7c.  Amra Marikar

7d.  Nazran Marikar

6i.  Nasmi Marikar + Name not Known

5b Abdul Raheem Rafeek JP (1927-1989) + Sithy Rahma Abdul Hameed (1929-2006) (195 , 214)

6a.  Mafaza Rafeek (1954) + Shareef Mihlar Dr JP (1946)   (137 , 215)

7a.  Zakir Mihlar (1972) + Amriya Hassim Attorney-at Law (1978)           (30 , 40 , 62 , 80 , 90 )

8a.  Adheeb Shareef Mihlar (2003)

8b.  Nafeesa Zainab Mihlar (2007)

7b.  Riza Mihlar Dr (1974) + Limna Rally (1982)    (184 , 358)

8a.  Abdullah Shareef Mihlar (2004)

8b.  Aaliya Mihlar (2008)

7a.  Mushrifa Mihlar (1975) + Risvi Abdul Majeed (1970)

8a.  Maryam Risvi (2005)

8b.  Aisha Risvi (2009)

6b.  Fariha Rafeek (1955) + Caesar Reyan Hassan (1947-2015)

7a.  Shahin Hassan Attorney-at-Law (1975) + Nizreen Sahabdeen Attorney-at-Law (1982)

8a.  Shayaan Hassan (2011)

7b.  Lareef Hassan (1978) + Ayesha Farook (1987)

8a.  Ayaan Hassan (2011)

8b.Zahra Hassan (2015)

7c.  Sajjad Hassan (1987) + Azra Ifthikar (1993)

8a.  Aleena Hassan (2018)

6c.  Mufees Rafeek (1956) + Monira Hassan (1963) (105 , 358 )

7a.  Munazza Rafeek (1988) + Shimal Sheriff

7b.  Muneef Rafeek (1992)

7c Muaaz Rafeek (1997)

6d.  Auf Rafeek (1958) + Shiyana Hameed (1966)

7a.  Shamra Rafeek (1990) + Rinooz Dawood

8a.  Hannah Rinooz (2016)

7b.  Yumna Rafeek (1994) + Ashiq Mafaz

8a.  Umar Ashiq (2018)

7c.  Azka Rafeek (2002)

6e.  Shiraz Rafeek (1963) + Rizwana Zahir (1973)

7a.  Arash Rafeek (2002)

7b.  Zayan Rafeek (2004)

6f.  Faizal Rafeek (1965) + Rizviya Mihar (1974)

7a.  Farique Rafeek (2003)

7b.  Farhaam Rafeek (2012)

5c.  Abdul Raheem Razik (Died young)

4c.  Unus Lebbe Samsudeen + Yehiya Umma

5a.  Misriya Samsudeen (Died young)

5b.  Naheema Samsudeen + Muhammed Noor

6a.  Hamziya Noor + Name not known

6b.  Amin Noor + Name not known

6c.  Batchcha Noor + Name not known

6d.  Fakeeha Noor + Name not known

5c.  Samsudeen Dhasthakeer + Naheema

6a.  Musadik Dhasthakeer + Name not known

6b.  Musdik Dhasthakeer + Name not known

6c.  Murshid Dhasthakeer + Name not known

6d.  Mufees Dhasthakeer + Name not known

5d.  Samsudeen Razik + Noor

6a.  Abdul Rahman Razik + Name not known

6b.  Ramzan Razik + Name not known

6c.  Arooshiya Razik + Name not known

5e.  Samsudeen Farook + Masooda

6a.  Farook Fikri Major (Unmarried Killed in Action in 1997)

6b.  Farook Farood + Name not known

6c.  Fazeera Farook + Name not known

6d.  Farika Farook + Name not known

5f.  Samsudeen Thasleem + Zeenath

4c.  2nd Spouse of Unus Lebbe Samsudeen + Balkis Umma (d 2017)

5g.  Faiza Samsudeen + Muhammed Yaseen

5h.  Samsudeen Ghaffar + Thaji Beebee

6a.  Maufer Ghaffar + Name not known

6b.  Mazahir Gaffar + Name not known

5i.  Samsudeen Thassim + Skelam Ahamath

6a.  Safriya Thassim + Name not known

6b.  Afraz Thassim + Name not known

5j.  Zahira Samsudeen + Naheem

6a.  Shamila Naheem + Name not known

6b.  Rimaz Naheem + Name not known

6c.  Ramseen Naheem + Name not known

5k.  Fareeda Samsudeen (Died young)

5l.  Samsudeen Zavahir + Name not known

4d.  Unus Lebbe Buhary (1912-1986) + Balkis Umma Jalaldeen (1918-2005) – Daughter of Jalaldeen Hajyar of Kannatota

5a.Kamil Buhary (1941) + Hafeela 1947)

6a.  Aslam Kamil (1970) + Shamila Hanifa (1971)

7a.  Imadh Aslam (2000)

7b.  Kubra Aslam (2002)

7c.  Ashfaq Aslam (2010)

6b.  Hamziya Kamil (1972) + Fazee Ameer (1967)

7a.  Abrar Fazee (1999)

7b.  Thariq Fazee (2001)

7c.  Abzal Fazee (2006)

6c.  Aqram Kamil (1973) + Hamziya (1974)

7a.  Mahdhiya Aqram (2011)

6d.  Haseeba Kamil (1982) + Mistha (1977)

7a.  Madheeha Mistha (2007)

7b.  Maahira Mistha (2013)

5b.  Badurunnisa Buhary (1944) + Ariff Mahmood (1934-1993) - Grandson of Hassen Meera Lebbe Police Vidane of Kahatovita

6a.  Fahmy Ariff (1961) + Rinooza

No Issue

6b.  Roomy Ariff (1963) + Kanziya Kalid (1972)

7a.  Maheesha Roomy (1998)

7b.  Raziya Roomy (2004)

6c.  Amani Ariff (1964) + Rishana Naina Muhammed (1969)

7a.  Amina Amani (1997)

7b.  Asliha Amani (2001)

7c.  Abdul Razzak Amani (2002)

7d.  Abdullah Rushdum Amani (2006)

6d.  Shibly Ariff (1966) + Nazreen (1979)

7a.  Thahani Shibly (2001)

7b.  Shamlan Shibly (2005)

7c.  Nabeeha Shibly (2012)

6e.  Shafeeka Ariff (1966) + Aun

7a.  Amri Aun

7b.  Athif Aun

7c.  Shaima Aun

6f.  Azmy Ariff (1976) + Shiyaza Fazlulla – 2a3d4d5d6c

No Issue

5c.  Faiz Buhary (1945) + Mumtaz Kuthdoos (1946-2013) (30 , 40 , 65)

6a.  Mazahar Faiz (1974) + Shazna Fairuz (1984)

7a.  Saad Mazhar (2003)

7b.  Zainab Mazhar (2005)

7c, Sakeena Mazhar (2007)

7d.  Muhammed Mazhar (2013)

6b.  Ifrad Faiz (1976) + Fahima Mohideen (1983)

7a.  Muhammed Ifrad (2003)

7b.  Humaid Ifrad (2007)

7c.  Ruhaima Ifrad (2011)

6c.  Zulfa Faiz (1977) + Razik Rushdi Ameer (1972) (137 , 215)

7a.Zinneera Ameer (2002)

6a.  Infaz Faiz

5d.  Fazlulla Buhary (1948) + Shifathul Qurish (1951)

6a.  Fazlul Rahuman Fazlulla (1980) + Name not known

6b.  Fahim Fazlulla (1982) + Ruzeeka (1990)

7a.  Shadiya Fahim (2011)

7b.  Mariyam Fahim (2013)

6c.  Shyaza Fazlulla + Azmy Ariff (1976) – 2a3d4d5b6f

No Issue

6d.  Shiroza Fazlulla (1985) + Mizhar (1979)

6e.  Shihara Fazlulla (1990) + Isthikar Aslam (1983)

7a.  Haziq Aslam (2016)

5e.  Cassim Buhary (1950) + Hairunisa Abuhanifa Dr

6a.  Raheema (1985) + Faslul Careem (1979)

7a.  Aadhil Ahamed Faslul Careem (2011)

7b.  Amana Faslul Careem (2014)

 7c.  Aathifa Faslul Careem (2017)

6a.  Fathima-(1987) + Baba Rizly Lye (1984) (227)

7a.  Aariba Lye (2017)

5f.  Imamudeen Buhary (1952) + Naseerah Ibrahim (1962)

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5g.  Hassan Ali Buhary (1955) + Mazeena (1959)

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7a.Shakeeb Arsalan Ismath (2004)

7b.  Sharfah Ismath (2006)

7c.  Shahad Muhammed Ismath (2013)

6a.  Haneena Hassan Ali (1996)

5h.  Hidayathullah Buhary (1958) + Ruwisa (1969)

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7b.  Aysha Haniya Fasid (2015)

6d.  Marzoona Peer Muhammed (1987) + Jabeel (1980)

6e.  Rizmina Peer Muhammed (1993)

3e.  Madar Lebbe Marikar Muhammed Salih + Fathima Lewana Marikkar (d 1920)

4a.  Name not known (Unmarried)

4b.  Muhammed Salih Camar Deen + Name not known

4c.  Muhammed Salih Haniffa (1919-1969) + Salma Abu Bakr Lebbe (1930 -2004)

5a.  Haniffa Hussain (1950) + Fouziya

5b.  Haniffa Rizwie Hassen JP (1959) + Zareena

5c.  Mafruha haniffa (1963) + Shakir

5d.  Haniffa Noordeen (1966) + Fahriyya

3e.  2nd Spouse of Madar Lebbe Marikar Muhammed Salih + Name not known

4d.  Raleena Muhammed Salih + Name not known

5a.  Badurunnisa + Riyal

6a.  Ameer Riyal

6b.  Ifthikar Riyal

3e.  3rd Spouse of Madar Lebbe Marikar Muhammed Salih + Name not known

4e.  Muhammed Salih Rafeek + Name not known

4f.  Muhammed Salih Jaufer + Name not known

4g.  Muhammed Salih Abdul Wadood + Name not known

3e.  4th Spouse of Madar Lebbe Marikar Muhammed Salih + Name not known

4h.  Muhammed Salih Mawjood + Name not known

3f.  Madar Lebbe Marikar Abdul Muthalib (1889-1956) + Name not known

4a.  Muthalib Saboor + Shamsun Nihar

5a.  Risviya Saboor + Sanoon

5b.  Saboor Nuhman + Name not known

6a.  Razan Nuhman

6b.  Rushdi Nuhman

6c.  Razeen Nuhman

6d.  Nuha Nuhman

5c.  Fahima Saboor + Niyas

6a.  Fawas Niyas

6b.  Faris Niyas

6c.  Fahim Niyas

6d.  Nishda Niyas

5d.  Saboor Mukarram + Ulfa

5e.  Saboor Shafi Hassan + Hafia

4b.  Naheema Muthalib + Junaid

5a.  Junaid Jaleel + Name not know

4c.  Inaya Muthalib + Mansoor

5a.  Rafaka Mansoor + Kamaldeen

6a.  Rushandeen Kamaldeen + Name not known

6b.  Sweendeen Kamaldeen

5b.Bathool Mansoor + Nisthar

6a.  Rukshan Nisthar

6b.  Rimsan Nisthar

5c.  Risna Mansoor + Name not known

5d.  Mansoor Malhar + Lareefa

6a.  Amhar Malhar

6b.  Bishar Malhar

5e.  Mansoor Rafi + Name not known

5f.  Feroza Mansoor + Muhammed Falihu

4d.  Muthalib Muhammed Zawahir (1933-1994) + Raleena Habeeb Lebbe

5a.  Kurishiya Zawahir (1964) + Hidhayathullah Khan (1952)

6a.  Raisa Khan + Zaman Hassan

7a.  Shaiz Hassan

7b.  Haneeka Hassan

6b.  Arman Khan

6c.  Rashiya Khan + Ramzeen

7a.  Rayan Ramzeen

6d.  Ajmal Khan

5a.  Zawahir Anwar (1973) + Hidaya Ibrahim (1976)

6a.  Ilma Anwar (2002)

6b.  Ilham Anwar (2004)

6c.  Humaid Anwar (2006)

3g.  Madar Lebbe Marikar Muhammed Sameem + Name not known

4a.  Nabeela Sameem + Muhsin

5a.  Muhsin Mulaffar + Name not known



Sri Lanka Muslim Obituaries published in the 

Daily News, Sunday Observer, Daily Mirror & MICH Souvenirs


Obituaries A to M

AL-HAJ MOHAMED ABDUL RAHIMAN HASSEN JP of “Villa Hassen”, Weweldeniya.  Husband of Sithy Fathima, father of AlHaj Istafa, Mansur Ali, Tariq Ali & Ummu Kulsum, father-in-law of Fathima, Rehana, Nargis & Aftab Jameel, loving grandfather of Imran, Maryam, Saarah, Saadia, Abdulla & Abdul Rahman, son of late Al-Haj M.A.M.  Abul Hassen JP & late Hajiani Shums Ruquiya Dheen, son-in-law of late M.H.A.  Mansoor & late Hajiani Nafeesa Umma, brother of Hajiani Hafeela Cassim.  Janaza took place on the 8th of February 2002 at the Warakapola Jumma Mosque SO Mar 10 2002

Obituaries N to Z

RAFEEK - SITHY RAHMA Dearly beloved wife of late A.R.M.  Rafeek JP, daughter of late Abdul Hameed (Kandy) and late Faleela Dheen (Negombo), daughter-in-law of late Abdul Raheem (Pasyala) and late Kadheeja Unus Lebbe (Warakapola), loving sister of Mohin and Izzath, mother of Mafaza,, Fariha, Mufees, Auf, Shiraz and Faisal, mother-in-law of Dr Mihlar, Caesar Reyan, Monira, Shiyana, Rizwana and Rizviya, grandmother of Zakir, Dr Riza, Mushrifa, Shahin, Lareef, Sajjad, Munazza, Muneef, Muaaz, Shamra, Yumna, Azka, Arash, Zayan and Farique, grandmother-in-law of Amriya, Limna and Risvi, great grandmother of Adheeb, Abdullah and Maryam.  Janaza took place at 4.00 p.m.  on 25th December 2006 (4th Dhul Haj 1427) at the Warakapola Grand Jummah Mosque Burial Grounds.  Her family members wish to express their sincere thanks to all the doctors and nurses who took care of her, all those who prayed for her, visited her, paid their last respects, attended the Janaza prayers and the Warakapola Police for making traffic arrangements.  They regret their inability to thank them individually.  May Allah grant her Jannathul Firdouse, Aamin.  No .50 Anguruwella Road Warakapola.  SO Dec 31 2006