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Zacatecas GenWeb Project!

Thank you for visiting the Zacatecas GenWeb Project website. We hope that you find the information we have put here useful and helpful to your Mexican genealogical research.

What this website includes

Please feel free to wander around the site.  We have our Records & Data page with useful information which includs links to records and databases.  For those organizations that don’t have a web presence, we have included their contact information listed also.

We also have a Queries page with contact information for mailing list and message boards so that you can communicate with others who are also researching their Mexican heritage.

Don’t know where to start with your Mexican genealogical research?  We have a good place to start in our Research Guide.  Please check it out and check out all of the links we have provided.

We hope you enjoy this site and that it is a solid stepping stone in your Mexican genealogical research.  If there is any website, or contact information for any repository, library, museum, or other historical/genealogical resource that you would like to include in the Zacatecas GenWeb Project site, please email the State Coordinator your request.

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