Sri Lanka Sinhalese Family Genealogy



It is recorded in the work, "The Kandyan Kingdom 1707-1760" by Lorna S Devaraja, that the two Chief Ministers, Wijayasundera Wickremasinha Chandrasekera Rajakarunanayaka Seneviratne Mudiyanse, the Pallegampahe 1st Adikaram of the Kandyan Kingdom from 1734-1737 and from 1747-1759 from the Wasagama of Ehelepola, and Wijeyasundera Loku Mudiyanse alias "Pilimatalawe", the Udagampahe Adikaram from 1739, and later,1760-1766, from the Wasagama of Elamaldeniya, were related to each other. Although the specifics of this relationship are not mentioned in that record, it is obvious that the marriage of the "Monarawila' Lady, who was King Narendrasingha's concubine, to the first known "Pilamatalawe Adikaram", is the basis for this relationship.

The same record in the work of Lorna S Devaraja, states that Urulewatte Wijayasundera Loku Mudiyanse, the 2nd Adikaram, had to yield his position to a rival of the first Adikaram due to the above mentioned relationship, between him and the 1st Adikaram. In this instance the rival of the 1st Adikaram from Ehelepola is identified as a relative of the senior "Leuke", the Maha Disawa of Sathara Korale from 1740-1751.

King Vijaya Rajasinghe  (Ruled 1739-1747).inherrited Ehelapola who was powerfull as Pallegampaha Adhikaram  (1st Adigar).So he appointed Leuke nilame as Disawa of thun korale and sathara korale. The king then appointed Samanakkodi Nilame ,a relative of Leuke, as Udagampaha Adhikaram  (2hd Adigar)

Samanakkodi Udagampaha Adhikaram finally had dealings with King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe  (Ruled 1747-1782).

The Adigars of the Udarata Kingdom

The Adhikarama  (called Adigar by the British) was the most  powerful officer in the Udarata kingdom. He headed the central administration  and was second only to the king. His symbol of office, the silver cane, curved  at the top, was carried before him like a mace, on official matters. A second  post of Adhikarama was created by Rajasingha II and Udarata divided between the  two. Sri Wickrema Rajasinha created a third post of Siyapattuve adhikaram,  regarding which we know nothing.

The five principal villages, including Ampitiya situated below  the hill in Kandy  (pallegampaha) came under Pallegampaha Adhikarama. Udagampaha  Adhikarama had the other five including Halloluva and Peradeniya. Pallegampaha  ranked above Udagampaha,’ but Udagampaha led armies to battle. The position of  Pallegampaha adhikarama was held by Hindagala  (1707-1709), Rammolaka  (1717 –  1734), Dumbara Rala  (1751) and Eravvavala  (1783). Pallegampaha administered Sat  Korale, Uva, Matale, Valapane, Vellassa, Bintenne, Nuwarakalaviya, Tamankaduwa,  Harispattu, Dumbara and Hewaheta. Udagampaha administered Tun Korale, Satara  Korale, Sabaragamuwa, Udapalata, Udunuwara, Yatinuwara, Tumpane, Kotmale and  Bulatgama.

The Adhikarama's carried out the king’s orders. They signed and  handed over land grants on behalf of the king. They delivered the ‘vadarapanatin  sittuva’, a land grant in paraveni, executed on king’s order. They supervised  the ferries that guarded Kandy. . The ‘kasakara ‘who cracked the whips before  the king and adhikarama and the ‘katupulle’ who conveyed the messages of king  and adhikarama came under him. Katupulle also acted as informal advisors.  Adhikaramas were in charge of the peraheras in Kandy, the cleanliness of Kandy’s  streets and repairs to its temples.

Adhikaramas could hear civil and criminal cases in all the  provinces either directly, or with the disawas. Also appeals other than those  taken by the king. They ranked first in the Maha Naduwa. When land cases were  decided, a sittu containing the names of the litigants, land in dispute,  decision of the court and date, was given to the successful party. Only the  Adhikarama could sign these. And only the Adhikarama could punish with a cane.  Each adhikarama had a disawani under him. Pilimatalawe had Satara Korale and  Ehalepola had Sabaragamuwa in the 1800s.

The respect shown to Adhikarama was second only to the king. No one below the royal family could sit when the Adhikarama was standing nor could  a person ride on an elephant, horse or palanquin while the Adhikarama was on  foot. Everybody on the road had to make way for him. Adhikarama was preceded by  persons cracking 16 whips, each ten feet in length, made of niyande, whenever he  went out. Adhikarama ranked above disawe. When the disawe visited the Adhikarama, his drummers stopped drumming when they saw the adhikaramas house. When the  Adhikarama visited a disavani, the disava had to walk two or three miles behind.  But Adhikaramas could not use drums in Kandy or in provinces outside their  jurisdiction. They could not inflict corporal punishment on the radala  families or any of the employees working in the palace.

The Adhikarama was appointed by the king. Adhikarama paid 500  ridi for the appointment and 500 each year to renew it. He held office at the  kings pleasure. He could be promoted or demoted as the king wished. Yalegoda  who was Pallegampaha in 1693 was made disave of Matale in 1703. Both adhikarama  posts were earlier held by brothers, such as the Rammolakas, Galagodas and  Dodanvalas. Later, rivals were appointed to the two posts, so that they would  not combine against the king. King Vijaya Rajasinha  (1739-1747) inherited  Ehelepola as Pallegampaha. Ehalepola’s stature and family prestige was such that his position in court was almost unassailable. So Vijaya brought in Leuke, who  was against Ehelepola, and elevated him to disave of Tun and Satara Korales. The  king also inherited his second Adhikarama, Pilimatalavve. He removed  Pilimatalavve and appointed Samanakkodi, a rival of Ehelepola and a relative of  Leuke. Samanakkodi  (Udagampaha) was against Ehelepola  (Pallegampaha) in 1747.

Below the Adhikarama rank came the disawa. Disawa was appointed by  the king.

1 Kulathunga Bandara b approx 1640

  2 Kulathunga Mudali b1668. Was Disawa of Wellassa in yr 1700 under king Wimaadarmasuriya 2   (He had 4 sons)

    3 Kulathunga Bandara .Took the name Weliwita Saranankara b1698-d1778.He was from Weliwita Waththe Walauwwa Thumpane,Hatharaliyadda Kandy.

During King Narendrasingha's rule of 1707 to 1739,in his last days, kings brother in law a native of Madura was receiving religious training by monk Saranankara.

In 1753 he was bestowed  with the title Sangharaja of Sri Lanka by King Kirti Sri Rajasinghe. (Head of the bhikkus)

due to the conspiracy in 1760,he was imprisoned at Kehelalla.But later pardoned in 1768,and position restored.

 2 Brother of Kulathunga Mudali

   3 Thibotuwawe Buddharakitha thera (Head of the Malwattha Vihara) b approx 1700 (Deputy head of the bhikkus).Due to the conspiracy in 1760, he was imprisoned at Bintanna.But later pardoned in 1768 and position restored.


 2 Brother of Kulathunga Mudali

   3 Samanakkodi b approx 1700 d 1760 Was appointed Udagampaha Adikaram ,to this position between August 1742 and December 1746.  (2hd Adigar) by King Sri Vijaya Rajasinghe (Ruled 1739-1747) of Kandy, who ruled from 1739-1747

December 1746, Samanakkodi received a complimentary letter from Dutch Governor Van Gollennesse.Samanakkodi became a great favourite of King Sri Vijaya Rajasinghe and the Dutch too knew about it.

     He received the Siam ambassoders in Trincomalee around 1750, when budhisam upasampada was brought from Thailand,as the Portuguese had destroyed buddhism.

In 1760 ,due to the hand in the conspiracy to kill the King Kirti Sri Rajasinghe  (Ruled 1747-1782),Samanakkodi Udagampaha Adhikaram was executed,with 3 others.

2 Relative Leuke Nilame  (Leuke Vijayasundera Rajakaruna Herat Mudiyanse). b approx 1680 d1751.Supposed to have thought pali to his relative Saranankara thera.Leuke received a land grant in 1744 from King Sri Vijaya Rajasinghe. (Leuke was a ex buddhist monk) married the daughter of Edanduwe Rala. (Edanduwawe was disawe of 3&4 Korale under Rajasinghe 2)

Leuke nilame was appointed Disawa of thun korale and hathara korale in 1743 by King Sri Vijaya Rajasinghe. Leuke sannasa ,land grant 1744.Leuke was a ex buddhist monk.

Leuke Vijayasundera Rajakaruna Herat Mudiyanse. (full name of Leuke)

(It is said that Saranankara ,Thibotuwawe and Samanakkodi were from the Radala Aristocracy.) (Saranankara,Thibotuwawe and Leuke were related to Samanakkodi.)

By 1743, the senior Leuke Nilame was in favour with King Sri Vijaya Rajasinha. Within the next three years he had received many lands by way of the Royal Grant, popularly known as the "Leuke Sannasa", and had been appointed as the Disawa of of Thun Korale. Due to the excessive influence he was having at the Court, King Sri Vijaya Rajasinha was compelled to appoint a relative of Leuke, who is identified as Samarakkodi/Samarankodi Nilame, to the office of Udagampahe 2nd Adikaram in 1746, the last year of his reign. Samarakkodi Nilame held this office up to 1760, which was well into the reign of the succeeding King Kirthi Sri Rajasinha. However, due to his continuing close contact with the Madura Dynasty, with the ascent of a new King, the once removed Wijayasundera Wickremasinha Chandrasekera Rajakarunanayaka Seneviratne Mudiyanse of Ehelepola was re-instated in 1747 and was Pallegampahe 1st Adikaram up to 1759.

The senior "Leuke" Nilame, the Maha Disawa of the Sathara Korale, died in 1751, and by 1753 the fortunes of Samarakkodi Adikaram were in decline. Samarakkodi/Samarankodi Adikaram had a hand in the conspiracy of 1760 against King Kirthi Sri Rajasinha.  According to the "Sasanavathirna Varanawa", it was the ex-second Adikaram, Urelewatte  (Pilimitalawe) Panditha Wahala Loku Mudiyanse who revealed the conspiracy through Galagoda Disawa alias "Munwatte Adikaram" who became the Pallegampaha 1st Adikaram in 1760. The Samarankodi Adikaram was executed in 1760 for his part in the conspiracy. Pilimatalawe Elamaldeniya Loku Mudiyanse was recalled to re-assume duites as Udagampahe 2nd Adikaram from late 1760 to 1766. Galagoda alias "Munwatte Adikaram" became very powerful and held as many as twenty High Offices between 1760 and 1777, the year of his demise. He held the post of 1st Adikaram until the defeats in the Dutch wars between 1762 and 1766 made him to be removed by Kirthi Sri Rajasinha in favor of a new 1st Adikaram from the village of Angamanna in Kandukara Ihala Korale Udapalatha. This was Samaradivakara Wickramasinha Ilangakoon Senanayaka Rajapaksa Rajakaruna Mudiyanse of Angammana who received a Sannasa from Kirthi Sri Rajasinha and held the post of 1st Adikaram for 24 years, from 1766 to 1790.

The relationship between Urulewate Wickremasinha Loku Mudiyanse and Waradamune Chnadrasekera Seneviratne Mudiyanse helps to establish the fact that these two families were identified later on, by their Wasagams, as "Pilimatalawe" and "Ehelepola", and have long standing inter-family links. 

[extracted from "Four Kandyan Families" by Sunil J Madugalle, 2005, pp 61-62]

Around 1750 AD, King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe  (Nayakkar King 1747-1782 AD) of Kandy had sent to  (Siam) Thailand, a delegation to bring back Buddhism to  (Ceylon) Sri Lanka.  (Due to the invasion of Portuguese, Buddhism had died out in Ceylon.). The Dutch had agreed, to bring Buddhism back to Ceylon, in exchange for them to have trading posts in Batticaloa. Among the officers to meet the Siam Ambassadors in Trincomalee, were Samanakkodi Uda Gampaha Adigar, and another Adigar,  (Chief ministers and advisors to the King).

(Samanakkodi, meaning the bearer of the flag of the monks. This particular branch changed the name to Samarakkody during the British period.)

The Historic Upasampada Ceremony was held in Kandy at Malvatta Vihara on 19th July 1753, under the supervision of Venerable Upali thera senior monk of Siam.

A person in the name of Leuke Rala, who had a knowledge of Pali was close to the Adigar Samankkodi. Leuke Rala and the King were not in good terms, and arrest orders had been issued. Therefore Leuke Rala was confined to a house in the village of Makehelvala at the foot of Alagalla mountains. A knowledge of Pali is necessary to gain access to the Tripitaka.In the determination to learn pali the monk Saranankara took  residence in a cave near Alagalla mountains,and Leuke Rala had thought Pali to Velivita Saranankara Thera.Such was Saranankara thera’s desire to learn and respect for scholarship. Saranankara samanera and several others were conferred Upasampada at the above ceremony in 1753.

After the restoration of buddhism,the king placed Saranankara as head of the bhikkus. And as Deputy Tibbotuvave Buddharakkita.The monk Tibbotuvave was a cousin of Samanakkodi.

It is believed that the King had contacts with the Dutch in Colombo through the Samanakkodi Adigar.

Since the chiefs were now influential in state matters, the Dutch authorities in Batavia, instructed the Dutch governor to establish good relations with the adigars and disawas. When the Dutch gave money to second Adigar Samanakkodi, they were ordered to cultivate first Adigar Leuke too. Leuke got silk and lace caps. Gifts were given also to obtain favors such as asking the Nuwara Vanniya to return to the Dutch the dues he had unlawfully collected and asking the minor chiefs to stop hindering the Dutch in their collection of cinnamon, timber and the transport of elephants through their lands. Dumbara Ralahamy, disave of Tun and Satara korale and later First Adigar, not only accepted bribes but set his price as well. In 1755, he wanted a diamond owned by a high ranking Dutch be gifted to the king. ‘Grudgingly this was done’. He also wanted a thoni of paddy sent to Trincomalee without payment of duty.

(Some of the above details were obtained from the Internet and from a book of Dr Lorna Devaraja, a History Professor from Colombo University.)

While examining the ola leaf manuscripts of the Rajavaliya,the writer A.V Suraweera,came across an interesting account of the imprisonment of Sangharajha Walavita Saranankara by King Kirti Sri Rajasingha.

 (Part relevant to Samarakkody,taken from internet is written below.)

Although King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe had become a buddhist,he had not given up his hindu traditions completely.His 1st reigion was hinduism .He used to apply holy ash in the forehead for official functions, which angered the buddhist priest.It is said that Samanakkody got involved in the conspiracy (Samanakkodi was supposed to be the ring leader of the conspiracy), as the benefits he received under the former king Vijaya Rajasinghe , had been reduced by Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe.                       

Having glorified the sasana,while he  (Kirti Sri) was spending the time (living)in accordance, with the Dasaraja Dharma,some of his Ministers conspired to kill King Kirti Sri,in the year 1760,and enthrone the prince who returned,after becoming a monk from Siam. (Named Upali)

With these foolish thoughts, the Ministers arranged a bana preaching at the Uposatha hall of the Malvathu Vihara.With these foolish thoughts, they decorated the vihara,prepared seats,and decided to kill the king,when he arrived to listen to the sermon. They fixed spikes, made of Kitul and arecanut in pits, having spread barks of banana, over them covering the surface with cloth.,invited the king to come and listen to the bana sermon. Observing this the Galagoda Disawe informed the king. Having heard of this the king arrived at the Upasatha hall,with his army. King after making inquiries, decided to punish the culprits, who conspired to kill the king.


Thus Udagampaha Adikaram Samarakkody Nilame, Matihanpola Disawe, Moladande Rate rala, and Kaduwela rala were beheaded at Ampitiya. The Sangharajha Saranankara was imprisoned at Kehelalla. Tibbotuwe Mahanayake was imprisoned at Bintenna. Later   Galagoda Disawe who informed the King,received the post of UdaGampaha Maha Adikaram. Madavela Therunnanse received the post of Chief Sangha. It is said that a muslim in the name of Gopala Mudali, who informed about the conspiracy was rewarded by the King.

Siyam Nikaya received royal patronage. The apex Nikaya  appointments were made by the king. They were given only to bhikkus from radala  families. Saranankara, who had received higher ordination in 1753 was made  Sangharaja, with Tibbotuvave Buddharakkhita as ‘upa sangharaja’. Saranankara’s  father, Kulatunga mudali, had been disava of Wellassa and raterala of Tumpane  under Wimaladharmasuriya II. Tibbotuvave was a cousin of second adigar  Samanakkodi.

Saranankara's father was Kulatunga mudali, Disawa of Wellassa. As Saranankara was a cousin of Samanakkody Adigar, Samanakkody's father could be a brother of Kulatunga Mudali  (Disawa of Wellassa under king Wimaladharmasuriya 2 ,who ruled from 1687 to 1707) (It is said that Tibbotuvave,Saranankara and Samanakkodi were cousins.And later Samanakkodi was 2hd Adigar under King Kirti Sri Rajasinghe who ruled from 1747 to1782.)


 From the book Memoirs of Late James D'Alwis edited by AC Seneviratne in 1939

After 1604 those who had left the 7 korale's for Sabaragamuwa found it no better condition, they felt a desire  to abandon  and to seek refuge  in some quite locality. Long before the Dutch succeded the Portuguese and long before the Dutch rendered the inland waters navigable,various points on the west coast between Bentota and Negambo,and boats were placed,on the kelani ganga to maintain communication by the river,confined to the Kandyan Kingdom. The new settlers of Sabaragamuwa found a easy passage en route by the Kaluganga to those domains in ancient principality Raiygama  (Western Province)

Though it was undoubtly the close of their rule in Ceylon,it is nevertheless not a little surprising that the Portuguese now attempted to extend their religion beyond their own frontier,and to carry it into the inland districts of the island. Notwithstanding the formidable opposition which they met at the hands of the Dutch, who had already commenced to interpose obstacles on the way to the Portuguese. And not withstanding the treaty of 1638 between King Rajasinghe 2 and the Dutch, by which the exertions of the Portuguese clergy were greatly limited,yet it is not little surprising that it was chiefly at this period they exerted their influence,not only to effect convertions among te highest families of the land,but to introduce at the same time,a very questionable nomendature to distinguish the converted.

It was at this point that the new Kandian settlers in the confines of Raiygama foresaw  that the most effectual mode by,which they could secure rank and office was by embracing the faith,which had been offered,as a bait for such distinction.

1  Samanakkodi Uda Gampaha Adigar
b. circa 1700-d1760. Around 1750 AD, King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe  (Nayakkar King 1747-1782AD) of Kandy, had sent to  (Siam) Thailand, a delegation to bring back Buddhism to  (Ceylon) Sri Lanka. Due to the invasion of Portugese, Buddhism had died out in Ceylon. The Dutch had agreed, to bring Buddhism, in exchange for them to have trading posts in Batticaloa. Among the officers to meet the Siam Ambassadors in Trincomalee, were Samanakkodi Uda Gampaha Adigar, and another Adigar, (Chief ministers and advisors to the King).  (Samanakkodi, meaning the bearer of the flag of the Monks. The name changed to Samarakkody during the British period. (His rescidence would have been in Welivita Tumpane Kandy.) . Udagampaha  Adhikarama had the other five including Halloluva and Peradeniya. Pallegampaha  ranked above Udagampaha, but Udagampaha led armies to battle. Udagampaha administered Tun Korale, Satara  Korale, Sabaragamuwa, Udapalata, Udunuwara, Yatinuwara, Tumpane, Kotmale and  Bulatgama. Udagampaha Adikaram was the 2hd to the King, and was like the Prime Minister.

There is a belief that King Kirti Sri Rajasinghe who was a tamil, was not doing enough for Buddhism and that was the reason for the conspiracy to replace him. And it is believed that after the incident the king realized, that in order to rule the country he had to promote Buddhism. During his period he had brought learned bhikkus from Siam to advance Buddhism  and also built the Raja Maha Viharaya in Kandy.

It is stated in the book of John Holt,that in 1745, Catholic priest had been tried in a tribunal by 3 Buddhist leaders which included Samanakkodi Adigar, Saranankara Thera and Leuke Nilame for writing anti Buddhist literature ,in the period of King Sri Vijaya Rajasingha.

Adigar's Relative was Leuke Disawa of Hathara Korale 1740-1751

In 1747 the Dutch Governor Julias Valentyn Stein Van Gollennesse gave Samanakkodi 306 Pagodas as a token of high regard.

Samanakkodi Udagampaha Adigar, Moladanda Raterala, Kaduvelarala, Matihanpola Disawa were executed in 1760  (at Ampitiya), due to the conspiracy to kill King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe. Capital punishment was not inflicted on the monks, as a result Saranankara and Tibbotuvave survived.

(Moladanda Rebellion was against King Kirthi Sri Rajasinghe. It is believed that Adigar Samarakkody had a personal dispute with the king. Sangaraja  (Cheif priest) Saranankara was a cousin of Adigar Samarakkody.)

(After the problems in upcountry,under the King,Johan Samarakkody settled in low country Thudugala in Kalutara,after migrating by boat through kaluganga. Thombu Index shows he had land in Thudugala in Kalutara District.)

        2  Don Johan de Fonseka Samarasundera Seneviratne Samanakkody, Mudaliyar Hewagam Korale under Dutch Govt. (b circa 1725) +
Tudugalage Geomara m:1750, d/o  Tudugalage Don Simon, Saffremadu &  (20.1.1722)  Dona Joanna Wettesinha  (3143) descendent of King Parakramabahu V1 of  Kotte  (1412-1467) from JHO Paulsz’s book  (see Tudugala family tree) (He may have joined the Dutch Govt after the father was assasinated.,he may have travelled by boat in kaluganga and resided at Tudugala in Kalutara District,Subsequently he moved to Dedigomuwa in Hewagam Korale.Thombu Index shows he had land in Thudugala in Kalutara and land in Dedigomuwa in Hewagam Korale.) (It is believed as his name has Seneviratne,he may have had a strong military connection,under King Kirti Sri Rajasinghe.It is believed after his father,adigar's death in 1760,he escaped to the Dutch territory of Kalutara,and was receieved with open arms and immedietly the Mudliyar title was given to him by the Dutch Administration.) (Possibly when he joined the dutch,he received the name "de Fonseka",which the family seems to have used for 100 years) (Although "de Fonseka" name is a Portuguese name, Portuguese names were used in Dutch times.)

            3 daughter  (b approx 1760)of Fonseka Samarakkody Mudliyar (Colombo) + Samuel Amarasekera  (3068) (m approx 1790)

  (Mudliyar Hapitagam Korale 1800) (Samuel Amarasekere is a son of Don Phillip Amarasekere Ekanayake Kulatilaka,Mudliyar Hapitagam Korale 1785 Dutch Govt.married daughter of Wijesundera Ekanayaka Mudliyar of Hapitagam Korale,Dutch Govt.)

               4 daughter +Adrian Dias Bandaranayake of Malwana

               4 daughter + Carolis de Livera Mohandiram Kalutara b approx 1800

               4 daughter + Paules Gunathilaka Mohandiram Lockgate Colombo

                   5 Robert Gunathilaka  (President Pasdun Korale)

               4 Simon Paules Amarasekere Mohandiram Hapitagam Korale 1830  (no issue)

               4 Johannes Paules Amarasekere Mohandiram,Gangodapattu1855 Siyane Korale Murutuwela  (No issue)

               4 Abraham Amarasekere Mohandiram Siyane Korale Madapatha 1860

                  5 Charles Amarasekere +Miss Seneviratne  (Ekala)

                  5 Louis Amarasekere b 1840+ Miss Perera  (Kirindiwita)

                     6 Cornelia Elizebeth Amarasekere + John P.G Senanayake

                     6 Annie Cornelia Amarasekere + Charles Gunerwardena

                        7 Greetha Gunerwardena + James Senaratne

                           8 Samanda Senaratne + Shanaka de Livera b1959

                              9 Shelan de Livera

                              9 Sajin de Livera

                  5 Paulis Amarasekere (M1) + Miss Seneviratne  (Ekala)

                     6 daughter + Solomon Dias Bandaranayake  (Malwana)

                  5 Paulis Amarasekere  (M2)+ Laura Gooneratne  (Panadura)

                4 Henry Amarasekere Mohandiram Siyane Korale 1840 Abanwita  (no issue)

                4 Herat Amarasekere Mohandiram Hapitagam Korale 1838

            3  Paulis Samarakkody- (Paulo Fonseka Appuhamy) (b approx 1751) (Mohandiram.Hewagam Korale) + Dona Louisa de Livera  Married  on 3rd June 1770. (Louisa born 20th May 1753)

Dona Louisa is the daughter of Marappuli Appuhamilage Don Louis de Livera Wijewickrema Seneviratne (Mudaliyar) (1725-1790)and Johanna Dassanaike baptised 1728  (Johanna ,daughter of Joseph Crastilyon Wijesundera Dassanaike Mohandiram of Attapattu.) (GG Grand daughter of Magamme Rala b 1613-1685 of Weliwita of Hewagam Korale)  (3109)

            3  Andris Samarakkody + Ms Dissanaike  (sister of Don Abraham Dissanaike, second Mudaliyar of Hewagam Korale)

  (There is a doubt, if Carolis's and Louis's father is Andiris or Paulis Samarakkody.Maybe Carolis's father was Andiris and Louis's father was Paulis.)

                4   Carolis de Fonseka Tillekeratne Samarakkody.Mudaliyar (1800-1897approx). (Received a gold medal from Governor Robert Brownrigg for the services to the British Government during the Kandyan Rebellion in 1818.  (Firstly village headman Pokunavita.)He also received the Jubilee Gold Medal,given by Governor West Ridgeway in 1897.

 (His rescidence was "lovdale" Jempettaha street Colombo)

                   5 Earnest Carolis de Fonseka Samarakkody +  (M1874) Louisa Venetia de Livera  (d of Solomon de Livera Seneviratne and Petrenella Dias Bandaranayake d 1887)

                     6 Jeramy Samarakkody b approx 1875

                4  Louis de Fonseka Samarakkody + Francina de Livera,  (daughter of Paules de Livera Weerakoon, Muhandiram, Hapitigam Korale).b approx 1795, Clerk Colombo Kachcheri. Commutation Assessor.  (3109)

                    5  James de Fonseka Samarakkody + de Livera

                        6  Lawrence Henricus Samarakkody  (Lawyer) + Eheliyagoda  (lived at No 4 New Urugodawatte in 1910)

                           7  Lorinda Chandrawathi Samarakkody, d:5/4/2005 + JH Terrance Perera

 (Son of Jhon Henry Perera and Favorita Mildred)They had 1 son.

                          (Lorinda Samarakkody inherited 35 acres land in Rambukkana (sold in 1975),and lived at Vivekananda road Wellawatte (sold in 2006.)

                               8  Mahinda Perera, Engineer  (STC)  (Migrated to Melbourne Australia in 1990) b 8/6/1949-d 27/2/2015+ Nirmalee Guneratne

                                   9  Milinda Perera +Ayesha Perera

                                 10 Malaika Perera

                                   9  Emara Perera+Mishra Ramchander

                                      10 Eloise Margret Ramchander

                               10 Oliver Henry Ramchander b 2022

                                   9  Lakshini Perera

                                   9  Sean Perera

                    5  **Louis Charles de Fonseka Wijewickrema Tillekeratne Samarakkody. (Mudaliyar of Governors Gate) b:3 Mar 1840.d 8th Oct 1907 Colombo Acadamy  & STC.Mutwal (entered govt service in 1861,attached to court requests and sworn translator,also served in Colombo Kachcheri) + (m1871) Cornelia Fredricka Siriwardene                     , (b approx1845.alive1906 )  (great granddaughter of David de Silva Siriwardene, Mudliyar Raigam Korale, granddaughter of Simon de Silva Siriwardene Maha Mudliyar and daughter of Jacobus Dionysius de Siva Siriwardene,atapattu mohandiram), Mohandiram Alukuru Korale, Mudaliyar Kegalle Kachcherri. President 6 village Tribunals in 3 different Korales..Mudaliyar of the Governor Gate 1883.  (38 years governtment service)Had following estates-Lenegala Estate Panagoda, Mahalanda Estate, Rambukkana Kegalle. And maybe Pugoda also. (They lived in a house called "Lovedale" in Jampettah Street Fort,Colombo).He received the titles of Wijewickreme Tillekeratne,when he was made Mudaliyar of Governors Gate. He received Jubilee Gold Medal,from Governor West Ridgeway in 1897.

 (He received Crown Grants in 1880, and was able to purchase 150 acres from Rambukkana -jungle land which was called Mahalanda,later called Mahalanda Estate.,and he planted coconut.and also got a crown grant,and he purchased  200 acres of jungle land in Panagoda which was called vellipilla kelle,he then planted coconut.,later called Lenegala Estate..)He had 7 children.

                        6 (1)  Jane Cecilia Augusta de Fonseka Tillekeratne Samarakkody.  (b approx 1873)died (1909) unmarried.

                        6 (2)  Charles Peter Augustus de Fonseka Tillekeratne Samarakkody. Mohandiram Governor Gate period and planter (b approx 1874) (Residence Panagoda) (STC Mutwal) (1911 gazette English speaking Jurors/Assesors,Panagoda Hewagam korale) + Anne Catherine Tillekaratne.  (d/o John Nicholas Dissenaike Tillekaratne Mudaliyar of Matara)  (Peter possibly inherited about 18 acres or more at Rambukkana and about 100 acres at Panagoda.He built a Walauwwa in Lenegala Estate Panagoda,Which went to his son Milton Samarakkody,and thereafter to his grandson Mohan Samarakkody.)

Peter Samarakkody had 10 children.


               7 (1)  Siripala Samarakkody  (MP-Narammala-1936 State Council)  (b1907-d:22/8/1944) (Educated at STC ,and London University, called to the bar from the Middle Temple,-Lawyer, but entered Politics. Member of the State Council , President Ceylon National Congress ,Member Sinhala Maha Sabha, participated in the freedom struggle, died of Typhoid fever.Ferncliff Road Mt Lavinia was re-named Siripala Road in his memory)+  Phyllis Nedra Senanayake ( Girlie Senanayake )  (eldest daughter of FR Senanayake)  (3001) (d1978) (Time of death he was residing at 56th lane Borella.) (UC member Dehiwela Mt Lavinia early 1930's)They had 3 children.

                                8 (1)  Malini Samarakkody  (b1934) + Rajamandhri Jayagandhi Ratnagopal

                                    9  Niranjan Tilak Rajkumar Ratnogopal changed his name to Gideon Tilak Conrad + Jane Ridgeon

                                        10  Misha Soraya Conrad  (daughter)

                                        10  Tarik Anthony Martin Conrad  (son)

                                    9  Priyani Dharshani Ratnogopal.+ Ajantha de Soysa

                                    9  Rushika Sriyani Ratnagopal +Dallas  Martenstyn

                                        10  Yanick Stephen Martenstyn

                                     9  Nilhan Suresh + Sharmain

                                        10 Shanick

                                        10 Kiyacha

                                        10 Kiyachi

                                     9  Nilmini Shobhana +Hassen Carder

 (Nilmini and Nilhan are twins)

                                8 (2)  Rukmani Samarakkody  (b1938) + Sena Attygalle  (Civil & Structural Engineer)

                                    9  Deepthi Attygalle + Richard Perera  (UK)

                                       10 Rohana Perera

                                    9  Dharika Attygalle + Suresh Ellawela

                                        10 Sashen.Ellawala

                                    9  Senaka Attygalle +  Maria

                                        10 Jaden Attygalle

                                        10 Justin Attygalle

                                8 (3)  Surangani Samarakkody  (b1940) + Dr Kingsley Ranasinghe  (UK)

                                    9  Channa Ranasinghe +   Wijewardena

                                        10 Aleka Ranasinghe

                                        10  Ranasinghe

                                    9  Teruni Ranasinghe + Rajeeva Indraketiya

                                        10  Indrajith Indraketiya

                                    9  Ruwani Ranasinghe +Senani  Ellepola

                                        10  Rapti Ellepola

                                        10  Pradeep Ellepola

                           7 (2)  Zeids Samarakkody  (died unmarried)

                7 (3)  Nenie Samarakkody  (1911-1974) + Phillip Senewiratne  (3108) (m1930)

                    (Nenie inherited some land in Panagoda.)They had 2 children

                                8 (1)  Dr. Brian Senewiratne, (b approx 1931)  (Consultant Physician Brisbane Aus. MBBS - Lond, FRCP - Lond)  (Aus) +  Kamalani Alagaratnam  (Migrated to Brisbane Australia in 1975.)

                                    9  Dr Romesh Senewiratne Alagaratnam +  (M1)Susan Ellis Smith  (Aus)

                                        10  Ruby Senewiratne

                                    9  Dr Romesh Senewiratne Alagaratnam+ (M2) Sara Di Genova

                                        10  Zoe Senewiratne Di Genova

                                    9   Dr Shireen Senewiratne + (M1) Robert Purssey

                                        10  Nisharn Senewiratne

                                        10  Talita Senewiratne b1995

                                    9  Dr Shireen Senewiratne + (M2) Channa Ellepola

                                8 (2)  Phoebe Senewiratne b2/1/1940 +  Nanda Yatawara

                                    9  Lakshman Yatawara  (UK)

                                    9  Neliya Yatawara  (UK)

                                    9  Kavanthissa Yatawara  (UK)


            7 (4)  [2] Edmund Peter Samarakkody, b:19/Apr/1912-d:4 Jan1992, Lawyer  (from 1939). STC.Mount Lavinia MP for Dehiowita 1956,  MP for Bulathsinhala 1960 LSSP. Participated in the freedom struggle for Sri Lanka. His residence was Stardale,Siripala Road Mt Lavinia.

Edmund Samarakkody was jailed during the world war 2 for revolutionary antiwar activities in Ceylon. Edmund escaped Bogambara prison along with Colvin and Phillip on 5/4/1942. But was re arrested in 1944..

 (Contested elections from LSSP.1952-Dehiowita-8848votes-won.1956 Dehiowita 14954votes-won.1960-July,Bulathsinhala10103votes-won.)

Also one time served the MC Dehiwela

Electoral history of Edmund Samarakkody






1947 parliamentary[8]




Not elected

1952 parliamentary[10]





1956 parliamentary[11]





1960 March parliamentary[12]




Not elected

1960 July parliamentary[13]





1965 parliamentary[15]




Not elected

            He, co-founded the Lanka Samasamaja Party  (Revolutionary) in 1964. Rescidence of Edmund  was at Stardale,Siripala Rd Mtl.


 + [1] Dagmar Samarakkody  (d18/4/1997) (daughter of Henry Samarakkody)

 (Edmund married Dagmar around 1935.In 1936 he was practicing in Badulla.)They had 2 children.

                                8 (1)  Nahil Samarakkody. (b approx 1936) (Criminal Lawyer) (STC) d1986. + Yvonne Kobbekaduwa (d1988) (Sister of Denzil Kobbekaduwa-1940-1992-Sri Lanka General in the Army.)

                                   9  Pulinda Samarakkody,  (b1964)STC Mt Lavinia  (cricket for STC Mt Lavinia) + Minoli Sirimanne, they live in Hong Kong.

                                       10  Rahel Samarakkody

                                       10  Samrakkody  (girl)

                                   9  Sidath Samarakkody, (b1966) STC Mt Lavinia  (captained cricket team 1984) + Ms Peiris

                                       10  Tharini Samarakkody    

                                       10  Anushka Samarakkody                                  

                                   9  Swanthi Samarakkody. (California)

                                 8 (2)  Chulanganee. Samarakkody  (m1970) (d2014) + Nihal Tudugalle

                        9  Shashitha Tudugalle  (b1982,m2018)+ Candice

                        9  Hasitha Tudugalle  (b1982) + Gowri Rmn

                        9  Thilanka Tudugalle + Suraj Gunerwardene

                            10 Gunerwardene

                            7 (5)  Elsie Samarakkody + Quintas Gunerwardena d25/1/1968

                                (Elsie inherited some land at Panagoda.)They had 6 children.

                                8 (1)  Eileen Gunerwardena

                                8 (2)  Desmond Gunerwardena + Rani Yasmin Chaudhry Mamujee

                                    9  Nadia Rukhsana Mamujee + Lindberg  (Sweden)

                                    9  Asgi Mamujee  (Nederlands)

                                (both step children of Desmond Gunerwardena)

                                8 (3)  Champani Gunerwardena (d 6/7/2022)+  Eustus Jayasekera  (California)

                                    9  Neomal Jayasekera

                                    9  Dushan Jayasekera

                                    9  Chamini Jayasekera

                                    9  Suren Jayasekera

                                8 (4)  Derrick Gunerwardena + Sheila Pieris

                                    9  Shane Gunerwardena

                                    9  Duwanne Gunawardena

                                    9  Mariza Gunerwardena

                                8 (5)  Doreen Gunerwardena + de Costa

                                    9  Sriyakanthi de Costa + Balendra

                                        10  Michelle Balendra

                                8 (6)  Hyacinth Gunerwardena (Jundy)(d2007) + Nissanka Dias  (formerly Central Bank)

                                    9  Diluksha Dias + Malini

                                        10  Gayathri Dias

                                        10  Name Not Known

                                    9  Rohan Dias + Esther

                                    9  Priyadharsani Dias + Bhuwaneka Perera.

                                        10 Rakbo Perera

                                    9  Amal Dias + Hurumali


                 7 (6)  Effie Samarakkody + (M1) Panini Ilangakoon, MP Weligama (1919-1989)MP 1956-1960, 1970-1977

                    8  Pani Ilangakoon

      7 (6)   Effie Samarakkody + (M2) Robert Edward Jayathilleke, (b16/8/1911) MP  (Nawalapitiya)1952-1960. (Was Minister of Transport & Works 1959) (married approx 1950)They had 5 children.

 (Effie Samarakkody was Chairperson Nawalapitiya Urban Council)

                                8 (1)  Rohan Jayathilleke b1951+ Preethi Fernando

                                    9 Rahan  Jayatilleke

                                    9 Shean Jayatilleke

                                8 (2)  Dullip Jayathileke+ Malkanthi Jayatilleke

                                    9 Jonathan Jayatillke

                                    9 Damien Jayatilleke


                                8 (3)  Lakshana Jayathilleke+ Charika Fernando

                                   9 Ashra Jayatilleke

                                   9 Natasha Jayatilleke

                                8 (4)  Jayantha Jayathilleke + Indrani

                                  9 Anarakali  Jayathilleke  b1987 (Miss SL 2004,Film Actress,

                                        Member Sourthern Prov Council 2009  (elected from UPFA with 26728votes)+ Dishan                

                                8 (5)  Tanya Jayathilleke + Chandra Rajanayake   (UK)

                                  9 Naomi Rajanayake +Lakshan Chandradasa

                                  9 Sean Rajanayake + Ruth  (m2018)


                             7 (7)  [3] Milton Samarakkody  (1916-1964) (Lawyer  (from 1944)-President Rural Courts) (JPUM) + [4] Amy Elizabeth Samarakkody  (b.1919-d29/10/2018)  (daughter of Henry Samarakkody)

                                     (Milton inherited land at Panagoda,from his father.)

Milton Samarakkody donated 1 Acre of land for the purpose of Lenagala Vidyalaya ,bordering Lenegala Estate Panagoda Velipillawa.They had 4 children.

                                8 (1)  Mohan Samarakkody.Stc.Mtl(b30/9/1950) + Priyani Senewiratne

                                   9  Sandeepani Tharanga Samarakkody (Director HRM ESolve Business Solutions) +  Chandima Alutwala

                                     10 Thihansa Vimukthi Alutwala

                                   9  Yasamali Samarakkody.+ Arun Muthusamy

                                8 (2)  Shiranthi Samarakkody (Music teacher) (UK) (b18/9/1945-d6/3/2022)+ Cyril Wijesekera. (Engineer)

                                   9  Dr Nevin Wijesekera

                                   9  Amantha Wijesekera

                                8 (3)  Sivendrini Amithra  (Babishi) Samarakkody  (unmarried)

                                8 (4)  Romesh Samarakkody Stc.Mtl  (Lawyer) + Anoma Meddegoda  

                                   9  Shalini Samarakkody + Nirodha Kodikara.

            7 (8)  Togo Lionel Samarakkody  (d23/4/1971)+ Rivette Abeysinghe  (d of Eugine Dias Abeysinghe and Anne.)

              (Residence Beach Rd Mt Lavinia.)

                                8  Wimala  (adopted) and has 4 children

            7 (9)  Lilly Samarakkody + Piyadasa Senanayake  (Kehelella)  (3001)Had 4 children.

                                8 (1)  Lilani Senanayake + Kithsiri Jayasinghe

                                    9  son

                                    9  daughter

                                8 (2)  Egerton Senanayake  (UK)

                                8 (3)  Devendra Senanayake

                                    9  daughter

                                    9  daughter

                                8 (4)  Ananda Senanayake

                            7 (10)  Stephen Walter Samarakkody. (b17/7/1919-d11/11/1968) MP Polgahawela 1960 + Kathalene Vinita Senanayake   (known as Nita)      (1924-d30/5/2002) (niece of F R Senanayake)  (Stephen inherited 18 acres at Mahalanda Rambukkana.and may be other lands.)

 (Contested elections from Polgahawela from SLFP.1960 March- 6038 votes and won.1960 July- 9760votes and won.In the march 1965 election contested from SLFP and got 10183 votes in Polgahawela and lost.) (Stephen died of a stroke after the election ,in 1968..)They had 3 children.

                               8 (1)  Sriyani Samarakkody b27/12/1945 (M1970)+ Mahinda Yatawaka

                                   9  Nishamani Yatawaka + Anura Delgoda

                                       10 Iresh Delgoda

                                       10 Maneesha Delgoda

                                   9  Haren Yatawaka  (Stc Mtl)+ Dilani Pieris

                                       10  Kiyana Yatawaka

                                       10  Anithra Yatawaka

                                  10. Janya Yatawaka

                               8 (2)  Nirmala Samarakkody b 3/9/1947-d10/10/2021+ Major  Shanthi Wickremasinghe

                                  9  Dr Ayanthi Wickremasinghe

                                  9  Dr Trishan Wickremasinghe + Amanda

                               8 (3)  Dilkara Samarakkody + Shanti Perera  (died 18/11/2019) (Son of Mudliyar H.P.O Perera)

                                  9  Haresh Perera + Arosha

                                       10  Shanil Perera

                                       10  Shenali Perera

                                  9  Shiara Perera + Darrel Paiva

                                      10  Dijon Paiva

                                      10  Stefan Paiva


                        6 (3)  Henry Charles Augustus de Fonseka Tillekeratne Samarakkody  (Residence Pugoda later Gampaha) (Mudaliyar Pasdum Korale East) (b approx 1875- d 26/12/1934  (STC)+ Johanna Fredricka Elinor Pieris Siriwardena. (Ellen) (b approx 1877-d21/3/1937)  (daughter of Edwin Albert Wicremasinghe Siriwardene  (Mudliyar of Wellaboda pattuwa)of Mestrige Watte Kelaniya and Susana Hetroyda de Alwis..Johanna is a Grand daughter of Welhelmus Nicholas Pieris Mohandiram.bp1792. Welhelmus Pieris is a son of Jacobus Pieris  Mohandiram and Jacoba de Silva.Jacoba de Silva is a daughter of Simon de Silva Maha Mudliyar)Their house was called “Sorodoven” - presently the Holy Cross College Gampaha) (Henry possibly inherited land in Gampaha ,Pugoda and Rambukkana from his father.) He supposed to have had a elephant. the big 40 acre estate ,was called Saradoven Estate at Gampaha. (1921 gazette says Mudliyar Alukuru korale GHA Samarakkody? possible typing error) (Susana Hetroyda de Alwis is a sister of Helena Eliza de Alwis of Galkissa.)

Henry Samarakkody and Johanna had 13 children.

                7 (1)  Charles Arthur Solomon Samarakkody  (Lawyer from 1939 Bendiyamulla Gampaha) (STCMtl)b 8/9/1910-d 21/2/1981 + Iole de Livera  (3109) (b approx 1915-d21/3/1966) (Iole is a daughter of Godwin de Livera and Charlotte Samarakkody.) (Solomon Samarakkody,is supposed to have sold the Sarodovan Walauwa to Holy Cross College in 1944. He then built a house in Miriswatte Gampaha.)They had 8 children.

 (Received land in Gampaha and Rambukkana.) (The 4 girls,had their primary education at Holy Cross College)

                                8 (1)  Srikumar Surendra Samarakkody  (Doctor)  (STCMtl) b31/5/1940-d21/12/1987+ Nanda Jayasinghe no children

                    8 (2)  Rajan Samarakkody  STC Mtl  (7/5/1942-29/7/2021)+ Irani Alahakoon

                        9  Dilukshan Samarakkody, + Janaki Perera

                           10 Dinali Samarakkody

                           10 Minali Samarakkody

                        9  Dinesh Samarakkody,   + Kamai Gunerwardena

                           10 Deelaka Samarakkody

                           10 Thenuk Samarakkody

                        9 Shanaka Samarakkody,   + Shkila Perera

                           10 Senithi Samarakkody

                    8 (3)  Srivanka Samarakkody,  (STC Mt Lavinia) + Chitra Welagedara

                                        9 Yohan  Lalinda Samarakkody   (STC Mt Lavinia) + Anuradha Sumanapala

                                        9  Dulanga Samarakkody  (m2016) (STC Mt Lavinia) + Oshini Jayasinghe
                              8 (4)  Sriyani Samarakkody b16/4/1944  (M1974)+ Gamini Jayaweera, b7/10/1943-d:1/11/2001

                                    9  Dushantha Jayaweera,  (Pilot SL Airlines) +Nimanthi Weerasinghe

                                      10  Nimeesha Jayaweera

                                      10  Deshan Jayaweera

                             8 (5)  Rohini Samarakkody  (unmarried)

                   8 (6)  Malkanthi Samarakkody + Gehan de Livera  (Royal) (Son of Ronnie de Livera and Chandrani Tillekeratne)

                                    9  Roland de Livera + Chantell Chipman  (NZ)

                                        10 Cooper Adrian de Livera

                                        10 Bianca de Livera

                                    9  Jeevaka de Livera + Myra Fernandes

                                        10 Shanik de Livera

                                        10 Rehan de Livera

                 8 (7)  Indrajith Samarakkody, (b17/8/1948) (STC Mtl)   + Jayanthi Batuwantudawe

                       9  Arinda Samarakkody  (Stc Mtl) +

                            10 Aritha Samarakkody

                       9  Navodya Samarakkody  (St Paul's Milagiriya)

                8 (8)  Suvendrini Samarakkody b22/2/1951+ Nihal Gunathilaka  (STC Mtl)b18/8/1950


            7 (2)  Millicent Elinor Samarakkody  (b1911-d:1995)  (Md1928)+ James Christopher Senewiratne, (Jimmy) d:1969 of Galkissa Walauwa. (Millicent inherited property in Kelaniya, possibly from her mother.)  (They had 3 children.)

                  8 (1)  Vasanthi Senewiratne  (b1933-d 6/6/2019) (Md1970)+ Marshal Wijesinghe  (SLAF), d:1988

                      9  Ayanthi Wijesinghe + Samith Jayasekera

                            8 (2)  Ranjith Senewiratne, b 14/4/1939  (Personal Manager StateTrading ) (STC.Mt Lavinia) +  Deepthi Malalgoda

                                9  Hirantha Senewiratne STC.Mt Lavinia + Anja Lurvink

                            8 (3)  Tissa Leonard Senewiratne  (Dr.), Chief Medical Officer,Colombo,b 23/3/1940   + Sreeni Attygalle .m1967

                                    (Residence Galkissa Walauwwa.)

                       9  Thishani Senewiratne + Amal De Mel

                            10  Amashi De Mel, b:1994

                            10  Shineli De Mel

                                    9  Chaminda Senewiratne  (STC Mt Lavinia) (Md1994) + Misthi de Silva


                            7  (3) [1] Dagmar Corneliya Samarakkody  (1912-18/4/1997) + [2] *Edmund Samarakkody. (19 Apr 1912-1992),  (MP Dehiowita & Bulathsinhala ). Lawyer   (Residence Stardale Siripala Rd MtL.) (m approx 1935) (They had 2 children.)

                    8 (1)  Nahil Samarakkody,  , Lawyer, b approx 1936-d:1986 + Yvonne Kobbekaduwa, d:1986  (sister of Lt. General Denzil Kobbekaduwa-1940-1992-General in the Army.) (d of Lawrence Kobbekaduwa)

                        9  Pulinda Samarakkody, STC. Mount Lavinia  (cricket for STC), + Minoli Sirimanne, (They live in Hong Kong)

                            10  Rahel Samarakkody, 

                            10  Samarakkody  (girl)

                    9  Sidath Samarakkody,  (b1966)   (1984 captained cricket team STC) + Ms Pieris

                                        10  Tharini Samarakkody

                                        10  Anushka Samarakkody

                                      9  Swanthi Samarakkody, b:1973  (California)

                                8 (2)  Chulanganee Samarakkody. (m1970) (d2014) + Nihal Tudugalle  (SLAF)

                        9  Shashitha Tudugalle  (b1982.m2018) + Candice

                        9  Hasitha Tudugalle  (b1982)+ Gowri Rmn  (m2020)

                        9  Thilanka Tudugalle + Suraj Gunewardene
                                         10  Gunewardene


                            7 (4)  Robert Charles Samarakkody, b:26 Oct 1913-d:26 Nov 1998 in California + Allina Dassanayake.  (Robert contested for elections in 1960 from Gampaha,from LSSP,1883votes-lost)  (Robert for sometime served as Gampaha Mayor)He had 2 children.

                    8 (1)  Amara Samarakkody (PhD) (California) + Kusum Perera  (PhD)

                        9  Chandana Yasanatha Perera  (California)

                       8 (2)  Senaka Samarakkody, (USA) b:1943 +  Mangalika Jayathilake  (California)

                                    9  Tharuja Samarakkody b1971 + Ashok Ponnambalam  (Texas)

                                        10  Naresh Ponnambalam

                                        10  Sanjiv Ponnambalam

                                    9  Sajeevani Samarakkody + Brandon Hughes  (California)

                                    9  Niroshana Samarakkody b1974+ Ushma Bhatt  (California)


               7 (5)  Vernon Victor Charles Samarakkody, (b approx 1914) died unmarried around 1980. (had land in Pugoda,inherrited from his father.) (Died of serpent bite.)


                            7 (6)  Douglas Samarakkody  (b approx 1915-d approx 1980)+ Ambegoda Liyanage  (they had 6 children.)

                                8 (1)  Nanda Samarakkody + Sumanadasa Liyanage

                                    9  Noel Liyanage +Sudarshi

                                    9  Shanthi Liyanage

                                    9  Lilani Liyanage + Amaratunga

                                    9  Guptha Liyanage + Nilmini

                                    9  Nelum Liyanage + Indika

                                         10  Yasasi

                                8 (2)  Somapala Samarakkody + Ranthileka Ekanayake

                                   9  Janitha Samarakkody + Mahesha

                                   9  Yasantha Kasun Samarakkody

                                   9  Sayantha Samarakkody + Kumuduni

                                        10  Senaji Samarakkody

                                   9  Jayasuru Ruwan Samarakkody

                                8 (3)  Dharmasena Samarakkody                                

                                8 (4)  Neela Samarakkody

                                8 (5)   Mahinda Samarakkody + Ariyawathie

                                   9  Pubudu Samarakkody

                                   9  Shashikala Samarakkody

                                8 (6)  Shrimathi Samarakkody + Kumar Nettasinghe

                            7 (6)  2nd spouse of Douglas Samarakkody + Nedra Bandaranaike  (d2016)  (SWRD’s cousin)  (1001) (Needra is a daughter of Reginald Felton Dias Bandaranaike and Leticia.) (her siblings are Sydney and Ione) (They had 3 children.)

                                8 (1)  Dudley Samarakkody + Anula Hettiaratchi

                                    9  Shehan Samarakkody

                                    9  Thalini Samarakkody

                                    9  Harshan Samarakkody

                                    9  Heshan Samarakkody

                                8 (2)  Chrisantha Samarakkody + Tilani Abeysekera

                                    9  Kristina Abeysekera

                                    9  Lalin Abeysekera

                                    9  Lavinia Abeysekera

                    8 (3)  Niranjala Samarakkody + Krishantha Obeyesekera

                        9  Dileni Obeyesekera

                        9  Andrew Obeyesekera


                            7 (7)  Olga Agnes Mary Samarakkody (b approx 1916-d approx 2000) + Henry Taldena of Badulla. (Taldena family of Uva-3737) Had 2 sons.

                                8 (1)  Lankasa Taldena

                                8 (2) Jayantha Taldena, died unmarried  

                            7 (8)   Kate Samarakkody  (child died young.)

                            7 (9)   Samarakkody  (child died young.)

                            7 (10)  [4] Amy Elizabeth Samarakkody  (b 6th June.1919-d29/10/2018) (St Bridgets)passed junior matriculation exam + [3] Milton Samarakkody. (1916-1964)  (Residence at Siripala Rd MtL.) (Lawyer,President Rural Courts) (M approx 1951)

10 acres were sold from Gampaha land to Gampaha Holy Cross College.Possibly around 1953.Possibly from the proceeds, built the 15A Siripala Road Mt Lavinia house.They had 4 children.

                                8 (1)  Mohan Samarakkody, STC Mt Lavinia  (b 30/9/1950) + Priyani Senewiratne

                                    (Residence Lenegala Estate Panagoda.In the walauwa Peter Samarakkody built.)

                                    9  Sandeepani Tharanga Samarakkody (Director HRM ESolve Business Solutions)+ Chandima Alutwala

                                       10 Thihansa Vimukthi Alutwala

                                    9  Yasamali Samarakkody + Arun Muthusamy

                                8  (2) Shiranthi Samarakkody  (UK) (Visaka) + Cyril Wijesekera

                                   9  Dr Nevin Wijesekera

                                   9  Amantha Wijesekera

                                8 (3)  Sivendrini  (Babishi) Samarakkody  (unmarried)  (visaka)

                                8 (4)  Romesh Samarakkody, STC.Mt Lavinia  (Lawyer) + Anoma Meddegoda   

                                    (Residence Pugoda.) 

                                    9  Shalini Samarakkody + Nirodha Kodikara 


            7 (11)  Lionel Charles Samarakkody  (b approx 1921-d25/10/1999) (STC)+ Chandra de Saram, d 16th:Feb 2007  (see obituary notice below**) (Residence Dehiwela.)

 (d of CH de Saram and Muriel Hilda Eheliyagoda) He had 1 daughter.

 (Lionel inherited some land in Rambukkana which he sold in the 50's.He contested for elections from Kegalle in 1952 from SLFP got 8358 votes but lost.).

                                8  Sassanka Samarakkody  (Journalist)

                      7  (12) Lilly Samarakkody, (Lilian) b:9 Dec 1922 -d28th Feb 2020+ Eric Duncan de Alwis.  (Thomian) (died of a heart attack at Royal-Thomian cricket match on 13 March 1965) (Residence Mt Lavinia.) (Son of Henry Edwin de Alwis) (m approx 1950) (Lilly Samarakkody inherited 35 acres at Rambukkana.,but sold in 1966.)They had 3 children.


                                8 (1)  Neomal  Eric de Alwis.  (STC.Mount Lavinia) b9/10/1951 (Tourism) + Ramani

                                    9  Nilhan de Alwis  (STC Mount Lavinia)

                                8 (2)  Rohan de Alwis.  (STC.Mount Lavinia)  (unmarried)

                                8 (3)  Dulip de Alwis  (Chute) ( STC.Mount Lavinia), GM Hotel Ceysands + Mallika  (Chubby) Meddegoda

                                    9  Arjun de Alwis  (STC Mt Lavinia)+ Shihara Molligoda  (md2021)

                                    9  Radhini de Alwis  (Bishops College)


            7 (13)  Harriet Samarakkody  (b 16 Jun 1924-d 10th June 2021)+  Godfrey Perera, d:1996

                (Harriet inherited land at Rambukkana.) (Residence Dehiwela,Harriet and Anoja later migrated to New Zealand in the 1990's.)They had 4 children.

                                8 (1)  Anoja Perera  (NZ) + Mohan Senanayake

                                    9  Roshanara Senanayake

                                    9  Samantha Senanayake + Chadz Gunerwardena

                                10 Skyler Gunerwardena b 2016

                            8 (2)  Dilip Perera, STC.Mount Lavinia, Sri Lankan Airlines,b1955 d:Feb1997 + Sunethra Senanayake ,b1956-d 17/1/2022

                                   9  Mandula Kittu Perera, b:1989  (USA)

                                   9  Umaya Perera, b:1991

                                8 (3)  Heshan Perera  (USA), STC.Mount Lavinia b1962

                                8 (4)   Dr Eranjani Perera  (Aus)+

                                    9  Dmithri Manawadu


                        6 (4)  Charles Edwin  Augustus Samarakkody. b:1879, Proctor Dist Court Colombo 1910. + Rosalyn Pieris Siriwardena. (daughter of Henry Richard Pieris  (b1840) and Catharine de Silva of Kelaniya.Grand daughter of  Welhelmus Nicholas Pieris.b1792)

CEA Samarakkody was District Judge Matara in 1938  (in 1910 lived in Barber St Colombo) He had 3 children.

                            7 (1)  Malcolm.E.D  Samarakkody, b:4 Sep 1923  (d approx1990), Royal College, (Lawyer from 1950) Worked as Asst Commissioner National Housing + Daisy Kobbekaduwa. born 28/6/1926  (d of SD Kobbekaduwa) (aunt of Lieutenant General Denzil Kobbekaduwa, Daisy Kobbekaduwa is from Kandy and related to the Ratwatte, Hulangamuwa, Halangoda and Amunugama families. At one time Malcolm and family lived at Boswel place Wellawatte.And later Malcolm lived in Mt Lavinia)He had 5 children.

                                8 (1)  Shiranthi Samarakkody, died at 29 years 20/9/1980                               

                                8 (2)  Nirmani  (Nimmi) Samarakkody + Senaka Senadheera d2007

                                   9  Thusith  (Randy) + Buddhini

                                   9  Samadhi + Suneth

                                8 (3)  Tyronne Samarakkody  (unmarried)

                                8 (4)  Marlon Samarakkody  (Isipathana) b1954+ Padma Wijesinghe

                                    9  Milanga Samarakkody

                                    9  Heshini Samarakkody + Dilhan Liyanage

                               8 (5)  Anomi Samarakkody  (USA)+ Asoka Abeydeera (California)

                                    9  Nirusha Abeydeera, b:1995

                                    9  Dishan Abeydeera, b:1995

                                    9  Nishani Abeydeera, b:1995


                           7 (2)  Hinton Samarakkody + Malini Seneviratne  (3138)


                           7 (3)  Dottie Fannie Samarakkody + Clive Dias Bandaranaike

                                8  Sripali Dias Bandaranaike


                      6 (5)  William Charles Augustus de Fonseka Tillekeratne Samarakkody.Born approx 1872-d Feb 1942, educated at Wesley College.  (died unmarried received some land in Mahalanda Rambukkana,which later part went to his sister Mary after his death.)


                        6 (6)  Charlotte Henrietta Augusta de Fonseka Tillekeratne Samarakkody 1880-1970 + Godwin de Livera.1876-1921 ( Revenue Officer, Tammankaduwa-Polonnaruwa)  (3109) (Mohandiram 1905)     (Son of James de Livera.Mudliyar) She had 6 children.

                           (Charlotte inherited 18 acres at Rambukkana-tank block,also inherited 30 acres at Panagoda-Thiruwana block.)  (Residence Saranankara rd Kalubowila.) 

                            7 (1)  Carita de Livera, died unmarried                        

                            7 (2)  Ivy de Livera,  (died unmarried approx 1984)

                            7 (3)  Zisca de Livera,  (died unmarried approx 1980)

                            7 (4)  Iole de Livera  (b approx 1915-d 21/3/ 1966) + Solomon Samarakkody. (b8/9/1910-d21/2/1981) (Stc) (Lawyer) (They had 8 children.)

                                8 (1)  Dr. Srikumar Samarakkody  (died no children) (STC) (b31/5/1940-d21/12/1987)+ Nanda Jayasinghe

                                8 (2)  Rajan Samarakkody (STC) (7/5/1942-29/7/2021) + Irani Alahakoon

                                    9  Dilukshan Samarakkody + Janaki Perera

                                        10  Dinali Samarakkody

                                        10  Minali Samarakkody

                                    9  Dinesh Samarakkody + Kamai Gunerwardena

                                       10  Deelaka Samarakkody

                                       10  Thenuk Samarakkody

                                    9  Chanaka Samarakkdy + Shkila Perera

                                       10  Senithi Samarakkody

                                8 (3)  Srivanka Samarakkody  (STC Mt Lavinia)+ Chitra Welagedera

                                    9   Yohan Lalinda Samarakkody  (STC Mt Lavinia)+ Anuradha Sumanapala

                                    9   Dulanga Samarakkody  (md2016) (STC Mt Lavinia)+ Oshini Jayasinghe


                                8 (4)  Sriyani Samarakkody b16/4/1944+ Gamini Jayaweera b1943-d2001
                                    9   Dushantha Jayaweera  (Pilot SL Airlines ) + Nimanthi Weerasinghe

                                       10  Nimeesha Jayaweera

                                       10 Deshan Jayaweera

                                8 (5)  Rohini Samarakkody

                                8 (6)  Malkanthi Samarakkody + Gehan de Livera  (Royal)

                                    9  Ronald de Livera + Chantelle Chipman  (NZ)

                                        10  Cooper Adrian de Livera

                                        10  Bianca de Livera

                                    9  Jeewaka de Livera + Myra Fernandes

                                       10 Shanik de Livera

                                       10  Rehan de Livera

                                8 (7)  Indrajith Samarakkody  (Stc) (b17/8/1948)+Jayanthi

                                    9  Arinda Samarakkody +

                                        10 Aritha Samarakkody

                                    9  Navodya Samarakkody

                                8 (8)  Suvendrini Samarakkody b22/2/1951+ Nihal Gunathilake  (Stc)b1950


                            7 (5)  James Godwin Vaughn de Livera 1915-2003. STC  (Md 1953)+  Chandra Pieris Deraniyagala  (1005) (1921-2008)  (Residence Thimbirigasyaya.) (Communication Officer Civil aviation,served in 2hd World War in UK.) (Had land in Rambukkana.)He had 2 children.

                                8 (1)  Yasmin de Livera (Sydney Australia) (Bishops) + Ramesh Abeysekera  (Stc) (Aus)

                                   9  Jehan Abeysekera + Ishini Jayamaha

                                       10  Abayasekara

                                   9  Yohan Abeysekera

                                8 (2)  Gayan de Livera died unmarried STC.Mount Lavinia (1954-1982)


                            7 (6)  Louis Charles de Livera  (Carl), b 6/5/1919-d 19/7/1969 STC Mt Lavinia, Lawyer (from 1943) Colombo, District Court  (Md 1955) +  Gertrude Seneviratne .Eng .Instructor.b12/4/1931

 (Carl replanted his mothers land of 30 acres at Panagoda in 1960 with rubber,which later belonged to him and his siblings.) (Residence Dehiwela.)He had 3 children.

                                8 (1)  Sunil de Livera. Musician. STC.Mount Lavinia, 13/9/1956-2003, died unmarried.  

                                8 (2)  Jagath Manjula de Livera,  ,  (b:1960), (STC Mt Lavinia)  (Accountant/Deputy Chief Internal Auditor Urban Development Authority Sri Lanka, 1985-2005), migrated to Melbourne Australia in  2006 +  Lakshmi Arulanandam, Lawyer  (5030) (Md 1993)

                                   9  Rahul  de Livera  (Monash Uni) (Engineer), (Deaken uni)Law degree  (Aus)

                                   9  Shruti  de Livera  (Monash Uni) (Aus)

                                8 (3)  Lankika de Livera b1964  Journalist, Bishops College 1st  (b18/2/1964-d10/4/2011) (Md1990)+ Prasanna Panditharatne. (1960-2009)

                                   9  Kusan Panditharatne. STC (Kollupitiya & Mt Lavinia)


                       6 (7)  Mary Elizebeth Augusta de Fonseka Tillekeratne Samarakkody (b approx 1882 d1974) + Arthur Hugh Tillekeratne.

 (Mary received about 45 acres at Panagoda and 26 acres at Mahalanda Rambukkana,which she gave to Grace and Olive her 2 daughters.)Residence Panagoda Lenegala Estate..She had 2 children.

                           7 (1)  Grace Tillekaratne  (1917-2011)+ Francis Senewiratne  (They had 4 children.)

                              8 (1)  Ranjith Senewiratne died at 16yrs  (1951-1967)

                  8 (2)  Nimal Senewiratne b1949-d2014+ Geetha

                                   9  Amanda Gimhani Senewiratne

                                   9  Eshan Viraj Senewiratne

                               8  (3) Niranjala Senewiratne + Kalinda Doranagoda  (b1941-d2015)

                                   9  Shamila Doranagoda  (Melbourne Aus) +  Duminda Maligaspe

                                       10  Dinuri Maligaspe

                                       10  Tharuki Maligaspe

                               8 (4)  Priyani Senewiratne + Mohan Samarakkody (b30/9/1950)

                                  9  Sandeepani Tharanga Samarakkody (Director HRM ESolve Business Solutions)+  Chandima Alutwala

                                      10 Thihansa Vimukthi Alutwala

                                  9  Yasamali Buddhini Samarakkody + Arun Muthusamy


                          7 (2)  Olive Tillekaratne +  Francis Wijesundera d 1994  (no children) (They adopted 2 children)

    3 Samanakkody Mudliyar  (b approx 1750) +Dominga Dias Bandaranaike (BP 1740)’s  (2nd marriage) M1780 approx.Dominga is a daughter of Francisco Dias Bandaranaike b1720.Dominga's 1st marraige was to Pascol de Livera Weerakoon.From this marriage Dominga had 2 sons and a daughter.

            4  Fonseka Samarakkody Mudaliyar (b approx 1780  (Md1810 approx)+ Christina Pietronella Dias Bandaranaikebp:29th October 1789, d/o Don David Dias Bandaranaike & Juliana  De Saram  (1001) (David DB is a son of Conrad DB, and Juliyana de Saram is a daughter of Louis de Saram)

 (According to Ceylon Gazette of 1899,there was a Samanakkody ,who owned 40 perches with a house at No 97  and 80 perches at No 100, both of 2hd Division Maradana, within the Gravets of Colombo.)

 (According to Ceylon Gazette of 1915,in the matter of intestete,estate of Geneive Pauline Samarakkody deceased 1915.Following names are mentioned. Fredrick Peter de Fonseka Samarakkody. Alice Margret Samarakkody ,and her husband L.A Arthur Rodrigo,all of 2hd Division Maradana,Colombo.)

Prepared by  Mr Manjula de Livera
***** Samarakkody Family Photos see below



Updated: 7th July, 2022

**Reference to LC De  Fonseka WT Samarakkody:

In the Saka year 1675, corresponding to A.D. 1750, in an account given of King Kirti Sri Rajasinha, of Kandy, translated by Paul E. Peiris, N.A.C.C.S:, barrister-at-law, appears the record of the return of the embassy which the king had sent to Siam, and amongst the officers delegated to meet these ambassadors figures the name of Samarakkody, the Uda­gampaha Adigar, from whom the subject of this sketch is descended. The Adigar’s descendant was Johan de Fonseka Samarasundere Seneviratne Samarakkody, who was the Muda­liyar of Hewagam Korale under the Dutch administration. His eldest som, Paulis was Mohandiram in the same Korale, and his second son, Andris, who married the sister of Don Abraham Dissenaike, second Mudaliyar of Hewagam Korale, was Atapattu Mohandirain of Colombo in the same government. Louis grandson of Johan de Fonseka Samarakkody, was attached to the Colombo Kachcheri as Clerk and Commutation Assessor. He married Francina, daughter of Paules de Livera Weerakon, Mohandiram of Hapitigam Korale, and their son, Louis Charles de Fonseka Wijeyewickkrame Tillekeratne Samarakkodv, whose name heads this sketch, was born at Colombo in 1840.

He received his education at Colombo Academy and St. Thomas’s College, and entered the Government service in 1861, attached to the Court of Requests, Colombo, as sworn Translator. He also served in the Colombo Kachcheri, and became Mohandiram of Alutkuru Korale, South, and then was appointed Mudaliyar of the Kegalla Kachcheri. He was President of six Village Tribunals in three different Korales, and was appointed Mudaliyar of the Governor’s Gate in 1883. Twelve years later he retired from Govern­ment employ, after thirty-eight years of continuous service.

In 1871 he married Cornelia Fredrica, the daughter of Jacobus Dionysius de Silva Siriwardene, Atapattu Mohandiram of Colombo  (whose grandfather, David de Silva Siriwardene, was Mudaliyar of Rayigam Korale, and ‘whose father, Simon de Silva Siriwardene, was Maha Mudaliyar). Of the sons of this marriage, Charles Henry Augustus is Mudaliyar of Pasdun Korale East; Charles Peter, a Mohan­diram of the Governor’s Gate, is a planter, who is married to Anne Kathereen, daughter of John Nicholas Dissenaike Tillekeratne, Mudaliyar of Matara; Charles Edwin is a Proctor of the District Court of Colombo and Charles William is a senior student of Wesley College, Colombo. Mr. Samarakkody has three daughters, Charlotte Henrietta, Mary Elizabeth, and Jane Cecilia.

 Amongst his family possessions, Mr. Samarakkody treasures a gold medal given to his uncle Carolis de Fonseka Tillekeratne Samarakkody, Mudaliyar, by Governor Sir Robert Brownrigg in 1818 for his meritorious Services to the British Government during the Kandyan Rebellion, and a Jubilee gold medal presented to him by Governor Sir West Ridge­way. He resides at "Lovedale", Jampettah Street, Colombo.

**SAMARAKKODY - CHANDRA  (nee DE SARAM) Beloved wife of the late Lionel Samarakkody, dearly beloved mother of Sasanka, loving sister of Amara, Sarojini and Gamini, expired. Cortege leaves A.F. Raymond's Funeral parlour at 3.30 p.m. on Friday 16th February. Cremation at General Cemetery, Borella at 4.00 p.m. No. 78, Galle Road, Dehiwala. DN Fri Feb 16 2007

Edmund Samarakkody kept faith to the last


by Amaradasa Fernando Daily News Jan 4 2002

January 4th marks the 10th anniversary of Edmund Samarakkody's death. He was one of the pioneers of the Left Movement. He came from what one would call a "walauwa" in Panagoda. His elder brother Siripala was a member of the State Council and so was another brother Stephen.

They were bourgeoise nationalists, which was the political trend in the early nineteenth century. But young Edmund was to carve a different path for himself. While still a student he joined a young group of intellectual radicals who had returned to the island after finishing their studies in the US and UK in the early thirties.

These young men were S. A. Wickremasinghe, Philip Gunawardene, N. M. Perera, Colvin R. de Silva, T. B. Subasinghe and V. Karalasingham etc. Coincidentally all the above named were Anandians, except Colvin who came from Royal, while Edmund came from St. Thomas'. With the advent of the great Russian October Revolution, Philip Gunawardene in particular had been influenced by Marxist and labour movements. Philip was a member of the Communist Party of Great Britain. He had been earlier introduced to the socialist ideology while the others held socialist/nationalist views.

He was introduced to socialism, by Prof. Scott Nearing, an American, when Philip was at Wisconsin, while Harold Laski and Bernard Shaw influenced NM at the London School of Economics when reading for his Ph.D., during the latter part of his stay in Great Britain Philip came to be influenced by the Russian Left Opposition against Stalin led by Leon Trotsky and his Theory of the Permanent Revolution.

Crown colony

Sri Lanka, Ceylon, was a Crown Colony of British Imperialism. World War II which saw the decline of colonialism, had its impact on India and Ceylon. It was in these heady times that young Edmond was caught up in the nationalist movement. He became a member of the Colombo South Youth league, which was affiliated to the All Ceylon  (Youth) Congress. In November 1933 the radical element of the Youth League was associated with the Suriya Mal Movement which was started as a counter to the Poppy organisation on November 11 which collected money for disabled war veterans of Great Britain.

Instead now the Suriya Mal Movement collected for the war veterans of Ceylon. In the years of the Malaria epidemic of 1934-35 in Ceylon which took a toll of over 100,000 lives, found the Suriya Mal Movement activists led by Drs. N. M. Perera, S. A. Wickremasinghe and Philip Gunawardene who took a leading role in relief work in the Kelani Valley. Thus the Suriya Mal movement saw the beginnings of the anti-imperialist movement in Ceylon, later to become the LSSP, an umbrella organisation for all nationalists, socialists of different hues.

At its founding conference of the LSSP on December 1935 Edmund was elected to its Executive Committee. The more militant socialists in it grew into what was called the "T" group  (Trotskyist) led by Philip. They included, NM, Colvin, Leslie Goonewardene, Robert, Vernon Gunasekera, P. H. William Silva and Edmund. There was a split party, one led by the T. Group, who now sided with Leon Trotsky in the International Communist movement, while a group led by Dr. Wicks, M. G. Mendis, P. Kandiah etc sided with Stalin, who were expelled and were to form the United Socialist Party, later the Ceylon CP.


The LSSP was the first party that stood for complete independence of Ceylon from the British Empire, while even the "father of the nation" D. S. Senanayake stood for "Dominion Status within the Commonwealth". A. E. Goonesinghe was the first to organise both the indigenous and Indian labour in the early 20s. With the appearance of the Colombo South Youth League and later the LSSP posed a challenge to Goonesinghe's, Ceylon Labour Union.

The tea, rubber, DC mills, harbour, the textile workers were mostly led by Goonesinghe who had got a head start. The Wellawatte Spinning and Weaving Mills led by the latter with a labour force of 1,400 strong, 2/3 Malayalam, and 1/3 Sinhalese had led strikes in 1923, 1926 and 1929. In 1933 because of the economic depression, the workers went on strike in defiance of A.E.G. They walked out in protest against a drastic cut in wages, besides they asked for a reduction in working hours from 60 to 54 hours.

The young militants of the Colombo SL then supported the Indian workers, while A.E.G used the Sinhala workers from the Weaving Mills and also from the Harbour as black legs. Dr. Colvin R. de Silva, S. A. Wicks, Philip, Leslie and young Edmund who had by now passed out as a lawyer started the Wellawatte Mill Workers Union with Colvin as its president.

Workers councils

His first brush against British interests was when he supported the workers of the Ms Vavaseurs and the Colombo Commercial Company. This was done against the leadership of the Communist Party which was formed by the Stalinist nucleus within the LSSP, later expelled.

The CP which was in control of the rubber, coconut, tea and the engineering firms had given 'no strike' pledge, as they were supporting the British war effort, with the Nazi attack on the USSR, were given a free run supported by their managements. While Edmund was arrested along with Leslie Goonewardene for participation in these firm's strikes. Edmund was involved in the wave of plantation struggles of Mooloya and Wevasse.

There was a celebrated case of an Indian plantation worker Govindan, who was shot dead at Mooloya  (Jan 18th) where Colvin R. de Silva, Jack Kotalawala and Edmund took up the legal defence of the estate workers. By the end of May the strike enveloped the whole of Uva like a forest fire. It was this direct clash with the British colonial interests, where some estate workers for the first time in working class history of Ceylon up "workers councils". In Badulla a mammoth meeting despite a police ban was held when the British military government decided that it was time to crack down on these agitators.

Leaders arrested

Within a week of the fall of France to the Hitlerite forces the Governor issued detention orders on five leaders of the LSSP. "The Times of Ceylon" the newspaper of the plantation Raj on 19th June 1940 reported the arrest in head lines, "Red leaders in Welikade jail... three last night another today ...Swift action by the police". N. M. Perera, Philip Gunawardene, and Colvin R. de Silva were taken into custody on June 19.

Edmund was arrested in Mount Lavinia on the following day. But Leslie Goonewardene evaded arrest and went underground. In Welikade and following a hunger strike against poor conditions, the four detainees were removed to the British military prison in Bogambara, Kandy, where they planned their future political strategy. The prisoners with the connivance of a prison guard scooted out of jail to attend all night party meetings and returned to jail. They even attended a secret party conference of 42 delegates.

It was Edmund and another comrade who remained in the cell to cover up their absence of the leaders. On another occasion a Indian comrade from Benares visited their cell surreptitiously to plan their escape and their future political strategy in India. On the night of April 7, 1942, the four prisoners made a daring jail break, along with the prison guard, Solomon, whom they had won over to their cause. Philip, NM and Colvin crossed over to India in a "vallam" from Vellvettithurai, while Edmund stayed behind in the underground to help build the LSSP.

In India they helped with Indian Troskyists to launch the Bolshevik Lennist Party of India, of which the LSSP now became its Ceylon Unit. While BLPI supported the Quit India Movement the Indian CP worked against it.

In 1943 the Indian Police swooped, on the fugitives, betrayed by a Stalinist mole Shukla, deporting Philip, MN, Colvin and Robert, while Doric de Souza, Leslie, V. Karalasingham, Bernard Soysa, Hector Abeyawardhana, Vievienne Goonewardena, and Allan Mendis who had also gone over to India, stayed behind to help build the BLPI. In 1944 Edmund was re arrested and charged for conspiring against His Majesty's Government and the jail break and had a six months rigorous imprisonment imposed on him.

By the end of the war the LSSP split into two factions - the LSSP led by Philip and NM and the Bolshevik Samasamajaya Party led by Colvin, Leslie, Edmund and Bernard Soysa. In 1950 the parties re-united. They fought the General Election of 1952, and Edmund was elected as member for Dehiovita. In 1960 he represented Bulathsinghala.

Sinhala only

In 1953 a group split to toe an SLFP line of not anti-capitalism but anti-UNPism. In 1955 it was Edmund who seconded NM's motion in Parliament to make both Tamil and Sinhala as official languages. The UNP, SLFP, and the VLSSP of Philip had switched from Tamil and Sinhala as Swabhasa languages to one of "Sinhala Only".

The LSSP,  (NM, Colvin Leslie) joined in the formation of a Coalition Government with Ms Sirima Bandaranaike in 1964.

This made Edmund, Meryl Fernando, V. Karalasingham and Bala Tampoe, walk out to launch the LSSP  (R) as a Trotskyist Party affiliated to the Fourth International, the Party built by Leon Trotsky after he was sent into exile by Stalin. Before long the LSSP  (R) also disintegrated.

Press take over

An important episode in Edmund's life should not be missed. In 1965 he as MP for Dehiovita and Meryl Fernando MP for Moratuwa, being in the LSSP  (R) from the Opposition voted with the UNP on the Throne Speech on the specific subject of the take over of the Lake House and Times press. The UNP leading the Opposition found these two MPs, along with C. P. de Silva and thirteen others voting with the Opposition. The 13 crossed over to the UNP.

The coalition Government voting with the Opposition. The Government of Sirimavo lost by one vote! Because Edmund was such a purist in politics often left him isolated. He formed a splinter group, ran a Sinhala weekly and worked among trade unions in the last years of his life.

There was one thing to be said of Edmund through his life. He was honest and steadfast to the cause of revolutionary socialism. He preferred to stick to orthodoxy than compromise one bit and retain his political identity and remain as a small group.


Edmund Samarakkody  (1912/1992) was a leading Trotskyist in Sri Lanka and at one time a member of that country's parliament. He was a leader of the Fourth International's section, the LSSP, and a supporter of the establishment of the United Secretariat of the Fourth International in 1963. After the LSSP was expelled from the International, he co-founded the Lanka Sama Samaja Party  (Revolutionary)  (LSSP (R)), which was the section of the Fourth International. After disagreements with Bala Tampoe, he left the International after its1969 World Congress.

In 1960 he was elected as LSSP Member of Parliament for the Bulathsinhala constituency. However, in 1965, contesting from the LSSP (R), he received only 278 votes in the same electorate - the LSSP's Mangala Moonesinghe was elected MP with 14,023 votes

Daily Mirror Tue Mar 2 2004

State of affairs in the Kandyan Kingdom: A lesson from the past

By D.B. Kappagoda

The independence of the Kandyan kingdom was lost 188 years ago to the British, who were then occupying the maritime provinces of Sri Lanka. The transfer of power was made official by a treaty signed by the Kandyan chieftains and the British Governor Robert Brownrigg on March 2, 1815.

The agreement they entered into came to be called the Kandyan Convention and was signed at the historic Magul Maduwa, where the deposed King Sri Wickrama Rajasinha held his regular consultations with his chieftains. Those gathered on that historic occasion expected a positive change in the administration, after deposing their autocratic ruler, who was sent in exile to Vellore near Madras, Southern India with his family and close relatives. Thus ended the lineage of Kings of Lanka, which had spanned over 2357 years.

The common belief is that the Kandyan chieftains betrayed their King and handed over their territory to the British sovereign, expecting favours when the whole country went under to British rule as occurred sometime. When commenting on the chieftains' role one has to bear in mind the sequence of events that took place in the Kandyan Kingdom, before the signing of the Kandyan Convention.

The last ruler King Sri Wickrema Rajasinha belonged to the Nayakkar dynasty, hailing from the Malabar region in South India. This dynasty began rule with King Senarat when he arranged a marriage for his son, Wimaladharmasuriya II to a princess also belonging to the Nayakkar dynasty.

The couple failed to have a child, and according to the Nayakkar tradition of succession, the people of the Kandyan kingdom had to accept a brother of the queen to a vacant, throne.

Meanwhile, the British Governor of the Maritime Provinces, Thomas Maitland, succeeded the first Governor, Frederick North. He did not pursue a policy of waging war against the Kandyan Kingdom in his attempt to make it a part of the British domain. In 1805 he wrote to his superiors, "I shall be able to get by underhand means and very little money, indeed more complete possession of the Kandyan than we could by war of any kind."

In the Kandyan Kingdom, three kings who followed the first Nayakkar Monarch married a princesses from Madurai, as did their predecessors. In turn they brought with them their parents and relations, who were given residential quarters close to the palace. This separate area in the city came to be called Kamaruppe Vidiya or Malabar Veediya. The King's relatives were maintained by the state and were well-provided with facilities. They were given more special positions, honour and recognition than the families of chieftains in the country.

Some of the King's relatives became wealthy through trade dealings in Madras with the British East India Company. They also lent money to the local chieftains and increased their income and acquired land. In short, they were richer than the families of the chieftains.

With the advantages they had, Nayakkar families continued to live as different people in language and religion. They followed South Indian customs and practices, and showed their aloofness by rarely marrying into the leading Kandyan families. The Kandyan chieftains openly complained that they were ignored by the King, who was prone to listening to the advice given by his relations. There began a conspiracy among the chieftains, to install a Sinhala prince on the throne. But the King's relations were powerful. They could influence the King when decisions were made and stood against the chieftains to keep the throne within the Nayakkar lineage. It was seen that they advised the King directly or though their Queen's relatives to conduct the affairs of state, without consulting or asking the help of the chieftains.

Nevertheless, the first attempt made by the chieftains to select a Sinhala ruler was in 1709, when Yalegoda Adikaram tried to enthrone Pattiye Bandara - son of Vimaladharmasuriya II by a Sinhala wife -in place of Narendrasingha, the son of the same King by a Nayakkar wife.

The unsuccessful rebellion arose in 1732 when King Narendrasingha appointed a person belonging to the Nayakkar dynasty to the post of Gabada Nilame, who had the responsibility for the king's lands.

Some chieftains, led by Leuke Disava, made an effort in 1739 to place Unambuwe Bandara, son of King Narendrasinha by a Sinhala wife in preference to the King's brother-in-law Sri Vijaya Rajasinha.

In the fourth attempt of 1749, when the Ministers of King Keerthi Sri Rajasinha threatened to put forward a person who would safeguard Sinhala customs and usages. This was done to prevent the King's father from interfering with the government.

In 1760 an attempt was again made to depose King Keerthi Sri Rajasingha from the throne and place a Siamese prince on the throne. This was planned by Samarakkodi Adikaram and the leading monks Ven. Welivita Saranankara Thera and Ven. Tibbotuwave Thera of Malwatta Vihara. The sixth and the last attempt was made to depose King Rajadhi Rajasinha and place Mampitiya Bandara, son of Keerthi Sri Rajasingha, on the throne.

All attempts to replace Nayakkar Kings failed because of the disunity among the chieftains, which arose from personal rivalries. It was clearly evident that they were unhappy with a foreigner, occupying the throne. It appeared that the majority of chieftains had supported their Kings. The Nayakkar Kings made use of this lapse and encouraged personal rivalry as part of their policy of creating divisions among the Sinhala chieftains.

The state of affairs in the Kandyan kingdom at the time when the British consolidated their positions in the maritime Provinces should be understood when the actions of Pilimatalawa Adikaram and Ehelepola Adikaram against King Sri Wickrama Rajasinha are taken into account.

Samarakkody Family Photos

Generation  5


 Generation 5 &6

Louis Charles de Fonseka Tillekeratne Samarakkody  (b1840-1907) with his children

Generation 6    (Children of Louis Charles de Fonseka Tillekeratne Samarakkody)



Henry Charles Samarakkody      Charlotte Henrietta de Livera nee     

(1875-1934)                                             Samarakkody  (1880-1970)



 Henry Samarakkody & wife with children photo 1915

Children of Henry Samarakkody

Generation 7 & 8 (on right)


Solomon Samarakkody  (1910-1981)

(Dr Srikumar,Rajan,Srivanka,Sriyani,Rohini,Malkanthi Indrajith & Suvendrini)




Millicient Samarakkody (b1911-d1994) & Jimmy Senewiratne wedding photo

           (photo 2-Milly & Jimmy with children Ranjith,Wasanthi and Dr Tissa.)


Dagmar Corneliya                      Chulanganee Tudugalle              Nahil

Samarakkody (1912-1997)                        d 2014



Robert Charles     Olga Agnes Mary Taldena

Samarakkody             nee Samarakkody


Douglas Samarakkody             



Amy Elizebeth        Shiranthi       Mohan       Babishi              Romesh





Lionel Samarakkody  (d1999)               Sassanka Samarakkody


Lilly de Alwis nee                            Neomal               Rohan              Duleep
Samarakkody  (b 1922-d2020)  


Harriet Perera  nee                 Anoja              Dilip              Hesha      Eranjanee

Samarakkody 1924-2021

Children of Peter Charles Samarakkody


Edmund Samarakkody  Chulanganee Tudugalle d:2014           Nahil


Milton Samarakkody                     Shiranthi     Mohan  Sivendrini       Romesh

(1915-1964)                                                                       (Babishi)

Siripala Samarakkody
(1907-1944)                      Rukmani    


Stephen Samarakkody (1911-1966)       Sriyani                   Nirmala                            Dilkara


Effie Jayatilleke nee Samarakkody        Rohan          Tanya        Jayantha        Duleep


Nenie Senewiratne nee Samarakkody (1911-1974)     Dr Brian                         Phoebe

Children of Charlotte de Livera nee Samarakkody


J.G.Vaughn de Livera  (1917-2003)  Yasmin Abeysekera nee de Livera          


Ivy de Livera


Iole Samarakkody nee de Livera d1966                    Pic-1955                                              Pic-2012


Louis Charles de Livera  (Carl)  b1919-d1969)   Sunil        Manjula               Lankika 

Children of Edwin Charles Augustus Samarakkody



                                                       Shiranthi           Nirmani                 Marlon               Tyronne          Anoma                                                                                                                                      

 Malcolm Samarakkody.b1923

Children of Mary Tillekeratne nee Samarakkody


                                                            Niranjala                Nimal d2014       Priyani

Grace Senewiratne nee Tillekeratne b1917 d2011

Daughter of Lawrence Samarakkody


Lorinda Perera nee Samarakkody.d2005   Mahinda Perera 1949-2015

 Grave stone of LCDFT Samarakkody


Walauwa built in 1900 at Panagoda Lenegala Estate by Peter Samarakkody. (Priyani Samarakkody and Gertrude de Livera in the picture,taken in 2008.) (Priyani is a grand daughter of Mary Samarakkody, married Mohan Samarakkody.Mohan is a grandson of Peter and Henry Samarakkody.) 

 Sarodovan Walauwwa, built in Sarodovan 40 acre estate in Gampaha by Henry Samarakkody, around year 1900.It was later sold by Solomon Samarakkody,his son to Holy Cross College Gampaha in 1944. (Neomal de Alwis ,grand son of Henry Samarakkody in the photo,which was taken in year 2000) 

Wedding photos.& Groups.


Malcom Samarakkody-Group      Louis Charles de Livera  (Carl)-Wed-1955


Lorinda Samarakkody  -Wedding                      Srikumar Samarakkody




                                               Robert &sisters                                                                               Children of Solomon Samarakkody and Sasanka



                                   Amy & Sisters                                         Samarakkody decendents in Melbourne                                      Tissa & cousins


The Nayakkar dynasty hailing from Malabar region of South India.The Dynasty began to rule when King Senarat arranged a marriage for his son Wimaladharmasuriya 2.,to a princess of the Nayakkar Dynasty.the Dynasty lasted from 1739 to 1815. Nayakkar families continued to live as different people,in language and religion. They followed South Indian customs..The Kandyan chiefs openly  complained that they were ignored by the king. Thus began a conspiracy among the chieftains to install a Sinhala king who favours Buddhism.


After the Samarakkody Adigar was executed in 1760, his son Don Johan de Fonseka Samarasundera Seneviratne Samarakkody, would have joined the Dutch govt,in the Western Province,and would have become a Mudaliyar.And his descendents became Mudaliyars under Dutch and British Governtments. Louis Charles Samarakkody b 1840,Mudaliyar obtained govt grants in 1880 and purchased jungle land in Rambukkana and Panagoda and developed them. Some of his children held high offices under the British. Three of his grandsons became members of parliament in SL post independence era.

As at 2017. some Samarakkody families still remain in Sri Lanka,while some have migrated to countries like Australia,New Zealand,England and the USA.

While still approx 15 acres at Panagoda and 30 acres at Rambukkana still remain among the Samarakkody relatives.


Thombu Index-Dutch Period (Before 1796) (Properties registered)

Ge Name                Name                        Koral     Pattu      Village

Samanakkodige   Domingo Pieris       Rayigam   Adi      Kuruppumulla,Pattiya

Samanakkodige  Bastian Pieris           Rayigam   Adi      Kuruppumulla,Walana

Samanakkodige  Domingo Pieris       Rayigam   Adi       Minuwanpitiya

Samanakkodige Anthonica Dias         Raiygam              Walana

Samanakkodige Abeappu                     Raiygam                 Damangamuwa

Above may be relatives of another branch.The original name Samanakkodi changed in the late Dutch or early British period to Samarakkody.

  (Below Joan de Fonseka Samarasundera Seneviratne is the son of the Adigar.

After the adigar was killed in Kandy, he may have moved to Tudugala in the Kalutara District. (Pasdun Korale) through kalu ganga.Later he may have moved to Dedigomuwa in the Hewagam Korale.)

Joan de Fonseka Samarasundera Seneviratne     Pasdun     Tudugala

Samanakkodige Joan de Fonseka Samarasundera   Hewagam   Dedigomuwa


Family tree prepared by : Mr Manjula de Livera

Email                                :

Date                                  : 7th July 2022.



Notes extracted from the archives of the late Dr. Malcolm Jansze of Colombo, Sri Lanka 2015

Don Carolis Samarakkody of Pokunuwita, Village Headman m. ...... :-

H.Jinadasa b.12.10.1910 who follows

H.Jinadasa Samarakkody b.12.10.1910 d.1992 m. 1938 Juanita Weeratunge dau George Weeratunge of Matara, lawyer & ....... :-

Srinath  (USA) m. Ganga .....

Anoja m. Vijitha ....

Sirimevan m. Nilmini ....

Chintika m. Hiran ....

Reginald Felton Dias Bandaranayake m. Letitia ......... :-

Nedra D- m. Douglas Samarakkody

Eugene Dias Abeysinghe, mudliyar m Anne ......... :-

Rivette D- m Togo Lionel Samarakkody d.23.4.1971

Cyril Adrian de Alwis Amerasekere m P.H.  (Lily) ......... :-

Shirley Anthony m Shiranthi Samarakkody, dr. d.20.9.1980 dau Malcolm Samarakkody & Daya .........

......... Samarakkody m Rosamond ......... d. :-

Laurinda Chandrawathie d.5.4.2005 m J.H. Terence Perera d. s John Henry Perera & Favorita Mildred .........

Cyril Adrian de Alwis Amerasekere m Henrietta  (Lily) Dabarera  (del P.H.  (Lily)) :-

Shirley Anthony, attorney m Shiranthi Samarakkody,

Henry Edwin de Alwis m Nancy Petronella ......... :-

Duncan Eric d.13.3.1965 m Lily Samarakkody

Godwin de Livera m Charlotte Henrietta ......... :-

Iole Frederica d.22.3.1966 m C. Solomon A. Samarakkody of Gampaha, proctor

D.P.A. Jayasinghe of Homagama, surveyor d. m Somalatha Samarakkody d.12.3.1996

Punchi Nilame Meddegoda m Wimala ......... :-

Anoma m Romesh Samarakkody

......... samarakkody m ......... :-

.........  (father of Edmund) who follows under


CHA Samarakkody, gate mudaliyar m ......... :-




 (CLL) CL Lionel who follows under

 (CRA) Charles Robert Alexander who follows under

Solomon d. ]

Douglas d. ]

Vernon d. ]

Olga d.

Millie d.

Dagmar d.18.4.1997 m Edmund Samarakkody d.

 (CRA) Charles Robert Alexander Samarakkody b.26.10.1913 d.Los Angeles, California, USA 26.11.1998 m ......... :-

Amara m Kusum Perera, dr.

Senaka m Mangalika Jayatilake dau Julius Jayatilake & Violet Joyce Weerasinghe

gf Tharuja, Sajeevani, Niroshana & Vasantha

......... Samarakkody m ......... :-


......... Samarakkody  (bro of CHA) m ......... :-



Edmund, MP d.4.1.1992

Edmund Samarakkody of Mt.Lavinia d. m Dagmar Samarakkody d.18.4.1997 dau C.H.A. Samarakkody, gate mudaliyar & ......... :-

Chulanganee m Nihal Tudugalle

Nahil d. m Yvonne Kobbekaduwa d. dau Laurence B. Kobbekaduwa & Iona Ratwatte

 (CLL) CL Lionel Samarakkody of Dehiwela m Chandra de Saram dau C.H. de Saram dr. & Muriel Hilda Eheliyagoda :-


DBNA (Berty) Wanigasekere m Rita Belta Lenora :-

RC Carmel m ......... Samarakkody

KD David Ferdinando m Juslin Marget Fernando :-

Chandra Padmalika m Nimal Samarakkody

Chrishantha Samarakkody m Tilanie Abayasekara dau Neil Abayasekara & Beatrice Constance Dias Bandaranayake :-




D Gilbert P. Ranasinghe m Pusma Kumari Jayatilleke :-

Ranjani m Nimal Samarakkody

P.M. Welagedara m Esther Herat :-

Chitra ] m Sivanka Samarakkody

Sunethra ]

Julius Samarakkody of Hanwella m Matilda Pandittesekere :-

Emy M. m Stanley Gunawardene d.29.4.1971 s Philip M. Gunawardene & .........

Quintus P Gunawardene d.25.1.1968 m Elsie Samarakkody

Stephen Samarakkody of Polgahawela, MP d. m Nita Senanayake d.30.5.2002 :-

Sriyani m Mahinda ^Yatawaka^

Nirmala m Santi Wickremasinghe, major

Dilkara m Shanti ^Perera^

Laurie Samarakkody m Mildred Audrey Palewandram :-

Manel Christina

AD Samarakkody of Peradeniya d. m E.K.D.L. ......... d.3.12.2002 :-

Sarath  (CTB) m Lalani .........

Vipula m Leela .........

Nalini m Sathiyapala .........

Nihal, chartered accountant m Subadra .........

Gamini ] m Asoka .........

Sriyani ] m Nelum .........

Ranjith ]

Sandya m Ajith .........

Simon William Ilangakoon, gate mudliyar m Lilian Augusta Obeysekere :-

          Pr Christoffel Panini b.26.11.1919 d.10.2.1989 m Effie Samarakkody d. dau Peter Samarakkody & .........

SD Kobbekaduwa m Punchi Kumarihamy Walgama :-

Daisy m Malcolm Samarakkody

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