Sri Lanka Sinhalese Family Genealogy

Seneviratne - Family #3108

1  Don Reynolds Gunasekera Seneviratne Mudaliyar alive on 6th July 1767,  Duwa Watte Walauwa Desestra Kalutara (d approx 1782)

Don Reynoldus had made a field of 45 Amunams at Bediawela with a canal and possessed it as Canois Paraveni. (Don Carolus Wijesekera Seneviratne Mudaliyar at Kalutara was alive on 23rd November 1753, and he was a member of this family. Reynoldus of Duwa Watte Walauwa Desestra Kalutara married and had the following) 

    2  Dona Helena Seneviratne (d:15/4/1840) + Floris de Alwis Gunerwardena Seneviratne,Vidane Mohandiram (d:1800)

        3  David de Alwis Goonesekera Senevirane, (Mudaliyar Kalutara and Panadura) (1788-d:27/3/1853), Resident in Kandy awarded Gold Medal by Governor Sir Robert Brownrigg for eminent services during the Kandyan Rebellian 1818  +Johanna Anganitta Gertruda Pieris b 8/7/1806

            4  Charles Abraham Seneviratne b 19/1/1832

            4  Jane Gertruda Seneviratne  b6/11/1833

            4  Johanna Seneviratne b 14/11/1835

            4  Albert. L de Alwis Seneviratne (Member Legislative Council)

                5  De Alwis Arnold Valentine Goonesekera Seneviratne born 1886, President Village Tribunal Rayigam Korale 

        3  J C de Alwis Mudaliyar +Johanna Seneviratne (d of Phillip Senewiratne

    2  Dona Helena Gunasekera Seneviratne + Andris de Alwis (Salpita Korale

    2  Dona Helena Gunasekera Seneviratne + de Livera Mudaliyar (Hewagam Korale

    2  Dona Helena Gunasekera Seneviratne + Wijekon Mudaliyar 

    2  Dona Florentina Seneviratne (d:1856) + Mohandiram Juan de Alwis Wijesekera Appuhami Mohandiram of Bentota d1846 

    2  Don Louis Wickremaratne Gunasekera Seneviratne Mudaliyar Kalutara, b approx:1760 dNov 1782 +Dona Phillipa Lama Eteni, d:1828, daughter of Samarakoon Mudaliyar and Leonara Phillipsz Panditharatne (she died in 1828)(There is in existence of a temple in Pilikuttuwa near Heneratgoda,where temple bell is carved,saying Louis Gunasekera Seneviratne donated the bell, for katina pinkama.)

        3  Don Carolis Seneviratne b:1780 Mudaliyar Kalutara

            4  Don Haramanis Seneviratne b:1820 Mudaliyar Siyane Korale

                Soloman Seneviratne,b1849, Mudaliyar Pasdum Korale,Attapattu Mudaliyar in 1893 ,Kachcherie Mudaliyar Colombo, educated at Queen's College and The Colombo Academy (later Royal College, (s/o Don Hermanis Seneviratne, Mohandiram of Siyane Korale, grandson of Don Carolis Seneviratne, Mudaliyar of Kalutara, great grandson of Don Louis Seneviratne, Mudaliyar of the same place.), m:1885  + Charlotte Dias Bandaranaike, b:1860(daughter of Christoffel Dias Bandaranaike) (1001)

(They resided at white house in Ward Place Colombo.Their country house is at Kandahena Veyangoda.He was a member of the Agriculture Society and Horticultural Society.)

                    6  Stephen Senewiratne + Lilian de Alwis (1895-1933)

(Stephen Senewiratne resided at White House at Ward Place ,later they shifted to Duff House in Bagatale Road Colombo. Their country residence was Kandahena Estate Veyangoda. Stephen Senewiratne was educated at Cambridge, and was a non practising Barrister. He was interested in Agriculture.

In 1933,he was convicted by a 5-2 verdict, and sentenced for the murder of his wife.(Duff House Murder Case)

He appealed to the Privy Council in England, and on 29/7/1936,his appeal was allowed, and the death sentence which had been commuted to rigorous imprisonment for life was squashed. Stephen left prison after spending 30 months in prison.

                        7  Terrance Senewiratne b1926-d2004 (Director of Agriculture Peradeniya.)(worked at the Asian Development Bank Manila.)

(It is said that Terrance Avenue in Mt Lavinia is named after him,as his mother Lilian owned land in that road.)

                    6  Eric Senewiratne + Ray Dassenaike

                    6  Noel Senewiratne + Violet Dias Bandaranaike

                        7  Erin Senewiratne

                        7  Unis Senewiratne

                        7  Nissanka Senewiratne.

                        7  Daphne Senewiratne + Olive Abeynaike

                            8  Ranil Abeynaike(Stc)(1955-2012)(Cricketer)+Roshika Tissera

                            8  Mohan Abeynaike

                            8  Amitha Abeynaike

                            8  Ajith Abeynaike

                        7  Lionel Senewiratne + Surangani Senewiratne

                    6  Charlie Senewiratne + Roxina de Alwis

                        7  Eddie Senewiratne + Lorna de Saram (3126)

                            8  Anoja Senewiratne (d1997)+ Dr Nalin Guneratne

                                9  Upendra Guneratne

                                9  Harin Guneratne

                            8  Anil Senewiratne + Rochelle

                    6  Phillip Senewiratne + Nannie Samarakkody (3118)

                        7  Dr Brian Senewiratne b1932(Consultant Physician)(MA-Cantab,MBB-Chir-Cantab,MBBS-Lond,MD-Lond,FRCP-Lond,FRACP)(Human rights activist)+ Kamalani Alagaratna (Aus)

                            8 Dr  Romesh Senewiratne + (1)Susan Mcnutty

                               9  Ruby Senewiratne

                            8  Romesh Senewiratne + (2)Sara Di Genova       

                               9  Zoe Di Genova Senewiratne

                            8  Sherine Senewiratne + (1)Robert Purssey

                               9  Nisharn Senewiratne

                         7  Phoebe Senewiratne + Nanda Yatawara

                            Kavan Yatawara

                            8  Lakshman Yatawara

                            8  Neliya Yatawara

                    6  Francis Senewiratne + Neeta Dias Bandaranaike

                        7  Sakuntala Senewiratne

                        7  Sieeva Senewiratne

                        7  Surangani Senewiratne + Lionel Senewiratne

                    6  2nd spouse of Francis Senewiratne + Grace Thilakaratne

                        7  Ranjith Senewiratne(d2011)

                        7  Nimal Senewiratne (d 2014)+ Geetha

                            8  Amanda Senewiratne

                            Eshan Senewiratne

                        7  Niranjala Senewiratne + Kalinda Doranagoda

                            8  Shamila Doranagoda + Duminda Maligaspe

9  Dinuri Maligaspe

9  Tharuki Maligaspe

                         7  Priyani Senewiratne + Mohan Samarakkody

                            8  Sandeepani Samarakkody + Chandima Alutwala

                            8  Yasamali Buddhini Samarakkody + Arun Muthusamy 

        3  Don Hendirick Muhandiram, d:1828 (left no issue) 

        3  Dona Sophiya + Don Daniel Alwis Wijesiriwardena Gunathilake Mohandiram from Bentara, died 1850 

    2  Don Johannes Wijesekera Seneviratne Mudaliyar (d:4/10/1845), + Johanna Abeysekera Seneviratne Lama Etini d1856 d of Don Louis Abeyesekere seneviratne Mohandiram. 

    2  Don Bastian Seneviratne (died 1809) 

    2  Don Phillip Gunasekera Seneviratne  b approx 1755(Mudaliyar Dec 1782) died 1803 + Dona Ana Helena Hamine, in engaged 5/2/1786 married in Christ church Galkissa on 17/5/1786, d:1853 (d/o Don Daniel de Alwis Gunathilake Samarasinghe Mudaliyar of Salpita Korale) Don Phillip received certificates from Dutch & British Governors. He also received land in Kalutara Fort, from Governor Van de Graaf as reward for planting cinnamon for the government. Don Phillip Seneviratne received a gold chain and a medal from Governor Van de Graaf for his services.

      3  Herat Gunasekera Seneviratne (Translator Kandy Kachcheri)

            4  Thomas Louis Gunasekera Seneviratne


        3  Dona Johanna Seneviratne (d:1826)+ Johan Cornelis de Alwis  Gunerwardena Seneviratne Mudaliyar (1st marriage)(Mudaliyar 1791)


        3  Don John Gerad Cornelis Seneviratne (b1792-4 Aug 1873) + in m 1847 Helena  de Alwis(d/o Don Daniel de Alwis of Bentota)

            4  Seneviratne + Thomas de Alwis

                5  Richard Nicholas de Alwis + Ruberu

                    6  Pauline de Alwis.

                    6  Denham de Alwis

                    6  Caroline de Alwis 

            4  Thomas Leonard Gunasekera Seneviratne, b:circa 1850 d Nov 1908, Galkissa Walauwa + Jane Rajo de Alwis d1915*(daughter of Helena Eliza de Alwis and Abraham de Alwis Wijesinghe Siriwardene)(3137)

                5  Dr Arthur Seneviratne (Eye Specialist) + Harriot Wijewardena, (aunt of President J R Jayawardena) (3062,3143)

                    6  Nanda Seneviratne (b1922-d10/11/2002)Transport Mgr Lake House.,Agriculture Graduate (Peradeniya),Royalist + Clare Senewiratne nee David (d2007) Journalist

                        7  Viraj Senewiratne + Dhakshina

                    6  Kumari Seneviratne

                5  Jimmy Christofelsz Senewiratne (d:1969) + Millicent Samarakkody (d:1995)

                    6  Ranjith Senewiratne (Personnel Mgr-State Trading) (STC Mt Lavinia)b1939 + Deepthi Malalgoda

                        7  Hirantha Senewiratne (STC Mt Lavinia) + Anja Lurvink

                    6  Dr Tissa Senewiratne (Chief Medical Officer CMC) (STC Mt Lavinia)b1940 + Srine Attygalle

                        Thisahani Senewiratne + Amal De Mel

                            8  Amashi De Mel

                            8  Shineli De Mel

                        7  Chaminda Senewiratne (STC Mt Lavinia) + Misthi de Silva

                    6  Wasanthi Senewirane + Marshal Wijesinghe (d:1988) (Air Force)

                        7  Ayanthi Wijesinghe + Samith Jayasekera


                5  Edwin Henry Seneviratne, (Coroner), 1886-1945 + Eugine Caroline Gertrude de Saram, 1896-1980, (3121)

                    6  Conrad Hithaprema Seneviratne (Graduate) (1926-1959) STC Mt Lavinia)(died of cancer)

                    6  Gertrude Hemawathi Senevirane (b:1931) Eng Inst/Journalist, Graduate + Louis Charles de Livera (1919-1969) (STC Mt Lavinia) Lawyer (3109)

                        7  Sunil Yohananda de Livera (1956-2003) Musician (STC Mt Lavinia)

                        7  Manjula de Livera (b:1960) STC Mt Lavinia, Accountant (UDA) SL/Aus + Lakshmi Arulanandam, (Lawyer) migrated to Australia.

                            8  Rahul de Livera b1994

                            8  Shruti de Livera b2001

                        7  Lankika Erandathi de Livera (b:1964-2011), Journalist + Prasanna Panditharatne, (Businessman)

                            8  Kusan Panditharatne b1995 (STC Mt Lavinia)

                        7  2nd spouse of Lankika de Livera + Srikumar (STC Mt Lavinia), Accountant)

                    6  Lionel Janaki Seneviratne (b:1937) (STC Mt Lavinia) Engineer, Bank of Ceylon + Premalatha Pagodaarachchi (Doctor, Head of Blood Bank, Kalubowila Hospital)

                              7  Yasoja Seneviratne USA + Sumedha Perera

                                  8  Maya Perera b2015

            (The three Seneviratne brothers of Galkissa Walauwa ,Edwin         Seneviratne,Arthur Senewiratne and (James)Jimmy Senewiratne,             donated one acre of land in 1925, in  Kawdana Dehiwela, for the   purpose of building a temple. The Anusubodharama buddhist temple   has been built in that land.)

History of Galkissa Walauwa

Galkissa Walauwa ,is situated in the Western Province, (Galkissa Village,Palle Pattu,Salpita Korale) in the border of Dehiwela and Mount Lavinia. It is built in the land side in the land called Liyanaparangiyawatte in present day Mihindu  Mawatha.

By the year 2020, Galkissa Walauwa will be 200 years old. The land area of the(upstair) walauwa ,would have been about 20 acres,( from the cart road to Terrance Avenue(land side),(Dharmapala Mawatha to Dudly Senanayake Mawatha (sea side)and from the walauwa to the sea.)

Galkissa Walauwa was built by Louis de Saram in 1820 (Mohandiram Salpita Korale)

Louis de Saram b1770, (Son of Simon de Saram Weerasinghe Siriwardena and Dona Catharina Dias of Wewala.)was married to Elena de Alwis. They had 2 children, Leonard de Saram and Depanchy de Saram.


Leonard de Saram Wirasinghe Siriwardena was born on 5/11/1814.d5/3/1872(Mohandiram,Peace officer and deputy Cornor).He married Susana Hetroyda de Alwis on 2/8/1847.But they did not have children. He inherited the Galkissa Walauwa property and 75 acres coconut land from Mahawellawatte.

Anthonan Wirasinghe Siriwardhana de Saram Mudaliyar in 1730 purchased 250 acres in Mahawellawatte.(Leonard de Saram was a great grand son of Anthonan de Saram.)

Depanchy de Saram  married Don Daniel Siegbertus de Alwis Gunathilake Samarasinghe. They had a daughter named Helena Eliza de Alwis,b approx 1835.d1887.

Helena Eliza de Alwis married Abraham de Alwis Wijesinghe Siriwardena.(m approx 1852).It appears that Abraham de Alwis and Susana Hetroyda de Alwis were brother and sister. There is also evidence, that after the death of Helena Eliza in 1887,Abraham married again to Hetioida Pieris.


Helena Eliza de Alwis had 2 children.


1.Daniel Albert de Alwis b approx 1853- d30/8/1903. He married Grace Rosalind Dias Bandaranaike, who died on 21/2/1922.


2.Jane Rejo de Alwis b approx 1855-d1915.She married approx Thomas Leonard Gunasekera Seneviratne (b approx 1848-d Nov 1908)(Seneviratne's from Kalutara)

After the death of Leonard de Saram in 1872,the properties were inherited by his wife Susana Hetroyda de Saram nee de Alwis.  There after Susana gifts the properties as follows.

(To her husband's sister's grand children)

1.To Daniel Albert de Alwis-50 acres at Mahawellawatte & Property from Galle road to the sea. near the walauwa.


2.To Jane Rejo Senewiratne nee de Alwis-25 acres at Mahawellawatte & property opposite the present day Galkissa cemetery.(land side)

3.To Helena Eliza de Alwis,(her husband's sister's daughter) the Walauwa building and premises.


(After the death of Helena Eliza, the two children, Daniel Albert and Jane Rejo got a undivided 1/2 share of the walauwa.)


In 1881,the property from Galle Road to the sea was acquired by the government, with compensation, and the present day Galkissa Cemetery and a low income housing scheme was built.


Similarly a small portion of property opposite the cemetery was acquired for a children's playground.


Susana Hetroyda de Saram nee de Alwis d 1901(She may be the daughter of Don Abraham de Alwis Abeysiriwardena Gunathilake Mudaliyar d1858)


Daniel Albert de Alwis had 3 children, Leonard,Lilian and Henry.


Jane Rejo Senewiratne had 3 children,Edwin,Arthur and James (Jimmy).


So each child had a 1/6th share of the walauwa. After the sale of Wellawatte property, of the Daniel's children, Leonard (Leo) who married Alexandra Dias Bandaranaike built the Samudragiri Walauwa in de Saram road Mt Lavinia.


Lilian Rosaline de Alwis married Stephen Senewiratne and resided in Colombo. They had a son named Terrance. And it is said that Terrance Avenue was named after him. Henry died young.


Regarding Jane's children, Dr Arthur Senewiratne(eye specialist) married Harriot Wijewardena (aunt of President JR Jayawardene) and resided in Colombo. Edwin (corner)(1886-1945)married Eugine de Saram and resided in her house in Mt Lavinia. And Jimmy who married Millicent Samarakkody bought the 1/6th shares of the five people (co-owners) and became the owner of the walauwa.


It is said that in the 1930's Jimmy had horses and a tiger in the premises. But in the early 1940's due to financial difficulty,he had to rent the walauwa and move out. And later on, he with his wife Millicent , regained the walauwa. Jimmy died in 1969. Jimmy had 3 children,Wasanthi,Ranjith and Tissa.


In 1970,the walauwa building and immediate property now belonging to Jimmy's wife Millicent was divided among his 3 children. The walauwa building was given to Dr Tissa Senewiratne, and the other 2 children, Wasanthi and Ranjith , built houses on the land. As at present, the walauwa building is owned and occupied by Dr Tissa Senewiratne.


The period the families occupied the walauwa.

1820-1901       De Saram family

1901-1930       De Alwis family & Senewiratne family

1930-2020       Senewiratne family 


Seneviratne other details

Other Seneviratne Family details:


A) 1  de Alwis Seneviratne b approx 1870 +

        2  Willi F de Alwis Seneviratne (Welipanna) + Dulci Senanayake d2008

            3  Saraswathi Seneviratne

     3  Rukmani Seneviratne

     3  Phyllis Seneviratne

     3  Colvin Seneviratne

     3  Senaka Seneviratne

     3  Sydney Seneviratne

     3  Vinitha Seneviratne


2  Maggie Seneviratne + Christy de Saram (Lawyer)

    Christable de Saram+Dr Kannangara

        4  Saroja Kannangara

        4  Sena Kannangara

        4  Jayanthi Kannangara

    3  Amy de Saram + Felix Delgoda

        4  Anura Delgoda + Nishamani Yatawaka

           5 Iresh Delgoda

           5 Maneesha Delgoda

        4 Ranil  Delgoda + Charmini

           5 Tharini Delgoda

           5 Thevin Delgoda

           5 Tehan Delgoda

        4 Ayanthi Delgoda + Lalith Seneviratne

           5 Maheeka Seneviratne

           5 Hiranya Seneviratne

    3  Lorna de Saram + Eddie Seneviratne(Veyangoda)

        4  Anoja Seneviratne + Dr Nalin Gunaratne

            5  Harin Guneratne

            5  Upendra Guneratne

        4  Anil Seneviratne +Rochelle Senewiratne


2  Hinton Seneviratne + Una Wickremanayake

    3  Asoka Seneviratne

    3  Srikanthi Seneviratne+Dr Tilak Siriwardana

    3  Dr Sarath Seneviratne+Rashintha Wickremasinghe

        4  Sacha Seneviratne

B) 1  De Alwis James Walter Wickremasinghe Goonasekere Seneviratne b:1892 President Village Tribunal Morawaka Korale.1925 President Village Tribunal Wellabada Pattu.(descent from Srimal Bandara,who in Portuguese times baptised and received the name d’Alwis.

        Jhon de Alwis. Mudaliyar Pasadun Korale,Bentota Wallalwita Korale


C) 1  Abraham Isaac de Alwis Seneviratne b approx 1870-d1915.Mudaliyar Wellabada Pattu Matara.+Alice Louisa de Saram Siriwardene

        2  Greta Seneviratne 1914-1998 +Nelson siriwardene

        2  Ena Seneviratne b1912 +Simon Kotalawela

        2  Trixie Seneviratne 1906-1993 +Kingsley de Saa Bandaranaike

        2  Girlie Seneviratne b1904

        2  Ronald Doyne Seneviratne b1/7/1906 d2/10/2001 STC Mt Lavinia, (Lecturer & Examiner at Medical College.Awarded Doctrate(MD London) for research.Director Medical Research Institute.Deputy Director Health) + Indrani Pieris (md 1936)
                 3  Ranjith Seneviratne
                 3  Manil Seneviratne + Tennakoon
                      4  Anushia Tennakoon + Devaka Cooray
                           5  Devin Cooray
                           5  Janek Cooray


D) Haramanis de Alwis Seneviratne 1792-1894 a botanical artist,worked at Botanical Gardens Kalutara during 1818-1822.

His sons were, George de Alwis and William de Alwis 1842-1916.(both were artists)


E) Legislative Council

A de Alwis Seneviratne 1880-1900

F) Ceylon Light Infantry Officers List
Bertram Lucian Seneviratne
1954 Douglas Basil Seneviratne


G) 1. Alexander de Alwis Seneviratne (Kalutara District b approx 1720)+ Apolonia ox 1720 (4 sons)

      2.Bastian de Alwis Seneviratne (Interpreter Galle Korale)(5 sons)

        3.Floris de Alwis Seneviratne 

          4. de Alwis

            5.Albert de Alwis (Member of Legislative Council)

       3 Son

       3 Son

       3 Son

       3 Isaac de Alwis Seneviratne + Johanna b1774

         4 Simon

Description: Description: alexander de alwis seneviratne.JPG            5 Alexander de Alwis Seneviratne b1849 Beruwala (Stc Mtl)Advocate of Supreme Court..Member of Legislative Council.+(1)M  in 1881 Louisa Jayathilleke (d of Fred Jayathilleke).

            5 Alexander de Alwis Seneviratne b 1849 +M(2)Eliza Macenzie (d of Christoffel de Saram)

               6 Louisa Alexandra  Seneviratne + Albert de Livera (Engineer)

                  7 Louisa Inyce de Livera + Fritz Drieberg b 19/11/1907(m1929)

                    8 Jennifer Drieberg b1942 + Leslie Cameron


H) 1.Seneviratne (had 8 children)

       2.Don Bastian Seneviratne (School Master-Welapura Kalutara)


         3.Pedroe + Apolonia


       2.Don Pedroe + Ana (they had 4 children0

         3.Don Louis Abeysiriwardena Seneviratne Mohandiram + Dona Simona Silva(they had 4 children)

            4.Carolis Seneviratne + Cornelia Dias Bandaranaike.

(This Carolis Seneviratne seems to be the same Carolis mentioned in page 1 of the chart. Alive1753,if he is the same person, this family is connected to Reynolds family as said in Sinhalese families book.)


I) 1.Seneviratne Hidellikoralage Abraham J de Alwis b20/7/1853

J) 1.Don Philip Jayasekers Seneviratne Sudusingha. Mohandiram of Kalutara (alive1709) + Dona Anna

      2.Regina Seneviratne + Hettimulle Canahara Mudiyanselage Do Louis Perera Samarawira Gunerwardena

         Basnaike Mohandiram.

         3.Abraham Perera Kuruwe Mudaliyar d 23/11/1790

         3.Cecilia Johanna Perera

      2.Carolis Sudusingha

         3. Christian Sudusngha + Cecilia Johanna Perera

      2.Richard + Leonara Philipsz Panditharatne (d of Philipsz Panditharatne Maha Mudaliyar.)

         3.Don Johannes.


On 1/8/1818 D.A.S Sudusingha was appointed captain of the native militia.




Sinhalese families by PE Pieris.


Chieftains of Ceylon.


Haramanis de Alwis Seneviratne 1792-1894 a botanical artist, worked at Botanical Gardens Kalutara during 1818-1822.

His sons were,George de Alwis and William de Alwis 1842-1916.(both were artist)


Legislative Council

A de Alwis Seneviratne 1880-1900


Haramanis de Alwis Seneviratne 1792-1894 a botanical artist,worked at Botanical Gardens Kalutara during 1818-1822.

His sons were, George de Alwis and William de Alwis 1842-1916.(both were artists)


Legislative Council

A de Alwis Seneviratne 1880-1900
Ceylon Light Infantry Officers List
Bertram Lucian Seneviratne
1954 Douglas Basil Seneviratne


Sinhalese families by PE Pieris.


Chieftains of Ceylon.


Haramanis de Alwis Seneviratne 1792-1894 a botanical artist,worked at Botanical Gardens Kalutara during 1818-1822.

His sons were,George de Alwis and William de Alwis 1842-1916.(both were artist)


Legislative Council

A de Alwis Seneviratne 1880-1900

Description: Description:


Dutch certificate received by Don Phillip Gunasekera Seneviratne in 1794.

Certificate given by Governor Van de Graaf



Sinhalese families by PE Pieris.


Chieftains of Ceylon.


References: Sinhalese Families by Paul E Pieris

Prepared by.

Manjula de Livera

15th Nov 2015

Gertrude de Livera nee Seneviratne

Description: Description: gertrude seneviratne.jpg



Novelist Gertrude de Livera (nee Seneviratne)b1931,a student of Girls High School Mt Lavinia, and St Paul’s Milagiriya ,obtained the Senior School Certificate with a first division pass with Distinctions in English and English Literature. .She went on to graduate in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ceylon (Peradeniya)in 1955.

Subsequently she obtained her Master of Arts qualifying from the Kelaniya University (Sri Lanka) and Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Colombo.She also holds a Diploma ,from the London school of Journalism.


She joined the English Department of the Kelaniya University in 1970, and at the time of retirement in 1990 she held the post of Senior English Instructor in the University.


She has written several short stories, and has published a short story book named “Some Middle Class Sri Lankans”


She has thought English Literature and English Language to many students.


Gertrude de Livera, married Louis Charles de Livera (Carl) a prominent Lawyer in 1955,and had the children Sunil, Manjula and Lankika.


She currently lives in her retirement in Dehiwela ,Sri Lanka.

Description: Description: manjula family group.jpg

 Gertrude de Livera nee Seneviratne and family.


Lankika de Livera,Gertrude de Livera nee Seneviratne,Dr Premalatha Seneviratne


Rahul de Livera,Manjula de Livera,Lakshmi de Livera,Shruti de Livera,Kusan Panditharatne

Description: Description: solomon seneviratne new.jpgPhotos

Description: Description: phillip senewiratne.jpg
Description: Description: charlie senewiratne.jpg




Soloman Seneviratne       Charlie Senewiratne         Phillip Senewiratne 

Description: Description: James Senewiratne.jpgDescription: Description: Edwin seneviratne.jpgDescription: Description: francis senewiratne.jpg 



Francis Senewiratne      Edwin Senewiratne               Jimmy Senewiratne




Description: Description: eddie senewiratne.jpg Description: Description: nimal senewiratne6.jpg
Description: Description: Brian Senewiratne.jpg Description: Description: lionel seneviratne.jpg
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Description: Description: alexander de alwis seneviratne.JPGEddie Senewiratne  Brian Senewiratne  Nimal Senewiratne  Lionel Seneviratne  Gertrude Seneviratne

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Alexander de Alwis  Terrance Senewiratne  Nanda Senewiratne   Ranjith Senewiratne  Tissa Senewiratne

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 Lankika de Livera  Manjula de Livera with Dr Tissa Senewiratne at Galkissa Walauwa