Sri Lanka Sinhalese Family Genealogy 


According to new research , there has been a dynasty in the village of Denawaka in the period of 1480 to 1580.According to the research, King Bhuwanekabahu V1 of Kotte had several queens. Princess Dhanamenika Ratnawali was the mother of King Pandith Parakramabahu.

 King Bhuwanekabahu V1 had another queen, the daughter of Brahmin Ramachandra. She had two sons.

 Her younger son Suriya Bandara ruled in Denawaka around 1475.and they were rebelling against the Kotte Kings, time to time. It is said that Denawaka Rala is a descendent of Suriya Bandara,a son of King Bhuwanekabahu V1

 1  Bhuwanekabahu V1 b approx 1430 (Kotte King 1462-1469) marraige 1 approx 1450 + Dhana Menika Ratnaveli

    2  Pandith Parakramabahu 1469 (killed by uncle Ambulugala, adopted son of Parakramabahu V1)

 1  Bhuwanekabahu V1 b approx 1430 (king 1462-1469)marraige 2 approx1450 + daughter of Brahmin Ramachandra

    2  Bandara

    2  Suriya Bandara b approx 1452(Denawaka)+daughter of Aramuditha Perumal of Thudugala.

       3  King Yapa b approx 1480 of Medawaka Denawaka + d of Dalupitiwahara Wanaratne Mahimi Bandara

          4  King Sotupala b approx 1510 of Medagama + d of King Weerawickrama of Kandy.(Ruled  1542)

             5  Kusumasana Devi(S) + King Karaliyedde

                 6  Kusumasana Devi(J)

            5  Yaka Raja b approx 1540 + Keerawella Princess.

                 6  Mayadunne Bandara b approx 1570

                 6  Rajasinghe Bandara of Denawaka b approx 1571(Helped King Vimaladhramasuriya 1 King 1592-1604)

                     7  Daughter b approx 1600 + Don Manuel Tennekoon.

                         8  Denawaka Rala or Ralahami of Denawaka b approx 1630.

 1  Denavaca Rala, b approx 1630 (Supposed to have originated from the Sabaragamuwa Province in the Ratnapura District, Pelmadulla Division, Denavaka Village. Rala/Ralahami is a title correctly employed by members of a Royal family, and officials of state.

This is a reputed Kandyan family that settled in the low country , and held important offices of trust under the successive Ceylon Governments (golden book of India/Ceylon)

Many adopted Portuguese names, were often those of their sponsors at Baptism.

The word Don or Dona, first conferred by Portuguese on nobleman and women and high rank Sinhalese. And  was later given to any person, appointed to office under the government.

By the 1630's about half of the people of the coastal regions of the South West and most of the inhabitants of Jaffna professed Christianity. Many baptised Roman Catholics may have continued to follow Buddhist rituals in their homes, while adopting a different identity in public.

During about three quarters of a century of Dutch rule a large number of baptisms took place. In 1718 ,the total in Colombo, Galle and Matara areas were 93,165. The vast majority converted to ensure their hold over property, the legitimacy of their children, and rights of inheritance, under the Company's administration. People of Ceylon , straddled two identities with some ease. The Tombu index  was started by the Portuguese, but registration work began in the 1740's

 (It may be assumed that during the Portuguese period (1505-1658) or early Dutch period (1658-1796) they took Western names and changed their religion to Christianity in the Anglican sect).

(Appuhamy,in the 17th centuary was a designation applied only to the nobility.)

Denawaka Rala ,born in Ratnapura in the Village of Denawaka around 1630.But his decendents Don Simon de Livera seems to have migrated to Kuda-Yala around the yr 1700.(Kuda yala in Kalutara District)The de Livera family seems to have lived in Madurawala,Ampitigala and Kuda yala,all close by villages .Don Simon de Livera married at Yala(Kalutara District) in 1716 to Louisa Dias Bandaranaike and he had 9 children.Louis de Livera and Balthazar de Livera ,sons of Don Simon de Livera became Mudaliyar of Attapattu and Mudliyar of Bentota respectively.Therefore they would have moved out of Yala.While some other children may have lived in Yala villages of Kalutara District.There seems to be a son of Simon de Livera ,either Daniel de Livera or Theodoris de Livera,their decendents seem to have made Ampitigala their country residence and moved to Colombo.As at 2017,descendents of Abraham de Livera  own land in Madurawela and Ampitigala in the Kalutara District.

    2  Dona Ana,(b approx 1660) d:1710

        3  Don Paulo, d:1727

     2  Don Philippoe,(b approx1661) d:1728 (he was Corale and Wibadde Rala) + Dona Gimara, d:1721(they established in Hina Corla), m:9 Nov  1708

        3  Simon Don Philippoe, bp:19 Jan 1713

        3  Maria Don Philippoe, bp:1714

        3  Catherina Don Philippoe, bp:1717

        3  Ana Don Philippoe, bp:1718

        3  Louis Don Philippoe, bp:1721

     2  Don Marco Appuhamy Arachi b: circa 1660, d:1722 + Dona Ana

(Thombu Index-Kasturiratne Tennakoonge Marku Appuhamy-Siyane Korale-had land in Kalagedihena,Tiharaya,Dadigomuwa)

           3  Don Andris de Livera Samaradiwakera Seneviratne Marappuli Mudaliyar of Raiygam Korale (May have baptised around 1715 and taken the de Livera name.b approx 1690)(was in office on 12/8/1782 and alive in 1794 and received gold chain.)(Mudliyar under Dutch & British) + Monika Perera Lama Eteni (All Mohandirams,Aratjis,Canganis,Lascorins were ordered to respect Andris de Livera-by order of Governor Fredrick North.Yr1799.)(Andris de Livera was probably a uncle of Balthazar de 111.Andris appears to have adopted Louisa de Livera's son Christian.Louisa was a widow of David de Saa Samarawira Siriwardhana-page111 Sinhalese families of Paul Pieris.)(Thombu Index shows Andris lived in the village of Wisidagama.)


            4  Don Kostan de Livera Samaradiwakere Seneviratne Marappuli Mohandiram of Raiygam Korale + daughter of David Perera Samaranaike Mohandiram of Wisidagama

        3  Marappuli Appuhamilage Don Simon de Livera, Aarachchi of Madurawela, Born approx 1695,(bp30/1/1715) (took the de Livera name in 1715)+ Louisa Dias Bandaranaike, bp:14/12/1701, d:1733, m:15 Aug 1716 (married at Yala-Kalutara District.), d/o Don Domngo Dias Bandaranaike of Nawagomuwa, bp:1701 (1001)(Thombu Index-Marappuliralage Simon de Livera.had land in Madurawala and Kudayala.)

(He seems to have had 9 children including Balthazar de Livera described below.)

(The villages of Yala,Ampitigala and Madurawela,adjoin each other.)

          4  Marappuli Appuhamilage Dona Dominga de Livera

            4  Marappuli Appuhamilage Dona Ignatia de LIvera

            4  Marappuli Appuhamilage Don Daniel de LIvera

            4  Marappuli Appuhamilage Dona Ana de Livera

            4  Marappuli Appuhamilage Dona Florentina de LIvera

            4  Marappuli Appuhamilage Dona Dominga de Livera

            4  Marappuli Appuhamilage Don Theodosio de Livera

             4  Marappuli Appuhamilage Don Louis de Livera Wijewickreme Seneviratne Tennekoon of Madurawela, Mudaliyar of Attapattu. bp: 19th Jan 1725,died 20th March 1790. + Johanna Dassanaike, bp: 3-May-1728 (d/o Joseph de Crastilyon Wijesundera Dassanaike Mohandiam of Attapattu,(died before 12/5/1771) great great grand daughter of Magamme Rala, b:1610), m:10th Jan 1751

(Louis de Livera 2hd marriage on 10/12/1758 to Christina Perera.children not mentioned.)

(Thombu Index- Denawaka ralage Louis de Livera)(Thombu Index shows he had land in Mahen,Batagoda,Yatawara,Ampitigala,Diyagama and Madurawela.)

                5  Dona Louisa de Livera b:20th May 1753 + Paulis Samarakkody-(b approx 1750)(Mohandiram.Hewagam Korale), m:3rd June 1770 (s/o John Fonseka Samanakkody Mudaliyar) (3118)

                       6  Carolis de Fonseka Tillekeratne Samarakkody.Mudaliyar(b1800-1897approx).(Received a gold medal from Governor Robert Brownrigg for the services to the British Government during the Kandyan Rebellion in 1818. He also received a Victoria Jubilee Gold Medal from Governor West Ridgeway in 1897.)(may have lived more than 97 years)

                   6  Louis Samarakkody Francina de Livera, d/o Paules de Livera Wirakoon

                          7  James de Fonseka Samarakkody + de Livera

                            8  Lawrence Samarakkody (Lawyer) + Eheliyagoda

                                9  Lorinda Samarakkody, d:2005 + Terence Perera

                                    10  Mahinda Perera (Aus)1949-d27/2/2015 + Nirmalee Guneratne

                                        11  Milinda Perera + Ayesha Perera

                                           12 Malaika Zahana Perera

                                           12 Zante Terence Perera

                                        11  Imara Perera + Mishra Ramchander

                                           12 Eloise Margret Ramchander

                                        11  Lakshini Perera

                                        11  Sean Perera

                         7  **Louis Charles de Fonseka Tillekaratne Samarakkody. b 3/3/1840. d8/10/1907(STC Mutwal) + Cornelia Fredrica Siriwardena, (great grand daughter of David de Silva Siriwardene, Mudliyar Raigam Korale, grand daughter of Simon de Silva Siriwardene Maha Mudliyar and daughter of Jacobus Dionysius de Siva Siriwardene), Mohandiram Alukuru Korale, Mudaliyar Kegalle Kachcherri. President 6 village Tribunals.Mudaliyar under Governor Gate 1883. Had following estates-Lenegala Estate Panagoda (200acres), Mahalanda Estate, Rambukkana Kegalle.(150acres) (They lived in a house in Wolfendhal Street Fort,Colombo).

                            8  William Charles Samarakkody.Born approx 1875, educated at Wesley College.

                            8  Jane Samarakkody. died unmarried

                            8  Charles Henry Augustinus Samarakkody b1875-d26/12/1934(Mudaliyar Pasdum Korale) + Yohanna Fredrica Pieris Deraniyagala.also called Ellen. (daughter of Edwin Albert Pieris of Mestrige watte Kelaniya.)Their house was called “Sorodoven” - presently the Gampaha Holy Family Convent)

                    9  Solomon Samarakkody (Lawyer)b1910-1981 + Iole de Livera (3109)(d 21/3/1966)(Iole is a daughter of Charlotte Samarakkody and Godwin de Livera.)

                                     10  Srikumar Samarakkody (Doctor) (STC)(1940-1987) + Nanda Jayasinghe no children.

                       10  Srivanka Samarakkody (Stc) + Chitra Welagedara

                           11 Lalinda Yohan Samarakkody (Stc)+Anuradha Sumanapala

                           11 Dulanga Samarakkody (Stc)+Oshini Jayasinghe

                       10  Rajan Samarakkody b1942(Stc Mtl)+ Irani Alahakoon. b1942 m1967

                       11 Dilukshan Samarakkody + Janaki Perera

                                12 Dinali Samarakkody

                                12 Minali Saarakkody

                            11 Niranjan Dinesh  Samarakkody + Kamai Gunerwardena

                                12 Deelaka Samarakkody

                                12 Thenuk Samarakkody

                            11 Shanaka Samarakkody + Shakila Perera

                                12 Senithi Samarakkody

                                    10  Sriyani Samarakkody + Gamini Jayaweera d2001

                                          11 Dushantha Jayaweera (Pilot)+Nimanthi

                                              12 Nimashi Jayaweera

                                    10  Rohini Samarakkody (unmarried)

                      10  Malkanthi Samarakkody + Gehan de Livera (son of Ronald de Livera)

                                        11  Jeevaka de Livera + Myra Fernandes

                                            12 Shanik de Livera

                                            12 Rehan de Livera

                                   11  Ronald Gehan Sanjeewa de Livera + Chantelle Chipman (NZ)

                                      12 Cooper Adrian de Livera

                                           12 Bianca de Livera

                   10  Indrajith Samarakkody, STC Mount Lavinia +Jayanthi

                       11  Arinda Samarakkody

                       11  Navodya Samarakkody

                   10  Suvendrini Samarakkody + Nihal Gunathilaka (no issue)


                              9  Millicent Samarakkody (b1911-d:1995) + Jimmy Seneviratne.d1969

                        10  Wasanthi Senewiratne + Marshal Wijesinghe (SLAF) d1988

                            11  Ayanthi Wijesinghe. + Samith Jayasekera

                                    10  Ranjith Senewiratne (STC.Mt Lavinia)b 14/4/1939 +  Deepthi Malalgoda

                                        11  Hirantha Senewiratne STC.Mt Lavinia + Anja Lurvink

                                    10  Tissa Senewiratne (Dr.)b1940 STC Mount Lavinia + Shreeni Attygalle

                            11  Thishani Senewiratne + Amal de Mel

                                12  Amashi de Mel

                                12  Shineli de Mel

                                          11  Chaminda Senewiratne (STC Mt Lavinia) + Misthi de Silva

                            9  Dagmar Samarakkody (1912-2000) + *Edmund Samarakkody.(1912-1992), (MP Dehiowita & Bulathsinhala . Lawyer STC Mount Lavinia

                        10  Nahil Samarakkody, STC Mount Lavinia, Lawyer d1986+ Yvonne Kobbekaduwa (sister of Lt. General Denzil Kobbekaduwa)

                            11  Pulinda Samarakkody, STC. Mount Lavinia (cricket for STC), + Minoli Sirimanne, Lives in Canada

                             12 Rahel Samarakkody

                             12 Samarakkody (girl)

                                           11  Sidath Samarakkody, STC Mount Lavinia (captained cricket team) + Ms Peiris

                                                12 Tharini Samarakkody

                                                12 Anushka Samarakkody

                                           11  Swanthi Samarakkody (California)

                                      10  Chulanganee Samarakkody.(d2014) + Nihal Tudugalle (SLAF)

                            11  Hasitha Tudugalle(twin b1982)

                            11  Shasita Tudugalle(twin 1982)

                            11  Thilanka Tudugalle + Suraj Gunerwardena

                               12 Gunerwardena


                                 9  Robert Samarakkody (1913-1998 )+ Allina Dassanayake

                        10  Amara Samarakkody(PhD) + Kusum Perera

                            11  Chandana Yasanatha (California)

                           10  Senaka Samarakkody +  Mangalika Jayathilake (California)

                                          11  Tharuja Samarakkody + Ashok Ponnambalam (Texas),

                                             12 Naresh Ponnambalam

                                             12 Sanjiv Ponnambalam

                                          11  Sajeevani Samarakkody + Brandon Hughes (California)

                                          11  Niroshana Samarakkody + Ushma Bhatt (California)


                                9  Douglas Samarakkody

                                    10  Nanda Samarakkody

                                    10  Somapala Samarakkody

                                    10  Son

                                    10  Neela Samarakkody

                                    10  Mahinda Samarakkody

                                    10  Shrimathi Samarakkody

                                9  2nd spouse of Douglas Samarakkody + Nedra Bandaranaike (SWRD’s cousin) (1001)

                                    10  Dudley Samarakkody

                                    10  Chrisantha Samarakkody

                      10  Niranjala Samarakkody


                                 9  Olga Samarakkody + Henry Taldena(From Taldena Walauwa Badulla)

                                    10  Lankasa Taldena

                                    10  Jayantha Taldena, died unmarried

                                 9  Amy Samarakkody (b.6/6/1919) + Milton Samarakkody.(1915-1964)(Lawyer)

                                    10  Shiranthi Samarakkody (UK) + Cyril Wijesekera

                                        11  Nevin Wijesekera (Dr)

                                        11  Amantha Wijesekera

                                    10  Sivendrini (Babishi) Samarakkody unmarried

                                    10  Mohan Samarakkody, STC Mount Lavinia + Priyani Senewiratne

                                        11  Sandeepani Samarakkody + Chandima Alutwala

                                        11  Yasamali Samarakkody + Arun Muthusamy

                                    10  Romesh Samarakkody, STC.Mt Lavinia (Lawyer) + Anoma Meddegoda    

                                        11  Shalini Samarakkody + Nirodha Kodikara


                                9  Vernon Samarakkody, died unmarried (died of serpent bite)Lived in Pugoda.

                                9  Lionel Samarakkody(1921-1999) + Chandra de Saram, d:Feb 16 2007

                                    10  Sasanka Samarakkody (Journalist)

                                9  Kate Samarakkody (child died young.)

                                9  Samarakkody (child died young.)

                                9  Lilly Samarakkody b 9/12/1922 + Eric de Alwis.(died of a heart attack at Royal-Thomian match in the 1965)

                                    10  Neomal de Alwis.STC.Mount Lavinia + Ramani

                                        11 Nilhan de Alwis

                                    10  Rohan de Alwis.STC.Mount Lavinia(unmarried)

                                    10  Duleep de Alwis.STC.Mount Lavinia + Chubby Meddegoda

                                        11  Arjun de Alwis -Stc

                                        11 Radhini de Alwis- Bishops

                              9  Harriet Samarakkody b16/6/1924 +  Godfrey Perera.d1995

                                    10  Anoja Perera (NZ) + Mohan Senanayake

                                        11  Roshanara Senanayake

                                        11  Samantha Senanayake + Chadz Gunerwardene

                                           12 Skyler Gunerwardena

                                    10  Dilip Perera, STC.Mount Lavinia, d:1998(SL Airlines) + Sunethra Senanayake

                                        11  Mandula Perera

                                        11  Umaya Perera

                                    10  Heshan Perera (USA), STC.Mount Lavinia

                                    10  Eranjani Perera  +

                                        11  Dmithri Manawadu


                            8  Edwin Charles Augustus Samarakkody. b:1881, Proctor Dist Court Colombo. + Rosalyn Pieris Deraniyagala.(daughter of Henry Richard Pieris of Kelaniya.)

                                9  Malcolm Samarakkody, b:4 Sep 1923-d approx 1992, Royal College, Worked as Asst Commissioner National Housing + Daisy Kobbekaduwa. born 28/6/1926 (aunt of Lieutenant General Denzil Kobbekaduwa, Daisy Kobbekaduwa is from Kandy and related to the Ratwatte, Hulangamuwa, Halangoda and Amunugama families.)

                                    10  Shiranthi died at 29 years in 1979                               

                                    10  Nirmani (Nimmi) Samarakkody + Senaka Senadheera

                                        11  Randy + Buddhini

                                        11  Samadhi +Suneth

                                    10  Tyronne Samarakkody

                                    10  Marlon Samarakkody + Padma

                                        11 Milanga Samarakkody

                                        11 Heshini Samarakkody + Dilhan Liyanage

                                    10  Anomi Samarakkody + Asoka Abeydeera(California)

                                        11  Nirusha Abeydeera,  b:1995(Triplet)

                                        11  Dishan Abeydeera,    b:1995(Triplet)

                                        11  Nishani Abeydeera,   b:1995(Triplet)

                                9  Hinton Samarakkody.

                                9  Dottie Samarakkody + Clive Dias Bandaranaike

                                    10  Sripali Dias Bandaranaike


                            8  Peter Charles Samarakkody. Mohandiram Governor Gate period and planter.(b 1874 d    1938 approx) + Anne Catherine Tillekeratne. (d/o John Nicholas Tillekeratne Mudaliyar of Matara)                    

                                9  Elsie Samarakkody + Quintas Gunewardena

                                    10  Eileen Gunewardena

                                    10  Desmond Gunewardena +  Rani Yasmin Chaudhry Mamujee

                                       11 Nadia Rukshana Mamujee + Lindberg (Sweeden)

                                       11 Asgi Mamujee (Nederlands)

                                    (both step children of Desmond)

                                    10  Champani Gunewardena +  Eustus Jayakody(California)

                                       11 Neomal Jayakody

                                       11 Dushan Jayakody

                                       11 Chamini Jayakody

                                       11 Suren Jayakody

                                    10  Derrick Gunewardena + Shiela Pieris

                                        11  Shane Gunewardena

                                        11 Duwane Gunerwardena

                                        11 Mariza Gunerwardena

                                    10  Doreen Gunewardena + de Costa

                                        11  Sriyakanthi de Costa +Balendra

                                            12 Michelle Balendra

                                    10  Hyacinth Gunewardena d2007+ Nissanka Dias (formerly Central Bank)

                                        11 Diluksha Dias + Malini

                                            12 Gayathri Dias


                                        11 Rohan Dias +Esther

                                        11 Priyadhrshini Dias + Bhuwaneka Perera

                                        11 Amal Dias+ Hurumali

                    9  Togo Samarakkody + Rivette Abeysinghe

                                    10  Wimala (adopted) and has 4 children

                    9  Siripala Samarakkody (MP-Narammala) (1907-1944), + Girlie Senanayake (daughter of FR Senanayake) (3001)

                                    10  Malini Samarakkody  + Rajamandhiri Ratnagopal

                                        11 Niranjan Ratnagopal changed name to Tilak Conrad +Jane Ridgeon

                                            12 Misha Conrad

                                            12 Tarik Conrad

                                        11 Priyani Ratnagopal

                                        11 Rushika Ratnagopal + Dallas Martenstyn

                                           12 Yanick Martenstyn

                                        11 Nilhan Suresh + Sharmaine

                                           12 Shanil

                                           12 Kiyacha

                                           12 Kiyashi

                                    10  Rukmani Samarakkody  + Sena Attygalle (Architect)

                                        11  Deepthi Attygalle + Richard Perera

                                           12 Rohana Perera

                                        11 Dharika Attygalle +Suresh Ellawela

                                           12 Sashen Ellawala

                                        11 Senaka Attygalle

                                    10  Surangani Samarakkody  + Dr Ranasinghe (UK)

                                        11  Channa Ranasinghe +Wijewardena

                                            12 Aleka


                                        11  Thiruni Ranasinghe +Rajeeva Indraketiya


                                        11  Ruwani Ranasinghe + Senani Ellapola

                                            12 Rapti Ellapola

                                            12 Pradeep Ellapola


                                 9  Nennie Samarakkody + Phillip Senewiratne

                                    10  Dr. Brian Senewiratne (Brisbane Australia) + Kamalani Alagaratnam

                                        11  Dr Romesh Senewiratne +(M1) Susan Ellis

                                           12 Ruby Senewiratne

                                        11  Dr Romesh Senewiratne +(M2)Sara Di Genova

                                           12 Zoe Seneviratne Di Genova

                                        11 Dr  Sherine Senewiratne +(M1) Robert Purssey

                                           12 Nisharn Senewiratne

                                           12 Talita Senewiratne

                                        11 Dr Sherine Senewiratne + (M2) Channa Ellepola

                                     10  Phobe Senewiratne +  Nanda Yatawara.

                                        11 Lakshman Yatawara-uk

                                        11 Neliya Yatawara-uk

                                        11 Kavantissa Yatawara-uk

                    9  Edmund Samarakkody.1912-1992.Lawyer.STC.Mount Lavinia MP for Dehiowita 1957  MP for Bulathsinhala 1960 LSSP. Participated in the freedom struggle for Sri Lanka. + Dagmar Samarakkody

                                    10  Nahil Samarakkody.Lawyer.d1986 + Yvonne Kobbekaduwa d1986

                          11  Pulinda Samarakkody, STC. Mount Lavinia (cricket for STC), + Minoli Sirimanne, Lives in Canada

                         12 Rahel Samarakkody

                              12 Samarakkody (girl)

                                        11  Sidath Samarakkody, STC Mount Lavinia (captained cricket team) + Ms Peiris

                                            12 Tharini Samarakkody

                                            12 Anushka Samarakkody

                                        11  Swanthi Samarakkody (California)


                                    10  Chulanganee Samarakkody.d2014 + Nihal Tudugalle

                          11  Shasita Tudugalle b1982

                          11  Hasitha Tudugalle b1982

                          11  Thilanka Tudugalle + Suraj Gunerwardena

                                             12 Gunerwardena

                    9  Lilly SamarakkodyPiyadasa Senanayake (3001)

                                     10  Lilani Senanayake + Jayasinghe.

                                     10  Egerton Senanayake (UK)

                                     10  Devendra Senanayake

                                     10  Ananda Senanayake

                                 9   Milton Samarakkody.(1915-1964)(Lawyer)+ Amy Samarakkody (b 6/6/1919)

                                    10  Shiranthi Samarakkody (UK) + Cyril Wijesekera

                                        11  Nevin Wijesekera (Dr)

                                        11  Amantha Wijesekera

                                    10  Sivendrini (Babishi) Samarakkody unmarried

                                    10  Mohan Samarakkody, STC Mount Lavinia + Priyani Senewiratne

                                        11  Sandeepani Samarakkody + Chandima Alutwala

                                        11  Yasamali Samarakkody + Arun Muthusamy

                                    10  Romesh Samarakkody, STC.Mt Lavinia (Lawyer) + Anoma Meddegoda    

                                        11  Shalini Samarakkody + Nirodha Kodikara

                                 9  Zeida Samarakkody

                     9  Stephen Samarakkody.MP Polgahawela 1960.d1969 + Neeta Senanayake

                                    10  Sriyani Samarakkody (m1970)+ Mahinda Yatawaka

                                        11  Nishamani Yatawaka b1971+ Anura Delgoda

                                           12 Iresh Delgoda

                                           12 Maneesha Delgoda

                                        11  Haren Yatawaka + Dilini Pieris

                                           12 Kiyana Yatawaka

                                           12 Anithra Yatawaka

                                           12 Jaanya Yatawaka

                                    10  Dilkara Samarakkody +  Shanthi Perera

                                        11 Haresh Perera + Arosha

                                        11 Shehara Perera + Darrol Paiva

                                    10  Nirmala Samarakkody + Shanthi Wickremasinghe

                                        11 Dr Ayanthi Wickremasinghe

                                        11 Dr Trishan Wickremasinghe + Amanda

                                 9  Effie Samarakkody +(m1) Pani Ilangakoon (MP Weligama)

                       10  Pani Ilangakoon

                    9 Effie Samarakkody +(m2)Robert Edward Jayatilleke (MP Nawalapitiya)

                                     10  Rohan Jayatilleke + Preethi Fernando

                                        11 Rahan Jayatilleke

                                        11 Shean Jayatilleke

                                    10  Dullip Jayatilleke + Malkanthi Jayatilleke

                                        11 Jonathan Jayatilleke

                                        11 Damien Jayatilleke

                                    10  Lakshan Jayatilleke + Charika Fernando

                                        11 Ashra Jayatilleke

                                        11 Natasha Jayatilleke

                                    10  Jayantha Jayatilleke+ Indrani

                                        11 Anarkali Jayatilleke + Dishan

                                    10  Tanya Jayatilleke + Chandra Rajanayake

                                        11 Naomi Rajanayake + Lakshan Chandradasa

                                        11 Sean Rajanayake

                             8  Charlotte Henrietta Samarakkody 1880-1970 + Godwin de Livera.1876-1921 Revenue Officer Thamankaduwa. (3109)      

                                9  Carita de Livera, died unmarried                        

                                9  Ivy de Livera, died unmarried

                                9  Zisca de Livera, died unmarried

                                9  Iole de Livera (b approx 1914-d 21/3/1966)+ Solomon Samarakkody.b8/9/1910 -d21/2/1981(Lawyer)

                                    10  Dr. Srikumar Samarakkody b31/5/1940-d21/12/1987(Stc)+ Nanda Jayasingha

                                    10  Srivanka Samarakkody (Stc)+ Chitra Welagedera

                                        11 Lalinda Yohan Samarakkody(Stc)+Anuradha Sumanapala

                                        11 Dulanga Samarakkody(Stc)+Oshini Jayasinghe

                                    10  Rajan Samarakkody (Stc) b1942+ Ira Alahakoon b1942 m1967

                                        11 Dilukshan Samarakkody

                                        11 Niranjan Samarakkody

                                        11 Shanaka Samarakkody

                                    10  Sriyani Samarakkody + Gamini Jayaweera d2001

                                        11 Dushantha Jayaweera + Nimanthi

                                            12 Nimashi Jayaweera

                                    10  Rohini Samarakkody -unmarried

                                    10  Malkanthi Samarakkody + Gehan de Livera (son of Ronald de Livera)

                                        11 Ronald de Livera + Chantelle Chipman (NZ)

                                            12 Cooper Adrian de Livera

                                            12 Bianca de Livera

                                        11 Jeevaka de Livera + Myra Fernandes

                                            12 Shanik de Livera

                                            12 Rehan de Livera

                                    10  Indrajith Samarakkody(Stc) + Jayanthi

                                        11  Arinda Samarakkdy

                                        11  Navodya Samarakkody

                                    10  Suvendrini Samarakkody + Nihal Gunathilake


                                9  James Godwin Vaughn de Livera 1915-2003. STC +  Chandra Pieris Deraniyagala (1005)

                                    10  Yasmin de Livera(Aus) + Ramesh Abayasekara

                                        11  Jehan Abayasekara + Ishini Jayamaha

                                        11  Yohan Abayasekara

                                    10  Gayan de Livera died unmarried STC.Mount Lavinia (1954-1982)

                                 9  Louis Charles de Livera (Carl), b6/5/1919-d19/7/1969 STC Mt Lavinia, Lawyer Colombo, District Court (1944-1969) +  Gertrude Seneviratne . b12/4/1931 Eng .Instructor.Kelaniya University.  (1971-1992)(3108)

                                    10  Sunil Yohananda de Livera.Musicion.STC.Mount Lavinia, 13/9/1956-2003, died unmarried  

                                    10  Manjula de Livera, STC Mount Lavinia, (b:1960), (Accountant/Deputy Chief Internal Auditor Urban Development Authority Sri Lanka, 1985-2005), migrated to Melbourne Australia in  2006 + Lakshmi Arulanandam, Lawyer b1965(5030, 5037)md 1993

                                        11  Rahul de Livera b 1994,  Monash University, Aus,Civil Engineer

                                        11  Shruti de Livera ,b2001 Rowville Secondary College, Aus

                                    10  Lankika Erandathi de Livera b1964- d2011  Journalist, Bishops College 1st + (M1)Prasanna Panditharatne.(Thomian & Royalist)

                                        11  Kusan Panditharatne. b1995 STC. Kollupitiya & Mt Lavinia.

                                    10  Lankika de Livera, b:1964-2011, journalist, Bishops College + (M2)S. Srikumar (Accountant) STC Mt Lavinia

                            8  Mary Elizebeth Samarakkody d1975 + Arthur Tillekeratne.

                               9  Grace Tillekeratne d2011+ Francis Senewiratne.

                                   10  Ranjith died at 16yrs(1968)

                     10  Nimal Senewiratne (d2014)+ Geetha (artist)

                                       11  Amanda Senewiratne

                                       11  Eshan Senewiratne

                                   10  Niranjala Senewiratne + Kalinda Doranagoda d2015

                                       11  Shamila Doranagoda (Aus) +  Duminda Maligaspe

                                           12  Dinuri Maligaspe

                                           12  Tharuki Maligaspe

                                   10  Priyani Senewiratne + Mohan Samarakkody

                                       11  Sandeepani Samarakkody + Chandima Alutwala

                                       11  Yasamali Samarakkody + Arun Muthusamy

                              9  Olive Tillekeratne +  Francis Wijesundera d1994

4 Marappuli Appuhamilage Don Louis de Livera Mohandiram's 2hd marriage 10th December 1758 to Christina Perera.


                5  de Livera Wijewickrema Tennakoon - from Ampitigala to be traced (born approx 1758)(May be a son of Daniel de Livera or Theodoris de Livera-b1730)

                     6  de Livera Wijewickrema Tennakoon - to be traced (born approx 1790)

                        7  Don Louis de Livera Wijewickrema Tennakoon of Ampitigala– (born approx 1830)+Hartholie

                          8 Julias Abraham de LiveraTennakoon(b approx 1860)+Emma de Livera Senewiratne of Malwana.

                            9  Abraham Marcus de Livera Tennakoon(b Approx 1890) +Anna Florentina Dias Bandaranaike (1001)

                               10 Rita May de Livera

                               10  Solomon Christoffel Obeyesekere de Livera (b approx 1920- d25/7/ 2011) (Lawyer) + Indrani Nimal Pieris

                                   11  Asanthi de Livera + Oswin de Alwis

                                   11  Shanaka de Livera b 1959 (Lawyer)(STC Mt Lavinia) + Samanda Senaratne

                                       12  Shelan de Livera

                                       12  Sajin de Livera

                                   11  Priyan de Livera (Lawyer)(Stc)

                           9 Eric de Livera

                           9 Edmund de Livera +Diana Hazel

                           9 Victor de Livera

                           9 Catherine de Livera

                        8 James Peter de Livera b approx 1850

                        8 Anne Cornelia de Livera

                 5  Don Carolis de Livera Wijewickrema Tennekoon,b: circa 1760, Mudliyar of Attapattu 1800, with honorary rank of Maha Mudaliyar of the Gate (he was a son of Louis de Livera Wijewikreme Seneviratne Tennakoon mentioned above b1725) Fredrick North Governor gave a medal to Don Carolis de Livera Wijewickrema Tennekoon for long and faithful services, as Mudliyar of Attapattu in .A.D.1804 + Louisa de Silva Seneviratne (d/o Don Simon de Silva Jayathilake Seneviratne Maha Mudaliyar,) m:11th Feb 1790.

                    6  David de Livera Wijewardena Tennakoon Mudaliyar of the Governors Gate (Muhamdiram, Hewagam Korale) and translator of Commissioner of Revenue office bp: 7th Feb 1794 + Dona Louisa Dias Abeysinghe, m:2hd July 1821.

                         7  [6] Julias Earnest de Livera (Kachcherie Mohandiram Colombo)+ [5] Jane Maria de Livera (children see below)(d of Louis de Livera,Grand daughter of Carolis de Livera.)

                         7  [7] Franciscus de Livera, Mudliyar Alukuru Korale + [8] Charlott Fredricka de Livera (d/o Simon de Livera Mudaliyar of Hewagam Korale)

                            8  Dr Edwin de Livera b:25-May-1849, see pic below (Member of British Medical Association), Educated at Colombo Acadamy. In 1870 received Jijeebhoy scholarship Calcutta. In 1873 went to Glasgow and obtained MBCM.1878 Asst Colonial Surgeon Puttalam. 1900 Provincial Surgeon of NW province and Sabaragamuwa. Resided in Kandy. Colonial Surgeon + Alexandra Eliza Speldewine (Maartensz) from Batticaloa. b15/3/1868 (d of Dr JA Maartensz of Batticaloa.)

                            8  Walter de Livera, b:1863, (Royal College, Colombo), Police Magistrate & Commissioner of Requests at Chilaw and Marawila in 1898. Occupied similar positions since 1902 at Gampola and Nawalapitiya. Served as Private Secretary,first to Sir Harry Dias Bandaranaike and later to Sir Archibald Cambell Laurie. Walter de Livera’s home was in Veyangoda, and he was fond of Horticulture. Member of the Orient Club and Turf Club and also of the Ceylon Agricultural Society.Elizabeth Dias Bandaranaike m:1898 (Sister of Soloman Dias Bandaranaike(Maha Mudaliyar) (1001)(d of Christoffel DB and Anna Philepsz Panditharatne.)

                                9  Manique de Livera, b:1892

                                9  "Princess" de Livera (Joy), b:1900, d approx1921 + Reginold Felix Dias Bandaranaike, b:1891, d:1951, m:1921 (1001)(Lawyer and Judge of the Supreme Court.)(After Princess de Livera's death RFDB has a 2hd marriage)

                                    10  Reginold Walter Michael Dias Bandaranaike (Barrister QC) b3/3/ 1921-d17/11/2009 + Norah Hunter Crabb

(Reginold Walter DB was educated at Royal College and at Cambridge.While at Cambridge,during the world war 2,served in the home guard.After graduating,he joined the Royal Air Force.While at the Royal Air Force,he completed his legal studies and was called to the bar Inner Temple in 1944 and became a Barrister.Queens Counsel in 2002.Was an author of legal books.His wife Norah died in an air craft accident in 1980.)

                                        11  Alison Dias Bandaranaike b1950 (Musicion) + Wolfram Kock (Austria)

                                        11  Julia Dias Bandaranaike(Cambridge)-QC + Stuart Orford (UK)

                                            12 James Orford

                                            12 Isabelle Orford


                     6  Louis de Livera Samaranaike Tennekoon, Attapattu Mudaliyar bp: 8th May 1796 (Thombu Index shows he had properties in Kuda Buthgamuwa near Kollannawa Hendala and Nagoda)(May have married a Miss de Saram.)

                        7  [5] Jane Maria de Livera +  [6] Julias Earnest de Livera (Mohandiram), (s/o Don David de Livera Tennakoon, Translator Colombo Kachcheri and Mudaliyar of the Governor's Gate, bp 7th Feb 1794)

                            8  Louis de Livera Wijewickrema Tennekoon (Mudaliyar Siyane Korale)

                            8  Julian Richard de Livera Wijewickrema Tennekoon (Draughtsman)

                            8  Don Edwin de Livera Wijewickrema Senewiratne Tennekoonb approx 1878Mohandiram Governor Gate,and Chief translator of Colombo Kachcheri.1901 appointed as Shroff Mudaliyar of Colombo Kachcheri. Educated at Stc.Mtl(1894-1897). Born at Attapattu Walauwa, Barber Street Colombo. Rescidence Deweni Maha Walauwa Wolfendhal.(The historic rescidence has been occupied by three successive Maha Mudaliyars of the de Saram family,who were Edwin de Livera's maternal ancesstors.)Administered his fathers properties, In 1897 he entered Govt Service and was appointed First Native writer of Colombo Kachcheri(Marriage 1)Venitia Nillie Theodara Dassenaike. (b approx 1880,M in9/11/ 1900,d1910)

(sister of  Louis Arthur Dassenaike, and d/o Henricus Louis Dassenaike -Mudaliyar) (3148)


                               9  Nellie Margret Evelyn de Livera Tennekoon + John Elster Perera

                            10 John Ivon Perera + Ivy Amarasekera

                                     11 Asita Perera (Stc)(1959-2013)(MP-1994)(Ambassador to Korea2006-2009,Ambassdor to Italy 2011) + Ishini Wickremasinghe

                                  12 Anika Perera

                                          12 Akila Perera

                                          12 Anya Perera

                               9  Erin de Livera Tennekoon

                               9  Merlyn de Livera Tennekoon +Arthur Lee Dassenaike b1903 (Son of Arthur Louis Dassenaike b1869)

                                 10 Irwin Lee Dassenaike 1930-2003 +Swanthri Dassenaike

                                     11 Shantha Dassenaike

                                     11 Lalith Dassenaike b1960(StcMtl)+ Deepika Samarasinghe

                                     11 Sujan Dassenaike

                                10 Merlyn Dassenaike (Joy)(d2009)+ Lankasa de Alwis(d1997)

                                     11 Ranjith de Alwis + Resha

                                         12 Rhadeena

                                         12 Raneesha


                               9  William Vernon de Livera Tennekoon b1905 d1970 +Sumana Uduwawela

                                 10  Venetia de Livera Tennekoon b1950 + Sarath Weeratunga

                                      11 Vorandi Weeratunga  + Mindika Hettiarchchi

                                          12 Vinara Hettiarachchi

                                          12 Devin Hettiarachchi

                                      11 Mithila Weeratunga  + Sanjeewa

                                      11 Sajith Weeratunga b1982

                                 10  Edwin Vernon Palitha de Livera Tennekoon (Canada)(Trinity)b1952 + Rasika Weerasinghe

                                      11 Viraj de Livera Tennekoon b1991

                                      11 Hemasha de Livera Tennekoon b1995

                                      11 Tiara de Livera Tennekoon b2001

                                 10  Edwin Ajantha Sunil de Livera Tennekoon (Trinity)b1954+Devika de Livera Tennekoon nee Imbuldeniya (Justice of the Appeal Court)

                                      11 Vishva de Livera Tennekoon b1985(Lawyer)Stc Mtl

                                      11 Esala de Livera Tennekoon b1988 Stc Mtl

                                     11 Sankha de Livera Tennekoon b1988 Stc Mtl



                               9  Venitia Myrily de Livera Tennekoon + Noel Egbert Dassenaike

                                  10 Swanthri Dassenaike + Irwin Lee Dassenaike 1930-2003 (Stc)

                                       11 Shantha Dassenaike

                                       11 Lalith Dassenaike (b1960)(Stc) + Deepika Samarasinghe

                                       11 Sujan Dassenaike

                                  10 Shamala Dassenaike + Ajith Obeyesekere



                            8  Henry Stuart de Livera.(Proctor)died in Colombo 19/11/1931.

                            8  Jane de Livera

                            8  Annie de Livera


                            8  Don Edwin de Livera Wijewickrema Senewiratne Tennekoon, b approx 1878, Mohandiram Governor Gate,and Chief translator of Colombo Kachcheri.1901 appointed as Shroff Mudaliyar of Colombo Kachcheri. Educated at Stc.Mtl(1894-1897). Born at Attapattu Walauwa, Barber Street Colombo. Rescidence Deweni Maha Walauwa Wolfendhal.Administered his fathers properties, In 1897 he entered Govt Service and was appointed First Native writer of Colombo Kachcheri,Member of the Turf Club & Poultry club (Marriage 2) + Grace Tillekeratne M1915

                               9 Marjorie de Livera + Lyn Dassenaike

                                 10 Marlene Dassenaike + Jungle Dassenaike

                                     11 Lyn Dassenaike (jnr) Laddie +Indira Siritunga


                               9  Oscar de Livera Tennekoon(approx)1920-1988, (STC Mt Lavinia,was in Miller boarding in 1935) (Was High Commissioner to Pakistan 1985) + Helen de Saram, b approx 1921  d2015), d/o Lionel de Saram

Oscar de Livera contested for 1960 July General Election from Mahara from the UNP and obtained 8991 votes but was not successful.

                                    10  Edwin Asela de Livera (Royal)(Chairman Koolair Pvt Ltd)b1951 + Shama Dassanaike

                                        11  Ashan de Livera + Naushaly Wijemanne

                                            12 Anithra de Livera

                                            12 Yaneth de Livera

                                        11  Shanila de Livera + Sanjiv Alles

                                            12 Rayaka Alles

                                            12 Tejaka Alles


                             9 James de Livera Tennekoon (Kitty)+ Carmine Perera

                                10 Ratamali de Livera + John Bartlett (UK)

                                     11 Jade Bartlett

                                     11 Mark Bartlett



                    6  Maria de Livera bp: 21st August 1791(d of Carolis de Livera) +  Cornelis de Saram Mudaliyar.b1780(3126)

 (Cornelis de Saram d27/8/1814)

                    6  Petronella de Livera bp: 8th May,1796 + Jehan Louis Perera, Kuruwe Mudaliyar, b:1775, d:23/2/1850

                        7  John Abraham Wijesekera Gunerwardena Maha Mudaliyar, m:19th Nov 1847, d:1879

                        7  Luke Perera, drowned in Raigam Korale 17th July 1849.

                        7  Caroline Perera, b:1808 d26/10/1873 + Johan Godfrid Cornelis Peiris Samarawira Siriwardhana Mohottiar. m:18/6/1834 (b16/3/1808 d15/5/1887)

                        7  Gertrude Charlotte Perera + Don Andris de Alwis Amarasiriwardhana Gunathileke Mudaliyar of the Gate.d21/9/1875

                        7  Eliza Perera + Johannes Adrian Peter Peiris Samarasinhe Siriwardhana Mohandiram, m:21/10/1847,b19/4/1811,d21/10/1877.

                        7  Catharine Perera + John Abraham Perera Gunerwardena Mohandiram.

                    6 de Livera (3rd daughter of Carolis de Livera b3/3/1794)


            4  Don Balthazar de Livera Marappulige Wijewickrema Seneviratne Mudaliyar, Hewagam Korale.(b approx 1740) Received medal from Governor Fredrick North for good

    services in 1803.(tomb dutch church Wolvedhal)(Don BalthazarMohandiram is a son of Marappuli Appuhamilage Don Simon de ivera of Madurawela.) Was appointed Mudaliyar of Hewagam Korale with the same degree of State as allowed under Dutch Govt to Mudaliyars. All Mohandirams, Aratchis, Canganis, Lascorins and every other person was ordered to acknowledge respect and obey him, (Mudaliyar of Bentota, Walallawatta Korale, residence at Bentota)+(M1) Dona Catherina Perera, of Panadura m:21/6/1778 (Balthazar de Livera 2hd marriage to Ana Dias Bandaranaike bp 30/8/1754,daughter of Francisco Dias Bandaranaike.She was the widow of Simon Perera Mudaliyar.2hd Marriage no children.Ana de Livera nee Bandaranaike had made a will dated 3/5/1828.She had distributed,the properties received from Balthasar de Livera,and the properties she bought ,which formerly owned by Balthasar de Livera.In her will she had stated that after her death,all the slaves should be set free.)They had a house in Wolfendhal,within the four Gravets of Colombo.(Children of Balthazar and Catherina Perera (5 children).

                5  Johanna Petrenella de Livera bp:6-Sep-1780 + Don Solomon Dias Bandaranaike Mudaliyar m:17-Jun-1805, d:15-Sep-1859 (1001), (SWRD’s GGF-his 1st marriage)

                5  Christina Louisa de Livera bap:26 May 1782 

                5  Justina Monika de Livera bap:6 Jun 1784  + Abraham Petrus Dias Bandaranaike m:14-Feb-1809 (1001)(Abraham was Mohotti Mohandiram of the Gate.He was a son was CP Dias Bandaranaike who received a medal in 1792.)

                   6 Thomas Dias Bandaranaike bp 3/8/1810.

                5  Nicholas Johannes de Livera bap:3 Aug 1786 

                   6 Henry Johannes de Livera Seneviratne b 15/3/1850

                5  Marappulige Don Simon de Livera Samaranayake Senewiratne Mudaliyar, bp: 4th May 1779, Mudaliyar Hewagam Korale, 3rd Attapattu Mudliyar,

 (M1)+ Elizebeth Dias Bandaranaike, m:1st Nov 1807, (d/o Don Alexander Dias Bandaranaike), (Grand daughter of Don Francisco Dias Bandaranaike b:1720 Mudaliyar), (Francisco Bandaranaike is the great great great grand father of SWRD Bandaranaike) (Don Simon de Livera,2hd marriage (29/11/1809) to Dona Florentina Abeysinghe,daughter of JW Dias Abeysinghe Mohandiram and had Fredrick de Livera baptised 9th August 1813. he became District Judge Matara)(1001)

                 (Fredrick died of cholera at age 44 in 1854.He had a son called Fred.)

(Elizebeth de Livera nee Bandaranaike may have died around 1808 or 1809,after the birth of Cornelius de Livera bp1808.As a result Simon de Livera has a 2hd marriage on 29/11/1809.

By the year 1808,Balthasar de Livera had his 2hd marriage to Ana Dias Bandaranaike.Ana de Livera nee Bandaranaike adopts,Simon de Livera's son Cornelius de Livera.By Ana de Livera nee Bandaranaike,will dated 3/5/1828 she gives lot of property to Cornelius de Livera.)

                    6  [8] Charlotte Fredricka de Livera +   [7] Franciscus de Livera, Mudliyar Alukuru Korale

                        7  Dr Edwin Simon Ernest de Livera b:25-May-1849, see pic below (Member of British Medical Association), Educated at Colombo Acadamy. In 1870 received Jijeebhoy scholarship Calcutta. In 1873 went to Glasgow and obtained MBCM in 1877.And in 1894 he was senior medical officer in EP, Ceylon. 1900 Provincial Surgeon of NW province and Sabaragamuwa. Resided in Kandy. Colonial Surgeon + Alexandra Eliza Speldewine (Maartensz) from Batticaloa. b15/7/1863.(Eliza Maartinsz in her 1st marriage with Francis Speldewine (b31/3/1849-d30/5/1887) had by him 6 children.)

                        7  Walter de Livera, b:1863, (Royal College, Colombo), Police Magistrate & Commissioner of Requests at Chilaw and Marawila in 1898. Occupied similar positions since 1902 at Gampola and Nawalapitiya. Served as Private Secretary,first to Sir Harry Dias Bandaranaike and later to Sir Archibald Cambell Laurie. Walter de Livera’s home was in Veyangoda, and he was fond of Horticulture. Member of the Orient Club and Turf Club and also of the Ceylon Agricultural Society.Elizabeth Dias Bandaranaike b:1864, m:1898 (Sister of Soloman Dias Bandaranaike(Maha Mudaliyar) (1001)

                            8  Manique de Livera, b:1892

                            8   "Princess" de Livera (Joy), b:1900Reginold Felix Dias Bandaranaike, (Bunny) b:1891, d:1951, m:1921 (1001)RFDB was a lawyer and a Judge.Was educated at Royal and Cambridge.

                               9  Reginold Walter Michael Dias Bandaranaike (Barrister QC) b3/3/ 1921-d17/11/2009 + Norah Hunter Crabb

(Reginold Walter DB was educated at Royal College and at Cambridge.While at Cambridge,during the world war 2,served in the home guard.After graduating,he joined the Royal Air Force.While at the Royal Air Force,he completed his legal studies and was called to the bar Inner Temple in 1944 and became a Barrister.Queens Counsel in 2002.Was an author of legal books.His wife Norah died in an air craft accident in 1980.)


                                    10  Alison Dias Bandaranaike (Musicion)+ Wolfram Kock (Austria)

                                    10  Julia Dias Bandaranaike (QC)+ Stuart Orford (UK)

                                        11  James Orford

                                        11  Isabelle Orford

                     6  Cornelius de Livera (bp:27/11/1808)(Mudaliyar Pasdum Korale) + Isabella Petronella Dias Bandaranaike (1001)(Cornelius de Livera,received from the will of Ana Dias Bandaranaike,wife of Balthasar de Livera,a Walauwa at Wolfendhal, land at Hendala and Hanwella.Will date-3/5/1828)

                        7  James de Livera (lawyer)b approx 1850 + Fredricka Dias Abeyasinghe (Sister of Rev Abraham Dias Abeysinghe)(d of Abraham Dias Abeysinghe Wijewardene Mudaliyar b1820-Guard Mudaliyar)

(see Dias Abeysinghe family tree 3170)

                            8  Violet de Livera   (adopted Mona)

                                9  Mona + Manickam Saravanamuttu (High Commissioner Malaysia)

                                     10  Dr Manorani Saravanamuttu,(Sergeon) d:2004 + Lucian de Zoysa.

                                         11  *****Richard de Zoysa (Journalist/Actor),1958-1990 STC Mt Lavinia (assasinated)

                            8  Jane de Livera

                            8  Ella de Livera

                            8  Albert Dunstan Egbert de Livera (District Engineer Puttalam)b approx 1870+Louisa Alexandra Seneviratne b approx 1882(d of Alexander de Alwis Seneviratne b1849-STC,member of legislative council,District Judge and Louisa Jayatilleke m 1881,Louisa Alexandra his 1st marriage child )(Albert.D.E de Livera M approx 1900)

                              9   Albert Rienzi de Livera, (b approx 1905)d:1939, Inspector of Police(Mt Lavinia)died of car accident + Elizebeth Bandaranaike 1908-1987 (1001)

                                10  Vivina de Livera (b approx 1936)+ Derek Walter Samarasinghe, b:1927 (John Keels)

                                        11  Dinesh Samarasinghe

                                        11  Suren Samarasinghe + Ruha Ratwatte b1960
                                              12  Dharini Samarasinghe ( b1990)
                                              12  Varunika Samarasinghe  ( b1992)

                                        11  Dr Ravindra Samarasinghe*** (1963-2007, see below for appreciation) Leopard Conservationist Died in a car accident.

                         9 Eustace de Livera b approx 1907-d1935 approx

                              9 Louisa Inyce de Livera b approx 1910 +Fritz Lorenz Drieberg b19/11/1907

(m 25/4/1929)

                               10 baby boy still born.

                          9 Louisa Inyce de Livera had Oosha from (Thamyrajah)Sabdharatnajyoti Saravanamuttu.1898-1957(cricketer,military officer,criminal lawyer,politician)

                                10 Oosha de Livera b1931 in Bombay (ballet dancer)(studied at Bishops College Colombo) + (M1)Sepala Goonetilleke M1949.Kala Suri Award 2005.

                                   11 Rohan Goonetilleke

                                      12 boy

                                      12 girl

                               10  Oosha de Livera + (M2) Dr Bhaskaran Saravanamuttu M1956

                                   11 Kumudini  Saravanamuttu b1957(Bishops College)(Asst Governor Central Bank SL)

                                   11 Dr Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu b1958 (Centre for Policy Alternatives)

                              10 Oosha de Livera + (M3 )S Ganeshan

                              10 Oosha de Livera + (M4) Dr Bhaskaran Saravanamuttu

                              10 Oosha de Livera + (M5) Mohan Wijesinghe

                            9  Louisa Inyce de Livera met Lewellyn John Thorne (Jack)around 1941/42 during world war 2. Jack was a Petty officer in the British air craft carrier HMS Hermes, which was bombed by the Japenese in Trincomalee on 9/4/1942.Jack survived the disaster.(307 were killed and 70 survived) Louisa had Gillian from Thorne.

                              10 Jennifer Gillian Thorne b18/11/1942 in Bombay.(studied at Ladies College Colombo) (She participated in a beauty pageant and was crowned Miss Ceylon in  1960,but was eliminated on a technical issue - parents from two races-Biracial)(Later did modelling,and migrated to UK)

                              10 Jennifer Gillian Thorne + (M1 around 1962) Andrew Granville Douglas Gordon b13/8/1942 (son of Lord Douglas Claude Alexander Gordon with connections to the  Scotish Royal Family.)

                                  11 Andrew David Gordon  b1/3/1963

                                     12 Carlota Gordon b1994

                                     12 Cosmo Gordon b1996

                                     12 child (name not known)

                                  11 James Bruce Gordon b5/10/1965 + Mary Lou Hartman

                              10  Jennifer Gillian Gordon +(M2-after 1969) Philip Brian Barker b11/9/1938

                                  11 Nigel Mark Barker b 29/4/1972 (Photographer)+ Cristen Chin (M1999)

                                     12 Jack Barker b2005

                                     12 Jasmine Barker b2008

                                  11 Mary Anne Barker b14/7/1976- d 4/6/2015 (M2007) + Samantha Jayasinghe

                               10 Jennifer Gillian Barker +(M3-2012)Leslie Cameron (UK)

                             9 Louisa Inyce de Livera met Middleton an officer in the army in Bombay around 1943,and Crystal was born.

                               10 Crystal Middleton b 13/9/1944- d2005 approx

                          8  ****Edmund de Livera, (wrote the St.Thomas’s College, college song in 1916)(b approx 1870 d approx 1935)(Lawyer,Journalist,Editor Times of Ceylon)

                          8  Ronald de Livera + Nellie (Nellie de Livera president pass pupils association St Bridgets Convent.1935/1936)

                                9  James Ronald Livera (Ronnie), 1934-1980 + Chandrani Tillekaratne, 1931-2004 (d of Edmund Tillekeratne)

                                    10  [1] Gehan de Livera, Royal,(Planter)(SLTFOA)  + [2] Malkanthi Samarakkody (d of Solomon Samarakkody & Iole de Livera)

                                        11  [3] Jeevaka de Livera + Myra Fernandes

                                             12  Rehan de Livera

                                             12  Shanik de Livera

                                        11  [4] Ronald de Livera + Chantelle Chipman (NZ)

                                            12 Cooper Adrian de Livera

                                            12 Bianca de Livera

                                    10  Nelun de Livera + Edward Perera

                                        11  Nihal Perera

                                        11  Samantha Perera + Rosewarne

                                    10  Shirani de Livera + Ananda Wethasinghe (NZ)

                                        11  Himali Wethasinghe

                                        11  James Wethasinghe + Cherisse

                                    10  James Ranil de Livera, Royal College (Chief Engineer -OSM) + Anusha Dickman

                              8  Percy Walter Fredrick de Livera + Daisy Ione Tillekaratne

                                9  Michael de Livera, STC Mount Lavinia (Served in World War 2 in Singapore)+ Margie Irugalbandara.

                                    10  Mario Kshani de Livera, St. Benedict's College, Kotahena

                                    10  Dinesh de Livera, St. Benedict's College, Kotahena + Priyani de Zoysa

                                        11  Druvindra de Livera, St. Peter's College, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), McKinnon Secondary/University of Melbourne/Deloitte Aus.

                                        11  Erange de Livera, St. Peter's College, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka (Ceylon), McKinnon Secondary/University of Melbourne

                                9  Fred de Livera + Martha Jayaweera

                                    10  Chulangani de Livera

                                    10  Amal de Livera

                                    10  Chrishantha de Livera

                                    10  Margantha + Anton Saparamadu

                                9  Audrey de Livera + Vernon Abeysinghe

                                    10  Dharshani Abeysinghe + Dr Janaka Goonetilleke

                                        11  Dr Prasanna Goonetilleke

                                        11  Ranil Goonetilleke

                                       9  Douglas Ivan de Livera b1916 d1979 (Lieutenant Commander Royal Ceylon Navy-Participated in World war 2-Burma Campaign,ship-MFV185-The retake of Arakan and Rangoon in 1945.)(He was also the commanding officer of the Sri Lanka Navy’s 1st gun boat the “Parakrama”)(Migrated to Melbourne Australia in the 1970's) + Carmen Inez Van Cuylenburg (3109)

                                                10  Daphne de Livera

                                                10  Jennifer de Livera + Dominic Boffa

                                                10  Cheryl de Livera

                                                10  Kevin de Livera b1962 (Aus)

                                                      11  Luke de Livera

                                                      11  Merryn de Livera

                                                10  Christopher de Livera

                                       9  Bertie de Livera.+ Antoinette

                                                10  Roger de Livera (Sydney Australia)

                                      9  James Henry(Jim) de Livera.(24/3/1912-19/10/1985) + Sumana Obeyesekere (1/1/1916-28/6/2000)(d of Hope Obeyesekere + Edith Ganegoda)

                                            10  Daisy de Livera + Quintas Perera

                                                 11 Palitha Perera + Deborah

                                                 11 Vasanthi Perera + Manoj Fernandez

                                            10  Sita de Livera + Sebastián Wickremasekere

                                                 11  Shehan Wickremasekere

                                            10  Ratna de Livera

                                            10  Juanita de Livera

                                            10  Rukmani de Livera + Tilak Wijesinghe

                                            10  Erin de Livera + Maxwell Fernando

                                                 11 Stephani Fernando

                                                 11 Shehan Fernando

                                9  Norman de Livera, Served in the Royal Army for 2hd World War

                                9  Yvonne de Livera + Mervyn Metthananda

                                9  Oswald Christopher Tillekeratne de Livera (Ossie)+ Doreen Virginia Christine Fernando

                                   10  Maniraj de Livera (Mani)(Trinity)(Australia)+ Sonali Tillekeratne

                                       11 Sohan de Livera

                                       11 Melan de Livera

                            8  Flora de Livera + Thomas Fredrick de Saa Bandaranaike

                                9  Clive Bandaranaike + Dottie Samarakkody

                                    10  Sripali Bandaranaike

                                9  Roy Bandaranaike + Grace

                                    10  Neil Bandaranaike + Rajini Pieris Deraniyagala

                                        11  Ayendra Bandaranaike

                                        11  Priyanthi Bandaranaike

                                    10  Shirani Bandaranaike

                                    10  Dawn Bandaranaike

                                    10  Nissanka Bandaranaike, d:10/9/10 + Girlie
                                         11 Rasika Bandaranaike

                                    10  Hiran Bandaranaike

                               9  Kingsley de Saa Bandaranaike + Trixie Seneviratne (d of Abraham Isaac Seneviratne and Alice de Saram)

                                    10 Nihal Bandaranaike + Geraldine Nicholas

                                    10 Marcel Bandaranaike

                                    10 Sunil Bandaranaike + Roshanara Bandaranaike (d of Leanard Bandaranaike and Ettine Bandaranaike.)

                                        11 Rosanthi Bandaranaike + Roshan Ranasuriya

                               9  Enid Muriel de Saa Bandaranaike + David George Pieris Deraniyagala b1868

                                    10 Sumana Pieris b1915 +Meril Amarasekara

                                    10 Mallika Pieris b1931 + JLT Earl Dassenaike

                                    10 Indrani Pieris b1909+ Ronald Doyne Seneviratne 1906-2001

                                        11 Ranjith Seneviratne

                                        11 Manil Seneviratne + Tennekoon

                                           12 Anushia Tennekoon + Devaka Cooray

                                               13 Devin Cooray

                                               13 Janek Cooray

                                    10 Merrick Pieris

                                    10 Chandra Pieris b1921-d2008 + Vaughn de Livera b1915-d2003

                                          11 Gayan de Livera

                                          11 Yasmin de Livera + Ramesh Abayasekara

                               9  Pearl Bandaranaike

                               9  Beatrice Bandaranaike

                               9  Queenie Bandaranaike

                           8  Godwin de Livera (1876-1921), Revenue Officer, (Polonnaruwa District). (Thamankaduwa, Polonnaruwa was the capital from 846AD-1277AD and there after  abandoned,and re-discovered in 1820AD.From 1870 onwards lot of archaeological research and development had taken place.) Was later promoted to Asst Govt Agent, but died of pneumonia aged 45 years. He had a good knowledge of wild elephants in the area(see sportsman diary in internet) (also refered as Muhandiram in some records in 1908) + Charlotte Samarakkody (1880-1970), daughter of Louis Charles de Fonseka Samarakkody Mudaliyar under Governor's Gate 1883. Mohandiram Alukuru Korale  (3118)

                               9  Carita de Livera.died unmarried

                               9  Zizka de Livera died 1974(Approx), unmarried

                               9  Ivy de Livera.died 1980(Approx), unmarried

                               9  Iole de Livera b approx 1914(d21/3/1966)+ Solomon Samarakkody (Lawyer)(1910-1981)

                                   10  Dr Srikumar Samarakkody (STC Mt Lavinia)(b31/5/1940-d21/12/1987)+ Nanda Jayasinghe (no children)

                                   10  Srivanka Samarakkody(STC Mt Lavinia) + Chitra Welagedera
                                         11  Lalinda Yohan Samarakkody(Stc Mtl)+Anuradha Sumanapala
                                         11  Dulanga Samarakkody (Stc Mtl)+Oshini Jayasinghe

                                   10  Rajan Samarakkody(STC Mt Lavinia)b1942 + Irani Alahakoonb1942 m1967
                                         11  Dilukshan Samarakkody + Janaki Perera

                                            12 Dinali Samarakkody

                                            12 Minali Samarakkody
                                         11  Dinesh Niranjan Samarakkody + Kamai Gunerwardena

                                            12 Deelaka Samarakkody

                                            12 Thenuk Samarakkody
                                         11  Shanaka Samarakkody + Shakila Perera

                                            12 Senethi Samarakkody

                                   10  Indrajith Samarakkody (STC Mt Lavinia) + Jayanthi
                                         11  Arinda Samarakkody
                                         11  Navodya Samarakkody

                                   10  Rohini Samarakkody unmarried

                                   10  Sriyani Samarakkody + Gamini Jayaweera d2001
                                         11  Dushantha Jayaweera (Pilot)+ Nimanthi

                                            12 Nimashi Jayaweera

                                   10  [2] Malkanthi Samarakkody + [1] Gehan de Livera, Royal, (NZ)

                                        11  [3] Jeevaka de Livera +Myra Fernandes

                                             12  Rehan de Livera

                                             12  Shanik de Livera

                                        11  [4] Ronald de Livera + Chantelle Chipman

                                             12  Cooper Adrian de Livera

                                             12  Bianca de Livera

                                   10  Suvendrini Samarakkody + Nihal Gunatilleke

                               9  James Godwin Vaughn de Livera.1915-2003 (STC Mt Lavinia), (Communication officer civil aviation.Served in 2hd World War in England.)

Chandra Pieris Deraniyagala. (1005)(1921-d2008)

                                   10  Anil Guanendra (Gayan) de Livera (STC Mt Lavinia) died unmarried(1954-1982)(Civil Aviation Dept)

                                   10  Yasmin de Livera (Bishops College)+ Ramesh Abayasekara (STC)(Sydney Aus)

                                       11  Jehan Abayasekara + Ishini Jayamaha, Sydney Australia

                                           12 Abayasekara

                                       11  Yohan Abayasekara, Australia

                               9  Louis Charles de Livera (Carl) (STC Mt Lavinia) Lawyer (b6/5/1919-d19/7/1969), had a large legal practice related to real estate and land matters.Lawyer for 25 years.(Had a law office in hulftsdorf Colombo and Homagama).Able to sing and play the piano accordian.

 + Gertrude Hemawathi Seneviratne (Senior English Instructor Kelaniya University 1971-1992) b:12/4/1931 (3108)Degree from Peradeniya University.

                                   10  Sunil de Livera (STC Mt Lavnia) Musicion,(piano &drums) died unmarried (13/9/1956-2003)

                                   10  Manjula de Livera (STC Mt Lavinia), b:1960, (Accountant/Deputy Chief Internal Auditor Urban Development Authority Sri Lanka, 1985-2005), migrated to Melbourne Australia in  2006 + Lakshmi Arulanandam (Lawyer), b:1965 from Batticaloa, md:1993 (5030)

                                       11  Rahul  de Livera b:1994 Monash University(Aus) Civil Engineer

                                       11  Shruti  de Livera b2001Rowville Secondary College (Aus)

                                   10  **Lankika Erandathi de Livera, Journalist b:1964, d:2011(Bishops College)(was able to sing and play the piano.) + Prasanna Panditharatne (STC/Royal College)d2009

                                       11  Kusan Panditharatne, b:1995 (STC Kollupitiya& Mt Lavinia)

                                   10  2hd spouse of Lankika Erandathi de Livera +  Srikumar (Accountant, STC Mt Lavinia

               5 - 2nd spouse of Marappulige Simon de Livera Samaranayake Seneviratne b:1779 +M2-(m29/11/1809) Dona Florentina Abeysinghe, daughter of JW Dias Abeysinghe Mohandiram

                    6  Fredrick John de Livera, bp:9/10/1813)(District Judge Matara,Tangalle)d1854   (Fredrick died of cholera at age 44 in 1854.)(educated at Baptists of Calcutta India.)

                      7 Fredrick de Livera (FJ de Livera district judge Tangalle 1880 ?)(Fred)+Amelia de Saram.

                        8 Fredrick de Livera

                        8 Theta de Livera

                        8 Nellie de Livera

                        8 Ethel de Livera

                        8 Christopher de Livera

                        8 Gerald de Livera (Barister)alive 1880+Miss Morgan

                        8 Elsi de Livera

                        8 Mari de Livera

                   6 Johanna Petrenella de Livera bp:6/3/1815

                   6 Abraham Paulis de Livera bp:3/10/1816

           4 - 2nd spouse of Don Balthazar de Livera Wijewickrema Seneviratne Mudaliyar(M2) + Ana Dias Bandaranaike. No issue. (1001)Ana is a daughter of Don Francisco Dias Bandaranaike.Ana bp 30/8/1754.She made her last will on 3/5/1828,by that she gives property to Cornelis de Livera and Balthazar's medal to Simon de Livera Mudaliyar Hewagam Korale.Ana's 1st marriage was to Don Simon Perera Mudaliyar.


The following de Livera family names are also noted below.


1  Don Constan de Livera Samaradiwakera Marapooly Mohandiram of Raygam Korale.

2  Domingo de Livera, Mohandiram of Coeroowe department.

3  Pascol de Livera Wijediwakara Wirakon arachi b:1740. of Siyane Korale of Kelaniya + Dominga Dias Bandaranaike

4  Solomon de Livera Wirakon + Madolena Dias Bandaranaike bp:1740

5  Daughter + Henry Amaraekera Mohandiram, Alukuru Korale 1798. (see Amarasekera family tree, 3068)

   5.1 Daughter + Weerakoon, Muhandiram, Kelaniya

   5.2Daughter + Perera Siriwardana, Muhandiram, Kelaniya

   5.3  Samuel Ameresekere

   5.4  James Ameresekere

6  Princess de Livera + Reginold Felix Dias Bandaranaike b:1891 (1001)

7  Lynette de Livera 

8  Marappuli Appuhamilage Hendrick de Livera

   8.1  Johannes Henry Senewiratne de Livera + Louisa Dias Bandaranaike, b:1785, m:1812 (1001)

       8.2  Soloman de Livera, b:1814

9  J de Livera (STC cricket captain 1904)

10  C de Livera (Served in World War 1 )(old Thomian)

11  D E A de Livera (Honored list - Cambridge 1920 )(old Thomian)

12  Dona Louisa de Livera Lama Etini (d 1830) widow of Don David Saa Samarawira Siriwardena

13  Caralus Lambertus de Livera Tennakoon Mohandiram(b approx 1800) + Charlotte Jayawardene

14  Alfred Senewiratne de Livera 31/12/1826, Proctor of Supreme Court

15  Jacobus de Livera Wirekon+(8/12/1737)Dona Phillipa of Mapitigama

   15.1 their daughter Maria de Livera Wirekon +Welhelmus Pieris Samarawira Siriwardhana Mohandiram b 1730

16  Theodoris de Livera Marappuli Arachi of Rayigam Korale+Ana Perera Samarasinghe Siriwardene.

17  Constan de Livera Samaradiwakere Marappuli Mohandiram of Raygam Korale.

18  Gerald de Livera(Barrister at law,BA,Dy Queen’s advocate NW Province,alive1880)+Miss Morgan

19  Barton de Livera

20  David Henricus de Livera in 1859,went for studies to Bishop's College Calcutta.India.

21  F de Livera Actg DJ Colombo(died of Cholara in 1854,aged 44.)

22  Fred de Livera son of F de Livera(above)

23  Thos de Livera d30/4/1862.

24  Arnoldina de Livera,daughter of Thos de Livera.

25  Anne de Livera was alive in 1864.

26 Paules de Livera Weerakon Mohandiram Hapitagam Korale alive 1800

27 Francina de Livera (d of Paules de Livera Weerakon) +Louis Samarakkody(Colombo Kachcheri)

 *Ceylon Light Infantary officers list

*28 (1907)James Bearnard de Livera

*29 (1942)Richard Fredrick Christopher de Livera

*30 (1942)Gerald Francis de Livera

*31 Julian Ethelvert de Livera

*32 (1972)Desmond Chrisantha de Livera


33 Ellen de Livera d 16/1/1966

34 EA de Livera Lawyer (alive 1910)

35 Jimmy de Livera (Excise Inspector)alive 1930.


36 Col.Richard Fredrick.Christopher de Livera (Dicky)d 7/6/2006 (served in the war 1942)+Olga de Livera b 1921 (daughter of proctor SR Amarasekera.)                      

      (Olga de Livera-JP Associate of Trinity College of Music Lond.Teaching music from 1948-for

      6 decades.Kala Keerthi Award -2005.)Educated at Bishops College.

      She had learned to play the violin,cello,guitar and the piano.But chose to teach piano.

Their children are:

       Romesh de Livera

       Ramya de Livera (Musicion)+ Christel Perera

       Ravindra de Livera d 2005.

     (Grand children of Olga de Livera are Shanella and Dinushki de Livera.)


37 James de Livera (Kitty) +Carmini de Livera (nee Perera)d 10/5/2009

       Rathi de Livera +Jhon



38 W de Livera District Judge 1913

39 Henry Johannes Senewiratne de Livera.Mudaliyar 15/3/1850.Decended from Balthasar de Livera.(possibly a son of Nicholas Johannes de Livera,and a grand son of Balthasar de Livera)

40 Rannulu Helena de Livera Karunaratne +Charles Thabru Rajakaruna

      Ananda Rajakaruna (Alfred) Sinhalese poet/Journalist/Teacher.Alive 1940

41 Dr.May de Livera 1926

42 FJ de Livera-District Judge Tangalle 1880

43 De livera mudaliyar of Hewagam Korale married daughter of Reynolds Gunasekera Seneviratne (m approx 1786)

44 Carolis de Livera b approx  1830 Mohandiram Kalutara +Amarasekara.

45 Rev James Andris de Livera d1861

46 Denawaka Appuhamilage Don Phillip de Liverage Dona Francina+Louis Samarakkody m1844


1 Sinhalese families by PE Pieris (Published 1911)

2 Chieftains of Ceylon (1936)

3 Internet.

4 20th Centuary impressions of Ceylon page Arnold Wright.

5 Golden book of India (appendix for Ceylon)

6 Research of Dr Roshan Maddage.-Connection of Denawaka Rala and Denawaka Dynasty

Any relevant contributions please submit to the following email address to be updated to the family tree.

Prepared by: Mr Manjula de Livera

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Last Updated: 29th October 2017

 De Livera Family Photo Album:

Description: carl&gertrude.jpgDescription:          Description:          Description: 

Left to right.

1.Manjula de Livera and family with mother Gertrude, sister Lankika, and her son Kusan.(Group photo taken  in Sri Lanka 2006)

2.Manjula de Livera and family. (Manjula, Lakshmi, Rahul &  Shruti - Photo taken in Australia)

3.Louis Charles de Livera (Carl) (Lawyer)-father of Manjula de Livera.


Description: nigel-grandma_01.jpeg Description: olga de livera.JPG
Description: charlotte de livera.jpg Description: sco de livera.jpg
Description: reinzie de livera.jpg








 Inyce de Livera           Frederick &Olga de Livera       Charlotte de Livera          Reinzie de Livera                      SCO de Livera

Description:                                     Description:


Description: vaughn de livera1.jpgDescription:

Wedding of Percy de Livera                                                                   Vaughn de Livera

Description: edwin de Livera1.JPG

Description: percy wedding.jpg

 Percy de Livera's wedding approx 1904.Godwin de Livera is supposed to be in this photo,and I assume he is first left standing.


Description: ntc1926.JPG

Gathering in 1926 Nomads Tennis Club.1st Row-SWRD Bandaranaike,Nedra&Yolande Obeyesekere

2hd Row-Arthur Lee Dassenaike,George R de Silva & William Vernon de Livera Tennakoon.

3rd Row-Irene de Siva

Description: nomads group8.jpg

Gathering 1992 Nomads Tennis Club at Horogolla.Walauwa









Memoirs of an ardently devoted Bishopian

(Reproduced from The Island of November 3, 2001)

By Lankika de Livera **

The date is Saturday, 20th October, 2001 - I stand expectantly and very happily near the Odeon cinema at Mt. Lavinia, with my 6-year-old- Thomian Son, as expectant and happy. We are waiting along with many, many others big and small, to join the " Thomian Walk" which has commenced from Milagiriya, Bambalapitiya earlier and is already making it’s way to Mt. Lavinia. The scene is of festivity, Juniors in uniform and very orderly in their classroom manner, neatly in lines of four, standing on Dharmapala Road, with a blue and black balloon together in their hands - making it look like a mini Thomian parade at the "Royal-Thomian Cricket Match". Parents happily chattering away to friends whom they have met after years and maybe after the last Royal-Thomian. This morning there is intermittent drizzle, along with sunshine alternating - not the best weather for a long walk. However, everyone is happily armed with brollies and caps while some little ones have already donned raincoats. The much-awaited parade is finally approaching - heralded in by the "papara" band of Royal -Thomain fame and of course the Hewisi band of the college. A gigantic Thomian crest with the motto "Esto Perpetua" written leads the parade. Banners in-hand all the colleges begun under the parent college of Mt. Lavinia parade. S. Thomas’ Mount Lavinia, Bandarawela, and Gurutalawa and behind their banners - all the very patriotic old boys who put aside their work to participate. S.Thomas’ Preparatory School Kollupitiya is the only unmistakable missing branch on this day of great historic importance to St.Thomas’ College.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: very unmistakable prominent figure that walked the stretch to entirety with much strength, determination and dedication was the well-known Octogenarian old boy- "Boxer Dassanayake" - quite a legend himself. It was a delight to watch his earnestness, valour and loyalty - proved by his willingness to walk that long stretch which meandered its way through a busy Saturday morning traffic with the ease of a young boy. Young old boys were really put to shame by this sportsman of yesteryear. I met so many friends and relatives in the parade that we very joyously joined up with, to be a part this historically important walk. It was high fun and chattering nineteen-to-a-dozen we strode along with generous contributions of bottled mineral water handed to everyone who needed a gulp of it. I was personally thrilled to belong to this event because my personal ties with the college date back four very faithful generations.

Myself being a Bishopian with ties with that school too, dating back a few generations added more value and depth to the bond of faithfulness to STC. Incidentally it was my Grand Uncle Edmund de Livera who penned the College Song more than a century ago. It was originally in the form of a poem. He was the Editor of the former Times of Ceylon, and somewhere down the lines, has trickled a bit of his talent to me too. My dream is also to pen something, which would be of value to the only boys’ school I love.

Walking amidst all the Thomians today brought back vivid memories of my teen-age days. As a thirteen year old I was one who would parade the Oval grounds with my school buddies, unmistakably all of us clad in blue and black and Thomian flags tied around our waists, blue and black Golliwogs pinned on our shirts. Unmistakable memories of despair flash back, when Royalist bullies would flick our flags. We used to proudly strut about with our blue and black flags. Memory is strong of a very close and dear school buddy Nisha, who once braved one of these bullies and retrieved her flag. So much were our loyalties. 

Memories of mine go back to my school buddy Ingrid Gunewardena and her faithful Thomian Dad Shelton and her three wonderful Brothers Dilip, Vivian and Ravi. Who really enriched our teen years with the special occasion being of course the Royal -Thomian Cricket Match. A day of tremendous importance to the Gunawardena family. Aunty would prepare loads of sandwiches with different fillings and baskets of other goodies to eat along with bottles of yum iced-coffee and we would set off to enjoy a day of eating, drinking and merry-making. The Royal Thomian rugby match occasions were another event we Bishopians used to faithfully participate as Thomian fans.

One of my main reasons for going was because of a great and severe "crush" I had on a relative who was in the first fifteen rugby team, although actually this very good-looking relative Shanaka de Livera was totally unaware even of my existence! For many many reasons apart from family and personal ties and the fact that Bishop’s And St. Thomas’ being sister schools, I should say we Bishopians feel a tremendous bond to the Thomians. However to come back to the Walk, it ended with free hot dogs from John Keells, ice-cream and Nespray milk for the kiddies and a musical show. Rajiv & the Clan, Ronnie Leach and the two Thomian Bands "Stigmata" and "Absolute" were there in a very sporty way. This was all in the Small Club’s grounds.

Then I hastened to be present at the Foundation Stone laying ceremony for the historic "Heritage Museum" - the first of it’s kind in a Sri Lankan School. This is the bare area near the Winchester Dormitory, opposite the swimming pool. After a few prayers, David Ponniah the Warden together with faithful old boys buried the foundation stones and cemented them. Into the cavities of these stones were little leaflets folded and stuck inside about the historic walk and the day when these stones were laid down to posterity. This Historic Heritage Museum will hold artifacts of antiquity, valuable to the history of this prestigious school. The Warden made an appeal to all old boys of different vintages to come forward and be generous enough to donate items like books, flags, badges, photographs etc. that would be valuable artifacts to keep intact - the heritage of a great school.

I was personally requested to try and retrieve the manuscript of Edmund de Livera’s original College song. The Museum is expected to come up fast - with the generous donations of the ever-faithful old boys. Then I ventured to the OTSC - Old Thomian’s Swimming Club, where sipping a Ginger beer I chatted to the Chairman of the Organizing Committee the very active determined Udaya Guneratne who proudly proclaimed the profits made of the walk - the proceeds which were to be channeled for the Heritage Museum Building. However Janaka Boteju, Nishantha Fernando, Geethika Perera and Renganathan - the other members of the Committee showed their Chairman their appreciation by bodily throwing him into the College pool with a big splash. That was his reward! Udaya was wearing a special commemorative wristwatch that had been turned out for the 150 years Anniversary celebration. It has a black strap and outline of the face of the watch, while the dial is of a white backdrop and on top of it is the Thomian crest. It is very attractive and a beautiful souvenir. Priced at a very reasonable rupees thousand. It is definitely a collector’s item, which all old boys will be proud to possess. These wristwatches are available for sale at the College Office in Mount Lavinia. 

Then it was time for Lunch. Lunch at the Boarding Dining room - there again hosted by the College. After grace was said we all sat down to have lunch, seated on the long tables and benches. Lunch was yellow rice, pol sambol, pickle, parippu, a cutlet and that oh! so delicious "Mas Curry" - raved about for generations. I, a non-beef eater was tempted to gulp it down and even wanted more! Disgraceful I told myself - but cannot be helped - it was too good to be left on the plate. Sitting and chatting to me at lunch was old boy and former Air Vice Marshall - Paddy Mendis, who had many a tale to relate of his childhood memories of College. He looked around the dining room and sighed nostalgically, "Nothing has changed here for the last fifty years -this was just like this when I had meals here as a schoolboy". I was eating pieces of my beef curry when I remembered that my brother Manjula had said, of course, 31 years ago when he was a boarder in college, how they found worms in some curry - perhaps - that’s what makes things so tasty? But I bet it is the same recipe that is being followed for the beef curry in the kitchen quarters and that is what Paddy Mendis meant when he said that absolutely nothing had changed. Chocolate ice cream was served for dessert.

After lunch and with our bellies full and our hearts and minds very happy to be amidst so many friends, everyone stood up to bellow the College song with much gusto "Esto Perpetua" - Yes we re-echoed "Esto Perpetua" - BE THOU FOR EVER! 


One with the wilds and village folk alike

~Ravi Samarasinha

Sunday Times – Jan 14 2007:

Ravi Samarasinha is no more. He was snatched away from us all in a fatal motor car accident last week. His untimely death has left a void in wild life conservation in this country.

Ravi’s passion for wild life and nature was from childhood. A doctor of medicine by profession, Ravi left this career to devote his life entirely to wild life conservation much to the disappointment of his parents.

As a cousin of mine, I knew him to be quiet and reserved. As cousins we had, in groups gone on many trips to the wilds many years ago in our youth. He was a daring photographer. On one occasion in Yala, we all watched a sloth bear coming down a Palu tree. All the others were inside the double cab while Ravi and I were at the back which was open. Suddenly the bear turned on the vehicle. Ravi shouted, “Lanki jump from the other side and get inside the vehicle. I will be fine,” and continued taking photographs.

On another occasion he had a narrow shave when he walked into a cave in the heart of Yala and a bear came growling out. Everyone knows that the bear is dangerous if encountered. Ravi has recounted to us many other escapades he had had in the wilds while pursuing his passion for photography.

There was another side to Ravi’s serious demeanour which we often saw. He never changed from the jovial character that he was as a youth. Whenever he met me, his teasing was just like it was when we were very young - a side of him that some of his immediate family members were unaware of.

Ravi had held photography exhibitions and his photographs adorn some of the leading bird books in this country. He began bird watching as a child and came to be regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s experts in avifauna.

Later his passion became the Sri Lankan leopard. Together with a few others he produced a popular coffee table book “For the Leopard” which raised considerable funds for wild life conservation. Ravi was Programme Consultant for numerous television documentaries, among them the BBC documentary “Leopard Hunters”. Together with Chitral Jayatilake he produced another coffee table book “Wilds of Lanka”.

He was one of the foremost authorities on the Sri Lankan leopard. He had done a vast amount of research on the leopards of Sri Lanka, especially of Yala and Wilpattu, mostly in regard to identification of individuals but also on many other aspects of their biology and ecology.

As a practising doctor he always opted for postings to be near Yala. From 2000 to 2001, for 18 months he did full-time research in Yala on leopards. Many a time he magnanimously dipped into his own personal funds to aid conservation projects.

Two of Ravi’s friends Darrel and Shirom talk of another project that Ravi had undertaken with them to safeguard leopards that were being killed by poachers and cattle farmers. They had done research for a year and come up with the idea of giving cages to farmers to trap leopards that came to steal the cattle. In this way they had saved four leopards in the area of Tissamaharama. Ravi had had plans to extend this project to estates and other areas near wild life parks around the country.

Darrel Bartholomeusz says of Ravi, “He was accepted by people of all walks of life and was very popular amongst even village folk as he had time for everybody and shared his valuable knowledge with everyone.”

Ravi was the Honorary General Secretary of the Wild Life and Nature Protection Society of Sri Lanka and formerly a Council member of the Natural History Society of Sri Lanka. He was a Director of the Environmental Foundation. Ravi was known to be very meticulous and methodical in his work.

Because of his deep love for nature, most of the time one could not find Ravi in Colombo. He was either in a wild life park or on his estate. He was dedicated to photography and conservation.

He has discussed with me meticulous plans he had formulated to stop poaching within the Yala national park, a park he knew like the back of his palm. Ravi was also a Diploma holder of Wild Life and Conservation Management from USA.

The last annual publication of “Loris” (the magazine of the Wild Life and Nature Protection Society) carries an extensive article on leopards by Ravi and a striking photograph of a leopard adorned the cover – also a photograph taken by Ravi. At 44 years Ravi was still unmarried. Leaving aside his medical career, he had dedicated his life to wild life conservation.

Goodbye dear brother. May your soul rest in peace

By Lankika de Livera


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: edmund de livera.jpgDescription: Description: Description: Description: Description:

St Thomas’s College Song

       Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:


Words composed by Edmund de Livera

in 1916


Thomians young and Thomians old

Thomians staunch and true!

Rally round the College Flag

The Blue,the Black and Blue                            

To your alma mater sing

Thomians near and far

Loudly let the echoes ring

For all we have and are




Esto Perpetua

Esto Perpetua

Esto Perpetua


The Blue Black and Blue for ever!


Like the serpent keen and wise

Harmless as the dove,

By the cross we’re knit in one

Holy bond of love.

Loyal to our church and king

Both in Peace and War

To the College we will sing

For all we have and are




In the field of intellect

Many a prize we’ve won

And upon the field of sport

Thomians yield to none

Be it work or be it play

We will do and dare

To the College therefore sing

For all we have and are




We rejoice in victory

When our foes we beat

We have learnt,when fortune frowns

How to take defeat

All unfriendly rivalry

From our lives we bar

To the College therefore sing

For all we have and are




When into the world we go

For our life’s career

As the call of duty sounds

We will answer clear

Onward to the goal we press

Guided by our star

To the College therefore sing

For all we have and are


 14th death anniversary of Richard de Zoysa

Daily News Feb 18 2004: The 14th death anniversary of journalist Richard de Zoysa falls today. The third death anniversary of his mother, Dr. Manorani Saravanamuttu, was commemorated on February 12.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: was a multi-faceted personality who left a lasting impression during a short but prolific creative span. Media critic, announcer, teledrama and stage actor, author and journalist, Richard was 32 when he was abducted and killed by an armed gang on a fateful night in February 1990.

The gruesome killing of her beloved son spurred Dr. Saravanamuttu to launch a campaign for justice for the 'disappeared' on behalf of the mothers who had lost their sons; the wives who had lost their husbands; the sisters who had lost their brothers.

Dr. Saravanamuttu's relentless campaign attracted international attention towards the plight of victims who disappeared without a trace during the 1988-90 terror period.

The 'Mothers' Front' organisation which she founded in 1991 rendered a yeoman service for the welfare of families who lost their breadwinners during this period. It later spread to Matara, Moneragala, Kandy, Kurunegala and Anuradhapura districts. She was accorded the 'Weera Mathru' (heroic mother) title in 1996.

Gertrude de Livera nee Seneviratne

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: ammi2014.jpg


Novelist Gertrude de Livera (nee Seneviratne)born 12th April 1931,a student of Girls High School Mt Lavinia, and St Paul’s Milagiriya ,obtained the Senior School Certificate with a first division pass with Distinctions in English and English Literature. .She went on to graduate in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ceylon (Peradeniya)in 1955.

Subsequently she obtained her Master of Arts qualifying from the Kelaniya University (Sri Lanka) and Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Colombo.She also holds a Diploma ,from the London school of Journalism.

 She joined the English Department of the Kelaniya University in 1970, and at the time of retirement in 1990 she held the post of Senior English Instructor in the University.

 She has written several short stories, and has published a short story book named “Some Middle Class Sri Lankans”

 She has thought English Literature and English Language to many students.

Gertrude de Livera married Louis Charles de Livera (Carl) a prominent Lawyer in 1955,and had the children Sunil,Manjula and Lankika.

She currently lives in her retirement in Dehiwela ,Sri Lanka.

Sunday Times April 24 2011

That sweet voice will now join the choirs of angels

Lankika De Livera

Four girls burst out loud into song, while walking along the pavement of the Colpetty junction in Colombo.

“I'm born again, I feel free
No longer alone
A bright light is shining
And shows me a world that I own…..”

We were sweet sixteen. Bishopians. Carefree. Happy and oblivious to the scorching heat of the mid-day sun. Oblivious to the weight of the books we carried home after school. Oblivious to the stares of the passers-by….

Lanki led the singing with her sweet soprano voice. Nisha and Sharmini harmonized in different parts. I joined in spontaneously.

Those were the days of Boney- M, Abba, Bee Gees… Life was full of laughter and fun. Lankika De Livera, and I studied in parallel classes from kindergarten till the O’levels at Bishop’s College. She became my close friend when we were in the A’ level class, studying History and English together. 
Lanki and I spent many hours together since then. She was quiet and was in the background of things. I was more in the forefront of school activities. But we forged a strong bond of friendship.

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:

I was a risk-taker. She was pensive and cautious. She gave me sound advice. I was always busy. She urged me to find time to join her in reaching out to the less fortunate, the old and feeble, poor people, colleagues who had problems at home. She also demonstrated to me the importance of being patient and trying to understand the problems of others.

At the Interschool Shakespeare Drama Competition, Lanki was Lysander and I Hermia , the lovers in “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. Lanki held my hand and gently led me up the steps leading upto the stage in the darkness as I had to remove my spectacles and could not see my way. She ensured that I did not trip as I entered the stage.

Lanki loved everything that was beautiful- wildlife, nature, music, song, poetry, books, drama….She opened up the marvels of many wondrous works of art and nature to me. She used to often send a dainty card with a handwritten verse to cheer or inspire a friend or someone in need. I was often a recipient of such thoughtfulness.

Lanki excelled in singing. I was overjoyed when she decided to take part in the senior solo singing competition at school and asked me to accompany her on the piano. What fun we had practising for endless hours on the old pianos at the Bishop’s College music rooms or at her home or mine. She gave a magnificent rendering of “The Holy City” and “Hark Hark the Lark” by Schubert and was adjudged the first runner up.

Our friendship grew after we left school. I entered the Kelaniya University. Lanki entered Law College. 
I embarked on journalism at “The Island” newspaper and following my advice, she applied to “The Sun” newspaper. I accompanied her for the interview and waited for her downstairs while she met the editor upstairs. She returned after a successful interview. We were both thrilled!

As journalists working for two separate newspapers, we shared experiences. We also went on many assignments together to provide coverage for our respective newspapers. We both covered the Arts and Culture round. We went to many concerts together and many trips out of Colombo to cultural and archaeological sites.

We also had our own separate interests. I was adventurous and keen on the excitement of investigative reporting, she preferred travel, wild life and nature. Lanki introduced me to her friends at Law College. We went together for many Law College events and parties and she joined my Kelaniya University friends at get-togethers.

Lanki and her mother were regular visitors at our home for Christmas. She made Christmas special for us with her beautiful singing of carols. My family and I enjoyed the Sinhala and Tamil New Year festivities at Lanki’s home.

Enjoying our newfound independence and freedom as journalists and undergraduates, Lanki and I roamed around Colombo – Lanki driving her mother’s Volkswagon. Lanki and I planned lavish celebrations for our 21st birthday parties. Mine did not materialize and ended up in a quiet affair with my family and Lanki.

Lanki’s party took place at a resort on the Mount Lavinia Beach. I spent the whole day with her decorating the place. I also made the dessert for the occasion. Lanki was swept off her feet when she met Prasanna Panditharatne. She gave up her studies in law to marry Prasanna. She also gave up journalism.

She did her best as a young bride. She cooked for her husband and kept a resplendent home. 
But the fairy tale ended. Prasanna and Lanki realized that they were not compatible. Lanki’s life was soon clouded with sorrow.

However, the birth of a bonny baby boy, offered hope. He became the centre of Lanki’s life. She went to great lengths to ensure that he had a happy childhood. Lanki and Prasanna separated and went their different ways but both did their best for their son.

Lanki remarried eight years ago. I was the only friend she invited for the quiet wedding dinner. Lanki devoted all her time and effort to her new husband and child but failed to find happiness. During the last couple of years, Lanki suffered from depression. She was overcome with sorrow and worry. She returned to her mother’s home a few weeks ago.

When she called me in her distress, I did my best to help her, comfort her, to give her hope for the future. I took her to prayer meetings. She told me that she gained a lot of comfort from the prayer meetings and promised to keep coming.

I dropped Lanki at her mother’s gate after the prayer meeting on Wednesday night, April 6 . She gave me and my daughter hugs and kisses as she left, promising to come again with us on Sunday. She looked so pretty, in a bright yellow blouse as she stood at her gate and waved to us.

On Saturday, April 9, I got a call to inform me that Lanki was dead. Her mortal remains were cremated on Sunday, April 10 at the Mount Lavinia Cemetery Many of our classmates from Bishop’s College and her friends from Law College were there amidst the large gathering of relatives and friends.

As I left the funeral, my mind was filled with memories of Lanki, standing on the Bishop’s College stage singing the verse from “The Holy City”. 
“And once again the scene was changed;
New earth there seemed to be;
I saw the Holy City
Beside the tideless sea;
The light of God was on its streets,
The gates were open wide,
And all who would might enter,
And no one was denied.
No need of moon or stars by night,
Or sun to shine by day;
It was the new Jerusalem
That would not pass away.
Jerusalem! Jerusalem!
Sing for the night is o'er!
Hosanna in the highest!
Hosanna for evermore!”

I knew that for my dearest friend Lanki, there would be no more sorrow and depression. Lanki had finally reached the holy city, where she would sing hosanna for evermore with the angels!

Manique Mendis



Thombu Index-Sri Lanka Archives.(Done in Dutch period before 1796)(Registration started in 1740's)




                      Ge Name  ,Name,  Koral ,Pattu, Village   



Denawaka Ralage

Don Louis de Livera



Mahena - Western Prov


Denawaka Ralage

Don Louis de Livera





Denawaka Ralage

Don Louis de Livera appuhamy



Batagoda- Kalutara dist


Denawaka Ralage

Don Louis de Livera appuhamy





Denawaka Ralage

Don Louis de Livera



Yatawara- Kandy dist


Denawaka Ralage

Don Louis de Livera






Don Louis de Livera



Ampitigala - Kalutara District



Don Louis de Livera





Marapulli Ralage

Don Simon De Livera



Madurawala -Kalutara District


Marapulli Ralage

Don Simon De Livera






Don Simon de Livera



Kudayala - Kalutara District



Don Simon de Livera




13  Don Andris de Livera Samaradiwakara Seneviratne                                                Rayigam             Adi  Wisidigama

14 Denawakaralage                     Don Louis de Livera                                        Raiygama           Mun  Diyagama

15 Denawakaralage                     Don Louis de Livera Appuhamy                                Raiygama          Mun    Madurawala

16 Don Louis de Livera Samaranayake Seneviratne                                      Hewagam                 Kuda Buthgamuwa (close to Kollannawa)

17 Don Louis de Livera Samaranayake Seneviratne                              Alutkuru                Hendala

18 Louis de Livera Samaranayake Seneviratne                                      Siyane                    Nagoda

19 Mudalige Jacob de Livera Weerakoon Appuhamy                                                Alutkuru                     Pamunugama,Gonawala,Kelaniya

20 Simon Liverage Christobu Livera                                          Alutkuru                 Hunupitiya

21 Simon Liverage Christobu Livera                                          Alutkuru                   Kodunnawa

22 Samarasingheralage Don Philipu de Livera Appuhamy                   Rayigam            Diyagama,Paraduwa.Pelpola,Galpata.

23 KasturiratneTennakoonge Marku Appuhamy                              Siyane            Kalagedihena,Dadagomuwa,Tihariya

24 Mudalige Marku Appuhamy                                                            Hewagam      Welivita




Godwin de Livera b1876-d1921  Articles.(from the internet)

(Godwin de Livera is the father of Vaughn and Carl de Livera.)

1) December 1908.From the Ceylon Church Missionary Gleaner.

     22/10/1908.The half yearly pastrol aid meeting was held.Mr Godwin de Livera Muhandiram

     occupied the chair. The christians of the Mampe Pastorale availed themselves of the opportunity

     of bidding goodbye to Rev R.W Ryde.

2) 1912- Ceylon Sportsman Diary -page 104.

    We motored to Polonnaruwa the next day,reaching there at 11 am. Breakfast at the rest house,

    after which the Revenue Officer of the District,Mr Godwin de Livera, called and gave us all

    required information about the elephants.We started off at 1pm for Diwulani Village.






Gertrude de Livera nee Seneviratne

Description: Description: Description: gertrude seneviratne.jpg


 Novelist Gertrude de Livera (nee Seneviratne) b12/4/1931,a student of Girls High School Mt Lavinia, and St Paul’s Milagiriya ,obtained the Senior School Certificate with a first division pass with Distinctions in English and English Literature. .She went on to graduate in Bachelor of Arts from the University of Ceylon (Peradeniya)in 1955.

Subsequently she obtained her Master of Arts qualifying from the Kelaniya University (Sri Lanka) and Post Graduate Diploma in Education from the University of Colombo.She also holds a Diploma ,from the London school of Journalism.

 She joined the English Department of the Kelaniya University in 1970, and at the time of retirement in 1990 she held the post of Senior English Instructor in the University.

She has written several short stories, and has published a short story book named “Some Middle Class Sri Lankans”

 She has thought English Literature and English Language to many students.

 Gertrude de Livera, married Louis Charles de Livera (Carl) a prominent Lawyer in 1955,and had the children Sunil, Manjula and Lankika.

 She currently lives in her retirement in Dehiwela ,Sri Lanka.







Migration Pattern.


1 Denawaka Rala-b1630 Denawaka Village Ratnapura.

   2 Simon de Livera md in Kuda Yala Kalutara in 1716(Kuda Yala,Ampitigala,Madurawela are close by

      villages of Kalutara.)


Br1                                  Br2                                                                       Br3

3 Balthazar de Livera    3 Louis de Livera Samaranayake Tennekoon      3-Abraham de Livera branch

                                                                                                                        Dodampe Ratnapura

 Bentota   1780                 Kuda Buthgomuwa Kollannawa-1800                Nuwara Eliya 1900-1930

 Colombo1780                  Colombo  1800                                                      Colombo 1930





Prepared by- Mr Manjula de Livera

Date-29th October 2017