Sri Lankan Sinhalese Family Genealogy

JAYEWARDENE, Don Adrian Wijesinghe (Tombi Mudaliyar) - Family #3002

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00  DAW Jayewardene  Mudaliyar Pitigal Corle/Korale b.170? [info: JR Jayewardene Centre Museum Tel: 011-2678075.  Address: 191, Dharmapala Mawatha,Colombo 07  ] + Dona Christina

0  Jayawardenege Don Adrian Senior Jayewardene b.1730-1792 + Dona Ascencia Sinhala book Madampe Withthie (affairs) by Victor Munasinha.

    1  Don Johannes

    1  Don Hendrick

    1  Don Simon

    1  Dona Magdelena

    1  Don Adrian Wijesinghe/Wijeyesinghe Jayewardene/Jayawardena (Tombi Mudaliyar) 1768-1830 + Suraweera Aarachchige Don Simange Dona Dinesia at Kelanimulla in the Hewagam Korale  (b:1776?)

b:1768 in the village of Welgama near Hanwella in the Hina Korale. Descended from a family of the Colombo Chetty Community [of [part] Persian extraction’??]  who trace their origins to the Coromondel Coast India during Dutch rule (mid 17th cent.).  Several generations before the birth of Don Adrian, a male member of his ancestors had married a Sinhalese lady by the name of Jayawardena from the village of Welgama near Hanvalla about 20 miles from Colombo. It was from that time that the family took the Sinhalese name of Jayewardene. Don Adrian served as an Arache of the Dutch Lascoryn Regiment. Received lands in the village, Narahenpita. When the Dutch capitulated to the British in 1796 he accepted office under the British as Aarachi & Guide to the British Army. Accompanied General Mac Dowell on an embassy to the King of Kandy, as his guide on 12-Mar-1800. Appointed Titular Muhandiram of the Atapattu. Served as guide to the British Army Jan 1815. Accompanied John D’Oyly to Kandy.  Mudaliyar of the Guides to the British Army, 15-Jan-1815. Received land in Chilaw.  Brought the last King of Kandy to Colombo. Died: 11-Feb-1830. Buried with full military honors on the order of the Governor Edward barnes at the Churchyard of the Wolvendaal Dutch Reformed Church. Wife received an allowance of Pounds 18 Sh. 15 per mensem by the British Government. (Madampe, in Chilaw).  British Museum has memorabilia about him (and probably his son). 

        2  Dona Johanna Jayewardene + Don Herath Seneviratne’s son p. 26

It is written that Don Adrian’s daughter, Johanna married the Mudaliyar of Chilaw, Don Herath Seneviratne’s son. 


In the JR Jayewardene book…p.23-36  The British confiscated land belonging to Chilaw Mudaliyar Don Herath Seneviratne and gave them to Don Adrian W. Jayewardene. and that subsequently, Johanna had married the said Mudaliyar’s son.  Eventually there was a court case between the two families about this land.


The book ‘The Golden book of India’ by … says, :


SENEWIRATNA, Don James Caulfield Herat, Shroff Mudaliydr ; b. Belongs to one of the oldest families in the Chilaw district, whose members were for several generations in succession Mudaliyars of Madampe under the Singhalese Monarchs and under the Dutch. Descended from Tanivella Bahu Raja, Sub-King of Madampe. The family held all the lands at Madampe, but they were confiscated by the British Government in 1804, when the then Mudaliyar and his retainers were outlawed because they had sided against the British in the war with Kandy. The order of outlawry was subsequently recalled, and the Mudaliyar's son, Don Barend Herat Senewiratna, was appointed Mudaliyar of Madampe. Residence : Kegalla.


            3  Henrietta Seneviratne + Charles Edward (Bandaranaike) Corea Proctor of the Supreme Court (Chilaw?) d.1872 [Son of Simon Corea-Vikramasinha Mudaliyar Alutkuru Korale, also Justice of the Peace +  Cornelia Dias Bandaranaike]  - needs verification/confirmation  See Corea Family # 3166 (Victor Corea a descendant of Don Adrian won a seat to the Legislative council 1924 - ran against E.W. Jayewardene and won. From book by De Silva). (Family #3070)                          

        2  Don Abraham Wijesinghe Jayewardene (Mudaliyar) 1801-1866 bp:11-Dec-1808 Interpreter Mudaliyar, Puttalam Kachcheri. Resigned his post in protest re. some remarks cast by Justice Carr. Appointed Maha Mudaliyar. Associated with Dr. Christopher Elliot of the Colombo Observer in criticisizing Governor Torrington. Arrested by the British Government along with Subraylu Raja, descendant of the Nayakkars, Sep 1848. Produced before Colepepper, JP. Openly criticized the Governor and the Colonial Secretary. Exonerated. Requested Elliott to publish his interrogation by Colepepper. Mudeliyar Chilaw Kachcheri  Died:8-May-1866.  (buried in Chilaw? Madampe? Or Colombo? ) 

Inherited Don Adrian’s Walauwa (Mansion) in Colombo at Grandpass and land in Chilaw.  

            + spouse #1  Anna Perera (had 1 child)

            +  spouse #2 Rose Maria Perera (sister of Anna) (had 6 children)

            +  spouse #3: Sarah daughter of Malalasinghe Jayasundara Bandara & Weerasinghe/Wirasinha Mudiyanselage Subadra Menike of Ratnapura and later of Madampe. (had 2 children)

(as per Kingsley Jayewardene and also the JR Jayewardene Centre Museum).   


{But Published record (Asiatic Journal) says that Don Abraham Wijesinghe Jayewardene + wife Miss Rose Maria Perera  married: June 28.1827  At  Malwane, In the Hina Corle,  [Book: The Asiatic Journal and monthly miscellany by East India Company Vol. 23 1827]   }

According to the book by Silva and Howard Riggins,  Don Abraham disinherited 7 of his children : Cornelis. Adrian Philip, Francis Alexander, Charlotte (married to Cornelis Wijesinghe}, James Alfred (page 27?, 39 ), and…. J. R. Jayewardene, the President of the Republic of Sri Lanka: ...

No cover image - 104 pages - Snippet view

Don Abraham's four sons, Cornelius, Philip, Alexander and James Alfred distinguished themselve as mudaliyars or lawyers. MOTHER'S lNFLUENCE James Alfred Jayewardene, the youngest of Don Abraham's sons, was a Proctor of the Supreme ...


JR, the people's presidentĒman Kāriyakaravana, Neil Sri Wijesinghe - 1981 - 151 pages - Snippet view

Don Adrian, founder of the Jayewardene family, had only one issue — a son. The son, Don Abraham, succeeded his father to the ... Cornelius became the Mudaliyar of Anuradhapura, while Philip and James Alfred entered the legal profession. ...

              Adrian Phillip Wijesinghe Jayewardene (by 2nd wife)  was a lawyer, Judge? 
Book JR    authors:
Bulathsinhalage Cyril Perera, Piyasena Senaratne ] Eliza Caroline Gooneratne/Goonaratna/Gunaratne of Kalutara  Wilegoda Waluwa  (info from Kingsley Jayewardene of Madampe).  [Amongst her family members one DDS Gooneratne (Dr.?) that was instrumental in Baptist Missionaries coming to Madampe from Grandpass Baptist Church]

                Philip Leechman  Wijesinghe Jayewardene   Eldest  Proctor, Chilaw and landed proprietor + Agnes Beatrice Jayewardene Youngest Daughter of James Alfred W.Jayewardene (see below for descendants)

                    5  Hector Adrian Wijesinghe Jayewardene, (Did law….and passed away before his final exams); + Pearly? Perline?

                        6  Hector Jr. Wijesinghe Jayewardene in Colombo (was in Marawila) +

                    5  Alfred Wijesinghe Jayewardene   never married.

                    5  Fitzroy Philip Wijesinghe Jayewardene  (eldest son) Justicia Udunuwara Uralawatte Perera (3128)   Justicia worked for Red Cross, even in 2nd World War. She died young in 1946 or 1947, saving another woman from being electrocuted. [ Justicia saw a woman with a pole trying to pick fruit. That pole hit a light pole or wire. Justicia went to save her, but got killed herself. ] Justicia and Fitzroy Philip were relatives (not sure if it is through the Corea family…ie. both families seem to have Corea grandmothers). 

                        6  Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayewardene  (only child)+ Anthony William Perera Samarasinghe (Family # 3129)                                             

7  Anne Marie Samarasinghe eldest. (St. Bridget’s, Colombo, Dominican Convent, Af.  Degree from Canada)

Shani (St. Bridget’s,.. Accomplished  ) + Roy P (Canadian)

 +  2nd hus: CD

                            7  Sonali Samarasinghe  (School: St. Bridget’s, ……) Lendon C (Canadian heritage)

 7  Thushara Samarasinhe + Name Not Known (of Canadian heritage)

        8  Sierra     

                            7  Tamara  (Degree and part Masters from Canada) +

                4  Randolph Wijesinghe Jayewardene  teacher +  Henrietta Merriah Wijesinghe (daugher of  Cornelis Wijesinghe and Charlotte Wijesinghe Jayewardene below)

                    5  Stanley  Wijesinghe Jayewardene + Miss Thilekeratne from Ratnapura

                       6  Thillekesiri Jayewardene + Kingsley Jayewardene  (see below for descendants)

                4  Adolphus Wijesinghe Jayewardene  landed proprietor (Not married ?)

                4  Abraham Wijesinghe Jayewardene + Jane Matilda Jayewardene Daughter of James Alfred W.Jayewardene (see below for descendants etc.)

                4  Elsie Wijesinghe Jayewardene + Gabriel Jayewardene Mudaliyar Tamankade ‘The Golden book of India’

 b. April 14, 1856. Is a descendant of Mudaliydr Don Adrien Wijeyesinghe Jayewardene,  Is Revenue Officer, etc., of Tamankaduwa. Residence : Dambool.  Her Cousin. see below for descendants)            

                4  Lizzie Wijesinghe Jayewardene + Edmond Dassanaike/Dassanayake landed proprietor ( b. 1864?)  As per Kingsley Jayewardene. [Son of Gate Mudaliyar LA Dassanayake?) 


                   5  Zelda Dassanaike + Wlfred Dias Bandaranaike  Gampaha

                        6  Hope  never married 

                   5  Luis  Dassanaike + Janet Jayewardene (Daughter of Daniel Jayewardene and Louisa Jayewardene below)

                   5  Aileen Dassanaike + Felix Jayawardene Lawyer  Aileen and Felix are 1st cousins.

                       6  Ivy Jayewardene Frederick (Jayewardene) de Saram  (see below for children and grandchildren)

                       6  EDW (Archa) Jayewardene (family trait: over 6 ft. tall) Represented Sri Lanka in rugby and swimming +  Doreen Samaraweera   (family from Galle?)

                           7  Jayantha Jayewardene +

                           7  Prasanna Jayewardene  (Author, Hotelier, Environmentalist ?) +

                               8  Adrian  (in Sweden) represented Sri Lanka in rugby and swimming

                               8  Danielle (In Hawaii)


                       6  Dr. Lester (Leicester ?) Jayewardene + Indrani William  

                           7  Shantha + Panitha Gunewardene ?

                           7  Sunil in USA + Name Not Known

                           7  Indrakumar + Name Not Known

                         *7  Nelum + Gunesekera


                   Rene May Dassanaike (bellana waluwa kalutara) + Harry Dias Bandaranaike

                      6  Leonard Bandaranaike + Etienne Bandaranaike (grand daughter of Walter Dias Bandaranaike) (Family #1001) d:14 Feb 2004  [She married Hugh Rupasinghe …her 2st huband? and had a son, Harsha Rupasinghe..from Family #1001]

                         7  Rev Suresh Dias Bandaranaike Anglican Pastor +  Daphne Hope Ratnaike Kandy (no issue)

    7  Roshanara Dias Bandaranaike + Sunil Bandaranaike

        8  Rosanthi + Roshan Ranasuriya

                    6  Ruby Dias Bandaranaike + Danton Obeysekera (son of Donald Obeysekera and Ethel Perera, Grandson of James Peter Obeysekera + Corneliya Henrietta Dias Bandaranaike )  See Family # 1006,

                        7  Arjuna Obeysekera  Not married

        7  Shireen Obeysekera + Pria Ameresinghe

      8  Shehan

            8  Rajive

        7  Indra Obeysekera + Anoma Illangakone

            8  Gemunu

                        7  Ajith Obeysekera + Sharmala Dassanaike

                6  Alick Dias Bandaranaike d:Aug 1 2007, (see obit below) + Delicia (Dela) Goonetileke

                    6  2nd spouse of Alick Dias Bandaranaike + Name Not Known

                    Arun Dias Bandaranaike, (Radio & TV presenter, Sports Commentator, Colombo, Sri Lanka) + Julian (Juliane?) De Saram (no issue)

            3  Francis Alexander Wijesinghe Jayewardene + Dona Isabella (age 15) m:1853 d/o Simon Perera Wijesundera Gunasekera


            3  2nd spouse of Francis Alexander Wijesinghe Jayewardene: + Elizabeth Caroline Wijeyekoon

                4  Louisa Jayewardene + Daniel (cousin)  1st cousin below   Son of Don Cornelius Wijesinghe Jayewardene.  See under Don Cornelius Wijesinghe Jayewardene for Descendants

                4  Maud Jayewardene not married

                4  Olga Jayewardene + Adolpus Jayewardene ?

                4 Francis Jayewardene unmarried

                4 Abraham Jayewardene + Name Not Known

                    5  Casablanca  Jayewardene (died young) + Mabel Jayewardene (Francis J + Agnes)

                        6  Perline  Jayewardene b. 1936- ? + Hector Jayewardene (son of Agnes Jayewardene + Philip Leechman Jayewardene  below )

                            7  Hector +  [Kalansuriya  div]

                                 8  Asanka Jayewardene  (singer)

                         6  Evelyn Jayewardene + Asoka Ameresekere (near Kegalle,  Marline Abeywardene + Danny Ameresekere. Danny’s father superintendant of Mail in Kegalle)

                            7  Nelum Ameresekere ( doing PhD in Computer at Cambridge) + Nicholus Gunesakera (s/o Cecil Gunesekera & Princey Perera)

                                 8  Faith  Gunesakera

                                 8  Juliu Gunesakera

                            7  Olu +  Vasanthe Kalansuriya  (engineer)

                                 8  Vishva Thilanke

                            7  Manel + Ajith Benjamin

                                 8  Kiara Benjamin

                                 8  Aaron Benjamin

                                 8  Kiandra Benjamin

                                 8  Kendrik Benjamin

                        6  David Oscar Wijesinghe Jayewardene + Mala Punchi Kumarihamige Marambe

                            7  Mayura Wasana Kumari Wijesinghe Jayawardene (senior merchandiser) +  Hiran Fernando (Engineer)

                                8  Gabrielle Angelina Fernando (Student, Forensic science/medicine) b:2004

                                8    Nathan Fernando b:2009

                                8    Sarah Fernando b:2011

                            7  Omali Dammi Wijesinghe Jayawardene (student BSc Psychology at Cardiff Metropolitan, UK) + Chaminda Kitson Benjamin (CTO)

                                8  Kristen Danielle Benjamin b:2011

                                8  Lily Alana Benjamin b:1999

            3  Cornelia Wijesinghe Jayewardene born 1859  (by 2nd wife?)    – part owner of Grandpass and heir  (according to book JR Jayewardene of Sri Lanka by De Silva) + Gooneratne? Gunaratne?  Don Alexander de Silva Wijeyetunge Gooneratne (cousin of Eliza Caroline Gooneratne) Madampe Gooneratne Walauwe?

               4  Effie Gooneratne unmarried

               4  David Gooneratne + Name Not Known

               4  Hannah Gooneratne + Daniel Ameresekere Family # 3068

                   5  Edna Ameresekere (spinster)

                   5  Enid Ameresekere + Adrian CW Jayewardene (Called Addie)

                   5  Alwin  Ameresekere + Lukshmi  Kalutara and Galle (mother Wijemanne)  011 251 8235

                       6  Anil Lakshman + Name Not Known

                       6  Aylanee + Name Not Known

                   5  Ruth (Girley) Ameresekere

                   5  Daniel Ameresekere  not married

                   5  Justus W. Ameresekere + Frances May Jayewardene  (See below)

                       6  Anne b:1925? + Earl Abayasekara

                       6  Daniel Justus (Ira) 

                   5  Victor Ameresekere + Clarice (Dottie) Adelade Leelavathi  Urelawatte Wijesundera Perera  Family # 3128   No issue.


               4  Sara Gooneratne + Mudaliar CA (Albert) Abeyratne of Madampe Walawwe

                   5  Manel Abeyratne  b. 1923 + Hector P. Abeysekera

                       6  Harindra Abesekera 

                   5  Carl Abeyratne (deceased) + Vino Goonetillake (Elsie Gooneratne +  Donald Goonetillake’s daughter)

                       6  Sriva Abeyratne + Navaratnam

                       6 Asoka Abeyratne (deceased)

                       6 Thilak Abeyratne (deceased)

                       6 Surangani (deceased)

                   5  Grace Abeyratne (deceased) + Wijemanne of Kalutara

                   5  Sita  Abeyratne +  Ranasinghe (Sir Arthur Ranasinghe;s only son)

              6  Nilani Ranasinghe US

                       6 Rushika  Ranasinghe  US


             4  Elsie Gooneratne + Donald Goonetilleke Kalutara  House: Mandarins

                 5  Sepala  deceased + Oosha Saravanamuttu

                 5  Sena +  Name Not Know

                 5  Vino Goonetillake + Carl Abeyratne (cousin. See below for children)


            4  Connie Gooneratne + Abeywardene superintendent of mail (Postal).  3rd wife

                5  Perl + Dhanapala

                5  Mertle +  Name Not Known

                5  Victor +  Thilaka

                5  Ben Abeywardene


          4  Natty (Nathaniel?) Gooneratne + Flora Jayewardene

                5  [1] Marlene Gooneratne + [2] Sam Perera ( from the Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundera Perera family. Family # 3128 ).

                    6  Faith Perera + Nihal Dissanayake  Anuradhapura (Related to Augustus Dissanayake ….husband of Queenie Paranavitane  from the Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundera Perera clan).

                5  Norman Gooneratne, a Postmaster+ Ruth Muriel Wanigatunga [See belowJayewardene Descendant] 

                5  Son

            4  Sonny Gooneratne + Name Not Known

        3  Matilda (Jane Matilda) Wijesinghe Jayewardene (by 2nd wife)   – part owner of Grandpass and heir + William Wijeyekoon [brother of Cornelia Matilda Wijeyekoon married to James Alfred W Jayewardene.  William is a Son of ‘Bismark’ Don Johannes Wijeyekoon from Vilegoda Waluwe Kalutara North. (Was there a daughter of ‘Bismark’ by the name of Ada Wijeyekoon who married Harry Ameresekera?)

           4  AA Reginald Wijeyekoon + one daughter of


           4  Charles Edgar Wijeyekoon + another daugher of


           4  William Vincent Wijeyekoon Laywer Kurunegala + Daphne Jayewardene


           4  James Alan Wijeyekoon, Lawyer  b.1885 + Cecilia Siriwardene

               5  Allan Wijeyekoon, Lawyer, registra of companies b. 1928 [age 83 in 2011] + Naomi De Alwis

                   6  daughter + Name Not Known

                   6 daughter + Name Not Known

           4  Artie Wijeyekoon unmarried  Died in Singapore 


           4  Hilda Wijeyekoon + Arthur P. Gooneratne  [Family living at Vilegoda Walauwe]

               5  Name Not Known


   3  Don Cornelius Wijesinghe Jayewardene was Mudaliyar of Anuradhapura [instrumental, with 2 other people, in Baptist missionaries coming to Madampe from Grandpass Baptist Church] +  Christina Perera

           4  Gabriel Wijesinghe Jayewardene + Elsie Wijesinghe Jayewardene (1st cousin above)

 5  Stanley Wijesinghe Jayewardene + May  ( lived in Madampe)  1st cousin (see below for descendants etc.).


           4  Alexander Wijesinghe Jayewardene + Elizabeth Caroline Wijeyekoon


           4  Agnes Jayewardene + Jayewardene


           4  Annie Jayewardene + Henry Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundera Perera Family #3128  (Brother of Justicia U Urelawatte W Perera who married Fitzroy Philip Jayewardene,  and Clarice U Urelawatte W Perera  who married Victor Ameresekere  See below)

               5  Rosalind Perera  not married 

               5  Edith Perera + Senaratne

               5  Lidia Perera + Aikele Walauwe [near Jaela/Seeduwa] Seneviratne

                    6  Duran Seneviratne + Violet Seneviratne

                         7  Vijitha Seneviratne lawyer       

               5  Letitia Perera  not married

               5  Deborah Perera +  Paranavitane

               5  Henry Bernard Perera + Charlotte Ambuldeniya Bambalapitya

                    6  Chitra Kingsley Senaratna    [his mother de Alwis?]

                    6  Doin Bernard Perera + Stella Rodrigo  [Navala]  2nd cousins to Anthony Samarasinghe  Descendant of Goonetilleke  Family #3129    [Mother and father: Dhanapala Mudianselage Freeda Havers + Peter Rodrigo Navala ]       

                        7  Sharnali +  Nanayakkara

                        7  Rushika + Wiswajith Wickremesinghe

                        7  Sanjeeve Alexis Udunuwara (Uruladeniya Koralage)  Senior  Planter at tea estate, State Plantation Corporation Matar   

                    6  George Perera   no children

               5  Herbert Perera + Abayasekare from Colombo  (Journalist Anne Abayasekara’s sister-in-law)

               5  Ebenezer Perera not married

               5  [2] Sam Perera + [1] Marlene Gooneratne  ( Marlene’s mother Flora Jayewardene + Gooneratne )  

                    6  Faith +  Nihal Dissanayeke from Anuradhapura


            4  Phillipa Wijesinghe Jayewardene + Mohandiram David Navaratne from Putulam (Mallewagara waluwe ). He died @ age 28. Had a gold box aka “pettagama” (one of 7) that Don Adrian brought from Kandy (Last King’s ??). 

 5  Rachel Cornelia Navaratne + Walter Perera Wanigatunga   (from Kandy. originally from Matara) His sister was Anne Adelaide Perera Wanigatunge who married Samuel James Abayasekara of Galle 

     6  Gabriel Herbert Cornelius Perera Wanigatunga Advocate d:1972, +  Dorothy Estelle Lavinia Abayasekara, School Principal (d/o Samuel James Abayasekara, and sister of Journalist Anne Abayasekara’s husband See below )

        7  Ranjit Corneille Perera Wanigatunga b:21 July 1940  d:1998 +

            8  Sumudhu Corneilia Deepani Rasangika Wanigatunga (Su) + Roy MacArthur m:2000 (York, UK)

                9  Gabriel John Prasanna Corneilius Wanigatunga Macarthur b:5 Nov 2002

                9  Finlay Alec Benedict Kiran Wanigatunga Macarthur aka Evie

            8  Dimuthu Apsara Ranpyum Sangeetha Wanigatunga aka Dee + Stephen Edwards m:1999

            8  son – in Canada

        7  Herbert Perera Wanigatunga ex Captain Sri Lankan Airlines + Styephanie Anandappa

            8  Mario Gavin Wanigatunga b:March 1972 + Nancy, Canada

                9  Nancy Wanigatunga, Canada

            8  Sharon Wanigatunga b:1973, Detroit US

            8  Amanda Wanigatunga, Canada.


     * 7  Sunil Eric Perera Wanigatunga, Lawyer  b:1950 unmarried [have J. letters from early 1900’s, DAWJ Seal, other J. memorabilia).

        7  Priyantha Perera Wanigatunga b:1953 +


     6  Ruth Muriel Perera Wanigatunga + Norman Gooneratne  (See above. Jayewardene Descendant)

        7  adopted 12 children, one for each of the disciples of Jesus Christ


    6  Timothy Lloyd Perera Wanigatunga


            4  Daniel Wijesinghe Jayewardene + Louisa Jayewardene

                5  Felix Jayewardene Lawyer + Aileen Jayewardene  1st cousin.   See above for  children etc.

                5  Francis Jayewardene lawyer + Deloraine (Delorine?) Leelawathie Elitra Corea [daughter of Percival Alan and Cicely Augusta Corea] (1901-1961). See Corea Family #3070

                    6  Prof CHS (Cleobis Hector Sirinaga) Jayewardene (1927-2004). (in Ottawa) + Dr. Hilda Ranasinghe  (no children) (1925-1997).

                    6  Briarius (1935-2007). ???

                    6  Venitia Jayewardene + Leslie de Alwis  in Ottawa

                        7  Ingrid

                        7  Ionie +  Algama

                        7  Devika +  Perera

                    6  Damaris Jayewardene + Sena (last name?)

                        7  Priyangani (in Ottawa) + Upul (last name)

                        7  Son in Canada

                        7  Son in Sri Lanka

                    6  DHS Jayewardene (newspaper editor) + Maheswari

                        7  Aianthi in Perth + Weerathunga (JR’s sister’s son)

                        7  Romayne + Mr Sonnadara

                        7  Tamara in Perth + Name Not Known    


                 5  Adrian C W Jayewardene (called Addie) + Enid Ameresekera (sister of Justus) b.1902-1973

                    6  Joy Jayewardene +Leela Perera (both deceased) wife

                         7  Mallika Jayewardene + Dicky Buhari

                                 8  Gehan Buhari +  Name Not Known

                                 8  Shehan Buhari +  Name Not Known

                                 8  Jennifer Buhari + Name Not Known

                         7  Dayadeva Jayewardene + Name Not Known

                         7  Priyanthi Jayewardene + Name Not Known

                         7  Lilanthi Jayewardene (Never Married)

                         7  Anoma Jayewardene +  Name Not Known

                         7  Ione Jayewardene (died at 7 years)

                         7 Shantha Jayewardene + Name Not Known

                  6  Denia Jayewardene + Lloyd Wijewardene

                        7  Lalith Wijewardene + Shiranthi (1st marriage) (Lalith lives in Canada, Shiranthi remarried)

                            8  Shanil Wijewardene + (lives in the States)

                       7  Hiran Wijewardene + Jacintha Perera

                            8  Dharshan Wijewardene + Akila (Lives in the States)

                            8  Dilukshan Wijewardene + Name Not Known

                            8  Dilshan Wijewardene + Name Not Known


                  6  Christobel Jayewardene Chandra Gunesekera b.1920  (Matara)

                      7  Dr P C (Prasanna Chandrakantha)  Gunesekera (Obstetrics and Gynaecology} Senior Advisor in Reproductive Health, UN (WHO in Afghanistan) + Dr Dulani Siriwardene (Paediatrics)  Professor Sri Jayewardenepura University

                           8  Kanchana Vejayanth Gunasekera , BSc Mech. Eng.                      

                  6  Alma Jayewardene (unmarried)

                  6  Amy Jayewardene + Albert Nanayakkara  (Florida) No issue

                *6  Zena Jayewardene Personnel Manager + Taruprabha (Tassie) Seneviratne d:2022, Senior Superintendent Police [Grand-father, Alexander De Alwis-Seneviratne was from Welipenne. (Kalutara District)]. Published a book:  ‘Human Rights and Policing - Reminiscences of my Police days’ & ‘Law & Order’, a series of newspaper articles compiled into a book prior to his death.

                     7  Prabhashini Seneviratne + Chaminda Thirimanna (Sydney, Australia)

                          8  Chandev Thirimanna

                          8  Celia Thirimanna

                          8  Chiara Thirimanna


              5  Frances May Jayewardene +  Justus Ameresekera (His brother Victor married to Clarice Adelade Leelavathi  Urelawatte Perera – Family #3128. Sister of Justicia Urelawatte Perera  See below)

                  6   Daniel Justus Ameresekera Newspaper  Editor deceased + Genevra Daulagala deceased

                      7  Priyani Ameresekera deceased  not married

                      7  Amitha Ameresekera not married worked at UNDP in Colombo not married

                      7  Dhakshina Ameresekera + Viraj Senewiratne Manages Music Section of a major book shop No Children

                      7  Dhammika Ameresekera Unmarried  Ceylon Tobacco factory 20 years

                      7  Tishan Ameresekera +  Natalie Kalpage

                          8  Thishantha Ameresekera + wife

                          8  Natasha Ameresekera  works in a Mercantile firm

                     7  Paneetha Ameresekera Journalist + Renuka Samarasinghe [grandmother a Gunaratne, mother Grace Gunasekera from Kotte Samarasinghe home in Mount Lavinia she had 1 sister)

                          8  daughter

                     7  Geethani Ameresekera Lawyer for Julius and Cresy + Aravindha Athurupana                            

              * 6  Anne Ameresekera (Journalist) + Earl Abayasekara  [7 children, 11 grandchildren]

                     7  Sarala Anne Abayasekara English teacher + Chandran Williams  Director for Youth for Christ Sri Lanka  (YGro social service arm)

                          8  Chandrishan Williams IT Field

                          8  Shenali Williams Science Teacher + Prakash Rajkumar Son in Law  [(T Work for Youth for Christ Sri Lanka)

                     7  Dr Ranmali Abayasekara in US. + Dr Ajit Ponnambalam

                          8  Indrajit Ponnambalam VP of AOL + Sybil

                              9  Katherin Anne Ponnambalam

                          8  Dhiren Ponnambalam in England

                      7  Rohan Abayasekara + Suvendrini Nicholas (tamil)

                          8  Dilshara Abayasekara Math at Macquarry University+ Colin Hill in Australia  Math in High school    No children yet

                          8  Ambrith Abayasekara + Sue Phoo  in Australia

                               9  Son

                     7  Ranjan Abayasekara  in S. Australia  Mechanical eng. + Niranjala De Alwis (grandmother Corea) No Children

                     7  Dilip Abayasekara (Pensylvania) Speakers Unlimited + Sharon (American)

                              8  Allison Anne Abayasekara  Masters in Eng Lit

                              8  Alexander Abayasekara Sports Management Deg

                       7  Ranil Abayasekara Head of Economics at Peradeniya University PhD +  Charmalie Aponso Botany Prof at Peradeniya

                             8  Ashani Abayasekara Honors in Economics, Institute of Policy Studies as Economist

                             8  Shalini Abayasekara Greek and Roman Civilization and Engineering at Peradeniya

                     7  Anusha Abayasekara IT Diploma, Systems Analyst and Programmer+ Dr. Shantilal Atukorala  PhD from England in IT   in Australia

                            8  Asela Atukorala, Degree in Mass Communication


             5  Janet Jayewardene + Luis Dassanayake (Aileen’s brother)

                 6  Clinton Dassanayake  (Adopted Son) engineer at Hyatt Hilton + Murial Ranjani Rajanayagam.

                     7  Inoka Lilani Dassanayake + Shermith Sanjeewa Fernando

                     7  Enok

                     7  Eban

                 6  Angela Shamalie Dassanayake + Franco Daberera

                     7 Joel

                 6  Michael Ruckshan Dassanayake (not married yet)

             5  Ursula Jayewardene unmarried  [gifted her estate in Dummalasuriya (off Madampe) to Youth for Christ]


             5  Lionel Jayewardene + May Wickremetilleke

                 6  Gemunu Jayewardene (not married)

                 6  Lakdasa Jayewardene + Srimathi

                     7  Srimathi (England/Bahamas) + Name Not Known

                         8  Ruwan (England)

                         8  Laknath (Sandhurst -

                     7  Veronica +

                         8  Name Not Known

                     7  Devasrini + Name Not Known

                                   8  Name Not Known

            5  Alick Jayewardene + Euginie Seneratne

                6  Neena Jayewardene+  Pastor Abeyratne Dissanayake, 7th day Adventist Pastor

                    7  Name Not Known

                    7  Name Not Known

                    7  Name Not Known

            5  Winfield Jayewardene Lawyer + Zenobia Jayesekera;  2nd  wife: Shirley Holsinger (Burger)

  6 Jennifer Jayewardene (lived in Canada, went back to Sri Lanka and mysteriously disappeared) + Alavi Mohideen

      7 Shaheed Mohideen (in Canada)


     3  Eliza Wijesinghe Jayewardene (by 1st wife)  … heir + William Goonetileke, scholar and lawyer p.361  A History of Sri Lanka Vol. 2 by KM De Silva [husband bought Jayawadene Walauwa] 

William Goonetilleke b. 1834. D. 1893 was brother of famous Moses Goonetilleke. Book: The ‘Grand Tour’ of the British Princes… Albert Victor Christian Edward (Duke of Clarence and Avondale)

        4  Jessie Alice Goonetilleke d. 1914 age 49 in Singapore + James Alfred Wijeyekoon teacher Colombo, then Singapore

        4  Sybil Jane Goonetilleke

        4  Dr Frederick William Goonetilleke/Gunatilleke MRCS, LRCP. Residence Rantapura, Kandy, Singapore, UK. + Maud Constance Perera/Pereira.

        4  James Alexander Goonetilleke b:1871. D:1896

        4  Laura Helen Goonetilleke/Gunatilleke

        4  Adelaid Victoria Goonetilleke d:1896 unmarried

        4  Florence Gertrude Goonetilleke


       3  Charlotte Wijesinghe Jayewardene (by 1st wife) + Cornelis Wijesinghe

              4  Henrietta Merriah Wijesinghe + Randolph Wijesinghe Jayewardene  teacher   [See above, son of Adrian Philip Wijesinghe Jayewardene] ??  Does this fit here?

        3  2nd spouse of Charlotte Wijeyesinghe Jayewardene + Abraham Gooneratne


[Kuruwita Rajakaruna Weerawickrama Wasala Mudiyanselage Siriwardena]

            4  Son Pattu Mudaliyar

                5  Sarah Wijeyesinghe Gooneratne + Cyril Wijesinghe Jayewardene (Thilekesiri’s father’s brother)

            4  James Alfred Wijeyesinghe Gooneratne m:1886 + Isabelle Jeronimus +  2nd Anne Delgoda Kumarihamy. Her grandfather was Delgoda Dissawa. (Contact Sheannal Anthony Obeyesekere for more info)

            4  Jane Harriet Wijeyesinghe Gooneratne b.1875 + Julius David Condrad Wijeyesinghe Kachchery Muhandiram Kurunegala in 1907

            4  Aida Wijeyesinghe Gooneratne + Ameresekere?

            4  Henrietta Meriah Wijeyesinghe Gooneratne from Marawila + Randolph Morgan Wijesinghe Jayewardene teacher. Son of Adrian Philip Wijesinghe Jayewardene

            4  Abraham Jonathan Wijeyesinghe Gooneratne + Mohandiramge Annie Margret Rodrigo from Navala.


        3  James Alfred Wijesinghe Jayewardene (son by 1st wife)   Proctor, (Equivalent to Solicitor), Deputy Coroner of Colombo b. 1845? d:1888 at age 43 + Ms. Cornelia Matilda Wijekoon from Kalutara (d/o Muhandiram,  ‘Bismarck’ Brother William Lawyer see above  Vilegoda/Vileygoda Wauwe), later Mudaliyar Wijekoon?– Twentieth Centiry Impressions of Ceylon, see   [Did Cornelia Matilda marry a 2nd time - after James Alfred died? ]    

            4  Hector Alfred Wijesinghe Jayewardene, b:22-Jul-1870, d:16-Oct-1913 (Eldest) Bought back properties in Chilaw and Grandpass belonging to Don Adrian, b:22-Jul-1870. Educated at St. Benedicts College, Wesley College, and Royal College, Colombo. Proctor 1893. Member New Bazaar ward CMC 1895. Works include “The Law of Mortgage in Ceylon”, 1905. d:16-Oct-1913. The most successful of all the brothers. (Rose to prominence as an advocate in 1893) Won election to the Colombo Municipal Council in 1897 and held the position for nearly 20 years. Possessed great oratory skills in English…and was involved in the 1st national political election helping candidate P. Ramanathan get a seat in the national legislature.    Not married


            4  Colonel Theodore Godfrey Wijesinghe Jayewardene, b:17-Jun-1872, d:1945, Engineer, Educated at Royal College, Colombo. Hony. Secy. Royal College OBU. JP. Life Member, Royal Asiatic Society. Asst. Engineer PWD 1895. Civil Engineer 1900. Private CLI 1889. Major 1908. Military Intelligence Officer 1921. He became the first Ceylonese commanding officer of the Ceylon Light Infantry and reached the rank of Colonel, the highest rank a Ceylonese could achieve in the colonial era. He was elected to the State Council of Ceylon in 1933-1936 + Lena Attygalle, [daughter of??? brother of Francis Dixon Attygalle who was murdered and where John Kotelawala, father of Sir John, was accused and tried but committed suicide before the conclusion,] m:Feb-1905. (Family # 3119)

5  TF  (Freddy) Jayewardene Major TF Jayewardene –Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of ……  (not sure what Minister). p.291.  Rural Sociologist and also an expert in business and agriculture. p. 1671  There are 23 pages mentioning his name. Book:  Parliamentary Debates Vol. 12 Issue 1-20

 + 1st wife Philis Geraldine Gunesekera (a descendant of Udunuwara Urulawatte Wijesundera Perera Family # 3128 relative of Queenie Violet Paranavitane and same Paranavitana family as related to Muthulakshmi/Lakshmi Jayasundera, wife of Felix R.Dias Bandaranaike Family #  and her sister Malkanthi married to Gamini Wikremenayake)

          6  Thilaka Dayanthi Jayawardene + Lokukankanange Don Cecil Edward Waidyaratne (later the 12th Commander of the Sri Lankan Army) on April 11th 1964.

 + 2nd wife: Maureen de Costa?

                             6  Dharshini Jayawardene + Name Not Known

                  5  Effie Jayewardene + Carlton Corea of Chilaw (1903-??) ( Civil Servant. He married 2 times. Effie was his 1st wife.  He is a descendant of Dona Johanna Jayewardene Seneviratne above).

                             6  Nirmal Asoka Corea (Engineer) +   Elfie (Austrian)

                                    7  Gihan Asoka Corea
                                    7  Anusha Corea

                             6  Lakshma Corea not married  math teacher, tutored Prince Charles. Deceased

                             6  Damayanthi Corea + Harindra Corea former MP  (div)

                                      7  daughter

                  5  Margie Jayewardene + Wijemanne (They had a few children)

                  5  Celia Jayewardene + Name Not Known

                  5  Sheri Jayewardene + Name Not Known (They had children)                           


        4  Justice Eugene Wilfred Jayewardene KC, b:11-Jun-1874 at Kalutara, d:28-Nov-1932, Educated at Royal College, Colombo. Actg. Private Secretary to Justice Granier, 1897. Called to the English bar, Inner Temple, 1908. President, law Students’ Union. Actg. DJ, Police Magistrate. Commissioner of Requests 1906. Member of the Legal Council of Education. Additional DJ (1910-1911), Member CMC 1920, Judge May 1928. Vice President SSC. Took a leading role in the in the revision and comparison of the new Criminal Procedure Code, 1881. + Agnes Helen Don Philip Wijewardena, m:1905 (d/o Don Philip Tudugala Wijewardena) who’s history goes back to  the days of the Kandyan Kingdom if not earlier to those of the Kotte kings. He had 3 ancestors who had served King Rajasinha II. Moved to Maitland Crescent in Cinnamon Gardens in Colombo. Thereafter he moved to "Park House" on Park Street where the family lived for 25 years. Park House was a huge mansion built on an extent of 2.5 acres of land situated about half a mile from Victoria Park. Its distinctive feature was a large verandah and seven bedrooms and a dining hall that could accommodate a 100 guests. [3062]

                Junius Richard Jayewardene 1906-1996, b:Sep-17-1906 at Park House on Park Street, Colombo 2. Aka Dick or Dickie & Junius after his paternal uncle Junius Quintus Jayawardena, Richard after his maternal uncle Don Richard Wijewardena, a lawyer by profession, who lived at Park House with the Jayaewardena family. Educated a Royal College, Colombo.  Prime Minister (1977–78) and President (1978–88) of Sri Lanka. Active in Sri Lankan politics since the early 1940s, he was a founding member of the United National Party. Supporting a new presidential constitution (1978), he stressed free-market, pro-Western policies and large-scale development and won elections in 1977 and 1982. In 1983, however, he was unable to prevent civil war between Tamils and majority Sinhalese; the unrest continued through the remainder of his presidency, despite Indian intervention (1987). + Elina Bandara Rupesinghe, b:1913, d:Nov 17 2007, d/o Mr & Mrs G. L. Rupasinghe, founder member of “Seva Vanitha” Unit in Sri Lanka.

JAYEWARDENA - MRS. ELINA V. Beloved wife of late President JR Jayewardena and mother of Ravi and mother-in-law of Penny, grandmother of Pradip, Rukshan and Amrik, passed away peacefully. Cremation will take place on Sunday the 18th November 2007 at 6.00 p.m. at General Cemetery - Kanatte. Cortege leaves residence at 5.00 p.m. She is 94 years of age. She is the daughter of late Mr & Mrs G.L. Rupasinghe, and the founder member of “Seva Vanitha” Unit in Sri Lanka. Address: “Braemar”, 66, Ward Place, Colombo 7. DN Mon Nov 19 2007

                    6  Ravi Jayawardena + Charmaine Vanderkoen (Family # 7001, 5036) [2nd spouse of Charmaine = Ricky Mendis]

                        7  Pradip Jayewardene + Shan Corea , d/o Nihal Corea & Gilian Ondaatchi

                        7  Rukshan Jayewardene

                        7  Amrik Jayewardene

                    6  2nd spouse of Ravi Jayawardena + Penny White, Air Hostess

            5  Corbert Edward Jayewardene, b:13-Mar-1908, d:23-Mar-1981 Proctor  (later SEDEWATTE DHARMARUCHI THERA)    [Previously He was married and had daughter Amitha]

            5  EW Jayewardene (Wilmot), b:1921 + Miss Gooneratne

6  Prasanna Wijesinghe Jayewardene, (Author, Hotelier, Environmentalist ?)

                  6  Name Not Known

                  6  Name Not Known

            5  Dulcie Jayewardene 1913-1986 (President Colombo Ladies League for 16 years, member Soroptimist International Organization, UK, member Prisons Project)  d:31-Dec-1985 + F.A. (Rick) Abeywardena (Crown Advocate, Galle) (Family #3025)

                6  Name Not Known

            5  Harry Wilfred Jayewardene, QC, Dr b:3-Nov-1916, d:20-Apr-1990

b:3-Nov-1916. Educated at Royal College, Colombo. Called to the Bar, SC 18-Mar-1941, QC 1954, LLD (Hons) University of Colombo, 1985. Life Member bar Association. President Sri lanka Bar Association. First President, Law Association. President Organization of Professionals Association. Vice President Commonwealth Law Association. Chairman Industrial Disputes Commission. UN Human Rights Commission. D:20-Apr-1990 + Claribel E. Fernando  married 1946 (info from : THE INTERNATIONAL Who’s Who 1990-1991 Europa Publications Ltd.)

                6  Dr HW Jayewardene + H M T Panita-Gunewardene 

                     7  HW Jayewardene

                     7  SD Jayewardene (Married to A M E La Brooy (Burgher heritage)

                         8  KAL Brooy

                         8  TA La Brooy)

                     7  EW Jayawardene (Married Vikki Boulton (Anglo/Australian heritage)

                         8  EW Jayewardene

                         8  TG Jayewardene

                         8  HW Jayewardene)

                     7  SD Jayewardene


           5  Dr Rolly P Jayewardene, b:1918, d:11 Nov 1999, MD, MRCP and FRCP, Senior Physician of the General Hospital, Colombo. Director-General at NARESA (Natural Resources Energy and Science Authority) which has now been replaced by the NSF (Natural Science Foundation). +  Dr Gladys, Chairperson, State Pharmaceutical Corporation, PhD in Parasitology from University of London. The first woman to be the Director of The Medical Research Institute.

                 6  Name Not Known

                 6  Name Not Known

           5  MM (MB?) Jayewardene (Monty), b:1920 + Lashmie Silva

                 6  Lalith Jayewardene + Preethi Fernando
                       7  daughter
                       7  daughter

                 6  Lalindra Jayewardene + Nirmala Peiris
                       7  Dhanushka Jayewardene                                  
                       7  Darshika Jayewardene                                  
                       7  Janitha Jayewardene

            Girlie (Eugenie) Jayewardene + S C (Shirley) Corea Lawyer and Parlimentarian [Son of C E Corea, politician. P. 64 and 134 of K.M. De Silva’s book re JR.]

           5  2nd spouse of Girlie (Eugenie) Jayewardene +  Danny Weeratunga, Lawyer from Matara

                 6  Anil Weeratunga +  Ayanthi Jayewardene

           5  Rohini Jayewardene 1925 – 1932

           5  Ione Jayewardene b.1932 + NW Athukorale

           5  Winstone Jayewardene 1915 – 1980  died in England     

       4  John Adrian St. Valentine W Jayewardene, b:14-Feb-1877. Educated at Royal College, Colombo, Barrister at Law, Inner Temple. Advocate Supreme Court of Ceylon, March 1901. Founder Member CNC, 1919. DL Colombo 1922-1924. Actg. Puisne Justice March 1923. SC Judge. Author of ‘The Law of Partion of Ceylon’ and ‘Roman-Dutch Law of Ceylon’. d:Jun-1927 + Ethel Charlotte Irene (m.1906) only daughter of Mudaliyar and Mrs. Francis William Tillekeratne Dyssanayake (Dissanayake) of Matara and a descendant of one of the oldest Southern Province families in Ceylon. (Their residence: Chateau Jubilee, Ward Place). P. 574-575 Twentieth Century Impressions book.

           5  Clodagh Jayawardene  (politician) + (1st husband a Perera -div.)  2nd   Mr.  Jayesuriya?   (book: Women in our legislature by Chitra Wijesekera).  

               6  Sepala Perera

               6  Nisanka Perera

               6  Nalini Perera

               6  Kamini Perera


       4  Justus Sextus Wijesinghe Jayewardene, b:28-Jan-1881, d:1928 Educated at Royal College, Colombo. President Literary Club. Editor, Royal College Magazine. Admitted to the Bar 1904. Practiced in Galle and Colombo. Works include “Elements of Jurisprudence”. Ran for political office.      Not married.


       4  Agnes Beatrice Jayewardene (youngest daughter) + Philip Leechman ? Wijesinghe Jayewardene  Proctor Chilaw and landed Proprietor. (also lived in Marawila) See above for his parents. His father was Philip Wijesinghe Jayewardene. His mother was Eliza Caroline Gooneratne.  Brother of Abraham Wijesinghe Jayewardene (see below).   

[Proctor, Chilaw? from Book: "The Life of Colonel T.G. Jayewardene by O.E. Martinus published in 1941]

          5  Hector Adrian Wijesinghe Jayewardene, (Did law….and passed away before his final exams); + Pearly

              6  Hector Jr. Wijesinghe Jayewardene in Colombo (was in Marawila) +

          5  Alfred Wijesinghe Jayewardene   never married.

          5  Fitzroy Philip Wijesinghe Jayewardene  (eldest son) + Justicia Udunuwara Uralawatte Perera (3128)   Justicia worked for Red Cross, even in 2nd World War. She died young in 1946 or 1947, saving another woman from being electrocuted. [ Justicia saw a woman with a pole trying to pick fruit. That pole hit a light pole or wire. Justicia went to save her, but got killed herself. ] Justicia and Fitzroy Philip were relatives (not sure if it is through the Corea family…ie. both families seem to have Corea wives). 

             6  Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayewardene + Anthony William Perera  Samarasinghe ( see Family # 3128)                                            

                 7  Anne Marie  (St. Bridget’s, Colombo, Dominican Convent, Af. Degree from Canada)

                 7  Shani  (St. Bridget’s,.. Accomplished  ) + Roy P. (Canadian)

 +  2nd hus: C. D.

                 7   Sonali  (School: St. Bridget’s, ……) Lendon C. (Canadian heritage)

                 7  Thushara + (of Canadian heritage)

8  Sierra     

                 7  Tamara  (Degree and part Masters from Canada) + Name Not Known                            


        4  Cornelia Laetitia Jayewardene (or Dorothy?) + Villiers Augustus Hay De Saram  Police Inspector.  He was born 1884  married  on 19 Jun 1913 in Holy Trinity Church, Colombo.   (Villiers A. Hay De Saram’s father: Richard Francis De Saram  born about 1858 in Ceylon.   His mother was Selina Louisa Dickman).    See De Saram Family # 3126

             5  Frederick (Jayewardene) de Saram  (Police Inspector? ) + Ivy Jayewardene (daughter of  Felix Jayewardene & Aileen (Zelda?)) Jayewardene, 1st cousins who married)

6  Sirimani de Saram, MP, Minister Sri Lanka Government (died) + Lalith Athulathmudali, [Lalith William Samarasekera Athulathmudali]MP, Minister Sri Lanka Government  (assassinated)

                                    7  Serala Athulathmudali

                      6  Sriyani de Saram +  Nimal Amerasekera Family # 3128 Perera descendant.

                                    7  Niroshini Amerasekera + Todd Zaharako (USA - of Greek heritage)

                                    7  Shayami Amerasekera + Ronald Ristaino (USA - of Italian heritage)

                                             8  Dominic Ristaino

                                    7  Chevonni Amerasekera + Gehan De Alwis

                       6  Siromi de Saram + Ray Leonard (USA)

                                    7  Ray Leonard + Stacey

                                             8  Katelyn Leonard

                                             8  Joshua Leonard

                                             8  Amber Leonard

                                             8  Olivia Leonard

                                     7  Leona Leonard

                                             8  Sydney Leonard

                                     7  Ramona Leonard


                      6  Hareen  de Saram* (Deceased)               


4  Jane Matilda Jayewardene (Eldest in the family)+ Abraham Wijesinghe Jayewardene  Notary, landed Proprietor See above for his parents. Brother of Philip Jayewardene who was husband of Agnes Jayewardene.   House Maligawe in Madape

                 5 Concy Jayewardene single

                 5 HHA Jayewardene Lawyer in Chilaw + Greta Obeysekera

                      6 Hemamali  Jayewardene + Armyne (Armine?) Weerasinghe

                             7 Anushka Weerasinghe  USA


                 5 May Jayewardene (in Madampe) + Stanley Jayewardene 1st cousin ( father  Gabriel Wijesinghe Jayewardene, Son of Cornelis ….see above #3) 

                           6 Carmini [fashion designer] died 2011?  unmarried.  **                           

                           6 Anula   not married

                           6 Kingsley Jayewardene + Thillekesiri Jayewardene (2nd cousin) daughter of Stanley  Wijesinghe Jayewardene, his father  Randolph Jayewardene. (….see above #4)   Kingsley bought House Maligawe in Madape from Mrs. HHA Jayewardene.

                                7 Hemantha Senake + Miss Karunanayake Silva from Ragama

                                        8 Dharmantha Tharusi

                                        8 Adrian

                                        8 Edgar Ishan

                                7  Usha Swarnapali + Pushpakumara Silva from Panadura 

                                        8 Thilothma

                                        8 Thiagi Amaya

                                        8 Thiloththama

                                 7 Manori Sharmaine + Chaminda Thilekeratne Bandara  


                           6 Swarna  died 1960’s  not married


             4  Junius Quintus Jayawardena, d:21 Apr 1906 after suffering a heart attack at Polonnaruwa,   Not married


1  2nd spouse of Don Adrian Wijesinghe Jayewardene (Tombi Mudaliyar) aka "Nanale Militie Muidyanse' of Wolvendaal 1768-1830: + Dona Christina Corea of Grandpass (d/o Colombage Neseyge Christoffel Corea Padikaare Muhandiramge),  (d/o )m:22-Nov-1807, See Twentieth Century Impressions of Ceylon by Arnold Wright for details re. this family

* ”JR Jayewardene of Sri Lanka’ Vol. 1  by KM DeSilva and Howard Wriggins.





Need to find out where  these people fit…


  From Wolvendaal Church records on LDS family research website (baptism record index p. 239]


0. Don Simon Jayewardene b. circa 1725? + Dona Ursula

        1 Don Salomon baptized 24/8/1749


0. Louis Jayewardenege + Babitja Hamie  

        1  Samuel  baptized 1/12/1805




Need to find out if this is a relative or not: 

GOONARATNA - DONA LEELAWATHI Beloved wife of late Post Master Aurthur Vernon Perera Abayasekara Goonaratna of Wilegoda Walauwa Kalutara North. Beloved mother of Chandrika Piyadasa (formerly Sujatha Vidyalaya, Kalutara North), late Ashoka Goonaratna (formerly Grama Niladhari), Dananjaya Goonaratna (formerly Tractor Corporation), Keerthi Goonaratna (Nugegoda Post Office), Ajith Goonaratna (Ministry of Defence), Udeni Goonaratna (Sri Lanka Army), beloved mother-in-law of Luxman Piyadasa, Donagreta Weerasinghe, Chandrika Amarasinghe, Gothami Goonaratna, Dumithi Shamali Abewardena. The funeral will take place on Monday the 25th May 2009. For further details: 0342235034, 0602302759




Need to find out where in the Jayewardene tree these people fit…

From: de Alwis Family # 3137 and Bandaranayake family # 1001

7  Alexandra Dias Bandaranaike + Leo de Alwis. (lived at Samudragiri Walauwwa Mt Lavinia)

                           8 Alwis + Earl Jayawardena/ Jayewardene

                              9  Amal Jayawardena









obituary: DN Wed Aug 8 2007

DIAS BANDARANAIKE - ALICK Brother of late Leonard, expired August first. Burial took place on August 2nd. He is survived by his wife Delicia (Dela) and son Arun and sister Ruby Obeyesekere. Friends and relatives, please accept this intimation. 49, Kelanimulla, Angoda





   Women in our legislature


Chitra Wijesekera - 1995 - 283 pages - Snippet view

Clodagh was the only child of Justice John Adrian St. Valentine Jayawardena, who was the third in a family of five brothers who all entered the ... (Ceylon). He joined the Inner Temple and was called to the English bar in July 1905. ... - More editions - Add to My Library - In My Library: Change



The INTERNATIONAL who's who: 1990-91


Europa Publications Limited - 1990 - 1772 pages - Snippet view

JAYEWARDENE, Hector Wilfred, Qc; Sri Lankan lawyer; b. 3 Nov. 1916, Colombo; s. of EW Jayewardene, Kc and Agnes H. Wijewardene; m. Claribel E. Fernando 1946; one s. four d.; ed. Royal Coll. Colombo and Sri Lanka Law Coll.; called to Bar ... - More editions - Add to My Library


S.D. and the family roots in Sri Lankan politics


Somasiri Wickramasinghe, Nilmal Wickramasinghe - 2005 - 405 pages - Snippet view

Cornelia Matilda Wijesekera - 322 Jayewardena. C'ornalia - 322 Jayewardena. Don Abraham Wijesinghe - 321.322 Jayewardena. Don Adrian Wijesinghe - 321 Jayewardena. Elina Rupasinghe - 248.331 Jayewardena. Elisa - 322 Jayewardena. ... - Add to My Library - In My Library: Change



[Son of or brother of Danny Weeratunga?] :  General Tissa Indraka (Bull) Weeratunga, born on August 29, 1930 and was educated at Royal College Colombo, d:Nov 2003, Colombo, joined SL Army on Oct 11, 1949, commissioned in the rank of Second Lieutenant on August 2, 1951 and posted to Ceylon Light Infantry, was promoted to the rank of Brigadier on December 1, 1977 and appointed Inspector of Training of the Army, appointed Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army on March 1979 and while holding this appointment he functioned as Commander Security Forces, Jaffna from 13 July 1979 to December 31, 1979, Commander of Sri Lanka Army from Oct 14, 1981-Nov 2, 1985, appointed the General Officer Command of the Joint Operation Command on February 11, 1985, promoted to the rank of General on August 29, 1989, appointed by President J R Jayewardene, his uncle, as Sri Lanka High Commissioner to Canada in 1986. + Sonia Paul


WEERATUNGA - GENERAL TISSA INDRAKA (Bull) VSV, ndc. Dearly beloved husband of Sonia, precious father of Rohan and Samanthi, Ajith and Sumudu, Annouchka and Terrence, darling seeya of Shanaya, Kiyara, Hashan, Arvindh and Amrita, brother-in-law of Kumar and Gloria Paul, Maurice and Pamela Rode, expired. Cortege leaves residence at 2.00 p.m. on Sunday 9th November for Cremation with full Military Honours at General Cemetery Kanatte at 4 p.m. 25/23 A, Jayapura Mawatha, Beddegana Road South, Pita Kotte No flowers by request. All donations to Lt. Gen. Denzil Kobbekaduwa Trust. Nov 9 2003

                        7  Rohan Weeratunga + Samanthi

                        7  Ajith Weeratunga + Sumudu

                        7  Annouchika Weeratunga + Terrence

Anil +



RESEARCH done by: Anne-Marie Samarasinghe



JAYEWARDENE Seal (thanks to Sunil Wanigatunga for submitting this photo) 









*Devoted son and friend of all

Hareen de Saram

When my son's e-mail to me in Manila last Tuesday, started with "Some very sad news…" I knew that Hareen, my youngest cousin, was gone forever ending our long association, which started from our childhood. He was more a friend than a relative.

Hareen's death was not totally unexpected but when the stark reality that I would not see him again hit me, it moved me to tears. The only solace was that he enjoyed life as long as he lived and death was to him a relief from the extreme pain and suffering that many of his malfunctioning organs gave him.

Hareen had some sterling qualities. The finest example of which was his devoted caring for his mother who, like him, suffered a painful illness for a long time. Throughout this period, Hareen cared for Aunty Ivy as I have not seen any son do. Hareen was fortunate that he had a close family with three sisters who loved him dearly. His sisters, in these last few months, took great pains to try and pull him through. However, as he told an aunt on the phone from a Singapore hospital earlier this month, "God wants me up there." I am sure that this was God's plan.

Hareen, a bachelor, considered all his close relatives his own family and was interested in the welfare of everyone. All his nephews and nieces were extremely fond of him especially because he could relate to them easily. Hareen was a good friend and likewise he had some good friends who are going to miss him dearly. Rarely do people like Hareen pass through this world. We who knew him were lucky to have been there when he did.

From far off Manila, I can only say, "Farewell Hareen. I loved you. May you find that peace in Heaven which only God can give."
- Jayantha J.

DN 30.11.2005

Appreciation - Srimani Athulathmudali

One year has passed, the spirit of Srimani floats through our lives, but the realisation that she is physically no more upon this earth in the form we knew still very hard to come to terms with.

Srimani was so many things to different people, but not a contradiction. Frederick and Ivy De Saram's daughter, sister of Sriyani, Siromi and later little brother Hareen, was her first role, De Saram by name but more Jayewardene by blood for three of her grandparents were Jayewardenes.

Born with the commanding gene of the De Saram and Jayewardene Mudaliyar ancestors, the gentle loving, caring heart was entirely her own. The title 'the most practically caring person' earned by her over the years with so many acts big and small were linked directly to the heart.

Very beautiful like her mother, grandmother and greatbgrandmother before her, she never allowed this to be a handicap either positively or negatively. She was her own person and marriage to Laith and the birth of Serala must be the two greatest gifts she received from the God she was so familiar with and whom she believed in absolutely, with no reservation.

She became comfortable with her husband's faith and politics. Her beautiful world opened out as she walked on centre stage with the brilliant yet quite simple and gentle private person Lalith, with Serala always in tow.

Tragedy which stalked the land and was a curse to take our best, left her widowed after only just over a decade of marriage. A high spirited loving child was all that was left even though a resounding victory at the polls and a Cabinet portfolio became hers.

Well before her sixtieth year illness took her away and those of us with still some distance to go in this world will be left with moist eyes for a long time at the memory of the free and happy spirit called Srimani who injected sunshine into our lives, who now by her faith and actions must be in green pastures with so many whom she loved and who loved her.

Prasanna Wijesinghe Jayewardene, Rosmead Place, Colombo 7

Two novels and ten hotels in the offing

By Chitra Weerasinghe

He has just finished writing his second novel - `The King who keeps his crown' - based on a fictitious island in the Indian Ocean; one which has an ideal social structure and peace as its only priority.

He is Prasanna Wijesinghe Jayewardene the author, hotelier, environmentalist - a man of many convictions who professes a great love for this, his motherland and within which island's framework, he says, he has been able to do what he has always wished - no matter how far he has succeeded.

Since leaving Trinity College, Kandy after completing his schooling, he obtained a diploma in hotel management and tourism from Salzburg's Klessheim Hotel School in Austria; lived and worked in ten countries among them France, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Austria, Malaysia, Maldives, Seychelles and in Karachi when it was Pakistan's capital and completely different to what it presently is as Islamabad.

Now, basking in the glory of his experiences and, probably achievements; and having put his thoughts on paper, he is dreaming of the time when what he visualises for Sri Lanka will become a reality.

What made him focus on peace as being a country's sole priority in this, his second novel (not about Sri Lanka) - the first titled `A journey forward' was based on the Sri Lanka of a couple of decades ago seen through the eyes of a foreigner visiting this country for the first time to attend the funeral of his father?

That peace is what his heart aches for I was able to gather as I sat talking with him one poya afternoon at the Hilton Colombo's Thorana Lounge. I enjoyed listening to him philosophise, fantasise, and convey useful messages of wisdom preached and practised by sages and men whom he admired.

The Dalai Lama maintains that a human being is essentially a good person; that violence is only a surface emotion and that deep down in a person's heart he yearns for goodness and a sense of value; and also that if you look at a person from a positive angle as the Dalai Lama constantly reminds us, then the vast majority of people will also react positively towards you, he said.

That then is the theme on which he bases his story and weaves subtly into it the threads of his thinking on the environment and its biodiversity.


A society can, taking into consideration the inherent good in a person, engage him in helping preserve the environment and its biodiversity and so to be one with nature as human beings are expected to live, says Jayewardene a keen and committed environmentalist who boasts of having held a leopard in his hands when it was a cub and which cub he nurtured till full grown at the time he was General Manager at Negombo's Brown Beach Hotel.

``It slept in bed with me and my wife. But today keeping most forms of wildlife in domestication is banned," he said.

Jayewardene's love for the environment and for wildlife stems from that great concern his ancestors spanning three generations (as far as he could remember) had for plants and animals.

His father, E.D.W. Jayewardene was an officer in the British Army and a man who had captained the University Rugby team; represented the CR & FC and Ceylon at Rugby; was also the author of two books `Water Gardening in Ceylon' and `Sinhalese Masks. More importantly he was a great believer in the peaceful co-existence of people, plants and animals in the environment. He lived in some of the jungles in Sri Lanka besides the towns. And he created the right environment in the home for his family to imbibe and take to his great love and interest in nature.

Is it not natural then, for Jayewardene to seize every opportunity he possibly could to express his concern for the environment?

And how could you forget those days when he was General Manager of the Mount Lavinia Hotel, the time he spent ensuring the cleanliness of the hotel's vicinity, the nearby railway station and roads? He even roped in the residents of the area to join him in his shramadana campaigns of the beach and the streets where they lived.

How many hours does he spend writing and how did he find the time to do so with all his work, interests and social service activities?

I never take myself too seriously and think I am so busy that I cannot think of anything else. Everyone is busy in his/her own way and you must not think of yourself as being busier than the other person. That is what I learned from former President JRJayewardene.

He says he socialises but not too much; that he shifts his priorities as the need arises and that he does fulfil his social and family obligations and spends profitabily whatever time he has - focusing, of course, on his happiness - a priority in any person's life. But all in all he devotes two to three hours a day to his writing.

And that is not all. He has lots more things to do and lots more things happening.

Having had considerable experience in running skiing hotels, city hotels, resort hotels and jungle hotels, he is now in the throes of planning and building yet another type- lifestyle hotels. He has planned ten such hotels in areas like Hambantota, Maskeliya, Wilpattu, Trincomalee, Maduru Oya Jaffna and a few other locations which he was averse to disclose until all the customary procedures have been complied with and completed.

But `Elephant Corridor' a lifestyle designer 24- all suite Boutique Hotel - the first of this series of ten and a unique blend of art and architecture located in the wilds of Sigiriya is almost ready and he is awaiting that most opportune time in tourism this year - that is when tourists will once again begin to trickle in greater numbers, to open its doors to them. It is an exclusive, upmarket, luxurious boutique hotel for the discerning visitor and affords him the opportunity of being with nature and studying and watching the flora and fauna there, he says.

What I can do for Sri Lanka from my side is to pioneer a new generation of hotels and project Sri Lanka which when looked at objectively is a great destination - a very attractive girl on the beach as it were; but we must remember and he quotes Dr Anandatissa de Alwisd as saying ``we are not the only girl on the beach. We must make our girl attractive and scintillating.'

Jayewardene talks of the location for a hotel as being of paramount importance. It is priority number one. priority number two and priority number three - a view, he says, expressed by a famous international hotelier and it is the specific features of each location that he wishes to bring out and capitalise on in his boutique hotels.

You design a hotel within a particular location - primarily to enhance that area and improve the living standards of its people - but without damaging or destroying that area and also bearing in mind that a hotel has a shelf life unlike that of land - the shelf life depending on the eventual demand of the market.

Three other hotels besides the `Elephant Corridor' are in the process of being developed. They are the `Leopard Mountain' in the tea estates of Maskeliya and `Flamingo Plain' amidst the sea and paddy fields of Hambantota.

Jayewardene has met the Dabane Veddas in Mahiyangana to ensure whether he could integrate his hotel with the vedda population and to see how he may introduce their dances and rituals for the benefit of tourists.

I want to give the tourists the opportunity of getting married, if they wish, in traditional veddha style. And he has managed to pick up a few words of andarademala (the gypsy language) as disclosed to him by Lalith Athulathmudali.

Having been to Jaffna as a schoolboy and still remembering his father drawing his attention to the architecture and other attractive features - culture and people of Yalapalam; having seen the varying terrain from palm trees to beaches, visited islands like Delft with its ponies and Nagadipa, he has already embarked on plans for achieving his desire for a hotel there. He has named it the `Peninsular Beach Hotel' and it will be located in Casurina Beach. It will serve as a city hotel and an airport hotel and all that stems from his optimism that peace is at hand.

Pradeep Jayewardene's House –


Until their home was totally destroyed by fire at the end of the 1980s, the Jayewardene family enjoyed the use of an old coconut estate bungalow perched high on the red cliffs that frame the eastern side of Weligama Bay on the south coast of Sri Lanka. In 1997 Bawa was asked by J. R. Jayewardene's grandson, Pradeep, to design a replacement. The site lies at the end of a steep track off the main Galle-to-Matara road. After a short climb, the noise of the traffic is left far behind and a final twist in the track reveals a breathtaking view westwards across the bay and a grove of coconut palms, silhouetted against the sky. On closer inspection a platoon of black columns can be discerned among the coconut trunks, a thin horizontal roof floating amongst their fronds: a simple pleasure pavilion stands on a stepped plinth. The roof is a galvanized steel deck sloping gently southwards and supported on three rows of six concrete-encased columns: there are no walls, no doors, no windows, no shutters. Part of the plinth is raised to accommodate a lower bedroom level and this raised area creates a place for sitting, while the lower floor is dominated by a huge dining table that rests on an old electricity generator, a remnant from the original bungalow. An enclosed stairway leads down to a half-buried space containing service areas and bedrooms that open onto a lower courtyard.

The house is separated in time from the A. S. H. de Silva House by almost forty years, but they are two points on the same journey. Both consist in essence of a roof inserted into a landscape to exclude sun and rain while admitting cooling currents of air. It may be that one house is simply a distillation of the other or that it takes forty years to gain the confidence to strip things down to their bare essentials.

Soon after the house was completed, the following poem was written by Michael Ondaatje, the uncle of Pradeep Jayewardene's wife:

House on a Red Cliff, 26 January 1998 There is no mirror in Mirissa the sea is in the leaves the waves are in the palms old language in the arms of the casurina pine parampara, parampara from generation to generation The flamboyant a grandfather planted having lived through fire lifts itself over the roof unframed
the house an open net where night concentrates on a breath on a step
a thing or gesture we cannot be attached to just the long, the short, the difficult minutes of night's phenomena where even in darkness there is no horizon without a tree just a boat's light in the leaves A last footstep before formlessness (Ondaatje 1998)

Source: Robson, David. 2002. Geoffrey Bawa: The Complete Works. London: Thames and Hudson


Dr. Rolly dies

Sunday Times Nov 7 1999:

Dr. R. (Rolly) P. Jayewardene, one of Sri Lanka's most eminent and respected medical personalities died on Friday night and was cremated yesterday at the Colombo General Cemetery.

Dr. Jayewardene who was 81, was an MD, MRCP and FRCP. Having had a brilliant academic career at the Faculty of Medicine, he retired from public service as Senior Physician of the General Hospital, Colombo. In later years he was also a Director-General at NARESA (Natural Resources Energy and Science Authority) which has been replaced by the NSF (Natural Science Foundation). He was a younger brother of the late President JR Jayewardene. His wife, Gladys who was Chairperson of the State Pharmaceuticals Corporation predeceased him.




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JR Jayewardene           JRL with President Ronald Reagan of USA    JRJ

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Pictures sent in by:

Manjula de Livera

email -

3 Jul 2008

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     Husband of Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayewardene (son in law of Fitzroy Philip Wijeysinghe

       Jayewardene & Justicia Udunuwara Uralawatte Perera, father of Anne Marie Samarasinghe)



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Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayewardene (daughter of Fitzroy Philip Wijeysinghe Jayewardene & Justicia Udunuwara Uralawatte Perera, mother of Anne Marie)


Sat 8 Nov 2003

Gen. Tissa Weeratunga dies

General T.I. Weeratunga who served as the Commander of Sri Lanka Army from 1981 to 1985 and General Officer Commanding - Joint Operation Command passed away at his residence in Kotte yesterday.

Tissa Indika Weeratunga was born on August 29, 1930 and was educated at Royal College, Colombo.

General Weeratunga was among the first batch of Officer Cadets to join the Regular Force of the Army on October 11, 1949 after the formation of the Sri Lanka Army in independent Sri Lanka. After his initial training in the United Kingdom he was commissioned in the rank of Second Lieutenant on August 2, 1951 and posted to Ceylon Light Infantry.

Weeratunga was promoted to the rank of Brigadier on December 1, 1977 and appointed Inspector of Training of the Army.

He was appointed Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army on March 1979 and while holding this appointment he functioned as Commander Security Forces, Jaffna from 13 July 1979 to December 31, 1979.

He became the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army on October 14, 1981 and served until November 2, 1985. Then he was appointed the General Officer Command of the Joint Operation Command on February 11, 1985.

He was promoted to the rank of General on August 29, 1989.

After his career in the Sri Lanka Army he has also served as Sri Lanka's High Commissioner in Canada.

The body of Gen. Weeratunga now lies at his residence 25/23, Jayapura Mawatha, Beddagana South, Pitakotte.

The cortege will leave for General Cemetery, Kanatta, from residence at 3 p.m. tomorrow.

JAYEWARDENE, ADRIAN ST. VALENTINE The Law of Partition in Ceylon. Ordinances: Nos. 10 of 1863 and...
[Ceylon]. Jayewardene, Adrian St. Valentine. The Law of Partition in Ceylon. Ordinances: Nos. 10 of 1863 and 10 of 1897. Galle: Printed by the Albion Press Office, 1904. xiii, 108, xix pp. Octavo (6" x 8-1/2"). Original cloth, black-stamped titles to front board and spine. Some shelfwear and soiling, internally clean. Ex-library. Location label to spine, annotation in ink to front pastedown, small stamp to title page. A nice copy of a rare title. $450. * First edition. Partition law was unusually complicated in colonial Ceylon due to the peasant and tribal traditions that governed the transmission of agricultural land. "It is impossible to speak too highly of the exactitude and industry with which the scheme of the work has been carried out, and the author is to be congratulated, not only on having contributed a work of permanent value to the jurisprudence of the country, but also on having presented the experience of his country in a form which, it is to be hoped, will prove useful in other parts of the world.": Anton Bertram, Journal of Comparative Legislation and International Law (Third Series) 8 (1926) 156. (Review of the second edition.) OCLC locates 1 copy. Sweet & Maxwell, A Legal Bibliography of the British Commonwealth 7:218.
USD 450.00

Offered by: Lawbook Exchange - Book number: 51175

J R Jayewardene Center:

The Mural in the Auditorium

The Mural adorning the walls of the auditorium depicts the saga of a country whose sovereignty and independence were lost and subsequently regained. It tells the story of a few Kandyan Chiefs who conspired with the British to dethrone their King who was a Nayakkar of Indian origin and thereby retain power among themselves. By the time they realised their folly it was too late, for they had signed the Kandyan Convention and ceded the Kingdom over to the British. The aftermath of the cession was an angry resurgence and revolt by some national minded courageous men who ultimately paid with their lives.

After over a hundred years the revolt never really ended, this time not by arms and impulsive men, but by intelectual prowess of great patriotic men who pushed forward with a resolute determination and finally succeeded in regarding the lost sovereignty and independence and handed Sri Lanka over to their successors who fashioned the country to be equal among other intelectual nations of the world.

The mural begins, on the left wall, with the meeting of Gen. Macdowall by Pilimatalawe Dissawa on 12th March 1810. The second frame illustrates a discussion Sir John D' Oyly had with the Chief Ehelepola, Chief Molligoda and Adigar of Kapuwatte. The third frame depicts an instance inflamed by emotions of nationalism. 2nd March 1815 was the date fixed to sign the Kandyan Convention at the Magul Maduwa - the King's Court. Before even reading out the convention an English soldier hoisted the English flag - the Union Jack. This was an illegal gesture since the convention had not been signed at the moment. Enraged by this insolence Ven. Wariyapola Sumangala leapt to the flag staff, pulled the flag down and trampled it demanding "Who ordered you to do this. You have no right to hoist this flag yet!" The soldier with his sword drawn was about to strike the Thera when Sir John D' Oyly intervened, restrained the soldier and apologised to the monk.

The next frame illustrates, having dethroned the Nayakkar King, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe, and ceding the Kandyan Kingdom to King George III of Great Britain, the signing (with conditions) of the Kandyan Convention on 2nd of March 1815 by

Robert Brownrigg as the Commander-in-Chief of the King of England
and on behalf of the Kandyan People :-
Chief Ehelepola
Chief Adigar Molligoda
Second Adigar Pilimatalawwe
Dissawe of Four Korales, Pilimatalawwe Junior
Dissawe of Uva, Monerawila
Dissawe of Matale, Ratwatta
Molligoda Junior the Dissawe of Three Korales
Dullewa, Dissawa of Walapane
Dissawa of Wellassa and Bintenna and Galagama
Dissawa of Tamankaduwa
Galagoda, Dissawa of Nuwara Kalawiya

The Sinhala Chiefs sought the help of the British with the intention of crowning a Sinhala Buddhist as King. But their plans collapsed amidst the crafty machinations of Governor Brownrigg designed to firmly establish the British reign in Sri Lanka. Thus by signing the Convention the Sinhalese finally had to cede the Kandyan Kingdom which had been an independent, sovereign state for two thousand three hundred and fifty seven years.

The first struggle for liberation known as the 1817 Kandyan revolt led by Sinhalese hero Keppetipola is depicted in the next frame. The struggle failed and Keppetipola who was convicted as the man who initiated and organized the revolt was sentenced to death by decapitation. He was accordingly executed near the Bogambara tank.

In 1848 when the people of Matale and Seven Korales rose up against the rule of the British empire it was Gongalegoda Banda who led them. The British who suppressed the uprising took into custody Gongalegoda Banda the Leader and Kudapola Thero who assisted him and sentenced them to death. The first phase ends here, which was the armed struggle for liberation.

The mural on the right-side begins with the images of the Leaders who guided an anarchial, divided and helpless nation to raise its head again. When the foreigners were leading the country, nation and religion to ruination it was Anagarika Dharmapala who generated in minds of the Sinhalese the love for the nation and the religion. In 1886 Colonel Olcott and Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala Thera helped him to spread Buddhism. It was the cultural struggle launched by Dharmapala and other Buddhist leaders which laid the foundation for the background to gain independence in 1948. This mural consists of 18 frames and leads to the independent Sri Lanka of today.

Colonel Olcott and his wife, who came to Sri Lanka founded the Parama Vignana Buddhist Society. Hikkaduwe Sri Sumangala, Migettuwatte Gunananda Theras supported Colonel Olcott in founding Buddhist schools for Buddhist Children. He was the pioneer who designed the Buddhist flag with its shades acceptable to everybody. Gunananda Thera had delivered more than 5000 sermons including Liyanagemulla, Gampola and Panadura demolishing Christian arguments and thereby enlivening the Buddhist sentiments in the people.

The second frame depicts one of the most tragical events in recent history. William Henry Pedris was arrested on the false allegation of leading the 1915 revolt against the government and shot dead in public on 7th July 1915. This incident gave birth to the political reformation activities of Ceylon Reform League by Ponnambalam Arunachalam joining hands with F. R. Senanayake's Lanka Mahajana Sabhawa.

Frame 3 gives the portraits of the Pioneers of Ceylon National Congress
W.A. de Silva, Sir D. B. Jayatillake
Sir James Peiris, Sir Ponnambalam Arunachalam
E.W. Perera, E. W. Jayewardene
D. R. Wijewardene, F. R. Senanayake
S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike, T. B. Jayah
Walisinghe Harischandra, John de Silva

Frame 4 depicts a symbol of Appreciation by a grateful Nation
On a tour of England Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan made several speeches, seminars etc requesting a Westminster type government to Sri Lanka. He explained the correct position of the 1915 revolt to the Secretaries and Members of Parliament and the representatives of the Queen of England. On his return to the island on 17th February 1916 he was given a warm welcome by the leaders of Sri Lanka. As a mark of recognition of the service to the country the people of Sri Lanka led by Sinhalese Leaders placed him on a cart and pulled the cart along the streets of Colombo. The leaders so gathered included F.R. Senanayake, A. E. Gunasinghe, A.W.P. Jayatillaka, E.W. Perera and P. N. Jayanethi.

Frame 5 Universal Franchise in 1931

The most significant feature of the Donoughmore Constitution in 1931 was the grant of Universal Franchise to the Sri Lankans. As a result every person over the age of 21 was entitled to vote. Prior to 1931 only a few selected males had this right. Since it was an era where the intellectual prowess was still premature the voter indicated his option by marking a cross against the symbol of the candidate of his preference.

Frame 6 shows the First State Council Building .

In 1912, Sir Henry Mc cullum having pointed out the necessity for a State Council Building, a site was selected at Galle Face, Colombo and plans were approved in June 1920. The new State Council Building was ceremonially declared open by Sir Herbert Stanley, Governor of the Legislative Council. In this building met the State Council from 1931-1941, the House of Representatives from 1947-1972 and the National State Assembly from 1971-1978. In September 1978 after the new constitution coming into force it became the House of Parliament.

Frame 7 shows the The First State Council established under the Donoughmore Constitution. The council had 50 elected members, 8 appointed members and a cabinet of Ministers.

Frame 8 portrays:
Sir D B Jayatillake who was the Leader of the House of the State Council
The Sooriyamal Movement
J. R. Jayewardene in discussion with Sri Javaharlal Nehru

Frame 9 With the introduction of the Soulbury Constitution the first House of Representatives was elected in August/September 1947. The frame shows the first cabinet of Ministers.

Frame 10 Portrays the first Governor of Ceylon Lord Soulbury and the first Prime Minister D.S. Senanayake.

Frame 11 signifies the dawn of independence in 1948, the peasant colonisation movement and the origin of the Colombo Plan.

Frame 12 Portrays Dudly Senanayake, Sir John Kotelawala and C.W.W. Kannangara

Frame 13 signifies the Bandaranaike era,
: S.W.R.D. Banradanaike, Prime Minister
: Mrs. Sirima Bandaranaike, World's first Lady Prime Minister
: The Non Aligned Summit Conference at the Bandaranaike Memorial
International Conference Hall
: The new State Emblem of the Democratic Socialist Republic of
Sri Lanka

Frame 14 Portrays the first Executive President of Sri Lanka,
His Excellency J. R. Jayewardene

Frame 15 shows the new Parliament Building in Jayewardenepura Kotte and the Mahaweli Project

Frame 16 Portrays President Jayewardene and Gamini Dissanayake Minister of Mahaweli Development

Frame 17 Portrays President Ranasinghe Premadasa and his Udagam Movement

Frame 18 Portrays the first Lady Executive President of Sri Lanka Chandrika Banaranaike Kumarathunge and the Sudu Nelum Movement

The Pushcannon Foursome

In 1929, Junius Richard Jayewardene (Dick), joined three others in forming a private 'club' which was called "The Honorable Society of Pushcannons" (reference to billiards). The object of the society was "to eat together at least once a month". The members comprised of cousin T F Jayewardene (son of T G Jayewardene), Percy Pieris, and Samson Gunasekera, brother in law of A E de Silva (father of Sir Ernest de Silva).

A E de Silva was one of the wealthiest businessmen and landowners of his time. His elegant mansion "Sirimetpaya" down Flower Road (renamed to Sir Ernest de Silva Mawatha presently) is now the office of the Prime Minister.

The Pushcannon quartet met on at least 50 occasions between July 1929 and early 1935. They solemnly kept minutes of their meetings. The book of minutes which has survived would, at first, seem an unlikely source of information on his life, and the manner in which he was growing into manhood, but interspersed with the notes and social activity are snippets of information of a personal and political nature which any biographer would find invaluable. Often these items supplement material from other sources; on other occasions they provide clues to the development of Dick's personality which would be difficult to obtain from any other source. Most of the details in the minutes refer to social occasions, but every now and then the real world breaks through into their discussions, and, wherever it does it is clearly Dick who is responsible.

The minutes reveal that sometime in the early 1930's Dick had successfully completed his second examination as an Advocate student. Also the Pushcannon Quartet had helped an amateur dramatic society in staging a play, Temple Thurston's, "The Wandering Jew".

The members dined at the best hotels and restaurants in town. On one occasion it is mentioned that "dinner was eaten at the Sinhagiri Hotel run by a Singhalese (sic) as just then we were intensely national". That particular hotel was as "undistinguished" as its location was unfashionable. At this meeting they decided "not without Percy's usual opposition" to "don white sarongs to visit [the] Maligakande Temple".

Here, if one needed it, was a definite clue to Dick's religious convictions. Under the tutelage of his uncle WalterWijewardene and the guidance of the Bhikku's of the Vajiraramaya Temple, he was now a Buddhist in all but name. He had long since absconded the Anglicanism in which he had grown up as a child and a young gentleman. This was one battle that his father, E W, had lost. One by one, his children, especially the older ones, had succumbed to the attractions of the religion of their mother and her family, the Wijewardene's.

The members, later, chose to use Sinhala to sign their names on the minute book and also chose a Sinhalese name, "Priya Sangamaya", for the Pushcannon Club. By the time the club celebrated its first anniversary on 3-4 August 1930, Dick was calling himself "Ravindra" and signing the minutes book by that name. He also substituted "Jeevaka" for Junius although he didnt use it in any of the documents of the society. It should be noted here that Dick chose to nsame his son Ravindra who was called "Ravi" by almost everyone. To this anniversary meeting of the group Dick had invited two guests, Richard Gothabaya Senanayake (son of F R) and Justin Kotalawela (younger brother of John Lionel), who were both children of the Attygalle inheritance. RG, in time, became Dick's bitterest political opponent.

One interesting episode recorded in the minutes was the support Dick created for the unveiling of a portrait of Ghandi at the Law College which was not much in the favor of the British Colonial Administration who considered Ghandi, who was fighting for freedom and languishing in jail, an enemy at that time. With the support of his father, EW, he somehw managed to make it happen even though the Brits were not very happy. The unveiling ceremony was performed by a prominent politician and a leading figure in the Ceylon National Congress, Francis (Later Sir Francis) de Soyza, KC. The main speaker at the occasion was also a leading politician, C E Corea, father of S C Corea who was at that time the Hony Secretary of the Law Students Union. The portrait of Gandhi still hangs at the Law College. The vote of thanks was delivered by Dick who had by this time relinquished his job as his fathers private secretary. The job was taken over by Corbett Jayewardene, who was a law student himself.

Sunday Times No 10 1996

When JR made the Indians Cry....

By Lakshmi Pieris
His former Press Secretary

On November 4 at sunset we cremated a great man this land ever produced. He was a colossus. A man amongst men and a leader amongst leaders. A man for all seasons, who changed Lanka's history. He changed the horizons, created new vistas. Paved the way for all of us to have a better life. He was a king without a crown.

Last time I saw him alive was on his 90th birthday. He looked very frail although he tried to appear cheerful. His beloved wife was in the hospital recovering from surgery. He was missing her very much. He told me that was the first time he spent his birthday alone after marriage. I was seeing him after 18 months. I am glad I made that long journey from Texas to be there in time for his birthday.

Some thing in the back of my mind told me that I would not witness his next birthday. So I made my travel plans accordingly.

It was heart breaking to see him lying in a hospital bed. So I never sighted the hospital. Instead I prayed and held a Bodhi Pooja. I remembered he had told us that he never spent a night in a hospital. Anyway news that filtered down the grapevine was very disheartening about his deteriorating health.

I never intended to write this so soon. But the saddest news next to my parent's deaths reached me on Friday noon. I did not know how to start this. I had a duty to write this note.

President JR and Madam Jayewardene were like parents to me. I made it a point to see them every now and then ever after their retirement, until I left the country due to vicious politics.

My first encounter with JR, the prime minister was in 1977 when I was assigned to work in the ministry of defence and foreign affairs - subject of defence came under the prime minister and foreign affairs under Mr. A.C.S. Hameed. As years went by I kept moving from ministry to ministry and in 1979 ended up in the ministry of finance and planning as it's information officer.

One fine morning I received a call from Dr. Sarath Amunugama who was the secretary to the ministry of information and broadcasting to see him in the office. Dr. Amunugama, himself a very popular man amongst the mediamen at that time, was the very same person who recruited me to the department of information as its first woman press officer ten years before.

He said, "I am going to give you a chance of a lifetime. I have decided to nominate you to be the press officer in the president's office. When you get a letter of appointment from the president's office go and assume duties."

I could not believe my ears. But the offer was real. I waited for that letter for weeks and months. But it never came my way. I felt there would have been an invisible hand at work to prevent me from going there.

But again at the end of 1983 I received a call from Mr. Milton Weerasena who worked in the president's office. He wished to know whether I would like to join the president's office to handle the media desk. At that time the press secretary's post was vacant. I was never ambitious. But I liked the excitement of working for the highest in the land.

One week later I was before Mr. Menikdiwela, secretary to the president facing an interview. Few weeks later I was appointed to the president's office. Working in the president's office was like walking on a tight rope. One could witness many facets of human behaviour there. I was not sure whether I'll be able to survive amongst the tale carriers.

Few months later all of a sudden I got a call from Ward Place. All these days my work was confined to the president's office. Caller said president wants to see me at 8.30 am at Ward Place. I was a bit terrified. I wondered why he summoned me there. I was a bit uneasy. But when I appeared before this calm, well mannered charismatic gentleman I regained my composure.

Can you write and read Sinhala well? He posed a question. "Fairly well Sir, I replied." From tomorrow could you please come here around 8.30 am and attend to Mrs. Jayewardene's correspondence, he asked. I agreed, and the president said: "We will pay you a salary from our private resources, since there are no funds allocated for a secretary for Mrs. Jayewardene.

I told him I did not wish to draw another salary since I am doing madam's work during my normal eight hours for which I am paid by the government. President looked surprised at my reply who would refuse an extra salary. Until the president retired I stuck to my word and never accepted a payment for being Madam JR's secretary.

Most of the mail that reached Madam contained vicious petitions. My duty was to read all the letters addressed to her and take the necessary action after consulting her. She was very sympathetic. Sometimes reading those petitions aloud was very unpleasant to me. I would tell her that we cannot take the anonymous petitions seriously since most of them are written by jealous people.

Sometimes she listened to me. Most people knew that if they addressed a letter or a grievance to Madam it would reach the President. If she noticed any justifiable grievance in her mail she would take it and rush to President's room, to draw his attenion to it.

The most bizzare experience I had while I was working there was that I had to read to her a petition written against myself. Although there was nothing in it except slander, I was very upset and sad realizing the wickedness of many around me. She took it from my hand, tore it and threw it into the waste paper basket. In the meantime she did not forget to console me. I felt very safe, while working for her.

President JR always consulted Madam Elena when he was making decisions. Most of the important discussions were held at the breakfast table at Braemar. There were close associates who dropped by regularly for those informal breakfast meetings.

His lifestyle was simple and frugal. Both of them enjoyed simple foods. Breakfast consisted of strings made of kurakkan flour, bran bread, fresh fruits, fish curry and the like. At 6.00 o'clock in the morning he must have the day's papers on his table. After breakfast he would discuss the headlines and the day's programme. He did not take alcohol. But occasionally took a sip of brandy for medicinal purposes. Once in a way he would smoke half of a Cuban cigar after lunch.

Cuban cigars arrived in the Ward Place as a gift from Cuban leader Fidel Castro. There was an undying friendship built between Castro and JR who was branded as a capitalist. Cigars were very popular among some of his ministers and friends. He generously gave the cigars away.

A glorious day in President JR's life was when he made hundreds of Indians cry during his address at the SAARC summit at Bangalore, India in 1986. We reached there three days in advance to prepare the ground for his arrival. At that time LTTE propaganda machine was very active in India.

President's media desk went to Bangalore well armed with counter propaganda material and quietly released them to journalists. Next day Indian newspapers went to town. K. N. Arun of the "Express News Service" wrote: "The SAARC conference here has provided the Sri Lanka government with a chance for a media offensive against the militants and other Tamil groups. Four documents in the docket released by the president's desk stand out..."

Best part of the Bangalore summit took place at "Vidhana Soudha" conference Hall soon after President JR finished reading from his prepared speech. So much had been said and written about his world famous San Francisco speech on the peace treaty. This speech at "Vidhana Soudha" may be his second best because that day he changed the Indian hearts and made them shed tears.

I would like to quote below his speech made extempore that day for future reference. Addressing Prime Minister Rajiv, he began...

....You quoted a poem from Rabindranath Tagore which is close to my heart. Tagore wrote: "If life's journey be endless, where is the goal". I think the goal and the road are one. Every step must be as pure as the goal itself. There can be no impure steps to attain a pure goal.

"I say this because I know that violence brings hatred. Hatred cannot be conquered by violence, but by non-violence and love. When I spoke at the 1957 San Francisco conference on the Japanese Peace Treaty soon after the war, I cited the Buddha's words. I said, "Hold out the hand of friendship to the Japanese people. Hatred ceases not by hatred but by love."

"Zafrulla Khan of Pakistan spoke after me. He said that Prophet Mohammed also had a similar view. Certain enemies were defeated by arms and they were brought before the Prophet with all the goods that were captured. He said, "Release them, release everything you have taken from them, except their arms. Forgive them," he said.

"Hindu Vedas and the Bhagwat Gita asks us to do right without fear of consequence. Christ forgave his enemies on the Cross.

"I am reminded of all this because every time a bullet, whether it be a terrorist bullet or a bullet from the security services in my country, kills a citizen it goes deep into my heart. I do not know how to stop it. Violence achieves nothing, except distress and hatred.

"I am reminded of a story of Gautama the Buddha. He was meditating in a jungle near a village. A young mother lost her only child. She could not believe that he was dead. She carried the body round the village trying to find some medicine. She could not find it. She was told, "Why don't you go and see that holy man. He may help you."

"She went to him. He told her, "Sister, can you bring a mustard seed? But it, must be from a house where there has been no death." She went back to the village carrying this dead child. She visited house after house; but there was no house where there was no death. In every house somebody had died. She came back and told the Buddha, "Lord, I could not find such a house to bring a mustard seed."

"So he said, "Sister, thou hast found, looking for what none finds, the bitter balm I had to give thee. He thou lovest, slept dead on thy boosm yesterday. Today, thou knowest the whole wide world weeps with thy woe. The grief that all hearts bear grows less by one. Go, bury thou thy child."

"Whenever I hear of death it grieves me more than I can explain. One of your leaders, the great Mahatma Gandhi personified in his life the non-violence that I mentioned. He showed the world that non- violence can be employed to attain political and democratic objectives.

"Whether it be freedom from foreign rule, or the elimination of Capitalism and the formation of a Communist State or whether it is Separatism or Federalism, this is the only way that can be supported by civilised people. That is the way of non-violence or "ahimsa."

"I was privileged, Mr. Chairman, as a young man just entering politics in the 1930s to witness a great movement which began to stir India. Mr. Chairman, I knew your mother and grandfather Jawaharlal Nehru. I stayed with him in his house. I was his guest at the Congress Ramgarh Sessions - the last sessions before freedom. I was his guest in Bombay when the "Quit India" Resolution was passed.

"That was the first occasion on which Mahatma Gandhi, in his long service to India, tried the non- violent way to attain freedom for his country. He was training his people in non-violence. He walked to the Dandi beach to break the "salt laws." He broke the laws of the British Government after the Amrithsar massacre. He broke the habit regarding the wearing of foreign cloth and encouraged the Swadeshi Movement. He said you are in a movement not only to attain freedom.

"At the Bombay session when he spoke on the "Quit India" Resolution, I was sitting behind him when he ended his speech with KARANGE YA MARANGE "DO OR DIE".

"Mr. Chairman, I was returning back to Sri Lanka when I was told that your grandfather was arrested. Throughout his long life, Gandhiji never stressed any means other than non-violence. I remember when there was an agitation in Bihar and the police station was set on fire in Chauri Choura. Some policemen were killed during the non-cooperation campaign

"Jawaharlal Nehru and other leaders were in jail. Mahatma Gandhi called off the agitation because violence had broken out. Jawaharlal Nehru from jail asked why did he do so, when they were about to attain their objective. Mahatma Gandhi said, "No! I do not want to attain freedom through violence."

"That was the man that inspired me. Those are the men who brought freedom to all our countries. Not only in Asia, but also throughout the world. And I say again violence means hatred. Hatred cannot be conquered by violence, but by non-violence and by love. That is the way I would like to follow.

"Mr. Chairman, as I said before and I say now, "I am a lover of India, I am a friend of its people and you its leader, Mr. Chairman. I am a follower of its greatest son, Gautama the Buddha."

While he was speaking many elderly Indians listened to him with rapt attention and their eyes filled with tears. Ladies were reaching out quietly for their handkerchieves. Some of the senior journalists too were wiping their tears secretly. We were simply elated and so proud of Junius Richard Jayewardene.

During his state visit to US in 1995, American Senators and some Congressmen did not take much notice for unheard Sri Lanka. Ronald Reagan was the President and there was a grand banquet in honour of President JR and Madam Jayewardene. Frank Sinatra who was also invited for the dinner made a rendition of "I did it my way", JR's favourite song. At the end of his prepared banquet speech JR again spoke extempore, surprising his audience. At the end of everything American journalists walked up to our mediamen and told them, "In his speech your man outdid our man."

Sunday Times No 10 1996

JR: the man I knew

by Susil Moonesinghe

It is said that when a great man dies even the heavens weep. So it was yesterevening. After thousands thronged in grief to pay their last respects to JR Jayewardene, the rain came down in sheets.

I will speak of him as a man, since his politics and political life has been spoken of and written in hundreds of pages and thousands of words. I saw in him a humanity born out of the study of a human being and experience of long years. It was that ability which made him mould those who followed him. He had the capacity to judge people shrewdly and assess their potentiality. So it was that he chose men such as Premadasa, Gamini Dissanaike, Lalith Athulathmudali, Ranjan Wijeratne, Ranil Wickremesinghe and many others. He built them through guidance and advice and imbibed in them that sense of discipline and leadership which was to become the hallmark of the times.

I personally would not have come into the front line of politics, had he not persuaded me and offered his hand of guidance. When I took his hand in mine, I felt in me all that strength and assurance necessary to make me want what I had thought was not in me. In that proffered hand, the strong grip was borne out of years of sacrifice, patience and humility. All these qualities I learned to respect as I went on my political journey. Today more than ever, I realise that value of self-reliance, truth and strength of character, to differentiate between right and wrong. To fiercely defend what is right and equally resist with all our strength what is wrong. Not to give into injustice and iniquity. To speak the truth even if it hurts you, knowing that ultimately truth must triumph. All of these have I come to know, practice and realise through guru, J R Jayewardene.

After he had achieved the pinnacle of success in politics, J. R. Jayewardene knew when to call it a day and cut himself off from that world in which he had lived for five decades. He had in him not only the deep knowledge of history, but also the sense of history. In this retirement he availed himself of the opportunity to study in greater depth the philosophy of the Buddha Dhamma. Often as we sat together in the evenings engaged in long conversations and arguments, the basis of it all would be the word of the Buddha. His was a very practical approach to the Dhamma in the context of present day reality and not the indulgence in the blind acceptance of ritual gathered over the centuries. His was not a display of Shraddha influenced by ritual and opulent and meaningless display, but the practice of cultivating those perceptions based on the understanding of the Dhamma. It was that profoundness that captivated me.

It is that profoundness that made him utter that one sentence - "Nahi verena verani" - hatred begets hatred, which won the everlasting affection of the Japanese people. To a nation which was shattered by the authorship of aggression, a giant of a man from a small, almost insignificant nation offered hope based on forgivenesss. To those powerful nations besieged by a sense of revenge, this message of forgiveness and love was indeed a revelation. In that one sentence was conveyed to all those nations at the San Francisco Conference, a fundamental of Buddhist philosophy. Perhaps no one ever contributed in modern times to the propagation of the Dhamma as he did in that one effort.

Often have I heard J R being described as an "iron man" or a "cold man". In the event, it has been my experience that he is a warm-hearted man and full of humour. He had that inordinate capacity to laugh at himself and accept criticism. He was a great raconteur and many are the instances in those nostalgic recountings that led to the personal insight of his character.

When JR.'s wish as to how his remains should be taken care of was read out from the pages of a diary noted in 1991, it showed how far he was looking. It was typical of his devotion to detail. It also showed his sense of history. In a life dedicated to the service of people, he never forgot that Kelaniya was as much his first love as his responsibility. To him it was as much a part of his life as it was of Buddhist history. So he wrote that his remains be cremated in that hallowed spot where the Buddha visited, in full view of the Vihara and that his ashes be immersed in the Kelani River at a place recorded to be where the enlightened one bathed.

Most leaders traditionally would have wanted to leave on record an epitaph befitting them, but no epitaph can be written on the waters of a river and yet if JR's achievements had to be recorded, it is necessary only to look at those places where his vision was translated into the creator of vast reservoirs, hydroelectric power houses, multi-storeyed buildings, fuse trade zones with numerous factories, housing projects, universities, hospitals and the Parliament in a new satellite city.

As the ashes of his body mingles and flows with the waters of the Kelani River, it must surely symbolise not only impermanence of life, but also the sansonic dimension which he believed in. To that extent this lfie of JR has ended and yet a new journey has begun, and in that long journey let us wish that all the good deeds done in this athma will help him shorten that journey to the final and external tranquility Nirvana.

Sunday Times No 10 1996

Where the Kelani flows

By Jeannette Cabraal

And so, the elder statesman, that colossus who bestrode the world of Sri Lankan politics, a beacon in Asian politics and a man of stature internationally, who in the last decade and a half or so became a controversial figure, was cremated in the historic sacred city of Kelaniya in the shadow of the Raja Maha Vihare.

As shades of evening fell on the valley silhouetting the pinnacle, the flames licked around the Chitakaya and consumed his mortal remains. And soon his ashes will merge with the waters and the murky deeps of the Kelani which quietly meanders through the verdant countryside.

The fact that "JR" as he was familiarly know in Kelaniya wished to have his final obsequies in Kelaniya roused my interest. Hence these random jottings as I wander back reminiscently to what I can personally recall of his overtures in Kelaniya.

In those good old days the elections held something of intrigue, providing us children with much amusement and entertainment as slogans and cries sometimes downright insulting, sometimes ingenious, nevertheless accepted genially, were raised along the streets, where vehicles with loads of supporters roamed.

Vehicles also sporting flags of various hues and later symbols came up to doorsteps to transport the voters to polling booths. I remember the whisperings of the adults as they tried their best both to evade and please; torn between loyalty to the person they professed yet anxious not to displease or hurt the others. People at that time were so scrupulous about maintaining amity, political or otherwise. And we young ones enjoyed the thrill of the opposing factor at our doorstep surreptitiously conveying the news to the adults and thrilled to bits over our spying.

Once the results were released the winning party took over the streets in jubilation, revelling in the victory often entertaining the people around.

On such occasions when "JR" won as he always did, save once, he went along the streets standing in an open vehicle which moved at a snail's pace, hands clasped in grateful, thankful greeting, smiling at his voters who stood at the edge of the road, pausing at the homes of his regular voters, acknowledging the cheers, his faithful life's companion beside him.

I recall one instance when he contested against Mrs. Wimala Wijewardene and won. He was doing his normal round and a lorry load, brimful, making scathing comments on the opponent preceded. Those who were by the edge of the road heard Mrs. Elena Jayawardena going on in an audible whisper:

"Nanda gana mukuth kiyanna epa kiyanna"

"Tell them not to tell anything about Nanda"

Here was the reaction of the gracious lady beside him, in his moment of triumph.

Another incident that remains etched in my memory is the eve of another election day when we, a batch of students from the then St. Paul's Girls' English School, Kelaniya were returning, having recorded a programme at Radio Ceylon. We, in our green school ties, were at the Pettah bus stand looking out for a bus. We were asked by some bus crews which bus we wished to take. The moment we said Kelaniya we were ushered in to a bus with an obeisance.....

"JRge kandeta ida denna"

( Allow JR's people to get in)

Thus he was acclaimed in times past.

If I remember right JR always contested Kelaniya and won until he met his Waterloo in 1956 in R.G. Senanayake when most of the greens turned blue except for the die-hard loyalists with whom voting for JRwas a tradition. Came the next election and having given over to A.W. Abeygoonesekera (Ossie Abeygoonesekera's father) JR opted for Colombo.

Was it a decision prompted by hurt feelings that he was rejected in his own realm? I remember the earlier cry:

"JR Kelaniyatai

Keleniya JRtai"

(JR is for Kelaniya and Kelaniya is for JR)

And now the saga of JR has ended. Politics is neither my field nor my concern. But in recent years controversy has ranged loud and long over the Peace Accord; the I.P.K.F; and the Executive Presidency. Be that as it may, there is something gnawing in me where this admirable statesman is concerned. I could not fathom why this grand gentleman of politics deprived Sirimavo of her civic rights. Call it my feminist mentality if you will but to me it is strangely inconceivable.

And so finally JR has come back to Kelaniya. Has come home where his heart always had been. By the banks of the Kelani in the vicinity of the sacred temple he bade his adieu and the people of Kelaniya appreciate this magnanimous gesture of gratitude and farewell.

sland Mon Nov 19 2007

Madam Elina Jayewardene
by Prematilaka Mapitigama

Gilbert Leonard Rupasinghe, Notary Public, prominent planter and entrepreneur and his young wife Nancy Margaret Suriyabandara, who was expecting her first baby, whilst sight seeing in Italy had visited a picturesque and charming hamlet called Eline. They were so enthralled by its serenity and its scenic beauty they decided then and there to name their baby to be born after this hamlet. On 15th December, 1913 a baby girl was born and she was named Elina. She was the only child in the family.

As was the custom in the Kandyan region in those days to add the name ‘Bandara’ to male children besides their other names, in the low country, too, among elite groups it was customary to assign 'Bandara' even to females. Mrs. Rupasinghe, too, was accordingly known as Nancy Margaret Suriya Bandara before her marriage to Mr. Rupasinghe and their daughter also came to be known as Elina Bandara Rupasinghe.

Elina, the only child in this aristocratic family, did not attend school, but was tutored at home as was the custom of families of the elite of the day. She was tutored in English, Sinhalese and Pali and also in Accountancy, Stenography and Music. By 193, she was an accomplished young lady with all necessary attributes in education, caste, creed and social status.

She was also heiress to enormous family wealth. As the most eligible debutante at the time, she was also the most sought-after by prospective mothers-in-law, who longed to welcome her to their hearth. But Leonard Rupasinghe had laid down certain stipulations in selecting a bridegroom for his daughter. Among the many suitors, the the young up and coming barrister son of Mrs. Agnes Jayewardene, Junius Richard Jayewardene, better known as J. R., was accepted to be her partner in life.

They were married on 28th February, 1935 and settled down at 'Vyjantha' in Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 7, the 'Mahagedera' of the bridegroom, which now houses the Jayewardene Centre. Their only child, Ravindra Wimal, was born here on 22nd April, 1936. After three years at 'Vyjayantha', they shifted to Ward Place building their own house after demolishing the old house 'Braemar', which belonged to Elina's father. The new house, designed by an architect, was to be their home ever since, and the name 'Braemar' from the old structure remained. J. R. preferred to live in 'Braemar' rather than at his official residences, as Prime Minister and Executive President, which he used only for formal functions and official duties.

Elina never took an active role in her husband's political affairs, but was always the driving force and strength in behind his illustrious career. She was his loving and faithful companion throughout their long married life. It is said that after a tiresome day, studded with many problems of public office, he always loved to come back home, where he found solace, comfort and affection.

President Jayewardene, recalling his married life, admitted that Elina's co-operation and affection have always been the driving force behind his life. Before breathing his last, he summoned his Secretary and stated that after his death, everything at Braemar should be done according to her wishes. It was indeed a fair indication of the depth of his devotion and love he had nurtured throughout his married life for a woman who meant so much to him.

The major portion of the properties of the Jayewardene family was what Elina inherited from her parents, and she encountered no obstacle in disposing of them according to her own wishes. Manelwatta in Bollagala, Kelaniya, a prime coconut estate of over forty acres, was donated by her to the Malwatta Maha Vihare. Dharmaloka Vidyalaya, which caters to a vast student population in the area, is established on a land donated by her father. Numerous blocks of land in Dehiwala, Attidiya and Bellanwila, which belonged to her, have been transferred to those who reside in those lands.

Elina had over one hundred widows on her pay roll, who visit her regularly on an appointed day to receive their donations, which no doubt went a long way to keep their home fires burning. She makes this an occasion to have tea with them and have a chit chat with the old ladies.

Once she received a letter from a schoolgirl in Gampola, who had written to say that she was the daughter of an estate labourer, and had only one school uniform, which was discoloured and worn out, and that her father could not afford her a new dress.

Elina promptly made arrangements to dispatch material for five school uniforms through the then Government Agent, Kandy, . S. M. Tenakoon. Having delivered the material, the Government Agent, enclosing a letter of thanks from the girl, wrote back to say that the girl thoroughly deserved help as correctly perceived by the First Lady.

Elina could move with the elite, both local and foreign, and at the same time mix with the poor.

Notwithstanding her position as the First Lady of the country, she had neither critic nor competitor. Her generosity, decorum and true appreciation of humanity endeared her to the young and the old, the rich and the poor alike.

We salute her as a worthy daughter of Mother Lanka.

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Sierra, Grand daughter of Beatrice Blossom Chandrakanthi Jayewardene


C Senarathne, on May 15, 2009, said:

Madampe: St. Sebastian’s Church


This was a kingdom coming down from the time of King Weera Parakrama Bahu (1484- 1509), king of Kotte. (One of the 4 kingdoms of Sri Lanka at that time) One of his sons Thaniya Wallabha reigned this area residing in this city. (Today the area where his palace stood is called Maliga Kanda (=Palace Hillock), Mahawewa. He committed suicide at the tank of Thinipiti Oya, 2 kilometers north to his palace. There is a very popular shrine built in his memory called Thanivella Devalaya. He is regarded as a god of the area by Buddhists and Hindus.


During the Portuguese occupation, Jesuits came to serve the people in this area. They put up a church dedicated to Our Lady of Assumption in 1602 in close proximity to the Palace. That was the first church of Madampe . It had two other outstation churches, one at Marawila dedicated to St Xavier and the other at Katuneriya dedicated to St Ambrose. Fr. Emmanuel Barandos was the first quasi Parish Priest under Chilaw. The spot where that church stood is now known as Mattakotuwa, Mahawewa . During the Dutch persecution Bl. Joseph Vaz from Goa secretly came to Ceylon and served the Catholics of the area from 1690 giving masses at the churches belonging to Madampe parish.


During the reign of King Sri Vijaya Rajasingha (1745) there was a persecution of Christians led by a Buddhist monk called Welivita Saranankara. Madampe Church (at Mattakotuwa) was razed to the ground and Catholics fled to places of safety.


When the British conquered Ceylon in 1796 they gave religious freedom to all and encouraged the English education. Since the Oratorians of Bl. Joseph Vaz found it too difficult to switch over to English, European priests and Religious had to be invited to serve our educational institutions and churches. Thus in 1845, Madampe Parish was served by Fr. Froliano Orugna, a Spaniard Cistercian . In 1894 Madampe was separated from Chilaw. By this time Mattakotuwa had their own church closer to the sea.


In the meantime Madampe had shifted to the North of the Dutch canal and there was a very prominent Mudlier of Chilaw, Mr. A. Don Adrian Jayawardana , ( ancestor of Mr. JR Jayawardana, the late President) a big land owner residing there from 1808. He has donated a piece of land to the Madampe Parish. So they put upa new church on that bloc of land and dedicated it to St Sebastian on the 04th of February, 1883.


This church celebrated its 125th jubilee last year on a very grand way under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Kennedy Fernando the incumbent Parish Priest. Incidentally, he hails from Mattakotuwa, known as Madampe in good old days . I think it is a nice coincidence.


Fr DF Medagoda, The Diocesan Archivist, Chilaw. 12.04.2009

Photo’s by Chamara Senarathne





Researched by: Anne Marie Samarasinghe (Canada)

Contributors: Anne Abayasekera, Sumudhu Corneilia Deepani Rasangika MacArthur nee Wanigatunga (UK)