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The Rohani Cassims of Fort Galle

Family #395


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Description: Description: Description: Description: Galle fort north entrance | The main entrance to the Galle f… | Flickr
Entrance to the fort – the new gate (above)


The Kachchiwatte House of the widow referred to in

Van der Graff’s enumeration (above)




Galle with its splendid bay and massive defences has been compared to some of the best of Europe’s coastal fortress towns.  It is believed that Galle is the biblical port of Tarshish to which King Solomon sent his ships to trade for ivory and spices.  A tradition continued by Arab traders in later times.  The Arabs called the post Qali1.   The name Galle may have been derived from the Sinhala gala (rock), being a reference to the large rock that stands just outside the anchorage.  Alternatively it may been derived from the Sinhala gaala, that is enclosure for the bullock carts that called at the port.  The latter is the more likely version of how the name was derived.  The Portuguese and the Dutch translated the name into the Latin for cockerel, gallus and called it respectively Punte Gale and Punto de Galle. The Coat of Arms of the Dutch commandant of Galle consisted of a cockerel standing on a rock.

The Fort

The Fort sits on a small rock ringed projection into the sea on the Western side of the bay.  The shape of the projection dictated the nature of the defences and when in 1505 the Portuguese first came to build the fortifications to protect their growing township they built a wall across the projection and strengthened it with three rounded, flat sided bastions, one at each end and one in the centre.  Approach was restricted to a causeway at the eastern end leading to an entrance near the harbour.

The Dutch took the Fort in 1640 and rebuilt the defences following closely on the Portuguese pattern with the old bastions built as a core into much larger new works - the Sun bastion on the east, the Star bastion on the west and the Moon bastion at the centre.

They built nine new bastions, clockwise from the east Zwart, Akersloot, Aurora, Utrecht, Flagrock, Triton, Neptune, Clippenburg and Aeolus and joined them to the three older bastions with a rampart running right round.  Among the other improvements of the Dutch was an ingenious and perhaps unique drainage system which used the ebb and flow of the tide to flush the sewers.  The approach continued to be over the causeway with the sea virtually encircling the Fort with water right up to the foot of the wall.  The Fort continued as the Dutch seat of Government in Ceylon until the capture of Colombo in 1656 and thereafter as the Southern Headquarters.  The Coat of Arms of the Dutch East India Company (VOC – for Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie) can be still seen over the inner archway of the original gate.

The Fort came under the British at end of the Eighteenth Century as a result of the treaty of Amiens.  They made a few alterations – the draining of the water outside the main front, the forming of two roads, one over the causeway and one through the new gate they opened between the Sun and Moon bastions.  The British Coat of Arms appears over the outer archway of the original gate.

The Fort continued as a British possession until 1948 when Sri Lanka gained independence.

The Fort still retains its characteristically Dutch architecture with gabled buildings, built with large verandahs supported by round pillars. Houses such as ‘Jasmine Cottage’ still retain their massive carved doors which are in four sections.


Family tradition traces their beginnings in Sri Lanka to Yemeni traders who had settled down in a little hamlet called Kachchiwatte by Magalle laying just behind the anchorage that later developed into the Galle harbour.

The existence of this community is also referred to by Ibnu Batuta, the Moor  from Tangier who states that in CE 1344 he was entertained at Qali (the name by which the Moors still refer to Galle) by a ship’s captain named Ibrahim2.

In 1774 a Moorish widow living in Magalle had complained to the Dutch Commandant of Galle that she and her daughters were being harassed by some hooligans living in the vicinity.  The Commandant had made arrangements for the widow and her daughters to live within the Fort.  The fact that a Moorish widow and her seven daughters lived in the Fort is evidenced by an entry in Willem Jacob Van der Graff’s enumeration of 1789.  The name of the widow is given as Raheema Umma.  The names of the daughters however have not been recorded.

In British times Chief Justice Alexander Jhonstone had a copy of the inscription on a tablet found at the mosque by the rivulet at Kachiwatte, flowing into Galle harbor, sent to England for translation.  The tablet recorded that in the latter part of the Tenth Century, the Abbassid Caliph of Baghdad, At-Taib’Illah Abdul Karim Abu Bakr (CE 974-991) had sought the permission of King Udaya IV to send one Kalid abu Bakia to provide religious instruction to a community of Muslims living in Galle.

Makdhoom a descendant of Arab traders who had settled down in Alutgama was an interpreter employed by the British.  Since it was necessary that he lived in close proximity to the seat of the then British Government in Galle, he was accommodated in the barracks within the Fort.  Being a Muslim he had refused to partake in the meals prepared in the barracks and therefore arrangements were made for him to obtain his meals from Raheema Umma’s descendants who had continued to occupy the house provided for them by the Dutch Commandant.  He had returned the favour by marrying Kadija, a great granddaughter of the widow.  Cassim a Moor from Weligama, another little Moorish settlement not far from Galle, was a frequent visitor to the Galle port on account of his business a ship chandler.  He had struck up a friendship with the much older Makhdoom and ended up marrying one of his daughters, Fathuma.

Cassim, known in later years as Rohani Cassim is the progenitor of the family.  He rebuilt the original house given by the Dutch commandant, named it ‘Jasmine Cottage’, and lived there with his large brood.  The house is still owned by a branch of the family.  The house stands at the southern end of the Fort at the junction of Church Street and Rampart Street. It is the two storied house seen on the left of the picture below by the mosque. The land for the mosque was donated by Rohani Cassim.

Mohamed Shums Cassim, son of Rohani Cassim, practiced law in Kurunegala for over 25 years. He was the first Muslim lawyer in the city. In recognition of his all-round services, the honour of MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) was conferred on him in 1949, and in 1953 the Government showed its appreciation of his work by electing him a Senator.  He died on 20 May 1954, the Day of the Battle of Badr in Islamic History.

Mohamed Shums Cassim’s obituary was written by Dr. A.M.A. Azeez, then principal of Zahira College, Colombo in the school magazine “AZ-ZAHIRA”, 1954.  It can be found at the end of the family tree on this page.  Click here to see his obituary and other pictures.


1 Kaleh

2 C/F: Translation of the Travels of Ibnu Batuta in Asia (1324-1354) by H.A.R. Gibbs – Published by Routledge & Sons, London 1929


Front view of Jasmine Cottage, current (above)

Jasmine Cottage, current (above)


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Original Home of the Rohani Cassims as it appeared before the Mosque and the Lighthouse were built, prior to 1904 (above)

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications - 2020 All You Need to ...
Jasmine Cottage as it stands today to the left of the picture next to the Mosque (above)

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description:
The Galle Fort Mosque – Jasmine Cottage is to left of the picture, current (above)

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Shums Cassim


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Names & Generations


0 MAKDOOM (of Alutgama) + Kadija

Kadija, the great grand daughter of Raheema Umma, the first recorded muslim (a widow with 7 daughters) to live in Fort Galle.



Rohani Cassim from Weligama visited Galle regularly as a ship chandler, befriended Makdoom and eventually married his daughter, Fathuma (aka Fathumuthu)



2 [9] SHARIFF CASSIM + [10] Asma Magdon Ismail





3 Alavia Cassim + Abdul Rahman (PTH)






4 [1] Naufel Abdul Rahman +[2] Asma(Fathuma)Rahman

Naufel passed away on Nov 17,2020 in Colombo.

See below for tribute in SL Parliament & obituary by his family






5 Rashid Abdul Rahman (USA)







5 [11] Ayesha Abdul Rahman + [12] Reza Rafiq

Grandson of Abdul Cader, Fmr Boarding Master of Zahira College, Colombo.







6 Eemaan Rafiq








6 Sarah Rafiq








6 Hanif Rafiq






4 Sheriff Abdul Rahman + Christine/ Riley







5 Naima Abdul Rahman






4 Mohamed Cassim(Bunchy)Abdul Rahman + Suchetha







5 Leila Abdul Rahman







5 Amal Abdul Rahman






4 Yasmin Abdul Rahman (USA) + A R M Azad

Azad hails from Kalutara






5 Kalid Azad + Valerie Tran







5 Siraj Azad







5 Jehan Azad





3 Jiffry Cassim + Haleema

Jiffry married in Singapore and lived there most of his wedded life.





4 Hafsa Cassim + Rahim







5 Luqman Rahim







5 Ayesha Rahim







5 Ameena Rahim






4 Fazeela Cassim + Name Not Known






4 Zainoon Cassim






4 Rashid Cassim + Normala





3 Mohamed Cassim (aka Mons)

Bachelor all his life. Man of many talents, beloved MONS is sadly missed.




3 Ahamed Cassim + Rameesa






4 Faiza Cassim (UK) + Wazir Fareed (UK)







5 Imran Fareed







5 Ikram Fareed






4 Laaika Cassim + Mohamed Farook Mohamed Fairoze

S/o AHM & Sithy Hazeena Farook. MFM Fairoze died in Dubai: June.07,2022






5 Rizan Fairoze + Yasmin Wazeer







6 Aaliyah Fairoze







6 Aaliyah Fairoze







5 Rizwana Fairoze (Dubai) + Sampath Senadheera







6 Ayaan Senadheera







6 Kiyaan Senadheera







6 Nadiya Senadheera






4 Rifa Cassim + MNM Sally







5 Nashar Sally







5 Nusra Sally







5 Nusky Sally






4 Aslam Cassim (Qatar) + Razana







5 Asraz Cassim







5 Afraz Cassim







5 Afra Cassim





3 Haleema Cassim + Effendi Rahman






4 Zainab Rahman + Shafeek







5 Fazel Shafeek + Marina







5 Fazlyn Shafeek + Gazali







5 Farhan Shafeek + Sahala Ismail






4 [2] Asma (Fathuma) Rahman +[1] Naufel Abdul Rahman







5 Rashid Abdul Rahman







5 [11] Ayesha Rahman + [12] Reza Rafiq

For Issues: see above, under Alavia/Naufel





4 Rehana Rahman + Nimal Liyanaarachi







5 Sanjeeva Liyanaarachi







5 Shiromani Liyanaarachi






4 Shereelah Rahman (Dr.) USA + Malik Deen (Dr.)







5 Serena Deen + Zachary Heath







5 Shiraz Deen

Lawyer, NJ, USA





4 Fareena Rahman + Farook







5 Akram Farook + Amra Shakoor







5 Sarah Farook + Faisal Saidudeen







5 Sakina Farook + Shamil Marif






4 Ifthikar Rahman + Shainaz Habeebullah (USA)

d/o Mr & Mrs A.H.M.Habeebullah






5 Shihan Rehman + Raeesha Riza

d/o Mr & Mrs Mohamed Fuard M Riza







6 Zayn Abdul Rehman b:18.09.2021







5 Azri Rahman






4 Rahila Rahman + Imtiaz







5 Nasreen Imtiaz + Shiraan Nasurdeen







5 Saad Imtiaz







5 Said Imtiaz





3 Thaha Sheriff Cassim d. Jan 06.2020 + Rasheeda Jamaldeen

Thaha S Cassim died at age 100 (See 'Cheeni Chacha' Magdon Ismail below for Rasheeda's parents)





4 Sheriffa Cassim + Mohamed Nafis

D/o Mohamed Nafir & Kadeeja Hanim






5 Ruzna Nafis + M Imraaz








6 Aaqib Imraaz








6 Amra Imraaz







5 Aqeela Nafis + M Aazaam








6 Aahil Aazaam







5 Ahamed Sabith Nafis






4 Ashraf Cassim + Rifa Hussein

D/o Hussein Hameed & Khairul Inaya Ismail






5 Arshad Ashraf Cassim







5 Rashad Ashraf Cassim







5 Hafeeza Ashraf Cassim







5 Haadiyah Ashraf Cassim






4 Wajihudeen Cassim + Sabina Khalik

D/o Abdul Khalik & Faridha Khalik Alimohamed





4 Tharik Cassim + Shamila Sherifudeen

D/o Dr. Ahmed Jinnah & Farida Sherifudeen






5 Amna Iffatha Tharik Cassim







5 Amar Amamed Tharik Cassim







5 Adel Sheriff Tharik Cassim






4 Hafeeza Cassim +Sheham Siddik







5 Aashiq Sheham Siddik







5 Imaadh Sheham Siddik







5 Navid Sheham Siddik









3 Sheriff Cassim + Kadija Umma






4 Mueen Cassim + Mahinoora







5 Firaza Cassim







5 Fahd Cassim







5 Milleth Cassim







5 Qadir Cassim







5 Rasheed Cassim






4 Fariha Cassim + Mashood







5 Silmia Mashood + Shamil








6 Shania Shamil







5 Muneera Mashood + Akmal








6 Arshad Akmal








6 Akeel Akmal







5 Rizana Mashood + Afzal








6 Afra Afzal








6 Jiffry Afzal







5 Bushra Mashood + Nabil








6 Thameena Nabil







5 Fazleth Mashood + Summayad







5 Aslam Mashood






4 Azizdeen Cassim + Fahima







5 Shihan Cassim







5 Shamika Cassim







5 Muhiyadeen Cassim






4 Fathuma Cassim + Mahadi







5 Ishrath Mahadi






4 [5] Aroosia Fathima Cassim + [6] Deen (Muhiydeen) Saheed

See also under Thulha






5 Milhar Saheed







5 Masdooq Saheed







5 Zulfath Saheed






4 Fakheeha Cassim + Ali







5 Mushtaq Ali







5 Fadhil Ali







5 SajidAli






4 Nazeeha Cassim

Died in infancy




3 Rishard Cassim + Kadija






4 Mohideen Cassim + Rehana







5 Ajwad Mohideen







5 Afzal Mohideen





3 Ayne Cassim + Sheik Adjward

Sheik Adjward hails from Matara.





4 Ruwaiza Adjward + Faleel







5 Raina Faleel







5 Aroosiya Faleel







5 Ayne Faleel







5 Salim Faleel






4 Ruzaika Adjward + Waffa







5 Mahdiya Waffa







5 Mumtaz Waffa







5 Mahdi Waffa







5 Rabia Waffa






4 Ruwaiha Adjward + Farook Deen







5 Fazil Deen







5 Raika Deen +







5 Not known






4 Mohideen Adjward + Reha




HALEEMA CASSIM + Fakhir Mohideen





3 F M Deen (Proctor) + Suda Ibrahim

D/o Mr & Mrs Haniff Ibrahim





4 Mirza (Bonnie) Deen + Fawkia Ansary







5 Dr Rila Deen(Australia) + Maryam Khanzah Deen

D/o Mr & Mrs (Kagoo) Deen of Colombo






6 Ayaan Matheen Deen







5 Zafir Deen + Zahra








6 Aara Bathool Deen







5 Jiffriya Deen + Faizaan Mohamed

S/o Mr & Mrs Fazlani Mohamed of Fort Galle







6 Naadira Mohamed








6 Umer Ansary Mohamed








6 Khaleela Mohamed b2021






4 Haleema (Falza) Deen + Nakshab Careem

S/o Vadood & Thaiba Careem of Fort, Galle. Nakshab died in HpngKong and Haleema has since relocated to KL,Malaysia.






5 Fazal Nakshab Careem (Dubai)+ Nishvan Junaid

D/o Navar Junaid & Fahari Careem







6 Sarah Fazel Careem + Sohail Qassim (Toronto,Cda)








6 Jamal Fazel Careem








6 Sumaiyyah Fazel Careem








6 Asma Fazel Careem







5 Nazvi Nakshab Careem + Name Not Known

1st Bed. Nazvi, a renowned Sports writer for a Hong Kong Publication, doniciled in KL. Malaysia.







6 Jehan Nazvi Careem








6 Zain Nazvi Careem + Atiqa

Atiqa, a proud Malaysian National.







6 Mariam Nazvi Careem








6 Uthman Nazvi Careem







5 Nazvi Nakshab Careem + Juhanita Jiman

2nd Bed. D/o Mr & Mrs Jiman of Malaysia.







6 Adam Nazvi Careem








6 Alesha Nazvi Careem








6 Anas Nazvi Careem







5 Rahma (Shenaz) Careem (KL) + Fazaheel Faizer

S/o Mohamed & Mazeena Faizel.







6 Anisa Fazaheel Faizer








6 Ameerah Fazaheel Faizer








6 Saffiyah Fazaheel Faizer + Ghanam

Ghanam is a proud National of Kuwait.







6 Hafsa Fazaheel Faizer








6 Abdul Azeez Fazaheel Faizer







5 Areefa Careem + Thariq








6 Sofia








6 Name Not Known)




THALHA CASSIM + Abdul Cader Ahamed Ismail (15)





3 Khaneema Ismail + Ahamed Mohideen Saheed






4 [6] Deen (Muhiyadeen) Saheed + [5] Aroosia Fathima Cassim

See also under Azizdeen






5 Malhar Saheed + Fathima Sathar








6 Saaliha Saheed








6 Thalha Saheed








6 Hisham Saheed







5 Masdooq Saheed + Shahama








6 Alaam Saheed







5 Zulfath Saheed + Mohamed Nafli Najab





3 Cader Ismail + Name Not Known

Lived in Singapore





4 Asmah Ismail + Ghazali Gaffoor





3 Fathuma Ismail + Zain Vilcassim (99,384)

s/o Mohamed Abdul Cader (MAC) Vilcassim & Fathuma Zohara Cassim of Fort, Galle





4 Ramly Vilcassim + Kezima Naina Marikar

d/o Alavi Naina Marikar & Mrs Noor Naina Marikar, nee Macan Markar.






5 Iqra Vilcassim + Sadath Nizar

s/o Mr & Mrs ARM Nizar of Colombo.







6 Aleeza Nizar







5 Azahara Vilcassim b:5.22.83 + Kavith Rupasinghe








6 Aria Rupasinghe b:8.14.15








6 Luca Rupasinghe b:11.16.17








6 Kai Rupasinghe b:11.08.19






4 Shibly Vilcassim + Shehana Ibrahim

d/o Mr & Mrs Sirtaj Ibrahim of Galle.






5 Shafna Vilcassim + Javid Zubair

s/o Mr & Mrs Imtiaz Zubair of Colombo.






5 Shahir Vilcassim






4 [3] Rizama Vilcassim (99,384) + [4] Nuski Mohamed

Nuski: First SL Honorary Permanent Life member (Admin) Marlebourne Cricket Club (MCC) & Fmr Treasurer & Gen. Secretary,SLCB






5 Fariza Sithy Rabaab Mohamed + Sarfan Saheed (UK)

s/o Mr & Mrs Ahamed Saheed of Fort, Galle.







6 Aahil Saheed







5 Shiyam Mohamed + Inam Caffoor

d/o Althaf Hassen Caffoor & Salva Zaida Caffoor (nee Jaleel) Colombo & Fort Galle respectively.







6 Tariq Althaf Mohamed





3 Mohamed Ismail (15) + Kadija Magdon Ismail (14)

D/o Magdon Hamim Ismail & Sohara Bebee [No Issues]




3 Nafiya Ismail





3 Shums-Un-Nahar Ismail + Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed






4 [4] Nuski Mohamed + [3] Rizama Vilcassim (99,384)

See Issues under Rizama+Nuski (above)





4 Rila Mohamed + Nadia Mohamed

d/o Jameel & Zubaida Mohamed of Fort.Galle






5 Naamiya Mohamed + Faariq Hamid

s/o Mr & Mrs Mohideen Hamid of Fort Galle.







6 Sarah Hamid







5 Dr.Rafeeha Mohamed + Fawaz Mohamed

s/o Mr & Mrs Fazlani Mohamed of Fort, Galle







6 Raaidhah Mohamed





3 Haleema Ismail + MIM Cassim

No issues



THUFA CASSIM + Abdul Cader





3 Hamiza Abdul Cader+ Qassim

Hamiza b:1906 d:1993/ Qassim b:1905 d:1967





4 Wazir Qassim + Sithy

Wazir b:1941 / Sithy b:1945






5 Anas Qassim







5 Kamila Qassim + Name Unknown

Known to have moved to Canada. Circa early 2000's





4 Kamil Qassim + Rabiya

Kamil b:1943 / Rabiya b: 1955






5 Nawaal Qassim b:1978





3 Mohideen Abdul Cader + Jiffriya (Jibiriya)






4 Khairia Abdul Cader

Died unmarried at a young age.



ISMAIL (Cassim Master) CASSIM + Haleema





3 Zubeida Ismail (Girlie datha) + Hussein (died:1991)






4 Gazali Hussein b:1952 + Noorziya Fauz (10,13, 41)

d/o Mohamed Fauz Salih & Noor Rahime Hathy






5 Nishaza Hussein







5 Rabab Hussein







5 Nusry Hussein







5 Thameena Hussein







5 Mohamed Ali Hussein

Died in infancy





4 Rabia Hussein b:1955 + Kamil Qassim b:1943







5 Mawaal Kamil Qassim b:1978






4 Zahariya Hussein b:1982 + Nilabdeen b:1957







5 Ashwa Nilabdeen b:1997





(No Issues). In 1907, ALM Vilcassim was appointed one of two Co-Trustees of the Meeran Masjid, Fort, Galle.

(according to the records of this Masjid) believed to be the FIRST Trustees of the newly built Mosque.



KAMER CASSIM d:7.04.47 + Sadath Ismail

Kamer ,Proctor,Ceylon's 1st High Commisioner (Designate) to Pakistan before his untimely death.




3 Nizam Kamer Cassim + Zahara






4 Nabila Cassim + Husni







5 Nafa Husni







5 Nujaba Husni







5 Haseena Husni






4 Rezni Cassim (Doctor) + Shamla (Doctor)







5 Nuha Cassim







5 Ana Cassim





3 Jehan Kamer Cassim d.15.07.2017 + Ayesha Abdul Samy

d/oM Abdul Samy(Samy Nana)&Fathima Zohara. Jehan,Fmr Bank of Ceylon Chm/ Comn Amenities Bd Chm





4 Kaleel Cassim (Dr) b:18.08.64 + Rozana (Dr) b:22.02.68

d/o Mr & Mrs Marzook






5 Afraah Cassim b:7.06.98







5 Jehan Cassim b:8.11.2006






4 Mona Cassim + Nilar Nizamdeen

s/o Mr & Mrs Nilamdeen of Fort, Galle.






5 Kamer Nizamdeen + Najwa Zarook

d/o Hazim & Firdaus(99) Zarook of Matara






5 Khaliq Nizamdeen






4 Rifa Cassim + Faizer Mustapha

s/o Mr & Mrs Faiz Mustapha






5 Ameena Mustapha







5 Ayesha Mustapha






4 Farman Cassim (PC) b:16.06.72+Shahab Shums b:17.12.77

d/o Mr & Mrs Azmeer Shums






5 Amr Cassim b:12.05.2003







5 Amber Cassim b:20.05.2005







5 Aadam Cassim b:21.04.2015





3 Raita Cassim + Cader Markar

A.Cader Markar was a Former Sri Lankan Ambassador to Saudi Arabia 1990-1992





4 Rezmi Markar + Rehana Mirza

d/o M A M Mirza & Razeena Mirza of Sammanthurai.






5 [7] Azra Markar + [8] Umer Hashim

s/o Abdulla Mackie Hashim (Colombo) & Nazneen Markar (Fort, Galle)







6 Kiana Aisha Hashim b:Sept 01, 2020







5 Nadira Markar (Australia)+ Amjad Jawahir

s/o Mr M Jawahir & Mrs Shireen Jawahir of Sydney, Australia.





4 Nazneen Markar + Abdulla Mackie Hashim







5 Hilal Hashim + Tahiyya Ismail

d/o Muhiyaddeen & Rehana Ismail







6 Sabah Hashim








6 Muhamad Hashim







5 [8] Umer Hashim + [7] Azra Markar

d/o Rezmi & Rehana Markar of Mississauga, Canada.







6 Kiana Aisha Hashim b.Sept.01.2020







5 Zaina Hashim + Amjed Rahim

s/o Reza [Fmr.MCB Bank Exec.] & Shimla Rahim of Colombo.





4 Imran Markar + Nazreena Mubarak

d/o Mr & Mrs AMM Mubarak






5 Imaan Markar







5 Luqmaan Markar





3 Kuraisha Cassim + Naizer Cader

Naizer Cader is the Head of Sinwa Holdings.





4 Mohideen Cader + Fahima







5 Sabrina Cader







5 Thahira Cader






4 Zubeida Cader + Yusri Mohideen







5 Shaliha Mohideen







5 Salima Mohideen







5 Thaiba Mohideen







5 Assad Mohideen






4 Haroon Cader + Aamina Junaid

d/o Mr and Mrs Faizel Junaid of Fort, Galle






5 Rahma Cader







5 Aamaan Cader






4 Mumtaz Cader + Faezel







5 Adham Faezal







5 Aaliya Faezal




SHUMS CASSIM + Sithy Vilcassim (384,099)

d/o Mohammad Abdul Cader(M A C) Vilcassim + Fathuma Zohara Cassim (Sister of Zubair Cassim) of Fort, Galle. Sithy (Shums Cassim) is the Founder Member of








Sri Lanka Islamic(UK) Assn [SLIA] in London.




3 Nizar Shums Cassim + Rafiya thul Abida Shariff

d/o Proctor ARM Shariff & Sithy Fathuma Shariff (nee: Abdul Cader) both of Kandy.





4 Omar Mohamed Shums Cassim b:1977

Born, May 1977, London (UK); 3rd Month; Emigrated to Canada; 6th Month; Returned to UK; 1st B'day; in Sri Lanka.





4 Zena Mariam Cassim b:1981 + Ahmed Albatish

S/o Mr & Mrs Bashir Albatish (Toronto), proud to be Palestinian.






5 Noah Nizar Albatish b: 2021





3 Fauzia Cassim b:1938 + John (Morgan) Irving d:27.08.2006

John Irving, a Veteran of the Royal Canadian Air Force.




3 Ismeth Cassim b:1940+ Simone Jill de Zylva

1st Bed. d/o Henry E W deZylva well known Test Cricket Umpire & Aileen G Misso.





4 Farha Cassim + Louis Stamler







5 Michael Cassim b:Nov 8,1993






4 Daughter + Name Not Known

1st Bed






5 Son






4 Daughter + Name Not Known

2nd Bed






5 Son





3 Ismeth Cassim + Maziya

2nd Bed





4 Shereen Cassim b:21.03.87 + Rizly Razik b:4.Jan. '83







5 Iman Rahmah Razik b:13.07.2013







5 Amra Sheza Razik b:23.09.2015







5 Yaqub Abdulla Razik b:13.11.2018





3 [15] Niyaz Cassim b:1950d.22.12.2009 +[16] Feriyal Vilcassim(384,099)

d/o Hassan Bary Vilcassim & Halima (nee:Segu Magdon) of Fort, Galle.





4 Fazna Cassim + Ahmed Ziyan Ajmeer

s/o Aboobucker Mohamed d.18.08.2021 & Sithy Maleeha Ajmeer of Matara






5 Aiza Fathima Ziyan







5 Zaheen Yusuf Ziyan







5 Zaeem Yusuf Ziyan






4 Faziha Cassim + Rishard M Faizel

s/o Mohamed Faizel & Mrs Nizamiya Faizel of Matara






5 Zaid Shakil Faizel







5 Nabeeha Zainab Faizel






4 Rizna Cassim + Firnaz Fawzer

s/o Thaibudeen M Fawzer & Zeenathul Laleeza Fawzer of Matale






5 Nazra Shaima Fawzer





3 Khazeena Cassim b:1950+ Mohamed Sameem (Sam) Ashroff

s/o Cassila M M & Noor-Ul-Hinaya Sameem of Colombo





4 Yasneen Saheeda Ashroff + Shoeb Hosein

s/o Mr & Mrs Shafi Hosein of Montreal, Canada





4 Daniel Karim Ashroff





3 Fathuma Maimoon Cassim + Mohamed Cassim Maharoof

Maimoon passed away in her Enfield (UK) home on Dec 19, 2020





4 Daanesh Mohideen Maharoof





No Issues












Male sibling




Male sibling




Male sibling




Male sibling




Male sibling






ABDUL CADER Magdon Ismail + Fathima Sameeha

See Famil # 14




3 Fatheela Magdon Ismail + Ahamed Saheed H.M.S.

Fatheela died Oct.22, 2004





4 Nizar Saheed (Kaiser)






4 Frouse Saheed + Zeenia Sulaiman Hashim (30)

Frouse is a Fmr President World, Asia & SL Snooker & Billiards Governing Bodies.





4 Fouse Saheed + Naaz Sulaiman (40)

d/o Mohideen Hassim & Sithy Balkis Awoof






5 Bathul Shameena Fouse + Reza Shaheen








6 Raqib Shaheen








6 Asma Shaheen








6 Shuhaila Shaheen







5 Shameema Fouse





3 Alavi Magdon Ismail





3 Muhammad Saly Magdon Ismail + Sithy Khatheeja

See Family # 14




3 Thaha Magdon Ismail + Fathima Ayn (Gemrich)

See Family # 14




3 Mashoor Magdon Ismail + Jisthiya Hameed (15)

See Family # 14




3 Abdul Wahab M'don Ismail + SLM Sithy Oamariya(329)

See Family # 14




3 Hameem Magdon Ismail + Huzaima M Ismail(271)

See Family # 14



KAJA Magdon Ismail

Last known to have emigrated to Scotland, United Kingdom c1920's



2 [10] ASMA Magdon Ismail (14) + [9] Sheriff Cassim

For siblings-See under Sheriff Cassim family- above.



HAFSA Magdon Ismail + Ismail




FURKHAN Magdon Ismail + Sithy Safaya Cassim

See Famil # 14




3 Huraiz Magdo Ismail + Rashada Abdul Rahman

d/o (Thippili) Abdul Rahman & Kadija Abdul Rahman (nee Vilcassim of Sultan Bawa Family #99)





4 Sulmy Magdon Ismail + Zulaikha Junaid (99)

d/o Faisal Junaid, Fmr Embassador to Iraq and Pakistan & Mrs Hilmiya Junaid of Fort, Galle.






5 Hamda Magdon Ismail







5 Shaheem Magdon Ismail






4 Hussain Magdon Ismail+ Zuha Zain Shaffy




2 [13] ZAIN Magdon Ismail (14)(+ [14]Fathuma Magdon Ismail (14)

{aka Zain Mama in the community}See Fathuma Magdon Ismail+Zain Magdon Ismail (below)




3 Nilam Magdon Ismail + Faukia Wahab

d/o Shafeek Wahab & Kyra Jailabdeen





4 Nadine Magdon Ismail + Hisham Shums

S/o Karim Shums & Fazileth Cader






5 Tahir Shums







5 Imaad Shums






4 Reza Magdon Ismail + Sabrina Yusoof d. 2021

Sabrina [deceased at age 32]. D/o Hanif Yusoof & Shanaz Adams






5 Nora Magdon Ismail







5 Leyla Magdon Ismail





3 [19] Hameem Magdon Ismail(USA) + [20] Fathuma (Hichi) Markar

d/o Proctor (Faloon) A M Markar./ For Issues See Fathuma (Hichchie) under Ahamed Magdon (Faloon) Markar




3 Ismeth Magdon Ismail d:2022 + Fathima Azmi Sameer (20)

d/o Ismail Sameer & Noorul Faiza Zaheed





4 Imran Magdon Ismail





3 Yusuf Magdon Ismail (USA) + Kerima (Nangi)

d/o Mr & Mrs M Izzeth Ajwad of Matara




3 Kamal Magdon Ismail (Dentist) + Frances Crusz

d/o Prof Hilary Crusz & Decima Rabot





4 Tariq Magdon Ismail + Niluksha Deheragoda

D/o Sunil & Margie Deheragoda





5 Anika Magdon Ismail






5 Devin Magdon Ismail






4 Jehan Magdon Ismail + Carla Bock

D/o Steve & Janet Bock





4 Ishak Magdon Ismail




2 [13] ZAIN Magdon Ismail(Zain Mama) + [17] Fauziya (Shinni) Vilcassim

second bed




3 Fariz Magdon Ismail




SHUMS Magdon Ismail + Noor Najima








ALAVI Magdon Ismail




HUSSEIN Magdon Ismail



SHEIK (Segu Magdon) Magdon Ismail (14) + Name Not Known




MOHAMED CADER (Kakabo) Segu Magdon Ismail




2 AYESHA JIFFRYA Magdon Ismail + A M (Faloon) Markar





3 Sooriya (Markar) Magdon d. April 01, 2022




HALIMA CADER Magdon Ismail + Hassen Bary Vilcassim (384)





3 Zain Vilcassim + Fazniya






4 Ruzmyn






4 Razka + Shahim Bary







5 Sheza Bary







5 Shezadi Bary





3 Nasser Vilcassim

Died as a teenager- Drowned in the Ocean




3 Kadija (Pooni) Vilcassim





3 [17] Fauziya (Shinni) Vilcassim + [13] Zain Magdon Ismail

Zain Magdon Ismail's 2nd Bed





4 Fariz Magdon Ismail





3 [16] Feriyal Vilcassim + [15] Niyaz Cassim

s/o Mohamed Shums & Sithy Shums Cassim / For Issues see Niyaz Cassim above.




3 Flyla + MSA Hassen (Advocate)






4 Fazeela (UK) + Faizal Ghouse







5 Faidh







5 Fadhil






4 Yazoola (USA) + Sheril (Jimmy) Ismail

s/o Hannan & Dr. Vimala Ismail






5 Sumaiya







5 Raisha







5 Tahira






4 Safaya + Rihan Shakoor







5 Shazna







5 Aakil






4 Saira + Adnan Mohamed







5 Haziq






4 Jiffry + Nasriya







5 Shahana







5 Zaakir







5 Saabirah






4 Rizana (Australia) + Ibrahim Nawaz







5 Ismail



HAMEEM Magdon Ismail + Sohara Beebe




2 [14] FATHUMA Magdon Ismail + [13] Zain Magdon Ismail

See Zain Mama (above) for issues




Name Not Known. Died at a young age



HAKEEMA Magdon Ismail + Zahir Vilcassim (aka KT)(384, 99)

Hakeema died while giving birth




3 Kismet Vilcassim




KADIJA Magdon Ismail + Mohamed Ismail (15,395)

S/o Abdul Cader Ahamed Ismail (Red Doray). No Issues



AYESHA Magdon Ismail + Jawad Ahamed (384, 99)

No Issues


MOHAMED (Cheeni Chacha) Magdon Ismail + Azeeza

Azeeza's parents are from Matara.



ZUHAIRA Magdon Ismail + Mahfool Jamaldeen

Zuhaira aka 'Zuhaira Mahfool Jamaldeen'




3 Rasheeda Jamaldeen + Thaha Sheriff Cassim

For Issues: Refer Thaha under (2) Sheriff Cassim


SAEEDA Magdon Ismail



MASOODA Magdon Ismail



HALEEMA Magdon Ismail + Ishar






MOHIDEEN UMMA (Thangam Datha) Magdon Ismail + Markar

Spouse's Full Name Not Known




d/o Sheik (Segu Magdon) Magdon Ismail--See above




3 Sooriya Markar d.April 01, 2022




2 2nd spouse of AHAMED MAGDON(FALOON)MARKAR+ Faleela (Fali) Ismail (99)

d/o Ayesha Umma Vilcassim (Ayshamchachi) + A M Ismail #99 / Faloon (aka AM Markar) had his Law practise in Colombo.




3 Fiaza Markar (USA) + Reza Haniffa






4 Shaeena Haniffa + John Gordon







5 Jamie Gordon







5 Jilian Gordon






4 Shyama Haniffa + Mark Johnson







5 Mustaq Johnson + Amanda








6 Leila Johnson





3 Fazeera Markar (USA) + Shakir Ismail (Proctor)






4 Kadri ismail

Died May 2021 at age 59 as Professor in the English Dept. at University of Minnesota. USA





4 Luthufiya Ismail + Fakhrudeen Markar

s/o Dr.Zahir & Ameena (nee Thassim) Markar of Fort Galle.






5 Saabira Markar + Jimmy