Compton Cemetery, Stanstead County, Quebec, Canada

Compton Cemetery, Stanstead County, Quebec, Canada

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Deceased stone #Birth date Death date age Inscription Husband or wife Parents Other notes

,Maud 18e small cross
Adsit, Elmer 47e 1910 1967 Lazemba, Florence
Allen, Andrew J 14e Oct11 1870 39yrs ,Mary Maria
Allen, Mary Maria 15e Sept 1868 36yrs wife of Allen, Andrew J
Armstrong, Thomas 26e Oct16 1834 Pennoyer, Ellen M
Ayer, Roxillinia 28e June12 1893 70yrs wife of Farnsworth,CL
Baker, Mary 16w Feb8 1888 42yrs his wife Trussler, Benjamin
Bickford, Nancy 65e Dec13 1874 wife of Silver, James
Bickford, Nancy 66s Apr13 1815 Dec13 1874 his wife Silver, James sml stones@side:: Grandpa,Mother,Father
Bliss, Ada A 34n July24 1858 Nov241945 beloved wife of Vernon, J Walter M
Bliss, Anson 35s Aug3 1834 Mar14 1888 Cullin, Elizabeth
Bliss, George N 35e Jan15 1866 Aug6 1934 died in Port Arthur, Texas
Bliss, HA 36w July9 1862 Apr23 1902
Bliss, Katherine A 35e May10 1860 June29 1917 wife of Reid, RB
Bliss, William E 36w Jan19 1857 June17 1898 died Calgary Alberta,son of Bliss, Anson
Blossom, Pamalia 26 Jan7 1816 May9 1885 his wife Pennoyer, Jesse
Boudreau, Charles 60w her brother[Helen Boudreau] Riley, Mary
Boudreau, Helen 60w 1855 1936 his wife Hill, James B
Brewer, Charles Denys 22w Oct9 1904 Sept3 1912 only son of Brewer, JS priest of this parish
Brown, May 42e Dec26 1926 7mos20d daughter of TD and ME Brown
Brown, Thomas D 41e 1898 1968 Perkins, Maria E one small stone-Father
Buchanan, John 54e Dec1 1894 92yrs to the memory of, Fell asleep in Jesus
Buchanan, Mary 55s Mar11 1826 Mar9 1911 wife of, at rest William Campbell Sr
Campbell, Joseph 56e 1846 1894 at rest
Campbell, Pte. Robert Che55n Oct 31 1917 20yrs 117 Batt.C.E.F. died in France
Campbell, William 55e Apr2 1852 Feb18 1919 at rest Sims, Isabella
Campbell,Gladys 55w Apr22 1900 Feb16 1976 small stone [Grandma]
Caswell,William H 61w May6 1860 Nov22 1909 in memory of Munroe, Ellen small stone W:William,Ellen,George,Sarah
Cochrane, Sarah A 51s Apr17 1850 Jun2 1904 wife of Shutt, J 2 small stones William-Sarah
Cochrane, William 51n Dec28 1847 Aug26 1900 son of, not lost but gone before Hugh and Margaret Cochrane 2 small stones William-Sarah
Cullin, Catherine 23e Jully31845 11yrs4mos daughter of Luke and Hannah Cullin
Cullin, Elizabeth 35s Feb22 1838 Mar13 1914 his wife Bliss, Anson
Cullin, Hannah 24e Dec101802 Cullin, Luke born in Edgsbarton near Birmingham, England
Cullin, Luke 23e Jan25 1852 63yrs9mos Cullin, Hannah
Demers, Charles 39e Jan30 1848 Jan11 1912 Lafoe, Clara E
Demers, Estella 39e Oct9 1889 May14 1916 their daughter Demerr, Charles, Lafoe, Clara E
Demers, Munroe 73e Dec13 1845 Sep4 1934
Demers, Raymond M 72w Mar15 1892 Aug11 1952
Dennis, Margeret 51e Aug29 1827 Feb13 1919 wife of, native of Ireland Cochrane, Hugh
Douglas, Sarah 70e 1862 1935 his wife Emo, William
Deceased stone #Birth date Death date age Inscription Husband or wife Parents Other notes
Emo, Ida M 70e 1897 1897 their daughter Emo, William
Emo, William 70e 1862 1939 Douglas, Sarah
Farnsworth, Adeline H 28n Oct6 1843 28yrs wife of Farnsworth, CL
Farnsworth, CL 28w Sept27 1905 90yrs Farnsworth, Adeline H
Farnsworth, Emelia 28s Jan21 1889 41yrs
Farnsworth, Henry C 28s Aug30 1885 44yrs at Valley Ford Cal.
Farnsworth, Lucy A 28n Dec16 1841 3yrs daughters of Farnsworth, CL
Farnsworth, Maranda E 28n Oct21 1843 5wks daughters of Farnsworth, CL
Ferrel, William R 52e Oct27 1888 Sep13 1898 in loving memory, son of William B and Mellie M Ferrel
Fling, Owen 9w [just name] ,Sarah
Fling, Sarah 8w Mar 14 1862 75yrs wife of Fling, Owen
Fling, William 7w Aug18 1871 67yrs Marsh, Hannah M
Forsyth, Hannah M 44e Dec13 1903 73yrs7mo wife of, dau of, Snow, JW Rev Joseph&Eleanor Forsyth I will be satisfied when I awake with thy liken
Foster, Ann Eliza 49e Feb1 1835 Feb19 1910 his wife Shurtleff, Joel Scott
Foster, Celena 21n June30 1889 75yrs wife of Kendrick, AW
Fowler, Thomas 59e Mar6 1898 56yrs2mo at rest
Greaner, Elizabeth 29w Nov19 1887 56yrs10mos in memory of, wife of Hanover, Walter
Henderson, Jane 12w June12 1885 75yrs wife of Kerr, James
Hill 60e sleep well dear heart sleep well flat markers:Helen-James ss stone S of main:Cha
Hill, James B 60w 1862 1938 Boudreau, Helen
House, Melvina F 46e Jan7 1875 19yrs10mo Holy Bible, wife of Lougee, NB
Hyatt 58e in loving memory
Hyatt, Edward 63e 1919 in loving memory
Hyatt, Hilda 63e 1920 1982 in loving memory
Johnson, Florence G 70w 1892 1916 stepdau of ,Wife of Walker, Alex W and SH Emo
Joll, Laura 1s May 6 1931
Jones, Ethel P 1e Sept5 1938 at rest
Kendell, John Henry 68e July29 1892 4mo3da beloved son of John and Emily Kendall in affectionate remembrance of,
Kendrick, AW 21n Aug331 1876 69yrs Foster, Celena
Kendrick, Mary 21w July 27 1917 daughter of the late Kendrick, Alden&Celina of Compton
Kendrick, Nathan 3w Feb2 1855 82yr Woodward Ruth
Kerr, James 11w Sept4 1873 69yrs
Kerr, William 10w 1841 1924
Lafoe, Clara E 39e July13 1857 May10 1899 wife of Demers, Charles
Laidley, Sarah 61n Sep18 1865 Mar6 1910 wife of Munroe, John small stone W:William,Ellen,George,Sarah
Lazemba, Florence 37e 1918 1986 his wife Adsit, Elmer
Little, Elizabeth 40e May4 1972 Octt18 1955 his wife Merrill, Arthur A one small stone-Father
Lundy, Eliza 62e 1836 1871 his wife Lytle, James
Deceased stone #Birth date Death date age Inscription Husband or wife Parents Other notes
Lytle, Eva Jane 62e Infant
Lytle, James 62e 1832 1906 Lundy, Eliza&Thompson,Jane
Lytle, William A 62e 1864 1890
Marsh, Hannah M 6w May 22 1884 72yrs4mo11d wife of Fling, William
McClary, Charles 13w Mar3 1832 Feb 27 1904 McClary, Jane 2 flat markers W: Mother-Father 3 flat markers
McClary, Charles Edwin 13e Dec27 1893 Oct10 1912 son of McClary, John A & Luvia L 2 flat markers W: Mother-Father 3 flat markers
McClary, Jane 13w Aug1 1832 July23 1914 his wife McClary, Charles 2 flat markers W: Mother-Father 3 flat markers
McClary, John A 13e June9 1866 July21 1944 Woodward, Luvia L 2 flat markers W: Mother-Father 3 flat markers
McDougall, Susan 37e Nov21 1830 Jan14 1902
McKee, Sarah 36e 1832 1921 his wife Pocock, Frederick
Merrill, Arthur A 40e May6 1864 Feb1 1937 Little, Elizabeth
Minguy, Frederick 34s *nothing marked Poole, Annie
Morrison, Matilda 69w Feb21 1892 44yrs wife of Bringloe, E
Munroe, Ellen 61w Feb1 1858 Oct14 1919 widow of GA Reynolds wife of WH Caswell small stone W:William,Ellen,George,Sarah
Munroe, John 61n Nov15 1863 Oct 29 1935 in memory of Laidley, Sarah;Murren, Lottie C small stone W:William,Ellen,George,Sarah
Munroe, William 61e Oct6 1824 Oct11 1900 in memory of small stone W:William,Ellen,George,Sarah
Murren,Lottie C 61w Oct26 1887 20yrs5mo1d beloved wife of Munroe, John R small stone E of main
Parker, Charles 66e Jun 23 1839 Jan26 1913 Silver, Caroline M sml stones@side:: Grandpa,Mother,Father
Parker, Willard P 50e Mar11 1871 31yrs5mo22d
Penfold, Alfred George 2e Dec25 1870 19yrs7mos In memory of WH& Hanna Penfold natives of England
Penfold, John Hugh 2e Nov25 1859 28yrs5mos in memory of WH& Hanna Penfold natives of England
Pennoyer, Ellen M 26e Aug11 1834 Dec30 1909 his wife,only daughter of Armstrong, Thomas J and P Pennoyer
Pennoyer, Jesse 26 Sept12 1803 Nov30 1889 Blossom, Pamalia
Perkins, Maria E 41e 1903 his wife Brown, Thomas D
Plummer 57e
Plummer, A Harold 57w Jun25 1879 Dec30 1967 C.S.T. Priest Vernon, Clara
Pocock, Abraham 27e Sept13 1865 1yr 4mos children of Frederick and Sarah Pocock
Pocock, Abraham 36e 1864 1865 their children Pocock, Frederick,Mckee, Sarah
Pocock, Eleanor M 35e Dec21 1977 89yrs6mo24d
Pocock, Frederick 36e 1831 1885 his son McKee, Sarah Pocock, Stephen
Pocock, Frederick 36e 1852 1886 their children Pocock, Frederick,Mckee, Sarah
Pocock, Isabel 36e 1866 1867 their children Pocock, Frederick,Mckee, Sarah
Pocock, Isabella 27e June20 1867 9mos children of Frederick and Sarah Pocock
Pocock, Leon F 35s Aug6 1928 41yrs9mo10d
Pocock, Samuel 35n Apr27 1936 76yrs6mo16d Snow, Adeline E
Pocock, Stephen 36e 1799 1881
Pocock, Stephen 43e 1870 1953 Roberts, Alice
Poole, Annie 34w July61908 58yrs wife of, Minguy, Frederick born in Birmingham Eng
Deceased stone #Birth date Death date age Inscription Husband or wife Parents Other notes
Reynolds, George A 61w Sep27, 1850 Jun12 1891 in memory of Munroe, Ellen small stone W:William,Ellen,George,Sarah
Reynolds, Mary 61 1842 1870 wife of Wash, George
Richardson, Charles F 32w Mar31 1831 June10 1916 50yrs born in Compton, Savage, Charlotte C died in Staten Island, NY
Richardson, Mahetabel 31w Aug28 1842 50yrs wife of Richardson, Samuel
Richardson, Samuel 30w June13 1866 74yrs Richardson, Mahetabel
Riley, Mary 61e Jun15 1828 May8 1910 his wife Munroe, William small stone W:William,Ellen,George,Sarah
Roberts, Alice 43e 1881 1961 his wife Pocock, Stephen
Robertson, Robert K 64e Sep26 1826 Mar29 1907 Terry, Emma M
Rowe, Ada J 1w March10 1916 fell asleep
Savage, Charlotte C 33w Apr30 1885 45yrs wife of Richardson, Charles F
Scholes, Jane 25n Sept 1 1900 42yrs wife of Brown, CL gone but not forgotten
Sharples, Charles Alleyn 38e Oct16 1887 Sep22 1891 blessed are the pure in heart
Shurtleff, Joel Scott 49e May22 1827 Apr10 1895 Foster, Ann Eliza
Shurtleff, Mary EF 49e Sept6 1971 Sept21 1943
Shurtleff, Otis 48e Mar23 1872 65yrs
Silver, Caroline M 66e Jul7 1848 Oct21 1915 his wife Parker, Charles sml stones@side:: Grandpa,Mother,Father
Silver, James 66s Mar31 1804 apr25 1887 Bickford, Nancy sml stones@side:: Grandpa,Mother,Father
Sims, Isabella 55e Mar17 1858 Jan11 1915 his wife, at rest Campbell, William
Smith, Hollis K 5w Mar29 1850 21yrs
Snow, Adeline E 35w Aug9 1892 31yrs2mo9d wife of Pocock, Samuel
Snow, Annie E 53e 1868 1953 [flat markers]
Snow, J Washington 45e Jan18 1828 July27 1917 Forsyth, Hannah M
Snow, Walter G 53e 1868 1946 [flat markers]
Statton, Nettie W 17e Aug11 1865 1yr2mos
Terrill, Alice Maude 20 Feb22 1890 19yrs daughter of Terrill, FW&EL
Terrill, Ellen Louise 20 Dec1 1871 31yrs beloved daughter of Terrill, Frederick,W and EL in loving memory of
Terry, Emma M 64e Aug1 1831 Oct1 1924 his wife Robertson, Robert K
Thompson, Jane 62e 1841 1904 his wife Lytle, James
Thompson, Milly 67e Mar29 1872 2yrs2mo in memory of, daughter of J and M Thompson
Thompson, T Bailee 67e Apr1 1872 in memory of,son of J and M Thompson
Thurber, Elmira 64w 1858 1949 his wife Webster, Edwin L
Trussler, Benjamin 16w June 9 1913 71yrs in memory of Baker, Mary
Trussler, Charles Thomas 16w Feb 13 1880 2yr Trussler, Benjamin
Trussler, Emma 16w Aug 3 1885 6mos Trussler, Benjamin
unknown 19 flat coffin shaped
Vernon, Clara 57w Oct9 1884 Aug16 1962 his wife, Jesu Mercy Plummer, A Harold
Vernon, J Walter M 34n Nov 23 1859 Apr6 1950 R.I.P. Bliss, Ada A
Webster, Edwin L 64w 1858 1944 Thurber, Elmira
Woodward Ruth 4w Jan6 1860 77yr wife of Kendrick, Nathan
Woodward, Luvia L 13e Feb4 1868 Nov19 1936 wife of McClary, John A 2 flat markers W: Mother-Father 3 flat markers
Wright, George K 71e Aug91872 10mo son of A and NI Wright