Sights and Sounds of the Azores

As of this time, I have not yet made it to the Azores, the land where many of my ancestors originated from. I hope to be able to go there someday, to walk where they walked, and to be able to see the sites they have seen. Until then, the sounds you hear and the pictures you will see on this page, were kindly donated by friends who wanted to share them with all of us.

Terceira photos -- Misc. including Church photos contributed by Rick Bart 

Sao Miguel photos -- Misc. photos contributed by Rick Bart 

Faial Photos - These postcards were donated by Brandee C. Kingery and are of the view overlooking Pedro Miguel, Faial and one showing the Capotes worn around the beginning of the 20th century. 

The following postcard photos were donated by Sheila Casper, They include photos of costumes, money, scenery on various islands, etc. and are all from the early 1900s, before about 1920.

Prainha, Pico showing the Church, Nossa Senhora da Ajuda. They were contributed by someone wishing to remain anonymous.

Flamengos, Faial photo of an early Holy Ghost festival in possibly in the 1880s. Contributed by Margaret Garcia H.

Misc. photos from Susan Vargas Murphy,

Graciosa photos contributed by Susan Vargas Murphy,

Hear the Sounds

This is a short sound clip contributed by Susan Vargas Murphy, Susan's grandfather, Joe Maciel, is playing his banjo. The recording was made in 1950, so the quality is a little scratchy, but the sweetness of the song comes through anyway. By the way, Joe was my 5th Cousin, one time removed.

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