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From time to time, I may receive information from people offering to do research for others. I would like to pass that information along on this web site in the hopes that it may be helpful to other researchers who might need help from someone who actually lives in the Azores and has easier access to many of the records.

**** I am not necessarily making a recommendation that anyone listed on this site do research for you. The people listed here as researchers have simply contacted me and asked that an ad for their services be included on this web site. 

João Ventura lives on Terceira Island, Azores and does genealogy research on all the islands of the Azores. He has already done the genealogy of the following villages, from 1911 back to the earliest documents:

  • Terceira Island:  Ribeirinha; Feteira, Porto Judeu, São Sebastião, Fonte do Bastardo, Cabo da Praia, Fontinhas, Agualva, Quatro Ribeiras and São Mateus.
  • São Jorge Island:  Norte Pequeno, Norte Grande, Ribeira Seca and now Santo Amaro. If you are interested in obtaining information from any of those villages, please contact him privatly.
  • Contacts:

    João Ventura
    Apartado 1035
    9700-998 Angra do Heroismo


  • Fees:  $US20.00 for each document (copy, transcription and summary translation included).  US$10.00 for transcription and summary translation of documents.

George Pacheco:
Hello my name is George Pacheco and for the past 17 years I have been researching Azorean and other Genealogy. I am available to do research on the following: Azores, Madeira, Cabo Verde, and Mainland Portugal. Please contact me at my website

Marcio Borba:
Available to research all the islands in the Azores. Please email me at

John Raposo:

My terms are as follows:

$40.00 per hour or 3 hours for $100.00 or 9 hours for $250.00, non refundable. 

A report is provided at the end of each block of research along with an assessment of the prospects for further research. I do not string people along. If further research is unlikely to produce any further genealogical information, or is likely to be expensive, I let the client know. Both parties are free to end the project at any time.

I do not print out or supply documents but will footnote exactly where the information comes from. 

I will correct any factual error at no charge to the client. Emal me at

Francisco Queiroz -  Genealogia sem segredos (Genealogy without secrets)

In the "Genealogy without secrets", which encompasses this website and our presence in social networks , we offer various research and consulting services, training (distance and presential), manuals, tips and useful links.Our main mission is to contribute to a stricter Genealogy, more transparent and more accessible to all. The website is in Portuguese with an English version still to come. But, if you view it using the Google Chrome web browser, it will translate it for you.

Email contact:

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