Portuguese Word List

Portuguese Word List , Name Abbreviations, & Evolution of Portuguese spelling in names:

In learning to read Portuguese records, it is very helpful to know and be able to recognize certain words common to the records. The Portuguese Genealogical Word List is now on the FamilySearch.org website in its entirety. It includes keywords you will encounter as well as numbers, dates, days of the week, and a general word list. In Portuguese records, you will find that most numbers, including dates, are written out in the Cardinal format and the numbers are spelled out in the records rather than written as numbers.

Portuguese Genealogical Word List 

Most names that appear in Portuguese records are abbreviated. This list was compiled by Al Ramos and used here with his permission. It is a PDF file:

Some Portuguese Name Abbreviations

You will notice that, over time, Portuguese names change a bit in their spelling. This list shows both older and newer spellings and was compiled by Al Ramos and used with his permission. This is a PDF file.

Evolution of Portuguese Spellings in Names

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