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The Centro de Conhecimento dos Azores (CCA)has digitized all the Azorean records. Currently, the passports for all three major ports are online: Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel; Horta, Faial; and Angro do Heroismo, Terceira are up. Find them here.  **Please note that these online records may only display properly in Internet Explorer or Safari web browsers. 

The easiest way to locate the passports is via the Tombo site but you can go directly to the CCA site as listed below: 

  • 1) Go to the Centro De Conhecimento Dos Azores (CCA) site (digital copies of the original records)
  • 2) Click on Pesquisa de Passaportes on the main page just above the map 
  • 3) On the next page, choose your port from the drop down list depending on where your ancestor lived and was MOST likely to sail from. You may have to check all three: Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel); Angra do Heroismo (Terceira); or Horta (Faial)
  • 4) Click the Procurar button
  • 5) Click on the time frame you are interested in 

Passenger Lists

Here are some Passenger Lists of ships that traveled from the Azores to America in various years. The extractions were done by me, unless otherwise noted. At any rate, they were all extracted from microfilms available at the Family History Center of the Mormon Church. 

In some, the passenger's destination was simply given as "United States." Although I did my best, some of the names were very hard to read and a few, were unreadable. You will recognize those by the strange spelling you will see. 

On these lists, you will notice that, very often, the men were listed first, followed by the women and children. This may make it difficult to identify families you were expecting to be listed together.

Hopefully, though, one of you may recognize a family member you have been searching for. I hope to extract more of these lists in the future.

My thanks to Sheila Casper and Diana Silva for making several of these lists available to me to post on the site. 

Schooner Edith, Fayal to Boston, 8 Oct 1864 (Extracted by: Sheila Casper )

Brig Loanna, Fayal to Boston, 7 Jan 1865 (Extracted by: Sheila Casper )

Bark Fredonia, Fayal to Boston, 6 Mar 1865 (Extracted by: Sheila Casper )

Bark Fredonia Fayal to Boston, 16 June 1866

Brig Evanista Fayal to Boston, 5 July 1866

SS Dominique Flores to Boston, 7 Aug 1866

Bark Fredonia Fayal to Boston, 29 Aug 1866

Bark Fredonia, Fayal to Boston, 4 Oct 1870 (Extracted by: Sheila Casper )

Schooner Annie Bayard, Fayal to Boston, 20 Oct 1870 (Extracted by: Sheila Casper)

Brig Surprise, Fayal to Boston, 28 Nov 1870 (Extracted by: Sheila Casper )

Bark Fredonia, Fayal to Boston, 28 Dec 1870 (Extracted by: Sheila Casper )

Bark Sarah Fayal to Boston, 23 Dec 1889

Bark Sarah Fayal to Boston, 24 April 1892

S.S.Dona Maria Sao Miguel to Ellis Island, New York, January 23, 1900 (Extracted by: Diana Silva)

Ship passenger lists below courtesy of Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild

Brig Aliguash 22 September 1846

SS Vega 21 May 1891

Bark Sarah 1 June 1891

SS Olinda 2 June 1891

SS Vega 11 July 1891

SS Olinda 14 September 1891

SS Olinda 2 May 1892

SS Olinda 2 July 1892

SS Oevenum 8 September 1892

SS Vega 29 December 1892

Bark Sarah 22 December 1894

Olinda 3 April 1895

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