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**** Please understand that when you send a query to me, you are sending a message as if you're posting to a message board. That message is meant for other researchers to see and, hopefully, respond to because they recognize the names of the people included. Queries are not meant as a way of asking for help from me or information on how to proceed with your own research. If you contact me directly at my email address, I will do my best to help you.

To post a query you will need to fill out the form below. The instructions to post and an example of a query are given below. 

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Instructions to Post a Query:

  1. Your query will be posted as soon as possible after I receive it.
  2. Put all surnames in CAPITALS but please refrain from sending your query in all may not get posted! 
  3. Be sure to be specific in letting people know WHO you are looking for, WHERE they were from, and WHEN they were there.
  4. If at all possible, post the village or town AND the name of the island, such as, "Feteira, Faial".
  5. Only queries regarding genealogy and the Azore Islands will be accepted 
  6. Please just send one submittal per query. I am a volunteer and will post your query as soon as I can.
  7. For best results, try to post as much information as you know ...... names, dates, places. 

Example Query:

Looking for Manuel Silveira GOULARTE b. 1872 in Feteira, Faial. He immigrated to the Centerville, CA area with his brother Jose in 1892. I would like to correspond with anyone having information on this person.


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