Sao Miguel Indexes and Record Extractions

Disclaimer:  These files are indexes of the available records. Every effort has been made to create accurate work. However I make no guarantees as to its completeness or accuracy. You are encouraged to verify with the original record, any information you discover within these indexes. Further, the information contained within these files is intended for research purposes and private use only. Duplication and or distribution of these files requires permission of the contributor.

These files are posted here as PDFs so they are compatible with both Macs and Windows computers. Clicking on a link will, depending on how your web browser is set up, either display the file for you to view in your web browser, or download it to your computer for viewing there. 

*****These files ARE searchable:  Windows (Control+F), Macs (Command+F)

These Feteiras indexes were created and shared here by Mindy Silva. According to Mindy, they are not quite finished but she wanted them to be available for other researchers. Thank you for your work!

The following indexes were created and contributed by Tammy Medeiros-Jesso and used here with her permission. Thank you, Tammy, for all your work and willingness to share it! 


NEW!! Hermano Pires extracted and transcribed these obitos.  Over the years, he helped many people with their research and even though he has passed away, he  will continue to help people with their research by these Obitos.

The following marriage indexes were researched and shared here by SuAnn Cordeiro. Thank you for your efforts!

The following marriage indexes were researched and shared here by Terri Santos. Thank you, Terri, for all your work with these records!

The following Obitos (death records) were shared here by Terri Santos and Joe Matias: Thank you both!

The following marriage indexes were transcribed by Terri Santos, Joe Matias, and Fernando Pimentel Thank you all for your work and sharing it here!

NEW!!The following marriage indexes are shared by Monica Ciardullo and the following group:  Gloria Paiva Martin, Monica Ciardullo, Joe Matias, Kasey Moniz, Maria Sousa, Angela Reis, Eduarda Ramos, Su Cordeiro, Tammy Medeiros-Jesso, Eduarda Ramos, Michael Baptista, Doug Holmes, Miguel Labrego, Sharon Simson, Tiago Mendes, Michelle Martins-Botelho, Arnaldo Muniz, Patrick Ventura, Júlio Corrêa, Margaret Vicente, Antoinette Teixeira, Marilia Freitas, and Linda Mare. Thank you ALL for your hard work and for sharing it here!

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