Sao Jorge Marriage Index

The Sao Jorge Marriage Index Project was begun to aid genealogists researching their lineage on the island. The project began on 31 Mar 2017 and over the course of 125 days, the project’s volunteers created an index of all available Sao Jorge marriage records – spanning from 1631-1911. The completed database is composed of nearly 20,000 marriage records, and covers all 11 freguesias on the island.

While indexing, entries that could not be confirmed by the indexers were flagged, and provided to a group of native azoreans, and very experienced azorean genealogists who graciously served as our editors. Every effort was made to accurately transcribe the names, and in many cases it was necessary to cross-reference the couple’s children’s baptisms, or consult microfilm copies of the records.

Due to the fact that the Portuguese alphabet has evolved greatly over the last few centuries, the spelling of both given and surnames have been altered over time. Therefore the names in this index have been standardized with modern spellings for ease of use. 

The data in the index is arranged by freguesia, beginning alphabetically with Calheta, and ending with Velas. Within the freguesia, the entries are organized by the order in which they appear in the book. This may occasionally differ from the chronological order of the records. The data is arranged in columns beginning with the name of the groom, the name of the bride, and the date of the marriage. The ‘series’ column refers to the church book or record range to which the provided image number corresponds on the CCA website

To search the index, please type Control+F (for Windows) or Command+F (for Macs) in the browser window when viewing the .PDF document.  This will bring up a box that enables you to query it by keyword.

To report an improperly transcribed entry please feel free to fill out the Report a Correction to The Sao Jorge Index form as many times as you like (one time for each entry in question).

To request an .XLS copy of the index, send us feedback, to otherwise contribute to the integrity of the index, or to submit any other questions, please contact Jeremy Berry-Cahn, project coordinator via email at

This project was made possible by: Louie Avila, Jeremy Berry-Cahn, Rosemarie Capodicci, Racquel Anderson, Mike Souza, and Linda Meneses. We would also like to extend our thanks to Kathy Cardoza, Doris Mello, Doug da Rocha Holmes, Martine Ferrere, and Eliseu Pacheco.

Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge, the information contained in the Sao Jorge Marriage Index is accurate and reliable. However we make no certifications whatsoever regarding the accuracy and or completeness of the information included. Furthermore, the information contained within the index is intended for research purposes and private use only. Duplication and or distribution of the index in it’s complete form is not permitted without permission expressed in writing from the Sao Jorge Project coordinator. 

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