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The following indexes were contributed by Igor Espínola de França and used here with his permission. Thank you, Igor, for all your work and willingness to share it! This is his introduction to these indexes:

During the last years I transcripted the most ancient books of several Pico parishes. This work followed a purpose that was to get information for the two books I wrote about Pico settlement and the families that lived in the former county of São Roque do Pico, that included Santo Amaro, Prainha, São Roque, Santo António, Santa Luzia, and the parishes of Bandeiras and Madalena, separated in 1723. During this process, starting about 1470-1480 and ending in the end of the XVIII century emerged a society typical of the Ancien Regime, a society that ended with the French Revolution of 1789. The need to study this society imposed the total transcription of the data in the books, and not only those related to the "noble" families, as usual in the classical genealogies. This old books were written in a very hard to read letter, and thus my propose is to share them with all Pico researchers, making their task easier, because all this files are in word language. Some files have a title with a wider date then the contents, because I obtained the information I was searching and stoped by then, but most of them are complete. The first marriage book of Madalena was found in the church, and will be soon online in the site of Centro do Conhecimento. I wish all Pico researchers success for their work!

Igor Espínola de França

Disclaimer:  These files are indexes of the available records. Every effort has been made to create accurate work. However I make no guarantees as to its completeness or accuracy. You are encouraged to verify with the original, any information you discover within these indexes.  Further, the information contained within these files is intended for research purposes and private use only. Duplication and or distribution of these files requires permission of the contributor.

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