Graciosa belongs to the Central Group and is 12.5 km long and 8.5 km wide. It is known as "The White Island" because of the delicate landscape and the names that were given to some places on the island that included the word "Branca" or white.

Listed here by Freguesia, which is the village or town, are the names of the Churches and the years for which the LDS Church has microfilmed their records. Those films are available at your local Family History Center or the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Also, Azorean Church records are digitized and available online.

  • The easiest way to navigate to where the records are on the Centro De Conhecimento Dos Azores (CCA) site, is via the portal site, Tombo. The link for Tombo is listed below with the appropriate Freguesia.
    • Go to Tombo,
    • In the sidebar on the left, choose Azores.
    • Next, choose the island you want in the sidebar. Passports are on this page, as well, for the three ports of the Azores.
    • The next page lists the Concelhos (councils) for the island you picked. Choose the one you want.
    • Next, choose the Freguesia (village) from the sidebar.
    • Click on the Freguesias you are interested in. There are Baptismos (baptisms), Casementos (marriages) and Obitos (death records)
    • You will see the dates for each record type. When you find what you want, click the link (an example would be to click on the word Obitos for the date you want). 
    • The next screen brings up the record viewer with each record link listed on the left and controls for the viewer across the top.
    • Enjoy!
  • Centro De Conhecimento Dos Azores (CCA) site (digital copies of the original records). Be sure to note the Council name of the Freguesia 
    (village or town)
     you are interested in before going to the CCA site at Follow these steps to see the available parish records:
    1) click on PESQUISA DE REGISTOS PAROQUIAIS on the main page
    2) On that page,
    • Under Ilha (island) choose the island you want from the popup menu. The page will refresh...
    • From Concelho (council) choose the one you need. If you're not sure which Concelho, check the Map page on the Azores GenWeb for your island. It will show which Council each of the Freguesias are in. The page will refresh...
    • From Freguesia (parish/town) choose from the list
    • Click the Procurar button.
    • From there, just choose the type of records you want to see and the date range (there may be several pages), then click the link Ver. 
  • The Universidade do Minho site (database only for Faial, Pico, Corvo and Sao Jorge, as well as some locations in Portugal). Click on the database you are interested in. On the next page, click on the half-circular arrow at the bottom that shows after this text:  "Clique aqui para aceder às Genealogias”  (click here to access genealogies.) If English is desired, then on the next page, click on the British flag.

or town)

Concelho (Council)
Church Name
LDS Microfilmed Records Dates
Guadalupe Santa Cruz Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe 1625 - 1873
CCA Records
Luz Santa Cruz Nossa Senhora da Luz 1612 - 1873
CCA Records
Praia Santa Cruz Sao Mateus 1591 - 1873
CCA Records
Santa Cruz da Graciosa Santa Cruz Santa Cruz (Matriz) 1672 - 1873
CCA Records

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