Pedro Miguel, Faial Confession Rolls

On a trip to Faial in July of 1996, Susan Vargas Murphy was allowed to borrow the confession rolls of Pedro Miguel from the parish priest. She has agreed to share these with other researchers, knowing their value as a resource in the study of their family history.

Confession Rolls were put together by the priest and can be viewed almost as if they were a census. Each family is grouped together by address, showing head of household and all other family members living there. Their relationship to the head of household is also given as well as their age and often, their occupation. They are a wonderful resource to track a family and its members through the years.

These files are all PDFs, which are able to be viewed on both Mac and Windows computers. Click on the links below to view each year. Feel free to download these files for your own use. Please note that these are ALL that we have available.

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