Genealogy Sites for the Azores and Portugal

Also, other sites for those folks interested in the Azores, Portugal, or the immigration of the Portuguese to California. 

  • Sao Jorge Genealogy group (Facebook group)
  • Terceira Marriage Index- This is a PDF document, almost 31 MB in size, but is a wonderful resource to find any marriage that happened on Terceira. Finding your ancestor's marriage in this index will make it easier to find their marriage record on the CCA site. (Use the Tombo site, link below, for easier navigation.)
  • Tombo site: This is a portal site, easy to navigate, to the CCA records that are online. It has an Index and links to online parish registers of the Azores, Madeira, and Portugal. 
  • CENTRO DE CONHECIMENTO DOS AÇORES - This site is a government site and is a work in progress. They are posting the records for the Azores! Almost all of the records are now available on this site in digital format. You can actually see the baptismal, marriage, or death records for your ancestors! More additions to the site are planned for the future so check in often. There are many other records and resources on this site, as well. Be sure to note the Council name of the Freguesia (village or town) you are interested in before going to the CCA site at Follow these steps to see the available parish records:
    1. Click on PESQUISA DE REGISTOS PAROQUIAIS on the main page.  
    2. On that page, Under Ilha (island) choose the island you want from the popup menu. The page will refresh...
    3. From Concelho (council) choose the one you need. If you're not sure which Concelho, check the Map page on the Azores GenWeb for your island. It will show which Council each of the Freguesias are in. The page will refresh...
    4. From Freguesia (parish/town) choose from the list
    5. Click the Procurar button.
    6. From there, just choose the type of records you want to see and the date range (there may be several pages), then click the link Ver. 
  • CITCEM: Centro de Investigacao Transdisciplinar Cultura Espaco e Memoria. This is the Transdisciplinary Research Centre. The information was formerly on the NEPS site and covers Pico, Faial, part of Sao Jorge, and part of continental Portugal. If you have ancestors from any of these places you MUST try this database! You might find the ancestors AND descendants of the person you are looking for. Wonderful resource!! 
    • From the link, click on the village/parish that you are interested in …
    • On the next page, click on the circular arrow at the bottom right
    • If you want to see the page in English, click on the British flag
    • Enjoy! 
  • Azorean Gravestone Project The project is a collaborative effort geared towards systematically photographing and uploading pictures for all cemeteries in the Azores Archipelago. 
  • NEW! Alunos do Seminário Episcopal de Angra de 1862 – 2013.List of students who attended Seminary in Angra. Information includes the student name, their freguesia, their parents, the age they were admitted to the seminary, the date admitted, and any observations. Look at the bottom of the page and click on the middle tab, "Registo da BPARAH-2”, for the list of students.
  • Jewish People in the Azores - Articles on Jewish history culture, and life on the Azores. 
  • - The practical site of the Azores giving great information on travel, festivities, geography, history, and great photos. 
  • Genealogy Blog of Marcio Borba: Beautiful videos of the Azores on this site! 
  • Learn Portuguese with Maria Oliveira Language Learning
  • Applied Language Solutions --- This site has both a free translator (machine) or fee based services: 
  • Inbox Translation Ltd – A London based translation agency that offers Portuguese (and other languages) translation services 
  • LusaWeb - This site is full of information helpful to Azorean researchers, including: Portuguese Family Roots Database 
    • Genealogy resources for the Azores 
    • Azorean immigration 
    • Anglicized California surnames 
    • Names of early Portuguese immigrants to California 
    • Portuguese-Hawaii Genealogical Society 
  • Portuguese Hawaiian Heritage & Genealogy --This website covers genealogy and heritage for Portuguese Hawaiian researchers.
  • Fernando Candido's Portuguese Genealogy Home Page There is lots of information on this site to help in your genealogy research including important addresses and a list of common Portuguese words translated into English.
  • New Bedford Whaling Museum - NEW! Search their database to learn about the whaling careers of your ancestors. The database covers men leaving the port of New Bedford on whaling voyages from 1840 to the end of whaling in 1927.

Other Useful Genealogy Sites

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