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About the WorldGenWeb Review e-zine


The WorldGenWeb Review e-zine was created to keep the visitors and friends of the WorldGenWeb Project informed about what is happening in the WorldGenWeb Project.  We will be providing helpful information on a periodic basis on how to utilize the WorldGenWeb Project, as well what resources are available to assist you in your research.



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What is the WorldGenWeb Project?


That may seem like an odd question, but it is one that we hear from time to time.  The WorldGenWeb is a non-profit volunteer organization, dedicated to the free use and access of public domain genealogical information. To further this goal, the WorldGenWeb uses Internet Web sites to create "local repositories" of information accessible by researchers worldwide. Each Project Web site (generally) will contain local resource addresses of county/country public records offices, cemetery locations, maps, library addresses, archive addresses, and association addresses including Family History Centers, or other genealogical or historical societies, and some history and culture of the region. Other resources include query pages or message boards, mail lists, historical data including census records, cemetery records, biographies, bibliographies, and family/surname registration Web sites.


To answer other questions you may have about the WorldGenWeb Project, please visit our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page.



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Latest News from the WorldGenWeb Project


1 August 2007 - Colleen Clements has been appointed as the Regional Coordinator for EastEuropeGenWeb.


1 August 2007 - Nathan Zipfel has been appointed as the Regional Coordinator for the BritishIslesGenWeb following the retirement of Jan Cortez.  We thank her for all the hard work she put into the WorldGenWeb.


Recent Country Website Updates


The following country websites have had a recent update, you'll want to check them out!









Korea - South





The following countries have a brand new website on-line




Bailiwick of Guernsey

Bailiwick of Jersey



Burkina Faso



Central African Republic

Korea - North







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Help Wanted


If you're like me, you may have visited one of our Regional Web sites and said to yourself: "I wish there was a Web site for this country," or "I wish someone would update this country Web site."  At last count there are 171 country Web sites on-line.  Of those country Web sites, 63 of them currently do not have a coordinator.  Additionally, there are 75 countries that need to have a Web site developed. As you can see, there are a large number of countries that could use a coordinator.  Won't you consider adopting one of the orphan countries? 


If you'd be interested in adopting or learning more about adopting a country Web site, please contact the Regional Coordinator for the region that country is in.


Maybe you'd like to lend a hand, but not necessarily taking on a country full-time.  Would you consider helping us develop Web sites for all 246 countries?  Please contact Nathan Zipfel to adopt a country or volunteer in some other way.




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Query and Surname Listings


The WorldGenWeb Project does not host a centralized tool for the submission of Queries and Surnames.  Our Country and sub-country Project Hosts maintain methods and links to various message board systems for you to post your queries and surnames.  Please visit the country Web sites to locate the query resource(s) that are available.


The BritishIslesGenWeb, AfricaGenWeb, AustraliaGenWeb and MicronesiaGenWeb Projects all operate a Message Board system to enable visitors to post queries.  One feature of the Message Board system enable visitors to search across all the country/county/shire message boards.



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WorldGenWeb Project Archives


Are you aware that the WorldGenWeb Project has an on-line digital archives of research data?  The Archives was created in 1998 as a repository of transcriptions of public domain records.  Please stop by and browse through the files we have on-line.


Have you collected data during your own research for a specific world community?  Would you consider donating a copy to be placed in the Archives?  Contact information for the Archives is listed at the link above. 0020


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Research Tools



Geneanet is a world-wide index of on-line and off-line genealogy resources.  It is a free service that the WorldGenWeb Project endorses.



GeneaSeek is a "full text" genealogy research browser. It goes through the Internet to index pages that deal with genealogy.  GeneaSeek comprises several million genealogy pages.


The Next Generation of Genealoty Sitebuilding (TNG)

TNG has "resurrected" the GENDEX search program to search through genealogy databases across the Internet.  It is still in it's infancy but worth visiting.




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Letters to the Editor


We'd love to hear from you.  Please send your comments to or



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Reprint Policy


Permission to reprint articles from the WorldGenWeb Review is granted unless otherwise indicated for an individual article.  Reprints may only be used for non-commercial, educational purposes.  The following must be included with any reprints:

"Published by the WorldGenWeb Project in the WorldGenWeb Review, Vol. 4, No

1, 12 August 2007  WorldGenWeb Project"


Back Issues of the WorldGenWeb Review are available from the archive located



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Subscription Information


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