Sri Lanka Colombo Chetty/Dutch Burgher Family Genealogy

MUTTUKRISHNA, Henry Francis - Family #7010

First Tamil Barrister in Asia (1849). Was educated both in Ceylon and in Calcutta, India and later entered Oriel College, Oxford. Was appointed under Sir Anthony Oliphant, Chief Justice. Brilliant lawyer, orator, and scholar. Deputy Queen's advocate and member of the Legislative Council. Was presented to His majesty the King of England on his retirement. Resided with his wife in England where he died.

Son, Lawrie, and daughter, Violet, founded the Polytechnic Institute, for teaching stenography and typewriting, in Colombo, Ceylon, in 1901.

The Muttukrishna family lived at No. 9 San Sebastian Hill in the Pettah in Colombo 11 and later moved to No 30, Galle Road, Wellawatte, Colombo 6, where the Polytechnic Institute continued to flourish.

1  Henry Francis Muttukrishna, b:1815, First Tamil Barrister 1849, Deputy Queen's Advocate & MLC + Henrietta Maria Pole (d/o Rev Reginald Pole)

    2 Olive Muttu Krishna

    2  Lawrie Muthu Krishna b:1860, (co-founder of Polytechnic, Colombo 6), Editor of the "Ceylonese", a leading newspepare of that era and later "The people" and "The citizen", his own newspapers + Lilamanibhai David (Bombay, India)

        3 Manoramabhai Muthu Krishna + Hubert Wickremasooriya

            4 Sharadha Manorama Muthu Krishna +Skanda Ajith de Saram (s/o Robert de Saram & Miriam Peiris Deraniyagala) (3126, 1005)

                5  Tesalia de Saram

                5  Sergei Ishviyan de Saram

        3  2nd spouse ofManoramabhai Muthu Krishna + George C Candappa, QC

            4 Romila Candappa + Sivasundaram

                5 Dr Sujit Sivasundaram, Fellow of Gonvile & Caius College, Cambridge and Lecturer in History

        3 Dinkar Muttu Krishna

        3 Prabhakar Muttu Krishna

        3  Mano Muttukrishna + Candappa

            4  Sharadha Candappa + de Saram

    2 Violet Muttu Krishna (co-founder of Polytechnic, Colombo 6) + Samuel David

    2 Lillie Muttukistna

    2 Rose Muttukistna

    2 Christopher Muttukistna + Name Not Known

        3  Reverend Sperry Muttukisna

            4 Anne Muttukisna

            4 Christine Muttukisna

            4 Mary Muttukisna