Sri Lanka Kandyan Sinhala Family Genealogy

KATUGAHA - Family #3115

This family is identified with the wasagama of village named "Katugaha" in the Udukinda Division of the Province of Uva, which is nestled between three large tree plantations of British Colonial vintage, Uva Highlands, Neluwa and St. James. The village of Katugaha in Udukinda is approachable both via Attampitiya and Bandarawela and also from Hali-Ela up the Moretuta Hill climb, a good part of which intersects the green fields of St. James Tea Estate. There is another village which bears the same name in Lower Uva, close to Bibile. However, the full name with the "wasagama" and titular name of the family which is in Udukinda reads as - Katugaha Bandaranayake Mudiyanse. The only recorded variation in the honorific used by members of this family reads as - Katugaha Bandaranayake Herath Mudiyanse.

Katugaha Bandaranayake Herath Mudiyanse alias "Katugaha Mohottale", the Diasave Mohottale of Uva was the eldest son of Katugaha "Rate Adikaram", the Katugaha Senior, descendant of one Bandaranayake Mudiyanse of Chilaw (Halawatha) who settled down in Katugaha Walauwa in Uva subsequent to a 'Binna' marriage to one Wijeyasundera Kumarihamy, daughter of Wijeyesundera Mudiyanse, who himself had settled down in the village of Katugaha, after his own 'Binna' marriage to a lady of the same family during the latter part of the reign of King Rajasinghe II of Kandy.. The last King of the Kandyan Kingdom having been deposed in March 1815, Katugaha Diasava Mohottala was one of the lesser chiefs of Uva, who was well aware of the plundering by the hired mercenary of the British and the impending disaster in the Province. As far back as April 1815, he had warned the people of Uva to refrain from visiting Badulla, the Provincial Capital, or the Capital at Kandy, and had advised them to remain in the villages and take care of their families.

The last King, Sri Wickrema Rajasinha, himself, had appointed Katugaha Bandaranayake Mudiyanse Snr, the father of the Katugaha Disawa Mohottala, as Rate Adikaram for the Maha Diasawani of Uva.

The earliest recorded "Wijayasundera Mudiyannehe" to hold high office in Uva was Pallegampaha 1st Adikaram, from the village of Waradumunne in the "Ehelepola Wasama" of Matale, who was the Maha Disawa of Uva from 1716 to 1717, during the reign of King Narendrasingha of Kandy. It is the view of some historians that it was the father of this Waradumunne - (Ehelapola) Maha Disawe of Uva who was also known as "Wijeyasundera Mudiyanse" who married a lady from the "Katugaha Walauwa" of Udukinda and that a Bandaranayake Mudiyanse of Chilaw became his son in law in due course.

More historically and chronologically, it is believed that the acceptable position in relation to the ancestors of this family, would be that the members of the Katugaha Bandaranayake Mudiyanse's family are the descendants of a Bandaranaya Mudiyanse alias "Weligamarala" from the powerful family in Giruwa Pattuwa, who had befriended Galagoda "Muthuwatte" Palagampahe 1st Adikaram (1760-1766 AD) when the latter in his capacity as the Maha Disawa of Uva and of Pahatha Rata, was residing at Matara in 1757.

Vernon alias Kuda Bandara Katugaha, the great grandson of Kuda Bandara Katugaha Basnayake Nilame of Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devale, had recalled that the family has had connections into the "NuwaraWewa" family of Anuradhapura. This was a maternal connection, which came through "Galagoda Menike", the wife of Kuda Bandara Katugaha Basnayake Nilame of Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devale. Galagoda Menike was one daughter of the "Nuwara Wewa Kumarihamy" of the Sooriyakumara Clan in Anuradhapura who had married Galagoda "Pallewalauwa Punchi Bandara", (OB 1860), the son of Galagoda Atapattu Lekam, Nanayakkara Lekam and Rate Mahatmaya of Hewaheta from 1817-1819.

1  Katugaha Bandaranayake Mudiyanse 'Rate Adikaram', "Disawe Kandapalle" from 1818-1820, appointed by King Sri Vikrama Rajasinghe to the Province of Uva.  He was put to death by rebel forces who opposed his allegiance to the British Colonial Raj at the age of 80.

    2  'Katugaha Mohottala' Bandaranayake Herath 'Loku' Mudiyanse, d:circa 1825, Disave Mohottala of Uva, (as written by Sylvester Douglas Wilson, 1st Assistant to the British Resident and Magistrate at Badulla who wrote from Uva to Simon Sawers, the Revenue Agent in Badulla on 25 Jan 1817), Appointed Rate Adikaram in charge of the villages of Akkiriya and Komarikja in the Uva by the British on 26 Nov 1818, Disave of Meda Palatha and Dambawinne Palatha + Name Not Known (Wijayasundera Mudiyannehe & lady from Dumbukola Chandrasekera Family of Wariyapola Wasama in Meda Siya Pattu Matale South). One of the lands granted to the Katugaha family by the British was called "Maduruwe" or "Walauwa Watte", an extent of almost 900 acres located at Randeniya (Randeniwela) in Wellawaya. The family was also referred to as "Hela Katugaha" (Contha Hela) (3114)

        3  daughter + Galagoda alias Peradeniya Lekam alias Miwature Maha Lekam (1813-1815), third son of Galagoda 'Munwatte' Maha Disawe of Uva in 1752 and Udagampahe Adikaram of 1766

    2  'Katugaha Mohottala' Bandaranayake Herath 'Kuda' Mudiyanse, Disave Mohottala, appointed by the British on 26-Nov 1818, Disave of Kandapalle, Korale with Welanwita and Galbokka, 1838-1845, Disawani of Medakinda and Uda and Dambawinna Palatha of Udukinda. d:circa 1845

        3  Katugaha Bandaranayake Herath Mudiyanse Loku Bandara, d:1820. Basnayake Nilame Kataragama Devale of Badulla (referred to as the Katugaha Juniors by the British record keepers). Disawani of Kandapalle Korale and the Nilame of the Royal Villages of Welanwita and Galbokka


        3  Katugaha Bandaranayake Herath Mudiyanse Kuda Bandara, Basnayake Nilame Horagune (Soragune) Devale of Kandapalle Korale in Lower Uva, 1826-1838, succeeded his brother as Basnayake Nilame Kataragama Devale of Badulla from 1826-1834. Consequently went on to become the Basnayake Nilame of Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devale from 1845 (referred to as the Katugaha Juniors by the British record keepers) + Galagoda Bandara Menika, daughter of Nuwarawewa Kumarihamy of the SuriyaKumara Clan in Anuradhapura who had married Galagoda "Pallewalauwe Punchi Bandara" Ob 1860, the son of Galagoda Atapattu Lekam, Nanayakkara Lekam and Rate Mahatmaya of Hewaheta from 1817-1819 (tombs of both husband and wife are still, in the year 2006, to be seen at Green Lane Badulla)


            4  Katugaha Punchi Kumarihamy + J R Paranagama (3100, 3060), Interpreter Mudaliyar of Kandy Gravets, younger son of Paranagama Mudiyanse of Tumpane & his wife Punchi Manika "Ratwatte" Kumarihamy of Gunnepanna in Patha Dumbara. JR's older brother was A E Paranagama, Disave of Udunuwara & Police Magistrate in 1875 who had married a Kumarihamy from the Suriya Kumara Clan of Nuwarawewa in Anuradhapura. JR married "Dodanwela Tikiri Kumarihamy", daughter of Dodanwela Maha Walauwe Banda, on the death of his first wife and this marriage brought forth a son named Charles Paranagama..

                5  Esmond Paranagama

                5  Robert Paranagama


            4  Katugaha Bandaranayake Herath Mudiyanse Tikiri Bandara, b:circa 1860, d:31-Nov-1916 after 31 years of public service, lies buried amongst his ancestors at the family burial grounds Haliedda on Green Lane Drive Badulla. Rate Mahatmaya of Viyaluwa in 1890 and of Yatikinda from 1900, also known as "Katugaha Disawe" since he was honored with the title after the GA of Uva had proposed to revive this category of office holders in 1908. Commenced public service in 1881 as The Registrar of Births and Deaths of Mahapalatha in Uva. From 1883, he was promoted as Korale Mahatmaya of Dehi Vinne Palatha and was also the Inquirer into Sudden Deaths for the area. High up the ladder in Colonial Public Service he was appointed President of the Village Tribunal Buttala in 1882. In 1889 he was promoted to the office of the Rate Mahatmaya of Oya Palatha and Sorantota and he was the Acting Rate mahatmaya of UduKinda in 1890. His last post was as Rate Mahatmaya of YatiKinda, from 1900 to 1916. Most senior chieftan of Uva when W.R. Bibile, K.D. Kadurugomuwa, J.C. Lankatilleke, and "Moragahalande Rate Mahatmaya" with W. D. Madugalle, G.H. Dimbulana, Dangomuwa, Mirahawatta and the younger Lankatilleke (as the President's of Village Tribunalks in Uva), gathered to welcome Governor Sir Robert Chalmers to Uva in 1913. The GA of Badulla at that time was F Bartleet and the Kachcheri Mudaliyar of Badulla was W A Amarasekera. + Rambukpotha Katugaha Tikiri Kumarihamy ** d:circa 1912 (d/o Rambukpotha Rate Mahatmaya & Delgoda Kumarihamy) (3117)

                5  Heen (Loku) Bandara Katugaha, b:circa 1886, d:4-Mar-1946, attended Trinity College, Kandy (1731st student on 4 Oct 1897 when Rev H P Napier-Clavering was Principal), appointed in 1913 as Rate Mahatmaya of Yatikinda and by 1924 was the chief resident of the 'Katugaha Walauwa' in Mahawelagama Badulla, which by then bore the assessment number 116 Mahiyangana Road, Badulla. By the early 1940's he had developed and grown a tea estate of 50 odd acres in the village of Katugaha which became to be known as "Lewwegoda Estate" in later years. He also built a new residence on the same property. This sprawling counbtry house was known as "Gal Walauwa" by the common folk due to its extensive coarse masonry exterior rubble walls. For the rest of their lives they made sure that their two residences were "open house" to all their relatives, very specially to the three young nephews of his wife. + Rupawathy Rambukpotha Katugaha Kumarihamy (first cousin) in 1910. b:1894, d:22 Apr 1964, attended Clarence Memorial School as a five year old in 1900, 46th student, (later Hillwood College Kandy), the premier ladies school that was established by the earliest missionaries of the Zenana Missionary Society of The Church of England. The school was started in 1890 by Ms Elizabeth Bellerby and Ms Ethel James and was exclusively meant to provide English Education to the young ladies from the Kandyan Gentry. Many years earlier the Church Missionary Society of England had founded a College for the education for the sons of Kandyan Chieftains and it had been named The Kandy Collegiate School in 1872 and later renamed to Trinity College in 1876 by which name it still functions today, in the year 2006. She left Hullwood College on 24 Oct 1910 having seen her second sister Seelawathie also enter the school three years earlier on 12 Nov 1907 as its 115th student. Her contemporaries at Hillwood were Nandu Menika Rambukwella, Muriel Kapuwatte, Maria Keppetipola, Dorothy, Ethel, & Alice Paranagama, Amelia Madugalle, Daisy Dunuwila, Damayantha Panabokke, Seela, Magantha, & Suja Aluvihare, Manthri Bibile and Suja Dullewe.  Lived at Ranawana Walauwa with her widowed mother and siblings after the demise of her father. Later she moved to Giragama Walauwa, the residences of her maternal uncle, the late Tikiri Bandara Mampitiya Disawa of Yatinuwara. It was at this Walauwa that she married her paternal first cousin later in he same year. She spent the early part of her married life at her husbands residence at Katugaha Walauwa which was a sprawling mansion at Puwakgodamulla within the town of Badulla. Later she moved to Lewwe Walauwa, another large country residence built by her husband in the village of Katugaha on Lewwegoda Estate in close proximity to the Katugaha Maha Walauwa. She occupied both residences based on her conveniences and also accomodated her ageing mother, Mampitiya Rambukpotha Kumarihamy, with her most of the time. Small in stature, but extremely fair in complexion, with a round face and thinning head of curly grey hair she resembled he late Queen Victoria of England in many ways. Her own children and her three nephews used to call her by that name whenever they would banter. A Queen she was to all of the family right through her life until her rather early demise which took place in Kandy in 1964. (3117)

                    6  Amitha Katugaha Weragama Kumarihamy, b:1911, d:1986 after a prolonged illness, yet always cheerful up to her last, schooled at Hillwood College, Kandy and St Bridgets College, Colombo, Piano student, Royal College of Music London + Harold Weragama, m:1933 (son of Weragama Korale Nilame & Ellawala Kumarihamy of Uduniriella of Ratnapura)

                        7  Ayoma Weragama

                        7  Nalini Weragama

                        7  Susantha Weragama

                        7  Asela Weragama

                        7  Senaka Weragama

                        7  Sunitha Weragama


                    6  Swarnalatha Katugaha Kumarihamy, b:1918, d:1987, schooled at Hillwood College, Kandy + Francis Leonard Jayasundera alias Lennie Jayasundera, d:1971 (ex St Thomas' College, third son of Everard Jayasundera Rate Mahatmaya of Jayasundera Walauwa in Polgahawela)

                        7  Asoka Jayasundera alias "Bill Lawrie", b:1943, educated at St Thomas' College Gurutalawa + Kanthi Perera of Bandarawela (domiciled in Canada now)


                    6  Subadra Katugaha Kumarihamy, b:15-Oct-1918 at Katugaha Walauwa in Mahawelagama, Badulla. Educated at Hillowood College, Kandy. + J C Molagoda (eldest son of Walter Molagoda & Sujatha Panabokke Molagoda Kumarihamy of Molagoda Walauwa "Green Hurst" at Pondeniya, Katugastota). Lived at Hewaheta.


                    6  2nd spouse of Subadra Katugaha Kumarihamy, b:15-Oct-1918, d:14-Jan-1991 at Kalutara + Bertie Wettewe of Wettewa Walauwa of Udapalatha Korala in Tumpanne (captained the first eleven cricket team of St Anthony's College, Katugastota and was attached to the Department of Social Services and stationed at Ibbagamuwa near Kurunegala. Retired prematurely from Govt Service and supervised the work of Lewwegoda Estate, Pattiyagedera, Bandarawela, for some time and then went on to pursue agriculture on his wife's properties at Wellawaya)

                        7  Gamini Wettewe (hospitality trade)


                    6  Vernon alias Kuda Banda Katugaha, b:Jun-21-1921, d:1986 (after a brief illness), educated at Trinity College, Kandy from Jan 1930 and June 1940 as a second generation student from the family during the principal-ship of Rev J McCleod Campbell. He left school when Rev Dr W Stopford was Principal. Qualified at the London Matriculation Examination and represented his house Allison at Rugby Football. Was a very efficient member of the College Scout Troop. Left school from the 6th Form and joined the Tea Planting fraternity of the Colonial era where the English and the Scottish planter held sway. Commenced training at Neluwa Estate, Hali Ela, on 1 Aug 1922 under Superintendent A L Dodd and completed his training at Telbadde Estate Badulla. Asst Suptd at Talawela and Niriwatte Estates in Ratnapura, Golinda Group at Kegalle, and Suptd and Manager at Drayton Estate Kotagala, Hathbawa Estate Rambukanna, and Calsay Estate Nanu Oya, until his retirement in 1962. Thereafter he was acting Suptd at Blackwood Estate Haputale, Ratnavale Estate Passara, Shakerley Estate Mawatagama, and Rye Estate Balangoda until he was appointed as Senior Management Officer (Regional) at "Usawasama" from 1972 to 1977 before he finally retired at the age of 56 in 1977. + Sanghamithra Muttetuwegama Kumarihamy, d/o E J Muttetuwegama (Snr), Asst Superintendent of Police & Myrtle Dassanayake Muttetuwegama Kumarihamy (granddaughter of JAC Rambukpotha) on 3 Dec 1951. Lived at Barnes Place Mount Lavinia during his retirement.

                        7  Bishan Katugaha, b:9-Mar-1953

                        7  Mahesh Katugaha, b:24-Nov-1955

                        7  Ravi Katugaha, b:16-Feb-1957


                    6  [1] Bandaranaike Herath Mudiyanselage Prabhawathie Manel Katugaha Paranagama Kumarihamy, b:17-May-1930, at Giriyagama Walauwa at Yatinuwara, residence of her maternal uncle Tikiri Bandara Mampitiya Disava, d:5-Sep-1957 died of childbirth at the age of 26. Kindergarten education at St Ursula's Convent Badulla up to 1938, the Covent of Child Jesus Ratnapura up to 1942, and then schooled at Visakha Vidyalaya Bandarawela up to Junior School Certificate Class, and then joined  St Bridgets College, Colombo toi complete her SSC in 1950 + [2]  A Reggie Paranagama (second son of Charles Paranagam of Tumpane & Nanda Katugaha Kumarihamy) Lived on Brandenburgh Estate, Bandarawela (3060)

                        7  [3] Rohan Salinda Paranagama

                        7  [4] Thissila Jayaliya Paranagama


                5  Leelawathie Katugaha Kumarihamy + G H Dimbulana#, President of Village Tribunal Gampaha-Pupuressa


                5  Gunadasa (Kuda) Bandara Katugaha, GB, b:15-Mar-1892, attended Trinity College, Kandy (2895th student on 17 Jan 1906 when A G Fraser was Principal). Basnayake Nilame of Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devale and held office from 1924-44 before heretired from office due to reasons of ill health. Was the last of a tradition where Basnyakae Nilame's were appointed for life. His successor, in 1945, was J A Rambukpotha, his maternal first cousin, who was the first elected Basnayake Nilame of the Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devale. Thereafter the term of this office was restricted to ten years. Negotiated with the Sri Ramakrishna Mission of India to build the Pilgrims Rest at Kataragama, the only location in Ruhunu Maha Kataragama which provided three wholesome meals and free accomodation to innumerable devotees at all times for forty odd years. Lived at his residence Katugahawatte Walauwa at Puwakgodamulla in Badulla. + Millie Elapata Kumarihamy, d/o E A Elapata & Iddamalgoda Eknaligoda (Rambukpotha) Kumarihamy (3117)

                    6  Upali Katugaha, adopted son of Sam Elapata Snr (Rate Mahatmaya and Hon Disawa) & Sumedha Rambukpotha Elapata Kumarihamy, educated at St Thomas' College Mt Lavinia and played cricket for the 1st XI. Entered University of Ceylon and graduated with a first class honors degree in Geogrpahy. He was the first among the Kandyan gentry to achieve such a distinction. A great wild life enthusiast during his entire lifetime. Remained a bachelor living in Badulla, Ratnapura and later inb Kandy until he passed away in his brothers home in Kandy.

                    6  H I E Katugaha alias Dr Indraka, b:1936, commenced education at Uva College, Badulla and continued at St Thomas' College Mt Lavinia. Left school in 1956 and subsequently entered the Ceylon Medical College and passed out in 1963 as the first Katugaha male to be a medical practitioner. Practised in Badulla and subsequently carried on his profession at his private dispensary in Kandy. Great wild life enthusiast like his maternal uncle spends much of his leisure in the National Parks around the country. + Dr Lalitha. Live at their residence at Ampitiya in Kandy.

                        7  daughter

                        7  daughter


                5  Premawathie Katugaha Kumarihamy + William Dimbulana#, Rate Mahatmaya of the Viyaluwa Division olf Uva in 1913 (#Dimbulana brothers)


            4  Katugaha Bandaranayake Herath Mudiyanse Punchi Bandara, b:circa 1867, d:1950, commenced his life in the Public Service as Korale Mahatmaya of Dambawinne Palatha in 1898. Later he was President of Village Tribunals at Kandy in 1913 and was popularly known as "Katugaha Sabahapathi Thuma". By 1900 he was acting Rate Mahatmaya of Yatikinda, the post to which his older brother was appointed later in the year. Sported a very stately figure with and long grey beard and is well remembered in his retirement by his grand-nephews, for those larege square bottles filled with "Pascals" orfange drops, barley sugar and the black and white striped mint flavored "bulls eyes". These sweets with the oven fresh sponge cakes and many varieties of pastries that came their way from Salgado Bakery were relished in plenty. + Rambukpotha Katugaha Heen Kumarihamy ** (**sisters) (d/o Rambukpotha Rate Mahatmaya & Delgoda Kumarihamy) (3117)


                5  Madduma Bandara Katugaha, (alias MB) attended Trinity College, Kandy, as its 1936th student on May 15 1899 + Anula Girigama-Galagoda Kumarihamy

                    6  Tikiri Bandara alias "Jim" Katugaha (remained a bachelor and lived with his grandfather at their Maha Walauwa in he village of Katugaha after the death of his father who passed away early in life)


                    6  Punchi Bandara alias "Winnie" Katugaha, was of very fair complexion and sported a walrus moustache that he was nicknamed "The Kaiser" after Kaiser `William II of Germany

                        7  Hilda Katugaha

                        7  Mallika Katugaha

                        7  Stanley Katugaha


                5  Chithravo Katugaha Kumarihamy + Hon Adikaram J C Ratwatte, m:25 Dec 1907 at the auspicious time of 8 pm, registered the next day before the couple left for Kandy, according to a letter written by the father of the groom which was found in a collection of documents belonging to Heen Bandara Katugaha, the brides paternal first cousin. Chitra was an Associate founder of Mahamaya College, the first Buddhist Girl's School in Kandy. (3060)

                    6  AC Lennie Ratwatte       

                    6  Stanley Ratwatte       


                    6  J C Ratwatte II + Phyllis Sita Aluvihare
                        7  Rajitha Ratwatte, b:1936 + Krishanti
Chanidu Ratwatte
Nandika Ratwatte
Nulara Ratwatte 
                        7  Suren Ratwatte + Dharini
                   8  Rahul Ratwatte
                             8  Anuja Ratwatte

                        7 Jayampathy Charitha Ratwatte III, b:1948 + Chulanee Nelunkanthi Ratwatte, b:1949

                            8 Prashanthi Tehanee Ratwatte    

                            8 Jayampathy Charitha Ratwatte IV


                    6  Keneth Ratwatte        

                    6  Pearlie Ratwatte

                    6  Anton Ratwatte

                    6  Brindley Ratwatte

                    6  Amara Ratwatte

                    6  Dolly Ratwatte  

                    6  Inda Ratwatte


                5  Sama Katugaha Kumarihamy + Albert Rambukpotha Rate Mahatmaya (first cousins, and second son of P B Rambukpotha Rate Mahatmaya & Taldene Kumarihamy), lived at Haputale initially and later moved to their new Walauwa in the village of Rambukpotha


                5  Nanda Katugaha Kumarihamy + Charles Paranagama, son of J R Paranagama & Dodanwela Tikiri Kumarihamy, and lived at Paranagama Walauwa in Udapalatha Korale Tumpanne (3060)

                    6  [2] A Reggie Paranagama + [1] Bandaranaike Herath Mudiyanselage Prabhawathie Manel Katugaha Paranagama Kumarihamy, b:17-May-1930 at Giriyagama Walauwa at Yatinuwara, residence of her maternal uncle Tikiri Bandara Mampitiya Disava, d:5-Sep-1957 died of childbirth at the age of 26. Kindergarten education at St Ursula's Convent Badulla up to 1938, the Covent of Child Jesus Ratnapura up to 1942, and then schooled at Visakha Vidyalaya Bandarawela up to Junior School Certificate Class, and then joined  St Bridgets College, Colombo toi complete her SSC in 1950. Lived on Brandenburgh Estate, Bandarawela

                        7  [3] Rohan Salinda Paranagama

                        7  [4] Thissila Jayaliya Paranagama


                5  Mallika Katugaha Kumarihamy + Harris Leuke Ratwatte 1900-1964, Parliamentarian, 11th Diyawadana Nilame of the Sri Dalada Maligawa (3060)

                    6  Ryan Ratwatte

                    6  Ivy Ratwatte

                    6  Dennis Ratwatte  

                    6  Chintha Ratwatte

                    6  Preeni Ratwatte   

                    6  Col Anuruddha Ratwatte      

                    6  Ranji Ratwatte    

                    6  Samudhra Ratwatte

                    6  Mangalika Ratwatte


Four Kandyan Families - by Sunil Madugalle


KATUGAHA GEORGE   (retired Chief Tea Factory Officer). Beloved son of late Seneviratne Bandara Korale Mahattaya and Pemawathy Kumarihamy, loving husband of late Mrs Violet Katugaha, beloved father of Sarath, Damitha, Ranjan, Priyangani, Sumedha, Geethanjali and Rohini, father-in-law of Athula, Nihal, Vipul, Ashoka, Olga and Nanda, expired. Funeral will take place on Monday 07th October at Badulla General Cemetery at 5.00 p.m. Cortege leaves residence at 3.00 p.m.  Mon Oct 7 2002