Sri Lanka Moor Family Genealogy


Name Not Known (Dr. Kaleel’s maternal great grandfather) - Family #218


1  Name Not Known

   2  Lebbe Marikar ??


      3  Name Not Known

         4  Samsudeen (had two wives, one Moor and one Malay)


      3  Naina Marikar (Nainana), devout man who lived in Grandpass. Often came to visit his niece to Dr Kaleel's house by rickshaw. One Ramadan fasting day, he brought two mat-bags (Omals) of fish, and gifting one to his niece he took the other home. On reaching home, however, while alighting from his rickshaw he collapsed. The rickshaw man and the people at home carried him and laid him on his bed. But Nainana passed away peacefully.  + Name Not Known

         4  Naina Marikar Muhammad (Talduwa)


      3  Sheikh Ismail (SesmaLebbe Marikar), coffee trade in obe of the streets leading to Kayman's Gate, Pettah, known as Kopi Kadey Peli (row of coffee shops). Imported coffee seeds from Aden and Gulf States. + Name Not Known (Dr. MCM Kaleels Fathers Sister) (217)

         4  Haniffa Sheikh Ismail

             5  Dr. Hamza Ismail

         4  Noordeen Sheikh Ismail + Huzaira Abdul Ghaffoor

           5  Noordeen Mohamed Hussein (108, 210, 217) + Sithy Hadijathul Badriya Haffiel, d/o Fusseiya and Haffiel Ismail (210,108)

               6  Ameena Luthfe Hussein + Ismath Ur Rahman, s/o Mahbooba and M S Abdul Rahman

                  7   Sameeha Thur Rahman

                  7   Safiyyah Thur Rahman


      3  2nd Spouse of Sheikh Ismail (SesmaLebbe Marikar, aka Sesmama), coffee trade in one of the streets leading to Kayman's Gate, Pettah, known as Kopi Kadey Peli (row of coffee shops). Imported coffee seeds from Aden and Gulf States. + Name Not Known (Dr. MCM Kaleels Fathers Sister)

         4  Ayesha Sheikh Ismail

         4  Rahmath Sheikh Ismail


      3  3rd  Spouse of Sheikh Ismail (SesmaLebbe Marikar, aka Sesmama), coffee trade in obe of the streets leading to Kayman's Gate, Pettah, known as Kopi Kadey Peli (row of coffee shops). Imported coffee seeds from Aden and Gulf States. + Aseena Seyadu Marikar (deep sea fisherman and Trustee of the Mosque at Mutwal)

         4  daughter (father suffered a stroke on the day she was born and died subsequently)


      3  Muhammed Lebbe Marikar (Mammala Marikar) aka "Shemban" and "Kandy Appa", suffered an accident when he fell of a moving tram car on his way to visit his niece. Recovered well later. He was a mason by profession and a great artist too. Was sought after for executing delicate and intricate masonry designs in building Churches and Mosques. Used to visit Dr Kaleel's home and stayed for a few days always bringing with him gifts of Kandy Jaggery balls "Madal Kotta", and upcountry vegetables. One one occasion he had lost heavily on one of his building contracts. He struck a deal with a visiting Indian Moulana to jointly recite Dua's and make talismans for the believers as a businessman. The Moulana deceived Kandy Appa who then disowned him and exposed him and made him return to South India. 


     3  Name Not Known (it is not known whether he is one of the brothers mentioned above or a distinct brother whose name is not known)

         4  Azeeza Umma +Colanda

 Marikar Abdul Majeed

, who was a salesman at Uduma Lebbe Marikar, his wifes uncle, shop, for 50 cents and lunch which was later raised to Rs 1 plus lunch on the birth of his son Muhammad Awn. C M Abdul Majeed originated from Matara. (320)

             5  Abdul Majeed Muhammad Awn+ Sithy Sarifa, Muhammad Cassim Marikar (61)

                  6  Ziard Muhammad Awn + Muhammad Sahid Noorul Hamza (63)

                      7  Abdul Majid Muhammad Awn + Leena

                          8  Nabeer Ali Awn

                          8  Maleena Awn

                      7  Rozanne Awn + Alavi

                          8  Fathima Azmath Alavi

                          8  Omar Ali Alavi

                          8  Hassan Ali Alavi

                      7  Fathima Rinoozi Awn, d:July 31 2008 (see obit below) + M M A Reza (Attorney-at-Law), s/o late M.H.M. Mohideen & late Haleemathus Saidiya

                          8  Ahmed Zulkifli Reza

                          8  Noor Raian Reza

                      7  Rizwi Awn + Fareed

                          8  Nusrath Fareed

                          8  Hussain Fahim Fareed

                          8  Hussain Fazil Fareed

                      7  Fazal Awn


FATHIMA RINOOZI - Beloved wife of M.M.A. Riza (Attorney-at-Law), loving mother of Ahmed Riza (Ernst & Young), Noor Raihan (Presbyterian Balika), daughter of late Dr Ziyad Awn & late Noorul Hamza, daughter-in-law of late M.H.M. Mohideen & late Haleemathus Saidiya, loving niece of late M.A.C. Thowfeek & late Sithy Zowhariya, sister of Majid (Barwil Meridian), Rozanee, Rizvi & Fazal (Anglo Asian Travels), sister-in-law of Leena (Barwil Meridian), late Alavi, Al Haj Farees, Fazeena, late Jiffry, Al Haj Azfer (Austria), Al Haj Aslam, Al Haj Mohamed (Austria), Azmi (Bairaha), Al Haja Hibishiya, Maziya, Zeeniya, Al Haj Akram (Dubai), Moulavi Ahmed Shah (Jamali), expired. Janaza took place on 31st July 2008 at Maligawatte Muslim Burial Ground. The family wish to thank all relations, friends & well-wishers who attended the funeral, sent messages of condolence & assisted us in numerous ways during the time of our grief. We regret our inability to thank them individually. No. 19, Mount Pleasant, Baseline Road, Colombo 9. SO Aug 3 2008


      3  Uduma Lebbe Marikar, had a flourishing business in Sea Street, Pettah, importing haberdashery and fancy goods.

          4  son

          4  U L M Mohideen (father died in his infancy)


      3  Omerdeen Appa + Name Not Known


         4  Yousoof Sulaiha  + Cassim Lebbe Marikar (217)


            5  Cassim Lebbe Marikar Thaha

                 6  Mazeeya Thaha

                 6  Jiffry Thaha + Zuhurifa

                 6  Muhsin Thaha d:May 23 2014, buried at Maligawatte Muslim Burial Grounds, Colombo 10 + Name Not Known (366)

                 6  Zahir Thaha


            5  Muhammad Cassim Muhammad Kaleel, Dr. b:3-Feb-1899, d:1994 + Noor Rahmaniya Marikar-Bawa, d:May-15-2002 (62)


Daily News Obituary – Thursday May 16 2002

KALEEL  HAJIANI NOOR RAHMANIYA,   daughter of late Al-Haj & Mrs Sulaiman Marikar Bawa, dearly beloved wife of late Desamanya Dr M.C.M. Kaleel, loving mother of Dr M. Nawaz, Dr M. Fahmy, late Sithy Huzaifa, Fathima Hanoum, Sithy Niloufer, Ummu Zulaiha, Einul Azeema, Mohamed Aslam, Rizwi Suhada and Mohamed Shiraz, mother-in-law of Ummu Naima, Ereefa, late Muhsin, late Jouffer Sadique, Fayesz Mansoor, late Dr Munsif Meeran Tracey, Dr Faizer Buhary, Ashok and Deena, expired. Janaza leaves residence at 10 a.m. today for interment at Maligawatte Muslim Burial Ground.   21, 18th Lane, Colpetty, Colombo 3.


               6  M. Nawaz Kaleel, Dr.+ Ummu Neuma   


               6  M. Fahmy Kaleel, Dr. + Ereefa Marzuk

                    7  Muhammad Nawaz Kaleel    

                    7  Muhammad Hejaz Kaleel

                    7  Muhammad Hisham Kaleel

                    7  Ayesha Sameeha Kaleel

                    7  Faizul Hassen Kaleel


               6  Sithy Huzaifa Kaleel + Muhsin M.J.M., CCS        

                    7  Aynul Kareema Muhsin + Shumsul Hussain  

                    7  Fathima Rahima Muhsin + Afgeralli 

    7  Imtiaz Hussain Muhsin + Haseena Shafeek (46,30)

                       8  Fathima Muhsin 1984 + Mohamed Sa'ad Ghouse (20,30,60,70,90a,93)

        9  Asma Ghouse

        9  Luqman Ghouse
        9  Harun Ghouse

        9  Zainab Ghouse
        9  Dawud Ghouse
  8  Ayesha Muhsin 1985 + Mohamed Ali

  8  Abdullah Muhsin 1987

  8  Ibrahim Muhsin 1990
  8  Aaminah Muhsin 1995

  8  Ahmed Muhsin 1996
  8  Rukaiyah Muhsin, 2000

                    7  Noor Zulaikha Muhsin + Abdul Rasool          


               6  Fathima Hanoon Kaleel + Jouffer Sadiq M.H. (#108,173,175)

                    7  Noor Shifa Ja'afer Sadiq + Muhammad Fasil Munsif (173)

                            8  Azhar Faseel, Dr MBBS, Sydney Australia + Nabila Sameer (20, 30, 46, 60, 70, 90a, 93) (Aus)

                                9  Liyana  Azhar

                            8  Zahara Faseel + Tariq

                                9  Rayan Tariq

                                9  Aleena Tariq

                    7  Ayeshathul Hafsa Sadiq + Nishtar A M M

                         8  Shaharwan Nishtar + Sinan Hafeel s/o Onais Hafeel & Soraiya

                              9  Sabira Hafeel

                              9  Sabri Hafeel

                         8  Sulaiman Nisthar + Nafrin Najumudeen d/o M L Najumudeen & Azeeza

                              9  Mariha Sulaiman

                              9  Aamir Sulaiman                            

                         8  Sakeena Nishtar+ Altaf Jabir s/o Noufel Jabir & Fawzia

                             9  Jameela Jabir

                             9  Nabeela Jabir

                             9  Ameerah Jabir

                         8  Salman Nishtar + Ramla Wahab, so Ajmal Wahab & Zohara

                             9  Kalaam Salman

                         8  Dawood Nishtar + Hajara Yaqoub d/o Yaqoub Nalim & Faadhiya

                             9  Aaminah Dawood

                         8  Haleema Nishtar + Bishri Azeer s/o M N M Azeer & Farina

                    7  Omer Maqbul Sadiq  + Husna Saleem d/o Mohamed Saleem & Bathool

                         8  Sadiyah Omer

                         8  Amaarah Omer

                         8  Luqman Omer

                    7  Fathima Sara Sadiq + Dr.Rizvi Salih s/o M M Salie & Khairul Fathima

                         8  Saadiq Salih

                         8  Amanah Salih

                    7  Mosadiq Ali Sadiq + Kim Branch d/o Michael D Branch & Sheila      

                         8  Reuben Ali

               6  Sithy Niloufer Kaleel + Fayesz Mansoor

                       7  Nasreen Mansoor + ShahJehan Marikar-Bawa (62) UK d:Apr 2023
                            8  Laila Mansoor

                    7  Muhammad Ikram Mansoor + Nazneen

                    7  Sithy Fahima Mansoor + Riswan

                    7  Muhammad Reza Mansoor


               6  Ummu Zulaikha Kaleel + Munsir Meeran, Dr. (108,173,175)

                    7  Muhammad Careem Meeran           

                    7  Marina Aida Meeran 


               6  Einul Azeema Kaleel + Ashok


               6  Muhammad Aslam Kaleel + Ayesha       

                    7  Reza Kaleel    

                    7  Shireen Kaleel


               6  Rizvi Suada Kaleel + Faizer M. Buhary. M., Dr.  

                    7  Muhammad Rumi Feizal

                     7  Muhammad Akram Feizal    


                 6  Muhammad Shiraz Kaleel + Deena Zaheed  (30, 40, 73 80, 90)

                        7  Sabry Kaleel

                     7  Adhil Kaleel

                        7  Shukri Kaleel          


           5  Muhammad Cassim Muhammad Mousuf + Noor Mazahira Haniffa (88)

                   6  Faiz Mousuff + Fareeka

                       7  Yasmin Faiz + Anura Nimaladasa   

                           8  Yaseen Anura

                           8  Sarah Anura

                           8  Akmal Anura

                       7  Reza Faiz + Ramzani Abbas

                           8  Raiza Reza

                           8  Raizul Reza

                           8  Razia Reza


                   6  Khadija Mousuff + Sha Firdhouse Mihlar

                       7  Shizana Mihlar + Refai Deen

                           8  Farha Refai

                           8  Shezard Refai

                           8  Mersha Refai

                       7  Shaul Mihlar + Zaiboon Hassen

                           8  Tariq Mihlar

                           8  Khalid Mihlar

                   6  Zaif Mousuff + Suzanne


                       7  Seda Mousuff + (Name not known)

                           8  (Son)

                           8  (Son)

                       7  Natasha Mousuff


                   6  Ziaf Mousuff + Mansoora Sadoon

                       7  Azad Ziaf

                       7  Saadiha Ziaf + Hisham Jalleel

                       7  Sakeena Ziaf


                   6  Zareena Mousuff + Zubair Hassen (Toronto, Canada)

                       7  Aqif Hassen + Shazmina Nizamdeen

                           8  Hannah Maryam Hassen

                           8  Umar Bin Aqif Hassen

                       7  Zaqir Hassen


                   6  Aishathul Jennifer Mousuff + Jameel Hakeem

                       7  Ifaz Bin Jameed + Johanna

                       7  Zafi Bin Jameel

                       7  Fazi Bin Jameel


            5  Sithy Zahira Cassim (died in infancy)

            5  MCM Thaha