Sri Lanka Malay Family Genealogy

AKBAR, Maas Thalep - Family #197

Maas Thajoon Akbar, KC 1880-1944 Slave Island, Colombo 2. Educated at Royal College, Colombo 7. Won a scholarship to University of Cambridge, 1897. BA LLB. Called to the bar Grey’s Inn in 1904. Returned to Ceylon in 1905. Private Secretary to C.P. Layard, Chief Justice. Lecturer and Examiner Ceylon Law College. Crown Counsel 1907. District Judge, Colombo 1918-1919. Soliciter General 6-Oct-1929. Retired 12-Nov-1936. Member, Legislative Council 7-May-1938. Executive Chairman University Committee, Peradeniya. Established Hussainiya and Fatima Girls School. Donated land for Jawatta Mosque. First Muslim to adorn the Supreme Court and also to be raised to the status of Kings Council. Founder Ceylon Muslim Educational Society. Died:22-Apr-1944

MT Akbar played a prominent role in the educational and judicial life of the country. He was the son of MSJ Akbar, a wealthy coconut planter. He showed an exceptional talent as a student of Royal College and won several prizes and accolades during his studentship. He obtained a first class division pass at the London Matriculation and won the coveted scholarship to Cambridge University in 1897 where he did the Mechanical Science Tripos to qualify as an engineer. However, he subsequently switched over to law and was called to the bar at Gray's Inn.


On his return home in 1905, while practicing law, he also officiated as a lecturer and examiner at the Ceylon Law College in Criminla Law & Procedure and Muslim Law. He joined the official bar and became a Crown Counsel in 1907, and by sheer merit, received appointments in turn as Solicitor-General, District Judge and Acting Attorney General, when Mr CH Elphinstone, the Attorney General at that time was away on furlough.


Akbar was the Chairman of the University Commission on whose recommendation the Legislative Council resolved, in 1928, that the University should be of the unitary and residential type, and that it should be located in the Dumbara Valley near Kandy.

Akbar, by his oratorical skill, tact and wit, successfylly piloted through the Legislative Council the resolution accepting the recommendations of the University Commission of which he was the Chairman. he had to face strong opposition from such giants of the past as Sir james Pieris, Sir Ponnambalam Ramanathan and Mr GA Wille. He had lofty ideals in that the Cultural University he envisaged should be a great center of learning for the whole of Asia. Rather belatedly and grudgingly the University authorities have named on-half of a hall of residence as the "Akbar Hall".


Akbar was the first Muslim to adorn the Supreme Court Bench. He was also the firdt ceylon Muslim to be raised to the status of King's Counsel. At the time of his retirement he was the senior-most Puisne Justice.


Akbar made outstanding contributions towards the development of Muslim Law in Sri Lanka. He played a leading role in framing new law on the subject of the Muslim Law of Inheritance and Law of Wakf. He was also responsible for enabling Muslim Public Officers who had hitherto been debarred to come within the provisions of the Widows and Orphans Pension Fund.

Akbar, realizing the educational backwardness of the Muslims served as the founder Secretary of the Ceylon Moslem Educational Society Ltd for a number of years and succeeded in establishing the Hussainiya Boys' School and the Fathima Girls' School which fulfilled and essential service in a populous Muslim area of Colombo. he was also instrumental in building the Jawatte Mosque within the Jawatte Burial Grounds.


Akbar studied the works of eminent Muslim scholars and writers and was a student of comparative religion. He contributed a number of erudite articles on Islam to various Muslim Journals and it is a pity that these cannot be traced for purposes of re-publication in book form.

MT Akbar, ex officio member of the Legislative Council by virtue of being the Solicitor-General, was the Chairman of the Committee composed of NHM Abdul Cader, HM Macan Markar, TB Jayah, SR Mohamed Sultan and made the following recommendation to change the word Mohammedan to Muslim in sessional paper XXXV of 1924 as follows:-

"The Committee are unanimously of opinion that the word "Mohamedan" in whatever form it may be spelt is incorrect and should not be used. The correct expression which should be used is "Muslim" to designate a person professing the religion preached by the Prophet, and "Islam" when the reference is made to the religion itself. These are the two expressions used in the Qur'an."


The versatility of Akbar could be guaged from the fact that he was a wrestler and an exponent of Judo. He died at the age of 64 on April 22, 1944.

1 Senopati  (1575-1601)

    2 Panembahan Sedaing Krapyak (1601-1613)

        3 Sultan Agong (1613-1645)

            4 Sunan Amangkurat  I (1645-1676)

                5 Sunan Amangkurat II (1676-1703)

                    6  Sunan Amangkurat III (Sunan Mas) 1703-05, (Exiled to Ceylon 1704)

                        7  Buwono I (1755-1814)

                5  Pangeran P Sunan Paku Buwono I (1705-1719)

                    6  Amangkurat IV (1719-23), ( Exiled to Ceylon 1723)

                    6  Mangku Negoro I

                        7  Mangku Negoro Surakarta/Solo, Jogyakarta

                    6  Paku Buwono II (1719-1723)

                        7  Mangku Bumi (1a) Sultan Hemengku Buwono I (1755-

                            8  Hemengku Buwono II (1814+) Mas Said (1757)

                                9  Hemengku Buwono IX

                                9  Paku Alam I (1814)

                                    10  Paku Alam

                    6  Paku Buwono III (1723-1747)

                        7  Paku Buwono XIII




1           Senopati (1575-1601):  Founder of  Mataram ( Seno = War,  Pati = King . Full name : Panembahan Sutowijaya Senopati. Penembahan = to whom the sembah is performed.)


2.        Panembahan  Seda ing  Krapyak:  ( Seda = buried.  Krapyak =  name of Village in Kebumen, Central Java. He who is buried in the village of Krapyak. )


3.       Sultan Agong (1613-45): The first king of the Mataram with the title of Sultan, bequeathed from the Syarif of  Mecca around about 1630. He was a great warrior and statesman. He carried out two unsuccessful wars against the Dutch in Batavia/Jakarta. His full name was Sultan Agung Ngabdurrahman, Khalifatullah Sayyidin Panotogomo Senopati ing alogo. ( Sayyidin Panotogomo = He who preserved the Islamic religion.  Senopati ing alogo = Jeneral in times of war. Up to this date the present Sultan of Jogyakarta, Hemengku Buwono (HB) IX carries the title Sayyidin Panotogomo Senopati ing alogo.)  He was the contemporary of the great rulers like Sultan Iskandar Muda of Aceh (1609-36), Sultan Akbar, the Great Moghul of India ( up till 1625), and Sultan Soliman of Turkey ( Osmania).  He was also the 1st King of the Mataram to sign a treaty with the Portuguese in Malacca (1641) for joint action  against the Dutch in Batavia.


4.         Sunan Amangkurat I (1645-76)A weak king.  Always in war against the Moslem leaders ( Wali)  of the Northcostal area.  Reign ended abruptly  because of the outbreak of a civil war headed by the Muslim  leaders of the northcoast.  He was the first Mataram King who signed a treaty of peace with the Dutch (1646) . He died on the way fleeing to Batavia in Tegalwangi (1676), south of Tegal in Central Jawa. Known in history as Sunan Tegalwangi.


5.         Sunan Amangkurat II (1676-1703)A weak king. Asked the Dutch to end the civil war.  Ceded Krawang, rice bowl of West Jawa to the Dutch.  Dutch/VOC representative in Kartasura, capital city of Mataram. Faced great  opposition from the anti Dutch group in Mztaram, headed by his son ,the Crown Prince.


6.         Sunan Amangkurat III (1703-05). Hated the Dutch deeply. His uncle Pangeran Puger war pro Dutch. Civil war broke out ( 1st succession war, 1705-09). The Dutch recognized Puger as the King (Sunan) of the Mataramwith the title Paku Buwono 1 (1705-09). Amangkurat III (Sunan Mas) was defeated by the Dutch, and he was banned to Ceylon with his family and courtesans loyal to him (1709)


7.         Sunan Paku Buwono (PB) (1705-19). Ceded the northwest part of West Jawa to the Dutch. Economical & Political power was in the hands of the Dutch. However the anti-Dutch group was still strong.


8.         Amangkurat 1V  (A 1V) (1719-23) (Also known as Sunan Kuning)  The 2nd war of Succession broke out during his short regime, headed by the prominent royal family Pangeran Diponegoro ( not the same during the Java war (1825-30). These families also exiled to Ceylon by the Dutch in 1723. Mataram ceded part of East Java up to Balambangan to the Dutch.


9.         PB III (1723-47). He had a very difficult situation on his hands. The Chinese war (1740-43) occurred during the regime. He joined the Chinese. The Cinese were however defeated by the Dutch. PB 1V gave away Madura and the whole of the northwest coast region to the Dutch. He also faced opposition from his own brother , the Mangkubumi ( First Minister to the King). Then the Succession war broke out (1749-57). 1755 Treaty if Gianti ( Central Jawa, Mataram split into two parts, Jogyakarta Sultanate, the western part and the Sultanate Surakarta, the eastern part.


1a. Hemengku Buwono (HB 1) (1755-….) Pangeran Mangkubumi governed the Western Part    with the title Hamengku Buwono 1.  Surakarta signed the Treaty of Salatiga (1775. Part of the kingdom became the principality of Mangku Negara ( Mas Said)

1b. Mangku Negara 1 (1757) Prince of Mangku Negoro governed part of the Surakarta Sultanate. He was strongly pro Dutch. Descendents did not welcome the Republic of Indonesia and sided with the Dutch (1945-49). MN Principality abolished by Sukarno in 1950.

2a. Hamengku Buwono II ( up to 1825) . Opposed the Dutch and then the British under Lt Governor General Thomas Stafford Raffles ((1811-1815). As punishment part of Jogyakarta Sultanate was given to Prince Paku Alam (1813)

3a. Paku Alam (PA) since 1813. Principality with part of the Jogyakarta Sultanate as heirloom.  The present Prince PA acts as a Vice Governor of Daerah Istimewa Jogyakarta (DIY).

      3a. The present HB (1X). He is the Sultan of Jogyakarta and holds the rank of Governor. Sultanate of Jogyakarta is very unique in the political setup of the Republic of Indonesia. HB is the only Indonesian Sultan who has retained the Sultan title with his own territory but under the administration in Jakarta. The Sultan was the only Javanese (Dutch puppet king ) who actively supported the Republic of Indonesia during the difficult years (1945-49). He is now 80 years old has not to the time of this communication (1980) yet appointed a Crown Prince as his heir. He has many sons. HB 1X will probably be the last King , a descendant of Sutowijo Senopati



Sutowijoyo /Senopati  founded the Kingdom of Mataram at the last quarter of the 16th century.

Mataram reached its political highpoint during the reign of Sultan Agung, Senopati’s grandson.

With the coming and perseverance of the Dutch traders from the beginning of the 17th Century, the power of the Mataram gradually began to crumble.

In the middle of the 18th Century  the Mataram had ceased to exist and fell into several parts. Sultanate of Surakarta under PB, Sultanate of Jogyakarta under H.Buwono, ansd the Mangkunegara Principality under Mangkunegara.

During the years of the Colonial war pf the Republic against the Dutch, the Sultan of Jogyakarta supported  the Republic. PB in Surakarta, Mangkunegoro and Paku Alam  joined the Dutch. PB, MN, and Paku Alam lost their kingdom/principalities, while Jogyakarat has become an extra ordinary part of the Republic of Indonesia.

Panembahan Sutuwijoyo’s creation and descendants vanished from the political map after about 400 years


Source:  Mohd. Dahlan Mansoer

               36, Jln. Maktab Pejabat Pos Jln. Gurney

               Kuala Lumpur.

Dated:    7.2.1984

Position: Officer attached to the Indonesian Embassy during this period.

1 Maas Thalep Akbar

    2  Maas Soorma Jayah Akbar (Negombo) + Binthara Gunawijaya (Kalpitiya)


        3  Maas Thajoon Akbar, KC 1880-1944 Slave Island, Colombo 2. Educated at Royal College, Colombo 7. Won a scholarship to University of Cambridge, 1897. BA LLB. Called to the bar Grey’s Inn in 1904. Returned to Ceylon in 1905. Private Secretary to C.P. Layard, Chief Justice. Lecturer and Examiner Ceylon Law College. Crown Counsel 1907. District Judge, Colombo 1918-1919. Soliciter General 6-Oct-1929. Retired 12-Nov-1936. Member, Legislative Council 7-May-1938. Executive Chairman University Committee, Peradeniya. Established Hussainiya and Fatima Girls School. Donated land for Jawatta Mosque. First Muslim to adorn the Supreme Court and also to be raised to the status of Kings Council. Founder Ceylon MuslimEducational Society. Died:22-Apr-1944

        3  Maas RAMJAN Akbar + MAAS SAFINA CAREEM

            4  Miss N00R INTHAN Akbar + BRUMOON B.C. Ahlip (316)

                5  Thajone Ahlip (Australia) + FATHEELA MUSAFER

                5  Shiraz Ahlip (Australia) + HAMZIA

                        6  HAMZIA

                5  Rehez Ahlip (Australia) + FATHIMA

                        6  TARIQ

                5  Marina Ahlip + Royston Lye (s/o Zahiere & Mashmoon Lye)

                        6  ROYANNE Lye + SHAHNAZ AHAMAT

                        6  MELATI  Lye + H B WIJEWARDENE  


            4  Miss MAS Muzeena Akbar + Dr. T.M.Z. Mahamooth

                5  Dr Tassim RAMJAN Mahamooth (Malaysia) + ZAHARA

                        6  MUZEENA

                        6  RENE

                        6  TASREEN

                5  DR Endra SAYBHAN Mahamooth (Malaysia)

                5  DR Zackariya Mahamooth (Malaysia) + MARIZAN

                        6  PARVEEN

                        6  IRFAN

                        6  SAFWAN

                        6  AYESHA  


             4  MAS Ramjan Akbar + Julie Thomson  

             4  Maas Suma Jayah Akbar (Waterworks Engineer, Colombo Municipal Council) + Miss Gnei Razeena Dole (130)

                5  Mas Thassim Ramjan Akbar + Gnei Camarul Hafeela Jayah (120)

                       6  MAS MUHAMMED AMEEN Akbar

                       6  GNEI Ayesha REHANA Akbar

                5  Mas Shafeen Ramjan Akbar + Greta Marie Griffiths d/o late Harry Griffiths & Rebecca Griffiths of UK)

                5  Mas Brumoon Ramjan Akbar

               5  Daleena Fathima Akbar + Palitha SAMARAJEEWA

                      6  Yanti SAMARAJEEWA

               5  Mas Nasir Ramjan Akbar

                5  Mas Indra Ramjan Akbar + Roshanie Ahamat (d/o late M.H. Ahamat & Mrs. Ahamat)



            4  M S J AKBAR (COLIN) + SUJATHA

                5  ENVER

                5  MUZEENA

                5  RAZEENA

                5 THAJONE









                5  [1] SHAHNAZ JAYAH + [2] FOUZUL KHALID

                    6  [3] SCHEROUZA KHALID



                5  DAUGHTER
                5  [2] FOUZUL KHALID + [1] SHAHNAZ JAYAH

                    6  [3] SCHEROUZA KHALID

             3  MAAS E AKBAR

             3  AKBAR

             3  AKBAR + SALLY



     3  Mohamed Muinidin Saldin + Maas Noorani Jarro

         4  Durham Dirakshan Saldin 1921 - Feb 2009


         4  Qulshan Verunan Saldin + Christobel Selvamalar (Chasmarine)             

             5  Dilini Saldin + Kamil Sourjah           

                 6  Sudarsni Sourjah         

             5  Veruni Saldin + Zahir Samsudeen       

                 6  Sasha Samsudeen        

                           6    Zeidi Samsudeen


             5  Shero + Mohamed Bari

     3   Nona Safiyah Saldin + Tuan Ahmath Akbar (First cousin of Justice Akbar)

           4  Dr Pharzan Akbar (PIP) + Sareen (Baby)

                5  Maas Irfan Akbar

                5  Mass Barushan Akbar


           4  NEIGH JAMEELA AKBAR + Tuan Sheriff Yahiya (TSY) AMIT (160)

                5  Narome Amit + Battu Musafer (Sri Lanka)

                     6  Amiranthi Musafer (daughter) (Sydney, Australia + Stuart Marsh (Sydney, Australia)            

                         7  Madeliene Marsh (daughter) (Sydney, Australia)            

                         7  Elizabeth Marsh (daughter) (Sydney, Australia)      

                     6  Neluni Musafer (daughter) (Melbourne, Australia) + Nishantha Ketawelage (Melbourne, Australia)            

                         7  Shenelle Ketawelage (daughter) (Melbourne, Australia) Twin            

                         7  Stephanie Ketawelage (daughter) (Melbourne, Australia) Twin

                 5  Shinir Amit + Emran Sally (Sri Lanka)       

                     6  Roshinara Sally (daughter) (Sydney, Australia) + Azlan Bathusha (153)             

                         7  Neesha Bathusha (daughter) (Sydney, Australia)


                 5  Maltisia Amit + Bashur Musafer  (Sydney, Australia) (152)

                     6  Anumi Musafer (daughter) (Sydney, Australia)       

                     6  Kesumi Musafer (daughter) (Sydney, Australia) + Rowland Gorsek (Sydney, Australia)


                 5  Gunasmin Amit + Ezmal Lye (Sydney, Australia) (227)

                     6  Suhana Lye (daughter) (Sydney, Australia)

             4  Nona Aileen Akbar + Tuan Aziz Dole

                 5  Wadham Dole - Jennifer Francis (Divorced)

                     6  Jerome (son) (Boston, USA)

                     6  Tanya (daughter) (Boston, USA)

                     6  Son Robert (son) (Boston, USA)


                5  Wadham Dole + Samboon

                     6  Nanthida Dole (daughter) (Toronto, Canada) + Erhard Haniffa (Toronto, Canada)

                         7  Mikhail (son) (Toronto, Canada)

                         7  Aayalah (daughter)  (Toronto, Canada)


                5  Charmine Dole +  Dr Sylvion Drahaman

                     6 Cirami Drahaman (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) + Sivabalan Karupiah (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


                5  Warnarine Dole +  Cheriban Samahin (Toronto, Canada)

                     6  Reza Samahin (son) (Toronto, Canada) + Nishani Cooray (Toronto, Canada)

                         7  Aidan Samahin (son) (Toronto, Canada)


              4  Purlyne Akbar + Tuan Yahiya Dole

                 5  Warnesia Dole + Laksaman Doole (Melbourne, Australia)

                     6  Ruslan Doole (son) (Melbourne, Australia)


                 5  Edrich Dole  + Farah Saldin (Melbourne, Australia)

                     6  Mariam Dole (daughter) (Melbourne, Australia)

                     6  Ayesha Dole (daughter) (Melbourne, Australia)

                     6  Nazreen Dole (daughter)(Melbourne, Australia)