Sri Lanka Burgher Family Genealogy


CRUSZ Family #1485


1  George Andreas Crusz + Caroline Petronika Christianz, Both hailed from Kaluwella in Galle and supposed to have lived somewhere near the Catholic Cathedral. It is said that George was a renown tailor. Nothing is known of their birth or death.


    2  Michael Charles Crusz b:16.9.1891 d:9.8.1959 + Cleta Marcellina Nora Serpanchyb:11.5.1901 d:15.6.1979 (d/o John Marshal Serpanchy and Mary Sophia Christiansz), m:23.4.1918. Michael Charles Crusz lived in Mahamodara Galle. He was a teacher of Math at St Aloysius College until he left in 1928 to join St Peters College Colombo as a math teacher

        3  Ashley Crusz died in infancy


        3  Hilary Peter Crusz 30.8.1920-18.5.1989 + Decima Genevieve Rabot  b:9.5.1920 d:15.11.2019  (d/o Urban Rabot and Rita D’Costa), m:14.11.1941

Hilary Peter Crusz was born in Galle in 1920. When the family moved to Colombo in 1928 he attended St Peters College Colombo. Hilary passed his matriculation with honours, taught in school,

and graduated from the University of Ceylon. He was appointed junior lecturer, then senior lecturer and won the coveted govt scholarship to do a PHD in Parasitology in the UK, and ended as a Professor of Zoology and Head of the Department at the University of Peradeniya in1959. He published many papers on the research he conducted on Parasitology, and edited them in French and German too. He was appointed to the International Board of Jurors in Paris that awarded prizes for original scientific work related to environment.


            4  Dr.Thomas Aquinas Crusz, (passed away in 2014 at the age of 70) + Srimathie Perera (d/o Ashley and Miriam Perera

                5  Shanika Crusz + Nick Baker

                    6  Orlando Baker

                    6  Lucas Baker

                5  Samanthi Crusz

                Shanthini Crusz + Marc Turley
                    6  Elijah Turley, deceased at infancy
                    6  Aoife Turley


            Frances Euphrasia Crusz + Dr Kamal Magdon-Ismail s/o Zain Magdon-Ismail and Fathma Magdon-Ismail (14)

                5 Tariq Magdon-Ismail + Niluksha Deheragoda

                    6 Anika Magdon-Ismail

                    Devin Magdon-Ismail

                Jehan Magdon-Ismail + Carla Bock –no issue.

                5  Ishak Magdon-Ismail

            Robert Bellamine Crusz + Claire Ferdinands (d/o Dr Ivan and Mary Ferdinands)

            No issue

           2nd spouse of Robert Bellamine Crusz + Neloufer Jayasinghe [De Mel] (d/o WT Jayasinhe and Brenda Jayasinhe)

            No issue


           4  Marie Amanda Crusz + Mohan Daniel s/o Victor and Esther Daniel + Fred Benjamin s/o Victor and Winifred Benjamin

               5  Devan Daniel + Rochelle Anandappa – no issue

               5  Ruven Daniel

            2nd spouse of Marie Amanda Crusz + Fred Benjamin (s/o Victor and Winifred Benjamin)

                5  Jahn Benjamin


        3  Noel Francis Crusz 1922-2003 joined the catholic priesthood  at 17yrs. Fr Noel was a Priest, Film Maker, Radio Broadcaster, Teacher and Writer of repute. Popular and well loved by his students, the Catholic community and others. He left the robes in later years and married Tirzah Crusz [a cousin] d/o Clarence +Esme Crusz

No issue. Noel and Tirzah migrated to Australia.

        3  Vernon Stanislaus Crusz 1924-1998 + Barbara Gray d/o Charles Reginald Gray+Esme Rodrigo
  Light baritone Vernon Crusz performed over Radio Ceylon in the fifties, singing perennial favourites for the listening pleasure of all.

            4  Damien Crusz + Sherril Perera deceased 2012.

                5  Sarita Crusz + Fernando

                5  Gavin Crusz

            4  Gwendoline Crusz + Phillip Weinman

                5  Daphne Weinman +Perera

            4  Genevieve Crusz + Len Pereira

                5  Delyse Pereira

            4  Patricia Crusz + Hilary Hakel

                5  Suzette Hakel + Zufer

                5  Darren Hakel

        3  Rienzi Winston Crusz 1925-2017 +Vilma Bartlet /o Robert Cranleigh Bartlet +Ruby Franck .

        3  2nd spouse of Rienzi Winston Crusz + Anne Brouwer d/o Alfred and Crystobel Brouwer

Rienzi obtained a BA University of Ceylon, BA [Library science] University of Toronto, & MA University of Waterloo. He is re-known Poet and Librarian at the University of Waterloo Canada.

            4  Daphne Crusz

            4  Maria Crusz +Hans Hakan

                5  Jens Hakan

                5  Jasmine Hakan

            4  John Crusz + Kim

            4  Michael Crusz + Joanna Kozlowska

                5  Ella Crusz

                5  Oliver Crusz

        3  Yvonne Therese Crusz b 1930-2019 + Ashton Caspersz s/o Gerald Caspersz  + Winifred Cramer (#1146)

            4  Glen Caspesz + Shiran Abeysekera

                5  Kevin Caspersz

                5  Cerise Caspersz + Manns

            4  Rosita Caspersz + Ted Bacchus

                5  Desiree Bacchus + Johnson

                5  Natalie Bacchus

            4  Anjaline Caspersz + Terry Fernando

                5  Ashton Fernando

            4  Roger Caspersz+ Nilsa Fernandez [Cuban]

                5  Yvonne Caspersz

Maxwell Lawrence Crusz b 1.1933 + Yvonne Perera d/oNorbert Perera + Irene

Wanigesekera Director & Founder of the award winning Lamplight Puppeteers .Performed at the UNIMA Congress Australia in 2008. Received the special Presidental Kalabushana award S.L for the Arts in2021.

            4  Chris Montini Crusz + Sherine Jayaratne

                5  Shevonne Crusz + Godagama

                5  Steve Crusz

            4  Melanie Crusz+ Vernon Crusz

                5  Michael Crusz

            4  Naomi Crusz + Lenny Cramer

                5  Spencer Cramer

                5  Sondra Cramer

            4  Salome Crusz + Mahesh Jayasinghe

                5  Shevan Jayasignhe

                5  Trevan Jayasinghe

Noeline Rita Crusz b 12.1933 + Noel Bartlets/o Robert Cranleigh Bartlet + Ruby Franck

            4  Michael Bartlet + Gena Adams

                5  James Bartlet

                5  Aaron Bartlet

            4  Spencer Bartlet + Veronica Arnaldi

                5  Jonathan Bartlet

                5  Harry Bartlet

 Jerome Wilmot Crusz b 1938 + Monica Fernando d/oJulius Fernando + Charlotte Wijeyeratne.
Jerome is considered to be one of Sri Lanka’s best wedding photographers, sought after by the elite community of Colombo and the suburbs, to capture their memorable moments. He retired in his mid seventies but groomed his son Dimitri to carry on his legacy.

        4  Dimitri Crusz + Sonali Wijeyaratne

             5  Sadie Crusz

            5  Rayden Crusz


    2  Alice Susan Crusz + Athelston Karunaratne

         Allie Karunarathne – went to India no contact

        3  Felix Karunarathne [unmarried]

        Gertrude Karunarathne + Condrad Fernando

            Charmaine Fernando + Cuthbert Fernando
                5  Thushara Fernando + Ravi Ramsay
                    6  Gavin Ramsay
                    6  Dwayne Ramsay
                5  Ishara Fernando + Fremal Fernando
                     6  Vimanga Fernando
                     6  Thimangi Fernando
                     6  Nithuni Fernando

            Sonia Fernando + Priyanath Mendis
                5  Kisholi Mendis + Rnjit Hewagama

            Tamara Fernando + Indaka Munasighe
                5  Suraj Munasinghe + Christina

        3  Muriel Karunarathne + Rex Rabot 1921-2017

            4  Romain Rabot + Catherine Wall
                5  Josie Rabot
                5  Armand Rabot

            4  Quincy Rabot + Tricia

            4  Armand Rabot 1956-2014 + Fiona Wanigasekera (no issue)


    2  Richard Crusz (Buwa) + Theresa de Selfa
        3  Edward Crusz + Hyacinth Hendricks

            4  Rebecca Crusz + Perera

        3  Monica Crusz + Gerry Reckerman

            4  Trevor Reckerman

            4  Rodney Reckerman [deceased]

            4  Delicia Reckerman + Bopiarachi

             4  Gilmore Reckerman
             4  Rienzie Reckerman
             4  Brian Reckerman

        3  Mervyn Crusz + Hyenese Holdenbottle

            4  Anton Crusz

            4  Patricia Crusz

            4  Lorna Crusz

            4  Rando Crusz

        Winston Gerald Crusz 1927-1992 + Gertrude Rooff 1931-2021

            4  David Crusz + Philomena Adams
                5  Michelle Crusz + Ajantha Perera
                    6  Melissa Perera
                    6  Aneetra Perera
                    6  Tatiyana Perera
                5  Fiona Crusz + Shyam Impett
                    6  Luke Impett
                5  Fallon Crusz + Ryan De Almeida
                    6  Kaydee De Almeida

            4  Dorothy Crusz + Geoffrey De Zylwa d:2004
                5  Nigel De Zylwa + Lenka Hanzelova
                5  Damien De Zylwa + Tania Pereira
                    6  Natalie De Zylwa
                5  Jerome De Zylwa + Victoria Vancuylenberg
                    6  Aiden De Zylwa (twin)
                    6  Everly De Zylwa (twin)

            4 Desmond Crusz + Rozanne + Adora
                5  Danielle Crusz
                5  Donna Crusz


    2  Bennet Crusz [unmarried]


    2  Lizzy Crusz  (cha cha) [unmarried]


    2  Evelyn Crusz [unmarried]


Note :- D’ Costa family in WorldGenWeb Genealogy Chart #3076.