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Sent in by Ms Glenda Cornish in New Zealand:


From memory you already have info re John Jacobus Sylva Appoo and his wife Alice Henley including I think their offspring one being my G Grandmother Alice Elizabeth Morris nee Sylva Appoo.I will however begin with Alice Elizabeth and work down.Please note I am no professional when it comes to setting out family trees (grin).


Take for example my Mother paternal family. Her father Thomas rarely mentioned his parents when she was growing up. By all account they had both died before he married and prior to this he had been overseas fighting for king and country i.e WW 1 at the tender age of 16.His mother Hannah Oneill was born in Dublin Ireland and came out to New Zealand with her family in 1875 while his father James Malloy came out from Australia approx 1879. Although the Malloys were trades people both James and Hannah were buried in unmarked graves. Then about three years ago I decided to enquire about all Malloy deaths in our local cemetery. To cut along story short I eventually located a John Malloy the grandfather of Thomas and father of James who died in 1896. No one in the family were aware that  aware aware that a John Malloy had lived and died in Greymouth. My mother cannot remember her father ever mentioning that his Grandfather was buried in the local cemetary and las with Hannah and James also buried in an unmarked grave. Thankfully I was  able to have erected a simple headstone  in his memory. Unfortunately with Thomas's parents dying so young alot of family documentation etc has been lost. My Mother to this day doesnt even know what her Grandparents Hannah and James look like as not one photo was left behind.


At the time of John and Alice Apoo's marriage, John was residing at 4 Mape Street. I think Mape Street like 3 Colt Lane where Johns Wife Alice Henley lived was in Middlesex UK. Itís a bit confusing sometimes. Johns occupation as entered on their 
marriage cert stated Ships Steward. This is why I wondered if he may have worked his passage from Sri-Lanka to the UK. 

Interestingly another relative located the following from the Nelson Museum. Apparently John Apoo advertised for business in the Local Examiner newspaper on the 17th and 20th of October 1855, 

N.B CORNS EXTRACTED J. Apoo Bridge Street, Nelson



1  John Jacobus Da-Silva Appoo + Alice Da-Silva Henley (d/o William Henley, Potter)


    2  Elizabeth Silva Apoo, B:14th August 1853, D:17th October 1853 aged 9 weeks, Sub-District of Bow and Bromley, 
Registration District-Poplar, County Middlesex, United Kingdom

    2  Thomas Andrew Silva Apoo, B:22nd December 1856-Nelson, South Island, New Zealand, Bp:16th march 1857-Nelson, 
South Island, New Zealand


    2  Alice Elizabeth Silva Appoo, B:10th February 1858, New Zealand (probably Nelson), Bp:22nd March,Catholic Church,Nelson, South Island, New Zealand, Buried:2nd July 1931-Stillwater Cemetary,WestCoast, South Island, New Zealand + John Edward Morris, March 1878 D 30th June 1932, Nile Street, Township of Taylorville, WestCoast, South Island, New Zealand (1190)



      3  Jane Morris + Morgan  

            4  Madge Morgan + Glen

            4  Lizzie Morgan + Coates

            4  Jack Morgan

            4  Tommy Morgan


       3  Alice Morris + Satherley

            4  Herbert Satherley

            4  Maurice Satherley


      3  Margaret Morris + Thompson


      3  Nella Morris + Greig


      3  Jack Morris


      3  Christina Morris + Douglas  

            4  Phoebe Douglas + Bensman


      3  Rebecca Stevens Morris + Edward Dando

            4  Edward Dando. + Shirley McDonald

            4  Sylvia Dando + Walter Kerr

            4  Joseph Dando + Heather Calder

            4  Christopher Dando + Maureen Ellen Malloy m:29th December 1956 St Patricks Catholic Church-Greymouth, NewZealand Died 27th May 1977-Greymouth-NewZealand  

                5  Glenda Marie Cecilia Dando + Arthur Dean Martin-20th June 1981-St Patricks Catholic Church-Greymouth-NewZealand

                    6  John Kristopher Martin, Born-20th December 1982-Greymouth New Zealand, Baptized-20th February 1983-St Patricks Catholic Church-Greymouth New Zealand   

                5  2nd spouse of Glenda Marie Dando + Brian Patrick Cornish, Born  21st June 1960-Greymouth New Zealand ,

Married--29th November 1986-Civil Ceremony-Private residence-Nelson New Zealand

                    6  Benjamin Patrick Cornish, Born-30th June 1986-Greymouth New Zealand, Baptized-17th August 1986-St Patricks Catholic Church Greymouth

                    6  Joshua Kevin Cornish, Born-30th December 1988-Greymouth New Zealand, Baptized-12th March 1989-St Patricks Catholic Church Greymouth New Zealand


                5  Michelle Frances Dando, Born-2nd August 1966-Greymouth New Zealand



    2  John Bestian Silva Apoo, B:? 1860-District of Amherst, Victoria, Australia, D:? 1861 aged 1-District of Amherst,Victoria, 

    2  Euphemia Julie Silva Apoo, B:11th July 1861-Black creek,District of Amherst, Victoria, Australia, 
M:? 1880 + Edward Spencer Woodford - Greynouth - WestCoast-South Island New Zealand