UPEC Membership Files

On several research trips to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Susan Vargas Murphy and I have made digital copies of the UPEC Membership Records that have been microfilmed by the LDS Church. We have always felt that these records are an important resource and we’ve now copied all of the available records. If you don’t see the location you want in this list, then it has never been copied. This is the COMPLETE collection that has been microfilmed by the LDS Church.  Clicking a link below will take you to each file. You can view the file and download it, if you choose. 

As you will see, some Councils have records on more than one microfilm or more than one item on a microfilm. Each entry has the Council number and, if on different films, those numbers as well. Some Councils are represented here by more than one link in order to keep the file sizes down.

Please note, the records are set up in this way:  All these records are for the membership, which is for men only. Each page of the record book has two images.  The first image is a listing of the men that can include their name, membership number, age, date of admittance, marital status, occupation, current residence, and where they were from.  The following image (page) is the second part of the record and that lists the beneficiary. Usually that is the wife, but can be mother or father or even children.

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